Plane-Trace is divided into two parts:-
1 - Plan-Trace Information Service - for general enquires and research, and
2 - Aircraft Accident Databases - downloadable aircraft databases showing accidents in 10 years slots.
(1) Plane-Trace Information Service
What is the Plane-Trace Information Service?
Plane-Trace Information Service is an amateur data collection organisation operated on behalf of all aircraft enthusiasts and historians. It collects registration data regarding aircraft worldwide, which have been lost to the register in accidents, and although it generally reports on aircraft which are written off or destroyed it will also report on aircraft which are substantially damaged, possibly written off.
It traces aircraft by using the registration number or letters, construction number, Squadron code or other pertinent information regarding the aircraft. This information is then made available to aircraft enthusiasts and historians when requested. The information can consist of a brief history of the aircraft, its present location, or its final location – such as being scrapped, destroyed etc.
The person wishing the information simply has to supply any pertinent information regarding the aircraft, and an attempt will be made to trace the required information.
It is not concerned with the physical aspects of the aircraft type, unless it is in relation to a specific aircraft – such as a prototype or special type..
What does it cost?
Due to the nature of the data collection, Information Service cannot be run as a profit making business and all enquires are free, but where an official enquiry has to be made, which may entail a fee, then Information Service will contact the enquirer prior to proceeding with the enquiry.
Information Service code of practice.
At all times the information from Information Service will be as up to date as possible and wherever possible verification of the facts will be obtained. Most of the data is obtained through the public domain, but some will be obtained from specific private sources, hence the fact that Information Service is a non-commercial organisation. It should be noted that it is not supported or endorsed by any of the stated sources.
Naming Convention:- With civilian aircraft – if the aircraft is owned by a named person it will be shown as “Private”, where it is owned by a company or organisation, this will be named where possible. If the aircraft is military, on occasion the crew may be identified but if there are any objections to this naming policy, with regards to individual entries, please contact me and I will amend it.

All information is provided free, and is for the private use of the recipient on a non-commercial basis.·
The recipient should be aware of Copyright Regulations governing the use of the information and if he/she wishes to use the information for a commercial purpose, then permission must be sought from the quoted source.
The Information Service is aware of the aforementioned Copyright Regulations, and will adhere to them at all times. The Information Service is also duty bound to report any infringements of the Copyright Regulations to the proper authorities.
The Information Service cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies from the sources or for any infringement of Copyright Regulations on the part of the recipient.
The information is as factual and accurate as possible at the time of publication, and the sources are clearly quoted, where possible.
It is requested that as well as the quoted sources, the Information Service is also referred to in any correspondence which results from information gained from it.
The Information Service remains an amateur, non-commercial undertaking and does not request, or seek, any remuneration in relation to the service provided. If the recipient wishes to make any payment it is requested that this is made to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, with reference being given to the Information Service.
The Information Service reserves the right to retain all reports for its files, and can use them for the use of other enquirers, or purposes, without the permission of the original recipient.
Email contact with Plane-Trace is via
or by telephone at 07534842146
In addition to the above services Plane-Trace maintains 3 Facebook pages.
Plane-Trace Aircraft Group – which deals with matters relating to Plane-Trace, email
Robinson Helicopter History Group - dealing with Robinson Helicopter data, email contact and 
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