Some incidents of the last week - courtesy of The Aviation Herald.
Serial Type Date Details
9V-TRD Airbus A320-200 05/11/2016 A Tigerair Airbus A320-200, registration 9V-TRD performing flight TR-2067 from Hong Kong (China) to Singapore (Singapore) with 156 people on board, was climbing out of Hong Kong's runway 07R when the crew requested to stop climb at 5000 feet reporting a bird strike that had cracked their windshield, the captain's windshield was fully cracked and arcing. The crew declined a query by ATC to climb to 7000 feet for a hold stating "unable". The aircraft entered a hold to burn off fuel and returned to Hong Kong for a safe landing on runway 07L about 70 minutes after departure.
C-GJIG de Havilland Dash 8-100 07/11/2016 A Jazz de Havilland Dash 8-100, registration C-GJIG performing flight QK-8758 from Rouyn,QC to Montreal,QC (Canada) with 31 people on board, was descending towards Montreal when the crew observed torque fluctuations ranging from 70% to 20% and vibrations of the right hand engine (PW120A). The crew diagnosed a compressor stall, shut the engine down, declared Mayday and continued for a safe landing on Montreal's runway 24R about 30 minutes later.
G-TCDK Airbus A321-200 08/11/2016 A Thomas Cook Airbus A321-200, registration G-TCDK performing flight MT-1033 from Banjul (Gambia) to London Gatwick,EN (UK), departed Banjul's runway 32 but flew through a flock of ducks and ingested a number of birds into both engines (CFM56), a number of birds struck the landing gear. The aircraft climbed out to safety, stopped the climb at 7000 feet and entered a hold while the crew was working the related checklists. The aircraft returned to Banjul for a safe landing on runway 14 about 45 minutes after departure.
D-AKNI Airbus A319-100 09/11/2016 A Germanwings Airbus A319-100, registration D-AKNI performing flight 4U-2033 from Bremen to Stuttgart (Germany), departed Bremen's runway 09 but stopped the climb at 4000 feet due to a bird strike and returned to Bremen for a safe landing on runway 09 about 15 minutes after departure.
ZS-ZWQ Boeing 737-800 09/11/2016 A Kulula Boeing 737-800, registration ZS-ZWQ performing flight MN-493 from Lanseria to Cape Town (South Africa), was climbing out of Lanseria when the crew stopped the climb at FL110 due to an engine (CFM56) overheat indication and shut the engine down. The aircraft returned to Lanseria for a safe landing about 13 minutes after departure.
EC-JSK Airbus A300-200 09/11/2016 An Iberia Express Airbus A320-200, registration EC-JSK performing flight IB-3673 from Berlin Tegel (Germany) to Madrid,SP (Spain), was in the initial climb out of Tegel's runway 26L when a ground observer spotted a jet of flame out of the left hand engine (CFM56), informed air traffic control who in sequence informed the crew. The crew stopped the climb at about 8000 feet, declared Mayday and requested an immediate return. While joining the downwind for runway 26R the crew advised they had shut the engine down. The aircraft landed safely on runway 26R about 16 minutes after departure.
HK-5139 Boeing 737-400 09/11/2016 An AerCaribe Boeing 737-400 freighter, registration HK-5139 performing a freight flight from Leticia to Bogota (Colombia), landed on Bogota's runway 13R at about 00:20L (05:20Z) but suffered structural damage to both main gear struts causing all main gear wheels rotate out of movement direction, the right hand wheels also damaged the runway surface and the right hand tyres burst.
PR-ONC Airbus A318-100 10/11/2016 An Avianca Brazil Airbus A318-100, registration PR-ONC performing flight O6-6235 from Brasilia,DF to Rio de Janeiro Dumont,RJ (Brazil), was on final approach to Dumont Airport's runway 20L descending through 2000 feet, when the crew sighted a number of vultures, one vulture impacted the aircraft's nose. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 20L.
LV-FQZ Boeing 737-800 10/11/2016 An Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-800, registration LV-FQZ performing flight AR-1245 from Sao Paulo Guarulhos,SP (Brazil) to Buenos Aires Aeroparque,BA (Argentina), was on final approach to Aeroparque's runway 13 when a bird impacted the nose of the aircraft. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 13 and taxied to the gate.
D-ALCM McDonelle Douglas MD-11 10/11/2016 A Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11, registration D-ALCM performing freight flight LH-8273 from Curitiba,PR (Brazil) to Buenos Aires Ezeiza,BA (Argentina) with 2 crew, departed Curitiba's runway 33 and landed on Buenos Aires' runway 29 about 2 hours later. The aircraft came to a stop with the left nose wheel missing from the nose gear. The aircraft received substantial damage to the fuselage.




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