Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
N440NR Hiller UH-12E 2275 01/01/2010 Crashed while crop dusting near Tipton, California  
9Q-CAA Boeing 727-231F Super 27 21986/1580 02/01/2010 Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation - skidded off runway while making an emergency landing at N'Djili Airport, Kinshasa, Congo **
N227ML Swearingen SA227AC Metro III AC-472 02/01/2010 Locair - ran off side of runway on landing at Lake Cumberland Regional Airport, Somerset, USA **
OO-TRB Reims Cessna F172P Skyhawk II F172-2108 02/01/2010 15:30hrs. Private. Crashed at Drogengoedbos, near Ursel airfield, Belgium, while on approach in heavy snow and low visibility. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft W/O.  
HK-1952-G Cessna 150M 15079302 04/01/2010 14:00hrs. Aeroclub de Colombia. While on training flight, with 3 other aircraft the pilot lost control for indetermined reason and crashed at la Vereda El Palmar, Finca la Union, Colombia. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N5118J Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S10931 04/01/2010 11:03hrs. American King Air Services Inc. After encountering problems with ice the pilot elected to divert to Old Town Municipal Airport, Maine, USA but aircraft impacted river off Olamon Island, near Greenbush. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O. 03/05/2010 reg. N5118J cancelled.  
N720RA Learjet 35A 156 05/01/2010 Royal Air Freight - crashed into Des Planes River while on approach to Chicago Executive Airport, Illinois **
A2-AKG Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 208B-0573 06/01/2010 Mack Air - crashed after take off from Piajo Airstrip, Chiefs Island, Okavango Delta, Botswana due to engine failure **
N206AV Beechcraft C99 U-206 06/01/2010 Ameriflight - suffered hard landing at Kearney Regional Airport, Nebraska, USA **
XA-PCC Dassault Falcon 20C 159 08/01/2010 Aerotaxis Dos Mil - left main gear tyre blew on take off at Eagle County Airport, Vail, Colorado, USA and aircraft ran off end of runway **
5Y-EMD de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 110 13/01/2010 ECHO Flight - undercarriage collapsed on landing at Moba Airport, Congo **
VH-NTQ Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 208B-0635 14/01/2010 Broome Aviation - undershot runway at Beagle Bay Airport, Western Australia when pilot diverted due to having to shut engine down. **
N112AX Beechcraft 1900C-1 UC-45 22/01/2010 Alaska Central Express - crashed into water shortly after take off from Sand Point Municipal Airport, Alaska **
ET-ANB Boeing 737-8AS 29935/1061 25/01/2010 Ethiopian Airlines - Crashed into sea shortly after take off from Beirut Airport, Lebanon **
PT-TAF Embraer 110C Bandeirante 110103 25/01/2010 Piquiatuba Taxi Aereo - crashed on approach to Wilma Rebelo Airfield, Senador Jose Porfirio, Brazil **
18 GAF N22B Nomad N22B-18 28/01/2010 Philippine Air Force - suffered engine failure after take off from Awang Airport, Cotabato and crashed into a residential area while pilot was attempting to perform and emergency landing **
D2-FES Yakolev Yak-40   31/01/2010 Guicango - belly landed at 4 de Fevereiro Airport, Luanda, Angola after landing gear collapsed. **
G-ASWL Cessna F127F Skyhawk F172-0087 03/03/2010 Private - lost engine power and force landed field about 5 miles from Swansea Airport. 03/11/2010 cancelled as destroyed. **
D-HHLF Eurocopter EC.120B Colibri 1379 02/04/2010 Substantially damaged in precautionary landing after take off at The Hague Airport, Rotterdam, Netherlands.  
D-ECNK Cessna 182N Skylane 18260469 03/04/2010 Private - crashed on approach to Landshut Ellermuehle, Germany  
F-POAM Gerfaut G-802B 06 03/04/2010 DBR on landing at Magneta, Noumea. 07/06/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
G-UILD Grob G109B   03/04/2010 Overran runway on take off at Wing Farm, Warminster, Wiltshire and struck trees and hangar **
D-ENNA Cessna F172G Skyhawk 172-0305 10/04/2010 Ditched in Isen River near Waldkraiburg Airport, Ampfing, Germany after running out of fuel  
XV304 Lockheed Hercules C3A   06/05/2010 LTW, RAF. Made wheel up landing at Brize Norton. Used for spares recovery and later ground instruction at Brize Norton.  
G-AJJS Cessna 120   09/05/2010 Force landed near Bicester Airfield, Oxfordshire due to power loss **
G-MZKM Mainair Blade 912   18/05/2010 Force landed in field near Lambley, Nottingham after loss of power and subsequently destroyed by fire **
G-HUNI Bellanca 7GCBC Citabria   31/05/2010 Right main gear failed on landing at Henstridge Airfield, Somerset causing damage to underside and right wingtip **
G-LWAY Robinson R44 Raven 1244 01/06/2010 Crashed into Loch Long near Arrochar, Scotland **
VH-ODL Hughes H269C 44-0290 02/06/2010 DBR near Litchfield, Northern Territory, Australia - NFI.   
C-GYPY Cessna 180E 180-51131 08/06/2010 Floatplane - found upside down on Balsam Lake north of Lindsay, Ontario Canada.  **
VH-JWO Robinson R22 Mariner 0747M 24/06/2010 Suffered accident - to be updated  
G-PIDG Robinson R44 Astro   26/06/2010 Rolled over at Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel, Skipton, North Yorkshire after pilot applied collective pitch to hover after landing heavily - possibly due to skid had dug into ground **
G-WAMS Piper PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow III   29/06/2010 Sank onto runway at Stapleford Airfield, Essex when flared with landing gear up during training flight **
AP-BJB Airbus A321-231 1218 28/07/2010 Airblue - crashed in the Margalla Hills 14 km northwest of Benzir IAP, Islamabad, Pakistan. **
JA3902 Cessna TU206G U20604657 28/07/2010 Nakanihon Air Service Co Ltd. While on a ferry flight the aircraft crashed in Mountains E of Mt Iwabe-Dake, Fukushima, Matsumae-Gun, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft destroyed. JTSB Ref. AA2012-6. **
JA22NE Robinson R22 Beta 2861 01/08/2010 Private. Crashed in paddy field while on approach to the Kamou helipad, Miuta, Kamoto Machi, Yamaga City, Japan. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft destroyed. JTSB Ref AA2011-6 **
N369E Cessna A185F 18504000 01/08/2010 Private flight - floatplane substantially damaged landing on Moosehead Lake near Rockwood, Maine, USA **
N4976E Cessna 185F 18503924 01/08/2010 Skydiving flight - impacted trees on initial climb out from Hollands IAP, Newfane, New York **
N52708 Cessna 172P 17274566 01/08/2010 Private flight - destroyed after fire following engine fire shortly after take off from Santa Fe, New Mexico **
N709RR Fairchild C-123K Provider 20158 01/08/2010 All West Freight - crashed on Mt Healy, 2 km from the Denali National Park, Alaska **
N34JS Robinson R44 II 11376 02/08/2010 Collided with terrain near Blood Mountain, Blairsville, Georgia, USA **
N914SR Turck G L/Diflo J T Sea Rey 1DK160 02/08/2010 Crashed on approach to Jack Brown's Seaplane Base, Winter Haven, Florida **
RA-46524 Antonov An-24RV 47310003 03/08/2010 Katekavia - crashed 0.4 km west of Igarka Airport, Russia, while on final approach **
UR-17915 Antonov An-2R 1G205-56 03/08/2010 Private aircraft - force landed on dirt road near Kumushkino, Ukraine - DBR **
N455A de Havilland DHC-3T Otter 206 09/08/2010 GCO Communication Corp - crashed 10 miles northwest of Aleknagik, Alaska **
VH-TZV Cessna U206F Stationair U20602304 12/08/2010 Adrenalin Skydivers Pty Ltd - 10:00 hrs. Suffered engine failure and DBR in forced landing 4.5 km N of Gladstone airfield, Queensland, Australia. Later sold for spares. Pilot and 6 passengers injured. 06/05/2014 cancelled. **
HK-4682 Boeing 737-73V 32416/1270 16/08/2010 AIRES Colombia - destroyed in landing accident at Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Airport, San Andres Island, Colombia **
JA6796 Bell 412EP 36121 18/08/2010 Japan Coast Guard. While flying near Sanagijima, Tadotsu cho, Nakatado gun, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, the aircraft struck overhead wires and crashed into the sea. Pilot and 4 crew killed. Aircraft destroyed. JTSB Ref. AA2013-3 **
9N-AHE Dornier 228-101 7032 24/08/2010 Agni Air - crashed in poor weather near Bastipur, Shikharpur VDC, Makwanpur District, Nepal **
B-3130 Embraer 190LR 19000223 24/08/2010 Henan Airlines - crashed on approach to Yichun Lindi Airport, China **
9Q-CCN Let 410UVP-E20C 912608 25/08/2010 Filair - crashed on approach to Bandundu Airport, DRC **
EP-ASL Fokker F28-0100 11432 26/08/2010 Iran Asseman - w/o after overrunning while landing at Tabriz Airport, Iran in adverse weather.  
VT-EIG HAL SA.316B Chetak AH-280 27/08/2010 HAL Rotary Wing Academy - substantially damaged when crashed on take off at Bangalore  **
ZU-FAV Micro Wings Cubby AK0411K 28/08/2010 Suffered engine failure and w/o attempting a forced landing at Alwyndal, Mossel Bay, Western Cape  
G-BSSM Piper PA-32-300 32-744005 01/09/2010 Private - ditched in sea at North Shipwash. 05/11/2010 cancelled as destroyed.  
PK-ROG Cessna 172S 17274614 01/09/2010 Bali International Flight Academy - crashed shortly after take off from Blimingsari Airstrip, Indonesia **
ZU-FEZ GS-2 Sportsman 7292 03/09/2010 Badly damaged on landing at a strip in the Western Cape.  
YU-CDL Zlin Z.526F 1325 04/09/2010 W/O on landing at Jarak Airfield, Serbia  
I-UMBE Tecnam P.92-JS 088 11/09/2010 W/O in CFIT accident at San Candido after take off from Dobbiaco, Italy  
ZU-FCY Lancair Legacy L2K-305 12/09/2010 Badly damaged in F/L following engine failure en route from Omaruru to Eros, Windhook  
9M-BOA Agusta Westland AW109E 11211 16/09/2010 Malaysian Fire & Rescue Sept - hit trees at Bukit Lada, Felcra Kuala Kaung, Lanchang, Malaysia while attempting to land in fog. **
ZS-RJO Robinson R44 12038 17/09/2010 W/O in attempted force landing near Mpumalanga, South Africa after suffering a tail rotor failure.  
00-0372 General Atomics RQ-1K/L Predator P-072 19/09/2010 USAF - crashed 20 miles S of Kabul, Afghanistan.  
JA9635 Aerospatiale AS332L 2097 26/09/2010 Aero Asahi Corporation. Crashed into mountain slope near Kigensugi cedar tree in Yakushima Town, Kamage-Gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, when sling load cargo caught on ground. Pilot and loadmaster killed. Aircraft destroyed. JTSB Ref. AA2013-1 **
ZU-BAS Aviatika 890U 129 27/09/2010 w/o after hitting HT wires at Waalkop, 40 km from Brits, South Africa  
OY-CMV Van's RV-6A 0892-22342 29/09/2010 Private - Stalled on landing 3km east of Sindal, Denmark, struck runway nose down and flipped upside down.
Aircraft substantially damaged and both occupants safe.
RP-C2750 Britten Norman BN-2A-3 Islander 0692 20/10/2010 DBR after being blown into a pond and overturned at Maconacon, Isabela, Philippines  
9Q-CUA LET 410UVP X0101 21/10/2010 Suffered engine failure shortly after t/o from Bukavu Kavuma and w/o in crash in the Bugulumisa region.  
00-1041 Lockheed Martin F-16I Fighting Falcon   10/11/2010 IDF/AF - Crashed at Mitzeph Ramon while on training exercise. Both crew killed.  
G-VDYA Gippsland GA-8 Airvan GA8-05-090 28/11/2010 Stalled after take off from Redland airfield, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, and crashed. Possibly caused by icing on the wing.  
VH-RUQ Robinson R22 Beta II 4488 30/12/2010 Badly damaged after rolling over on lift off at Emerald, Queensland, Australia.  
RA-85588 Tupolev Tu-154B-2 83A588 01/01/2011 Kogalymavia - caught fire during start-up at Surgut Airport, Russia **
LV-ZYO Robinson R44 1129 02/01/2011 National Highways survey flight - missing, presumed ditched in the Rio de La Aereas off Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
N42997 Piper PA-28-161 28-8316062 02/01/2011 Private flight - collided with trees and terrain near Benton, Pennsylvania, USA **
N6774B Piper PA-18-150 18-5007 02/01/2011 Suffered substantial damage in gear collapse during forced landing about 10 miles SE of Shoshoni, Wyoming, USA.  
N8516R Bellanca 1419 4278 02/01/2011 Substantially damaged when skidded off runway on landing at Clovis, New Mexico, USA **
JA701M Piper PA-46-350P 4636188 03/01/2011 Private. Crashed into mountain slope of Mt Yago, 14km NE of Kumamoto Airport, Japan, while flying in cloud. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft destroyed. JTSB Ref. AA2012-7. **
N1416F Cessna 172H 17254911 03/01/2011 Private flight - destroyed in CFIT accident near Walnut Grove NNE of Springfield Airport, Missouri, USA **
N9001 Beech E18S-9700 BA-460 03/01/2011 Air Taxi - suffered gear collapse during forced landing 10 miles SE of Shoshoni, Wyoming **
PT-DJS Piper PA-25-260 25-5178 03/01/2011 Impacted terrain near Corupa, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Pilot killed. Aircraft destroyed. **
OK-2820 Aermacchi SF.260D   04/01/2011 Turkish Air Force - Crashed near Gorece village of Menemen district, Izmir province western Turkey **
VH-HOT Robinson R44 1953 04/01/2011 Ditched in the Baron River of Machams Beach while approaching Cairns airport, Queensland, Australia.  
ZE341 PANAVIA Tornado F3   05/01/2011 111 Sq. RAF [HI]. Suffered bird strike and diverted to Leeming, Yorkshire. No repaired as due to be retired by March 2011.  
N715HE Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 208B-0603 06/01/2011 Hageland Aviation Services - overshot after long landing at Kipnuk Airport, Alaska **
N800GP Learjet 35A 35A-158 06/01/2011 Priester Aviation - substantially damaged in hard landing at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Illinois, USA **
ZE164 PANAVIA Tornado F3   06/01/2011 111 Sq. RAF. [HO]. Suffered bird strike but managed to land at Leuchars. Damage caused to air intake and engine. Not repaired as type due to be retired by March 2011.  
EP-IRP Boeing 727-286 20945/1048 09/01/2011 Iran Air - DBR in forced landing 8 km from Urmia Airport, Iran **
ZK-HQD Robinson R22 Beta   2615 14/01/2011 Badly damaged after rolling over on landing in Central Otago.  
21107 Shenyang J-8III?   18/01/2011 PLAAF - crashed during landing attempt at Foshan in Guangdong Province, China **
5Y-OER Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 208B-0926 19/01/2011 Airworks - reported damaged following engine failure on take off at Tharjath, Sudan.  
ZK-EQS Piper PA-28-161 28-8016367 25/01/2011 DBR in forced landing following engine failure after take off at Takaka, New Zealand  
ZG792 PANAVIA Tornado GR4 914/BS191 27/01/2011 XV(15) Sq., RAF - 14:45hrs. Caught fire and crashed off coast at Loch Ewe, near Gairloch, Wester Ross, Scotland. Both crew ejected safely. Aircraft W/O. **
N787CB Cirrus SR-22 0787 30/01/2011 Force landed by parachute 5 miles south of Arapahoe County Line, Colorado. **
OD-SKY Raytheon Hawker 850XP 258804 04/02/2011 Sky Lounge - destroyed in accident at Sulaymaniyah, Iraq  
N157KM de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 100 57 08/02/2011 Crashed immediately after take off from Tara Field, Clayton County Airport, Georgia. Both pilots killed. **
C-FVXY Cessna 150G 15066711 09/02/2011 Private - 16:15hrs. A flight of 4 aircraft were involved in formation flying near Dewdney, British Columbia, Canada. During a turn C-FVXY collided with a Cessna F150L reg. C-GZUB (c/n 15074143). C-FVXY broke up in flight and both occupants were killed. The pilot of C-GZUB regained control and  landed in a field. TSB Ref. A11P0027. **
C-GZUB Cessna 150L 15074143 09/02/2011 Private - 16:15hrs. A flight of 4 aircraft were involved in formation flying near Dewdney, British Columbia, Canada. During a turn C-GZUB collided with a Cessna 150L reg. C-FVXY (c/n 15066711). C-FVXY broke up in flight and both occupants were killed. The pilot of C-GZUB regained control and  landed in a field. TSB Ref. A11P0027. **
EC-ITP Swearingen SA-227BC Metro III BC-7898 10/02/2011 Max 2 on lease from Flightline - DBR in landing accident at Cork Airport, Ireland. **
EC-ITTP Swearingen SA227AC Metro III BC-789B 10/02/2011 Manx2 on lease from Flightline - DBR in landing accident in low visibility at Cork Airport, Ireland **
ZD741 PANAVIA Tornado GR4T 361 BT040 10/02/2011 RAF - 17:00hrs. Crew ejected during landing run, after equipment problems, at RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland. Both crew safe. Aircraft substantially damaged in run off runway.  
PK-ZAI CASA/Nurtanio NC-212-A4 Aviocar 100 120/18N 12/02/2011 Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter - crashed on Bintan Island, Indonesia while on a test flight after engine replacement. **
9Q-CIF Let L-410UVP 830922 14/02/2011 African Air Services - DBR at Mont Biega, DR Congo while on cargo flight. Both crew killed.  
HK-4594 Bell 206B Jet Ranger II 1907 18/02/2011 Heliservice Servicios Aereos - 09:21hrs. Crashed at Rionegro, Santander, north eastern Colombia. Pilot and 3 military personnel killed.  
XB-GHO Learjet 24 24-141 18/02/2011 Escuela de Aviacion Rutas Aereas Mayas - crashed into building at Ingeniero Juan Guillermo Villasana Airport, Pachuca, Mexico and burst into flames.  
FAE449 de Havilland DHC-6-200 Twin Otter 834 20/02/2011 Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana - BR in accident at El Capricho area, Ecuador **
TF-JMB de Havilland Canada DHC-8-106 337 04/03/2011 Flugfelag Islands (Air Iceland) - right main gear collapsed while landing in high winds at Nuk Airport, Godthab, Iceland. Ran of runway - right wing hit runway and nose landing gear broke.  
RA-61708 Antonov An-148-100 41-03 05/03/2011 Crashed and burned during test flight at Garbuzovo, Belgorod Region, Russia.  
FAC 4506 Bell UH-1H   07/03/2011 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana - mid air collision with UH-1H (FAC 4501) near Melgar, Colombia  
ZK-JOX Rand Kar Xair 543 08/03/2011 W/O after take off from private strip at Melville near Collins Road, Hamilton, New Zealand.  
JA007B Piper PA-46-350P 4636343 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 31/05/2011  
JA01DR Pitts S-2B 5252 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 10/05/2011  
JA33UK Cessna 172S 172S10939 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 26/05/2011  
JA3541 Cessna 172K 17258719 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA3597 Cessna TU206E U20601656 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA3928 Piper PA-28RT-201T 28R-8431017 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 11/05/2011?  
JA3993 Cessna TU206G U20607008 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA4063 Piper PA-28-161 2841042 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA4185 Cessna 172P 17275072 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 18/05/2011  
JA5224 Cessna 402B 402B0508 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA551A Eurocopter AS355F2 9601 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA5802 Beech G58 TH-2272 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA5803 Beech G58 TH-2274 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA5804 Beech G58 TH-2275 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA5805 Beech G58 TH-2276 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA6178 Bell 206B 4383 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA6648 Eurocopter AS365N2 6389 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA6685 Eurocopter AS332L1 2332 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA6905 Sikorsky S-76C 76045 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA869A Beech B300 FL-295 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA8847 Beech C90A LJ-114 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 18/05/2011  
JA8848 Beech C90A LJ-1145 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 18/05/2011  
JA8851 Beech C90A LJ-1150 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA8854 Beech B200T BT-31 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA8881 Beech 300LW FA-219 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 16/05/2011  
JA8883 Beech C90A LJ-1291 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA8884 Beech C90A LJ-1292 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA8897 Cessna 208  20800220 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA889B Cessna 208 20800331 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA907A Bell 412EP 36246 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA9192 Eurocopter SA315B 2479 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA9574 Bell 212 31216 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA9670 Aerospatiale AS355F2 5365 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 18/05/2011  
JA9839 Eurocopter AS350B 2284 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA9857 Aerospatiale AS350B 2282 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan. Cancelled 18/05/2011  
JA9920 Eurocopter AS365N1 6312 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA9957 Eurocopter AS355F2 5415 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
JA9968 Eurocopter AS365N1 6333 11/03/2011 Destroyed by tsunami at Sendai Airport, Japan  
TJ-XB Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet MS2   15/03/2011 Cameroon Air Force - overshot on landing at Yaounde Airport, Cameroon. Pilot safe.  
91-304 McDonnell Douglas F-15E-51-MC Strike Eagle 1211/E169 21/03/2011 492nd FS/48th FW, USAF - Suffered mechanical failure and crashed near Bu Mariem, (38km E of Benghazi), Libya. Both crew safe. Aircraft W/O.  
9M-KUL Bell 206L-4 Long Ranger 53353 24/03/2011 Ex N9089J. To Sabah Air as 9M-KUL. W/O in Malaysia.  
P2-PAR Bell 206L-4 52103 24/03/2011 W/O attempting to land at Ambua Lodge, Papua New Guinea  
T-341 Eurocopter AS 532UL (TH98) Cougar 2559/MIS026 30/03/2011 Swiss Air Force - During training flight aircraft crashed at Maderanertal, Switzerland. Both pilot and loadmaster injured. Aircraft W/O.  
C-GMCW de Havilland DHC-3 Otter 108 31/03/2011 Black Sheep Aviation & Cattle Co. Ltd. Suffered a catastrophic in flight breakup and crashed into hillside 38nm NE of Mayo, Yukon, Canada. Pilot killed. TSB Canada Ref. A11W0048.  **
81-0963 Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II 658 01/04/2011 81st FS/52nd FW, USAF - crashed at north of Laufeld, Germany during training flight. Pilot ejected safely. Aircraft W/O.  
4L-GAE Bombardier CRJ-100ER 7070 04/04/2011 UN 834 - crashed on landing in torrential rain at N'Djili Airport, Kinshasa, DRC. All 4 crew and 28 of 29 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
KAF 1103 Mil Mi-171 (Mi-8AMT)   04/04/2011 Kenyan Air Force - crashed near Juja at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture, Kenya. All 3 crew members safe. Aircraft W/O.  
J-640 General Dynamics F-16AM-20 6D-72 08/04/2011 312 Sq., RNLAF - belly landed at Gosselies Airport, Carleroi, Belgium. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  **
9M-AXH Bell 206B Jet Ranger III 2480 11/04/2011 Sabah Air Aviation - crashed at town square of Dataran Sibu, Malaysia shortly after take off from Bintangor airport.  **
22662 Bell UH-1H Huey II 13880 13/04/2011 Philippine Air Force - rolled onto side after emergency landing in Tayatay, Riza, Philippines.  
VH-FTB Eagle DW-1 DW-1-0031-81 18/04/2011 W/O in CFIT accident at Bambaroo, south of Ingham, Western Australia - awaiting update.  
VT-PHF Mil Mi-172 356C06 19/04/2011 Oawan Hans Helicopters - hit wall and caught fire while landing at Tawang, India. **
VH-BMW Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II 28R-7435007 21/04/2011 Southern Aviation Pty Ltd - Suffered engine failure while on night circuit training flight and DBR in forced landing at Dalyellup Estate south of Bunbury, Western Australia  
I-ETEC Robinson R22 Beta II   26/04/2011 Crew were inspecting pipelines in a mountainous area when the aircraft impacted power lines near Sulmano, L'Aquila, Italy and crashed. The pilot and observer were killed. **
S-3466 Hindustan HJT-36   28/04/2011 Hindustan Aeronautic Ltd - crashed near Hosur in Krishnagiri district, India  
N445AB Robinson R44 Raven II 10761 30/04/2011 Penn Helicopters LLC - helicopter was being flown with a 3-person filming contingent onboard. The purpose of the filming was to capture real time police activities and was substantially damaged following a collision with buildings in an urban section of Indiana, Pennsylvania.  **
N927SH Robinson R22 Beta 380 03/05/2011 Collided with terrain at Yancey, Texas after suffering engine power loss **
205 Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook   16/05/2011 Canadian Armed Forces - crashed and rolled during hard landing at night on a river bed in the Horn of Panjwaii, Afghanistan  
164008 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet   17/05/2011 USMC - damaged when veered off runway at MCAS Miramar, San Diego  
A23-039 Pilatus PC-9/A   18/05/2011 RAAF - crashed about 1 km short of runway of RAAF East Sale, Victoria  
ER-ATB Stranger 96009 19/05/2011 W/O at Scanteies, Ti, Romania.  
C-FJUR Bell 212 30728 20/05/2011 Campbell Helicopters Ltd - 14:49hrs. While operating in a fire fighting role the helicopter crashed into the Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada. Pilot killed. TSB Canada Ref. A11W0070. **
612/133-JK 408 Dassault Mirage 2000D   24/05/2011 French Air Force/NATO - crashed west of Farah, Afghanistan  
3413 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor   29/05/2011 ROCAF - mad emergency landing at Gao Shu Qiao riverbed Ping Tung County, Taiwan  
N132GB Lockheed T-33A GNB6861998 29/05/2011 Private - made emergency landing in field near Bitburg, Germany  
VH-BHU Bell 206B 2964 01/06/2011 W/O after hitting power lines in the Whyanseel Valley near Mosman north of Cairns, Queensland.  
C-GEUO Mooney M20C 3336 03/06/2011 W/O near Settler, Alberta, Canada  
VH-XAA Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS 6614 03/06/2011 Crashed on Mount Coree, Brindabella Mountains, near Canberra, Australia.  
204 Dassault Mirage 2000-5 BGM   09/06/2011 332 Sq., 114 FW Hellenic Air Force - crashed into Aegean Sea between islands of Samos and Founi after suffering engine failure.  
C-GMBK Quickie Q2 2057 10/06/2011 Badly damaged when force landed on Trans Canada Highway 5km west of Field, British Columbia  
EI-EOC Vans RV-6 23830 10/06/2011 Encountered downdraft when landing at Limetree Airfield, Ireland, landed short of runway threshold and became inverted hen main landing gear hit a raised ridge. Pilot safe.  
VH-PAL Piper PA-46-310 4608073 15/06/2011 DBR after landing short at Meekathara, Western Australia  
C-IDRG Bushmaster II 850509-200-011 19/06/2011 Floatplane - wingtip hit water on take off from Porcupine Lake Waterdrome, Ontario, Canada and overturned.  
RA-65691 Tupolev Tu-134A   20/06/2011 RusAir - a domestic flight from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Petrozavodsk, Russia. The aircraft crashed on a roadway about one kilometre from the destination airport. Of the 43 passengers and nine crew members, 44 were killed and eight survived.  
ZK-HPQ Robinson R22 Beta 0683 20/06/2011 DBR after rolling over on landing SW of Mt Campbell, Motueka region, New Zealand.  
05010 Ilyushin Il-103 (T-103)   21/06/2011 ROKAF - wheels became entangled in powerlines and crashed in central South Korea  
8R-GTS Cessna U206   22/06/2011 DBR after overturning while landing at Kaow Island airstrip in the Mazarumi River, Guyana.  
9N-AGQ Dornier 228-200 8107 23/06/2011 Tara Air - badly damaged in heavy landing at Simikot, Nepal.  
24-7654 Edra Aeronautica Super Petrel LS   24/06/2011 Ultralight - crashed into lake Jundabyne, New South Wales.  
ZK-BPS Cessna 172A 47083 25/06/2011 Badly damaged after overturning on takeoff at Hokitika, New Zealand.  
ZK-CCI Cessna 172C 49669R 27/06/2011 Badly damaged after suffering engine failure on approach to Whitianga, New Zealand.  
C-GUJX de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver 1132 30/06/2011 Lawrence Bay Airways Ltd - 11:11hrs. Crashed shortly after take off from lake near Buss lakes, Saskatchewan, Canada. Pilot and 4 passengers killed. No mechanical malfunctions were found. TSB Ref. A11C0100. **
PP-EJB Embraer EMB-810D Seneca III 810488 01/07/2011 W&J Taxi Aereo - crashed in forest near Tirios, Obidos, Brazil. **
G-BTKG Snowden Avid Flyer PFA 189-12037 02/07/2011 Lost power and crashed near Trevey Airfield, Co Meath, Ireland. Accidently became airborne while on high speed taxi check at Trevey Airfield, Co Meath, Ireland. Lost power during subsequent circuit and damaged during forced landing in nearby field. Pilot safe. **
G-KASX Supermarine Seafire FXVII GFLWA24588 02/07/2011 Made wheels up landing at Marcq Airfield, Lille, Avenue de Gaulle, Bondues, France while practising for am air display. Repairable? **
4K-AZ55 Ilyushin Il-76   05/07/2011 Silk Way Airlines - crashed on mountain, Afghanistan  
LV-NMW Piper PA-11 Cub Special 20285 05/07/2011 Training flight. Badly damaged in forced landing at Parque El Huayco, Argentina after engine failure.  
9N-AIW Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil 9003 06/07/2011 Fishtail Aie - Badly damaged landing at Rangeli, near Kalikot, Nepal after suffering technical problems.  
9Q-COP Boeing 727-030 18933/185 08/07/2011 Hewa Bora Airways - on a scheduled domestic flight from Kinshasa to Kisangani, DR Congo when it crashed after missing the runway during a landing attempt. The aircraft came to rest about 300 meters from the runway. At the time, there was heavy rain, limited visibility, and thunderstorms in the area.   
D-FBBD North American P-51D Mustang   10/07/2011 crashed south of Duxford after mid air collision with AD4N Skyraider (F-AZDP) during air display.  
PR-NOB Let 410    13/07/2011 Linhas Aereas - on a domestic flight from Recife to Natal, Brazil, and crashed in a populated area about one minute after takeoff, narrowly missing several buildings. The aircraft was destroyed by the impact and post crash fire. Both crew members and all 14 passengers were killed.   
VH-GHX Glasflugel 206 Hornet 80 14/07/2011 Glider - crashed in the Stirling Range National Park, 85km northeast of Albany, Western Australia **
PR-JGM Helibras AS350B2 Esquilo 7021 15/07/2011 Gilberto Menal - crashed in forest area near Jaruaga do Sul city, Brazil. Pilot and two passengers killed.  
ZK-HAA Robinson R44 Raven II 10676 16/07/2011 Helinorth Ltd - rolled over and DBF following heavy precautionary landing at Kaeo, Northland, New Zealand. **
VH-CIV Bell 206L 45125 22/07/2011 W/O in bad weather in wooded area near South Tarramura, Sydney, New South Wales. **
ZK-WBP Westland Bush Plane 0017251 23/07/2011 Badly damaged after falling into a river while landing on a river bank near Hokitika, New Zealand.  
VH-YOL Robinson R22 Beta II 4463 27/07/2011 W/O while mustering cattle near Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia **
87-296 General Dynamics F-16C   28/07/2011 100th FS, Alabama ANG - ran off runway at Wittman Reg Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin  
HL7604 Boeing 747-400F   28/07/2011 Asiana Airlines - on an international cargo flight from Seoul, South Korea, to Shanghai, China. About an hour after takeoff, the crew reported on onboard fire and diverted toward Jeju, South Korea. Both pilots were killed in the crash.  
C-GNVI Bell 407 53847 31/07/2011 VIH Helicopters Ltd. 10:04 hrs. Crashed onto mountain slope 14nm N of Stewart, British Columbia, Canada adjacent to the Nelson Glacier. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. TSB Canada Ref. A11P0117. **
RA-1428K Yakolev Yak-52 9010410 02/08/2011 w/o near Lelystad, Netherlands  
JS19 SEPECAT Jaguar IS   04/08/2011 Iranian Air Force - crashed near Dilahi Firozpur village, Iran  
89-00175 Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook   06/08/2011 USAF - shot down by insurgents in Tangi Joy Zarin area, Afghanistan  
SP-3752 SZD-56-2 562108004 09/08/2011 Badly damaged in ground loop following cable break on launch at Pociunai, Lithuania.  
HB-SRA Aero AT-3 R100 AT3-051 12/08/2011 Badly damaged in forced landing following engine failure on approach to Bekp, Bern.  
90-609 Chenqghu FT-7   15/08/2011 Pakistan Air Force - crashed 90km from Bhakkar, Punjab  
SP-2907 SZD-36A Cobra 15 W-744 16/08/2011 W/O in mid air collision with SZD-48-3 reg. SP-3384 (which landed safely) near Leszno,Poland.  
C-GNWN Boeing 737-200   20/08/2011 First Air - On a chartered domestic Canadian flight from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories to Resolute Bay in Nunavut Territory when it crashed near the runway during a landing attempt and broke up.  
N521BC Yakolev Yak-55M   20/08/2011 Private - mid air collision with U/I aerobatic aircraft over Hammonton Airport, New Jersey, USA  
RA-0272G Yakolev Yak-18T   20/08/2011 W/O while attempting to perform aerobatics at Ropsha, 50km southwest of St Petersburg.  
D-EJLK Piper PA-38-112 38-78A0651 23/08/2011 W/O ay Coimbra, Portugal. 10/01/2013 cancelled.  
HB-2403 Stemmer S-10VT 11-059 23/08/2011 W/O after hitting trees at Pfaffikon, Switzerland  
D-MKGS Rans S-6 Coyote II   03/09/2011 Crashed into pond at Landkreis, Sinningen, Germany  
RA-42434 Yakolev Yak-42D   07/09/2011 On a non-scheduled international flight from Yaroslavl, Russia to Minsk, Belarus when it crashed shortly after taking off from Yaroslavl Airport. The aircraft apparently ran off the runway took off several hundred meters beyond the end of the runway. After lifting off, the aircraft struck a radio mast about 450 meters from the end of the runway, and crashed at the edge of the Volga River. Seven of the eight crew members, and all 37 passengers were killed.   
C-GYWK Found FBA-2C2 Bush Hawk-XP 41 08/09/2011 Georgian Bay Airways - 10:47hrs. After a rejected take off from Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada, a second take off was initiated during which a left hand turn to avoid high terrain was undertaken. During the turn the left hand wing and nose dropped resulting in the aircraft impacting the water. Pilot and 2 passengers safe. TSB Canada Ref. A11O0166. **
5401 Northrop F-5F   12/09/2011 401st TFS, ROCAF - crashed shortly after take off from Hua Lien AB, Taiwan  
5506 Northrop RF-5E   12/09/2011 12th TRS, ROCAF - crashed shortly after take off from Hua Lien AB, Taiwan  
T-500 Embraer EMB-120ER   14/09/2011 Angolan Air Force - crashed shortly after take off from Albano Machado Airport, Huambo Province, Angola  
C-510 Sukhoi Su-22M-4    15/09/2011 Angolan Air Force - crashed near Lubango city, Angola  
OH-518 K.8B 15 17/09/2011 Badly damaged in forced landing in a forested area near Hyvinkaa airfield, Finland.  
D-MMGE Rans S-6 Coyote II   21/09/2011 W/O after take off from Landshut airfield, Germany.  
C-GARW de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter 367 22/09/2011 Arctic Sunwest Charters - 13:18hrs. After a hard landing on its right float on the Great Slave Lake, at Yellowknife, Northern Territories, Canada, the pilot initiated a go-around. During this the aircrafts right wing contacted power cables and the aircraft crashed into a parking lot. Both crew were killed and 7 passengers injured. TSB Canada Ref. A11W0144. **
JA6522 Eurocopter AS350B3 3559 22/09/2011 Shikoku Air Service Co Ltd. During a transmission line inspection flight aircraft suffered an onboard fire and was subsequently destroyed in a forced landing in a baseball field in Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kawaga Prefecture, Japan. Pilot and 2 passengers not injured. Aircraft destroyed. JTSB Ref. AA2013-5. **
9N-AEK Beechcraft 1900D   25/09/2011 Buddha Air -on a scheduled domestic sightseeing flight which was to start and end at Tribhuvan Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal. The aircraft crashed during approach at the end of the flight and the crash location was several miles short of the runway. All three crew members and 16 passengers were killed.   
PK-TLF CASA/Nurtanio NC-212 Aviocar 200   29/09/2011 Nusantara Buana Air - on a scheduled domestic flight from Medan to Kutacane, Indonesia. Contact was lost with the aircraft a few minutes after departure, and had crashed into a forest while en route. All four crew members and 14 passengers were killed.   
N231EB Mooney M20K 25-0190 01/10/2011 Substantially damaged in forced landing near Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA after suffering power failure. Pilot seriously injured. **
N266CY Robinson R66 0010 01/10/2011 Broke up in flight and crashed near Philip, South Dakota. Pilot killed. **
PT-CTL Beech V35 Bonanza D-8308 01/10/2011 CFIT accident at Maraba Paulista, Brazil. Pilot + 3 passengers killed. **
N115CL Piper PA-32R-300 32R-7780439 02/10/2011 Impacted trees and terrain near Moorfield, West Virginia.  **
N3825K Temco GC-1B 3514 02/10/2011 Ditched in Chesapeake Bay following loss of power near Ewell, Maryland. Pilot injured, passenger killed. **
ST-ASD Fokker 50 20201 02/10/2011 Sudan Airways - damaged in gear up landing at Khartoum Airport, Sudan after suffering unspecified technical problems. **
JA508A Eurocopter AS350 B3 4349 03/10/2011 Toho Air Service Co. Ltd. Helicopter sling cable contacted the tail rotor resulting in loss of tail rotor thrust. Crashed in Choja yashiki Campground, Kiyokawa Village, Aiko-Gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan while pilot was attempting and emergency landing. Pilot killed, flight engineer seriously injured. Aircraft destroyed in fire. JTSB Ref. AA2013-4 **
C-GATV Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 208B-0308 04/10/2011 Air Tindi - CFIT accident near Utsigi Point, Northwest Territories, Canada. Pilot and 1 passenger killed. Two passengers injured. TSB Canada Ref. A11W0151 **
N3925A Eurocopter EC120B 1594 04/10/2011 Nosed over  while landing in grass field 10 miles E of McAllen Miller IAP, McAllen, Texas. **
N4170M Robinson R22 Beta 4328 04/10/2011 Skidded backwards at Hibbing< Montana, USA, and substantially damaged tail boom when instructor took control after student caused aircraft to enter uncontrolled turn when 6 feet off ground.  
N63Q Bell 206B 2063 04/10/2011 Uncontrolled impact in East River, Manhattan, New York. **
N91BV Vaughan Robert A Pulsar  146 04/10/2011 CFIT accident ¼ S of South Valley Reg Airport, West Jordan, Utah. Pilot and passenger killed. **
N11280 Cessna 150L 15075294 05/10/2011 Suffered partial loss of engine power on approach to Punta Gorda Airport, Punta Gorda, Florida and struck perimeter fence. Substantially damaged. **
N11HU Aviat Inc. A-1 1312 05/10/2011 Impacted terrain in Moycock, North Carolina.  **
N180RN Cessna 180J 18052561 05/10/2011 Departed left side of runway on take of at Hampton Roads Executive Airport, Norfolk, Virginia and collided with ditch. Substantially damaged. **
N6403A Piper PA-38-112 38-78A0419 05/10/2011 Private - lost engine power and nose gear collapsed during forced landing in field at Centerburg, Ohio **
N70437 Cessna 207A 20700552 05/10/2011 Crashed during approach to Land at Matinicus Island Airport, Maine. Pilot killed. **
N747HW Harry L Weber Arion LI 128 05/10/2011 Impacted house near Hedgesville, West Virginia. Pilot killed. **
N9144E Johnston William Alfred JR Kolb Mk.III  MT99400017 05/10/2011 Collided with terrain during uncontrolled decent following loss of engine power on take off from a private airstrip at Versailles, Missouri. Pilot inured. **
N2935R Brinkerhuf Gerald G Q200  2036 06/10/2011 Substantially damaged when collided with approach light and terrain while landing at Tulip City Airport, Holland, Michigan. Pilot killed. **
N7026G Rivers William J KR-2 6998 06/10/2011 Impacted terrain after loss of control at Mountain Empirerport, Wytheville, Virginia. Pilot killed. **
N183EH Eurocopter AS350B2 2752 07/10/2011 ERA Helicopters - sustained damage to tail boom section while starting up on off shore oil platform in Gulf of Mexico. *
N455BW Wilhelm Calidus C00162 07/10/2011 Departed runway at Thompsonville Airport, Thompsonville, Michigan after loss of control. **
N642EZ Cessna 150L 15074225 07/10/2011 Lost engine power and force landed on field while on approach to Concordia Parish Airport, Vidalia, Louisiana. Pilot not injured. **
N23BT Cessna T310R 310R1303 08/10/2011 Ditched in Pacific Ocean near Hilo, Hawaii. **
N27492 Taylorcraft BL-65 2134 08/10/2011 Impacted terrain after take off from a private airstrip near Easton, Missouri. Pilot injured. **
N41907 Luscombe 8A 1868 08/10/2011 Crashed into field while making emergency landing near Quitman, Georgia. Pilot killed. **
N9444W Piper PA-28-235 28-11163 08/10/2011 Departed runway due to brake failure after landing at Weltzien Skypark Airport, Wadsworth, Ohio. **
RA-81514 Antonov An-2R 1G208-14 09/10/2011 While crop spraying the aircraft crashed in a field near the village of Zasovkaya, Krasnodar Region, Russia.  **
N132LL Ludwig Larry E Bushman 2-8939 10/10/2011 Private - right wing contacted ground and aircraft cartwheeled when landing at Diamond, Washington, USA **
N4595P Peck Duard R Zodiac 601XL 6-5965 11/10/2011 Crashed just after take off from a residential yard near Lake Ann Airway Estates Airport, Traverse City, Michigan. **
N37SV SOCATA TBM 700 441 12/10/2011 SV Leasing Co. - substantially damaged during forced landing on highway near Hollywood, Florida following loss of power. **
N7660E Cessna 210M Centurion 21-62692 12/10/2011 Belly-landed at Charles B Wheeler Airport, Kansas City after landing gear failed to deploy correctly. **
ZS-PYO Embraer 120ER Brasilia 120245 12/10/2011 Nationale et Regionale transport - damaged in runway excursion accident T Poer Gentil Airport, Gabon. **
N762S Spink Robert M Pietenpol Aircamper 1691 13/10/2011 engine lost power on take off from San Rafael Airport, San Rafael, California and substantially damaged in resulting force landing. **
P2-MCJ de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 Dash 8 125 13/10/2011 Airlines PNG - Crashed into forest 20km from Madang, Papua New Guines while on flight from Lae to Madang. **
A2-AKD Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 208B-0582 14/10/2011 Moremi Air - crashed immediately after takeoff from Xakanaka Airstrip on a flight to Pom Pom Camp Airstrip in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. The pilot and seven passengers were killed. Four passengers are said to have survived the accident. **
EC-KDS Diamond DA20   14/10/2011 Substantially damaged in CFIT accident near Amurrio, Spain  
N54356 Cessna 172P Skyhawk 17274961 14/10/2011 Flipped over while attempting to land at Gimlin Airport, Ozark, Missouri. Pilot uninjured. **
N8261A Cessna 170B 25113 14/10/2011 Private - departed runway at Ramona, California while conducting touch and go landings. **
N4077B Miller James Alan Avid Flyer 719 15/10/2011 Private - lost engine power on take off at Spaulding Airport, Susanville, California and crashed. **
N8746W Piper PA-28-235 28-10286 15/10/2011 Private - collided with hangar at Radnor, Ohio after aircraft running off unoccupied after manual start by pilot. **
YVO126 Bell 412SP 33137 15/10/2011 Elecrificacion del Caroni - collided with trees while on approach to Macagua Airport, Santa Rosa, Venezuela. **
D-EFUV Cessna 140 10385 16/10/2011 W/O at Attendorn, Germany. 15/01/2013 cancelled.  
D-EHAR Heier Lancair 235 229 16/10/2011 W/O at Langwedel-Blockdorf, Germany. 25/01/2013 cancelled.  
N438CP Cirrus SR22 3258 16/10/2011 Private - struck hazard beacon during approach to Danbury Municipal Airport, Danbury, Connecticut and crashed. Pilot killed. **
N6085W Piper PA-28-140 28-20099 16/10/2011 Private - collided with power lines and crashed in residential area of Guthrie, Oklahoma. **
N7011N Beech E33 CD-1123 16/10/2011 Private - lost engine power and substantially damaged during forced landing nine miles NE of Barstow Airport, Daggett, California. Pilot and two passengers killed. **
N300KR Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II 28R-7635210 17/10/2011 Private - lost engine power and damaged in forced landing near the Watertown Municipal Airport, Watertown, Wisconsin. **
N758GY Cessna 172K R1723096 17/10/2011 Private - lost power and damaged during forced landing at Williamsburg, Virginia.  **
N828MA Diamond DA 20-C1 C0321 17/10/2011 Private - lost engine power and substantially damaged when impacted trees near Newman, Georgia **
N5456C Graff Wilbur C Bearhawk 1 18/10/2011 Private - experienced partial loss of engine power and damaged during forced landing on highway near Woodrow, West Virginia **
N8485D Piper PA-18-150 18-6203 18/10/2011 Private - substantially damaged during initiation of aborted landing caused by wind gusts at Brookings, South Dakota. **
RAN-49 Pilatus Britten Norman BN-2T Turbine Islander 2191 18/10/2011 Nepal Army Air Wing - while performing an ambulance flight, crashed in a dense forest near Dhorpatan and caught fire. All six occupants didn't survive. **
N422HP Piper PA-46R-350T 4692122 21/10/2011 Private - lost power and substantially damaged during forced landing near Paso Robles, California **
N75654 Berger Michael A Waiex WX-0087 22/10/2011 Private - lost control and collided with terrain near Washington, Georgia. Pilot killed. **
N3309S Cessna 210J 21059109 23/10/2011 Private - substantially damaged when gear partially lowered during landing in West Chicago Illinois, USA *
N5894F Cessna 210G Centurion 21058894 23/10/2011 Crashed near Los Lirios, Mexico. Pilot and passenger killed. **
N795DB Elkind Bruce Cozy Mk.IV 165 23/10/2011 Private - collided with tree while performing a forced landing near Lexington, North Carlina after loss of engine power. **
N89MH Beech C23 M-1985 23/10/2011 Substantially damaged during forced landing shortly after take off from Marion County Airport, Columbia, Mississippi. **
N227TX Cirrus SR22T 0029 24/10/2011 Private - lost engine power and impacted terrain while manoeuvring near Carrolton, Texas. **
N3062H Piper PA-44-180 Seminole 44-7995165 25/10/2011 Hillsboro Aviation Inc. - Collided with Beechcraft V35 Bonanza reg. N5938S near Newberg, Oregon and made emergency landing in Champoeg State Park south of the Williamette River.  
N5938S Beechcraft V35 Bonanza D-8145 25/10/2011 Private - Collided with Piper PA-44-180 Seminole reg. N3062H near Newberg, Oregon, disintegrated in the air and crashed, killing the pilot.  
OE-5668 Rolladen-Schneider LS4b 41032 25/10/2011 The glider crashed into a forest after the pilot lost control of it in strong turbulences. The glider went missing and was found a day later.  
SP-KFY Reims Cessna F150M F15001376 25/10/2011 Suffered engine failure and overturned during emergency landing in a field near Lublinek Airport, Lodz, Poland.  
8R-GGE Cessna 206 Stationair   26/10/2011 Air Service Ltd. - crashed and flipped over when landing at Arau airstrip, Potaro, Guyana  
9N-AHV BAe Jetstream 41 41078 26/10/2011 Yeti Airlines - The starboard engine exploded as it had reached mid-way of the runway while preparing for a takeoff at Pokhara Airport, Nepal.  
N6018U Beechcraft 76 Duchess ME-161 26/10/2011 Crashed in a pasture near the 3200 block of Peden Road, Fort Worth, TX, less than a mile from Hicks Airfield - KT67 and was destroyed by fire. Both front occupants were critically injured and the female back seater received minor injuries.  
N6545E Cessna 182R Skylane 18268373 26/10/2011 Crashed near Heppner, Oregon  
C-GXRX Beechcraft King Air 100 B-36 27/10/2011 Northern Thunderbird Air Inc. - 16:11hrs. Suffered oil leak and pilot elected to return to Vancouver. About 0.5 miles from runway aircraft banked right and crashed. Both pilots killed. 7 passengers seriously injured. TSB Canada Ref. A11P0149. **
N61PJ McDonnell Douglas 500D (US Reg shows as Hughes 369D) 770162D 27/10/2011 PJ Helicopters - substantially damaged during autorotation and forced landing 6 miles W of Colusa California following loss of engine power. **
N520YH Cessna A185F 18503619 28/10/2011 Private - damaged during forced landing near Prineville, Oregon after loss of engine power **
OE-FKG Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II 31T-8020036 28/10/2011 Impacted terrain near Blagnac Airport, Toulouse in unknown circumstances. Pilot and two passengers killed. 1 passenger seriously injured. **
N165EH Eurocopter AS350B2 2185 29/10/2011 ERA Helicopters - substantially damaged when collided with terrain 6 miles SW of Iliamna, Alaska **
N486LB Brochetti Louis Pietenpol Aircamper 2 29/10/2011 Suffered engine failure on take off Smith-Stewart Field Airport, Ohio, impacted trees and crashed while attempting emergency return.  **
N58784 Interplane S R O Skyboy 082/2004 29/10/2011 Private - substantially damaged in ground impact at Richards Field Airport, Miami, Florida **
N2893R Cessna 182K 18258493 30/10/2011 Damaged when departed runway on take off at Branson West, Missouri. **
N480JJ IAI Gulfstream G150 270 31/10/2011 Ran off runway during landing roll out at Key West, Florida. **
C-GVAR Robinson R22 Beta 2110 28/11/2011 Great Lakes Helicopter Corp - 11:31hrs. Crashed into drainage swamp approx. 1 minute after take off from Waterloo International Airport, Ontario, Canada after suffering engine problems. The instructor was killed and the student was seriously injured. TSB Canada Ref. A11O0222. **
C-FXJN Cessna 185E 1851258 30/11/2011 Trek Aerial Surveys - 18:17hrs. During a night flight the aircraft struck the ground 12nm east of Fort St John Airport, British Columbia, Canada. Pilot killed. TSB Canada Ref. A11W0180. **
N48BS CESSNA 441   22/12/2011 Private-17:25hrs. Impacted terrain near Nashville, Pennsylvania, USA while on approach to York Airport, Thomasville. Pilot killed. Possibly suffered engine failure. NTSB Ref ERA12FA120 **
N161PC AMERICAN CHAMPION AIRCRAFT 8KCAB   22/12/2011 Private-11:55hrs. Crashed near Union County Airport, Marysville, Ohio while pilot was performing aerobatics. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref CEN12LA112 **
N33SR BEECH 19A   24/12/2011 Private-13:50hrs. Crashed on take off from Vinton County Airport, McArthur, Ohio, USA. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. NTSB Ref CEN12FA115 **
VH-MMG Cirrus SR22 1513 25/12/2011 Crashed while on final approach to Warnervale Aerodrome, New South Wales. Aircraft sustained minor damage, pilot and two passengers safe. **
N5016M BELL 206B   26/12/2011 Abraham Holdings Llc, operated by SK Logistics-05:54hrs. Collided with terrain while manoeuvring near Green Cove Springs, Florida USA. Pilot and both passengers killed. NTSB Ref ERA12MA122 **
N560WM AERO COMMANDER 560-F   26/12/2011 Private-14:06hrs. Collided with ground while attempting to return to Venice Municipal Airport, Florida, USA after suffering power loss. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref ERA12FA123 **
N994NC PIPER PA-28-180   28/12/2011 Warren County Airport Ltd-16:00hrs Suffered loss of power during go around at Warren County Airport, Lebanon, Ohio, USA and impacted trees and terrain. Pilot and 3 passengers safe. NTSB Ref CEN12LA116  
HK3934 PIPER PA28   29/12/2011 Substantially damaged when impacted terrain near Andres Bello, Tachira, Venezuela. Both pilots killed. Andres Bello, Tachira, Venezuela. NTSB Ref ERA12WA133 **
N7408Z PIPER PA-25-235   31/12/2011 Flying Weaners Inc-11:11hrs. Control lost and impacted a parking lot at Jacksonville, Florida, USA after picking up a banner from Craig Municipal Airport. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref. ERA12FA130. **
G-CJLA Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2cT 26/94 01/01/2012 Private - powered glider crashed near Wilson Road, Goorambat, north of Benalla, Victoria, Australia. Pilot seriously injured. **
N667JH Seastar XP 133 01/01/2012 Private - suffered power loss shortly after take off from Windham Airport, Connecticut, USA and crashed into Willimantic Reservoir. Pilot safe.  
VH-ZAP Cessna 188B/A1 Agtruck 18803156T 01/01/2012 Cropdusters Pty. Ltd - agricultural operation - collided with terrain 43km SW of Forbes Airport, New South Wales, Australia. Pilot safe, aircraft destroyed. **
N54872 Cessna 172P Skyhawk 17275074 03/01/2012 Civil Air Patrol Inc - lost power on take off from Conroe, Texas and pilot made emergency landing in downtown Conroe. Pilot unhurt, aircraft extensively damaged. **
VH-ZWR Cessna 172N Skyhawk 17270575 04/01/2012 Private - lost power on take off from Eastern Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia, struck ground and flipped over. Pilot and three passengers slightly injured. **
FAB-96 Xian MA60 0503 09/01/2012 Transporte Aereo Militair - damaged in gear up landing at Guayaramerin Airport, Bolivia. (Repaired?) **
RP-C2843 Cessna 152 II 15281934 12/01/2012 Flight and Simulator Training - Suffered engine failure and crashed don seashore of Barangay Bangantalinga, Zambales. Pilot and passenger safe.  
N133GS Stoddart-Hamilton GlaStar 5172 13/01/2012 Crashed into a fence while taxiing to a fuel station at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida after pilot suffered a heart attack.  
G-762 GT Gyroplanes Kruza   14/01/2012 Instructional flight - crashed in paddock while on approach to Mangalore Airport, Victoria, Australia. Pilot and student killed.  
PH-3A3 Comco Ikarus C42 Cyclone 9710-6076 14/01/2012 Private - crashed in field near the Bovensteveenweg, Mussel, Netherlands. Pilot killed.  
VH-LFZ Murphy Renegade Spirit 708 14/01/2012 Private - crashed and burst into flames in the outskirts of Whyalla about 10km NE of Whyalla Airport, South Australia. Pilot safe. **
ZU-LOL Vans RV-7 71903 16/01/2012 DBR in F/L following engine failure after T/O from Rand airport, South Africa. 25/11/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
C-FEDE Cessna 210-5 Centurion  205-0012 22/01/2012 Lawrence Aviation Ltd. 18:45hrs. Crashed at Big Creek Park, 45km S of Hanceville, British Columbia, Canada while conducting a moose survey. Pilot and 3 passengers injured. Aircraft W/O.  
JA710H Eurocopter EC120B 1074 19/02/2012 HELIS-SYS Japan Inc. Aircraft rolled over on take off from Karifuridake temporary helipad, Hokkaido, Japan. Pilot not injured. Aircraft substantially damaged. JTSB Ref. AA2013-1 **
VH-HRY Robinson R22 Beta 0868 21/02/2012 Substantially damaged during mustering operations at Beauchamp Station near Springsure, Queensland, Australia. Pilot not injured.  
N153JR Convair CV-440-38 117 15/03/2012 Fresh Air Inc - 07:40hrs. Crashed into Laguna La Torrecilla while on emergency approach to Luis Marin International Airport, San Juan, Puerto Rico, after suffering an in flight fire. Both crew killed. NTSB Ref. DCA125FA051. 
14/10/2014 reg. cancelled.
N6113Y Merlin 94029 17/03/2012 Private - Crashed while attempting to take off from Pleasant Lake, near Otisfield, Maine, USA. Pilot safe. **
PK-ODA Eurocopter AS305B3Ecureuil   17/03/2012 Airfast Indonesia - crashed about 5 miles from Tembagapura, Mimika district, Indonesia while carrying food for mining community. All 3 on board killed. **
C-GLQI Bell B206B 1964 30/03/2012 Kananaskis Mountain Helicopters - 10:10hrs. Crashed in snow covered avalanche corridor near Loder Peak, Alberta, Canada. Pilot killed. 4 passengers injured. TSB Canada Ref. A12W0031. **
10-7944 Rans S-17 Stinger   31/03/2012 Private - suffered engine failure and crashed near Woodstock, Queensland, Australia shortly after take off from Donnington Airpark.  
D-6359 Glaser-Dirks DG-505 Elan Orion 5E135X2 15/04/2012 FSC Wiebaden Maikafer e.V. 15:13 Hrs. Aircraft crashed shortly after take off from Laufenselden Airfield, Heidenrod, Germany. It appears that the launch cable either broke or was released early. 1 of 2 on board killed. **
D-EJIW Orlican L-40 Meta Sokol 150408 21/04/2012 Luftsportverein Lüchow-Dannenberg e.V. While on approach to Rehbeck, Luchow, Germany, pilot was informed that there was a towing cable from a glider on the runway and the aircraft crashed into a field during the subsequent go-around. Pilot and passenger safe. Aircraft W/O.  
D-EOSA Piper PA-28-181 Archer II 28-7790189 02/05/2012 Private. Crashed on take off from Losinj Airport, Croatia, after apparently suffering engine problems. Both crew safe, aircraft substantially damaged.  
G-CBXV Mainair Blade 1343-1002-7-W1138 09/05/2012 Undershot on landing at Northrepps, UK. The main wheels struck a grass bank before the runway threshold and the aircraft crashed into a field. 17/07/2012 G-CBXV cancelled as destroyed.  
C-GLAJ Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow 28R-7435312 12/05/2012 Private - 08:41hrs. Collided with Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer reg. C-GFCH 8nm W of St Brieux, Saskatchewan, Canada (while on approach) and crashed. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. TSB Ref. A12C0053. **
C-GFCH Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer 786 12/05/2012 Private - 08:41hrs. Collided with Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow reg. C-GLAJ 8nm W of St Brieux, Saskatchewan, Canada (while on approach) and crashed. Pilot and 1 passenger killed. TSB Ref. A12C0053. **
C-GCZA de Havilland DHC-2 Mk.I Beaver 1667 13/05/2012 Private - Struck trees and crashed 10 miles W of Peachland, British Columbia, Canada. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. TSB Canada Ref. A12P0070. **
D-6512 Glasflugel H-205 Club Libelle 107 13/05/2012 Fliegerklub Roitzschjora e.V. 12:10hrs. Stalled shortly after take off from Roitzschjora Airfield, EDWA, Germany and crashed. Pilot seriously injured. **
N23SC Piper PA-28-240 28-21217 28/05/2012 While flying level near Warrenton, Virginia, USA the PA-28-140 collided with Beechcraft V35B Bonanza reg. N6658R, then in a shallow climb. The PA-28-140 was force landed and the pilot injured. The Beechcraft broke up in mid air and the pilot and flight instructor were killed. TSB Canada Ref. A12H0001. **
N6658R Beechcraft V35B Bonanza D-103232 28/05/2012 While on shallow climb south of Warrenton, Virginia collided with Piper PA-28-140 reg. N23SC, then on level flight. Beeccraft broke up in mid air and the pilot and flight instructor were killed. The PA-28-240 forced landed. Pilot injured. TSB Canada Ref. A12H0001. **
D-EHWY Beech A23 M-678 15/06/2012 W/O at Herrenteich, Hockenheim, Germany. 25/03/2013 cancelled.  
VH-WTS Cessna 182 18262720 19/06/2012 Reported that aircraft collided with terrain soon after take near? Cunnamulla Aerodrome, Queensland, Australia. (Awaiting update).  
G-BCOL Reims Cessna F172M Skyhawk 1233 05/07/2012 10:35hrs. Private. Overran runway on take off from Netherthorpe Airfield, South Yorkshire, UK. Ran through hedge and turned over before coming to rest inverted. Pilot and passenger safe. 22/11/2012 G-BCOL cancelled as destroyed. **
C-GUIK Bell 206B Jet Ranger 1908 05/07/2012 Sunrise Helicopters Inc. - 10:45hrs. Contacted crop and struck ground during spraying operations near Angusville, Manitoba, Canada. Pilot injured. TSB Ref. A12C0084. **
G-BDOW Reims Cessna FRA 150M Aerobat FRA1500296 13/07/2012 Private. Engine stopped while aircraft was on short finals at Newcastle airfield, Co Wicklow, Ireland. Aircraft struck boundary fence and came to rest in ditch. Aircraft W/O. 13/08/2012 reg. G-BDOW cancelled by CAA.  
D-ENFP Piper PA-28-181 28-8190173 22/07/2012 W/O at Donaueschingen, Germany. 17/01/2013 cancelled.  
G-GFTB Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior III 2842048 23/07/2012 Private - 15:30hrs. While Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee reg. G-BBYY was being taxied to a maintenance facility at Guernsey Airport, Channel Islands, it struck and damaged G-GFTB, which sustained substantial damage to the fuselage. 04/09/2013 G-GFTB cancelled as WFU. AAIB ref. EW/G2012/07/21. **
D-EIGP Piper PA-28-180 28-7305460 24/07/2012 W/O at Rheine, Germany. 11/03/2013 cancelled.  
F-GEBA Piper PA-28-181 28-7890293 24/07/2012 Private - Hit cables while on finals to Salon-de-Vergt, Dordogne, France, and DBR. 16/08/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
G-ALJF Percival proctor III K.427 24/07/2012 Substantially damaged when it crashed into trees while landing at a strip after a flight from Biggin Hill. Pilot injured.  
N4695U Cessna 180G 18051395 01/08/2012 Private - 08:40hrs. Entered uncommanded roll and impacted terrain shortly after take off from Trout Lake, Ontario, Canada. Pilot and 2 passengers injured. TSB Ref. A12C0099. **
D-EAUR Socata TB-10 Tobago 1099 04/08/2012 Private. Crashed and burst into flames shortly after take off from Konstanz Airfield, Germany. Pilot safe, passenger sustained severe burns. **
D-EGIT Piaggio P.149S 260 04/08/2012 W/O at Hollandscheveld, Netherlands. 09/01/2013 cancelled.  
G-CMCC Robinson R44 Raven II 11837
Crashed and caught fire soon after take off from Wilson Airport, Nairobi, Kenya. Pilot and passenger seriously injured. Aircraft W/O.  
G-AHLT de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth 82247 12/08/2012 Collided with trees and crashed while attempting to land in a field near Eryrs, Denbighshire, UK. Aircraft extensively damaged.  
C-GLGJ Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche 30-300 13/08/2012 Crashed near Brenda Mines, 18 miles NW of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Of 4 on board 1 died at site and 1 other died 2 days later. Aircraft W/O. TSB Canada Ref. A12P0136. **
C-GHJT Sikorsky S-76A 760052 13/08/2012 Helijet International Inc. Lost engine power while on approach to Langara Island, British Columbia, Canada. Pilot elected to ditch in lake and aircraft rolled over inverted in water. Pilot and passenger safe. TSB Ref. A12P0134. **
G-BODP Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk 38-81A0010 16/08/2012 Crashed in afield at Chapel lane, Bruers Churton, Cheshire, UK, while on a flight from Hawarden. Pilot and passenger killed.
07/03/2013 G-BODP cancelled as destroyed.
PH-MRB General Avia F22B Pinguino 014 16/08/2012 Pilot possibly became incapacitated as a result of a medical condition and the aircraft crashed in a farm near Biddinghuizen, Netherlands. Pilot killed. Aircraft burned out.  
F-GMJG Pilatus PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo Porter 659 18/08/2012 Ditch in sea near Granville, France for unknown reasons after conducting a paradrop sortie. Pilot safe.  
V5-HER Bell 206B 3787 20/08/2012 W/O in game capture accident S of Estasha, Namibia.  
D-EEPK CASA I-131E Jungmann 2101 23/08/2012 Private - 16:05hrs. Crashed during a demonstration flight at  Degerfield Airfield, Albstadt, Germany. Pilot seriously injured.  
C-FNET Cessna 172S 172S8544 24/08/2012 Private - crashed in field near sideroad 3 in Moorfield, Ontario, Canada. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O. TSB Canada Ref. A12O0138.  
C-GRGW Cessna 172M 17265472 26/08/2012 Alta Flights Ltd - 17:34hrs. During a pipeline patrol the aircraft entered a spin and crashed near the Chain Lakes Reservoir, 22 miles WNW of Claresholm, Alberta, Canada. Pilot killed. TSB Ref. A12W0121. **
HP-1739CE Piper PA-25 Pawnee   27/08/2012 Private. Crashed in rice paddy after bird strike while crop dusting in Tanara, Chepo, Panama. Pilot injured. Aircraft W/O.   
F-GPHE AS350B3 3313 31/08/2012 W/O at Arrens-Marsous near Angeles-Gazost while engaged in power line maintenance. 21/12/2012 cancelled as destroyed.  
164724 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet   01/09/2012 VMFA-323, USMV. 15:15hrs. Aircraft suffered dual bleed air problem. Pilot ejected safely and aircraft crashed at NAS Fallon, Nevada.  
N139GS Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros 432833 01/09/2012 Private (Warbird Education Foundation). 13:25hrs. Crashed in field at Davenport Municipal Airport, Davenport, Iowa while performing in a formation flight at an airshow. Pilot killed.  
N221DV Cirrus SR22 GTS X G3 2949 01/09/2012 Bobo Aviation LLC. 11:15hrs. Crashed and caught fire at Air Park Drive, Falmouth Airport, Massachusetts. 1 of 3 on board killed. Remaining 2 seriously injured.  
N5981J Cessna 182P Skylane 18263597 01/09/2012 Michigan Department of Natural Resources. 14:15hrs. Crashed and burned at Luce County Airport, Newberry, Michigan. Pilot seriously injured.  
N6620X Cessna 210A 21057620 01/09/2012 Private - 08:30hrs. Crashed at Montrose Regional Airport, Colorado. Pilot and passenger not injured.  
N70415 Safari Homebuilt 0442N 01/09/2012 Private - 09:30hrs. Suffered engine shutdown and crashed in field in Wayne Township, Mifflin County, Philadelphia. Pilot killed.  
N82383 Aeronca 7AC Champion 7AC-1016 01/09/2012 Private. 08:30hrs. Suffered power loss after take off from Brighton Airport, Michigan, and crashed into nearby swamp. Pilot seriously injured and passenger killed.  
RA-44422 Yakolev Yak-18T 22202023918 01/09/2012 Aeroclub Aviaservice. 16:45hrs. During a pleasure flight the aircraft crashed in forest 300m from Lakhta Airfield, near Katunino, Russia. Pilot and 3 passengers killed,  
G-CDSO Thruster T600N 450 1051-T600N-1 02/09/2012 Freshwater Microlights. 18:50hrs. Suffered engine problems and clipped hedge and overturned during emergency landing at Tapnell Farm, Freshwater, Isle of Wight. Pilot suffered broken ankle. Passenger not seriously injured.  
N2005E Taylorcraft F21 F-1015 02/09/2012 Private. 14:15hrs. Stalled on take-off from Willow Lake, Willow, Alaska and impacted lake. Aircraft substantially damaged. Pilot seriously injured.  
N5247D Cessna 172N Skyhawk 17272469 02/09/2012 Summit Air LLC. 16:30hrs. Crashed and overturned at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Colorado. Aircraft severely damaged. Pilot and student passenger not injured.  
N761YN Cessna T210M Turbo Centurian 21062626 02/09/2012 Private. 21:00hrs. Diverted to Water Valley Municipal Airport, Mississippi due to thunderstorm activity and crashed in wooded area near Tillatoba. Pilot seriously injured.  
CS-HMO Kamov Ka-32A11BC 9905 03/09/2012 Empresa de Meios Aereos. 11:15hrs. During fire fighting operation aircraft suffered engine failure while reloading bucket and crashed in lagoon at Ourem, Lagoa de Vale de Figueiras, Portugal. Both crew killed.  
EC-IVT Robinson R44 Raven II 10307 03/09/2012 Private. 10:30. Disintegrated in mid-air and crashed at Valouse, France. Pilot and passenger killed.  
N3700V Cessna 150M 15076594 03/09/2012 Private. 10:00hrs. Crash landed at Toledo State Airport, Oregon. Pilot sustained minor injuries.  
N4QC Beech 95-55 Baron TC-174 03/09/2012 Western Airlines Inc. 19:00hrs. Damaged on landing at Spanaway Airport, Washington after pilot failed to deploy landing gear. Pilot and 2 passengers not injured.  
N9764J Skykits Savannah ADV 07-07051-621 03/09/2012 Private. 20:30hrs. Crashed in Dry Creek Canyon, south of Murtaugh, Idaho. Pilot killed.  
RPC-6791 Cessna 152   03/09/2012 Leading Edge International Academy. Crashed at Cervantes, Barangay Dinwede, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.  Aircraft destroyed. Pilot seriously injured.  
2280 MiG-21bis Fishbed-L   04/09/2012 Syrian Arab Air Force. During landing the pilot lost control, possibly shot down by rebel forces, and ejected. Pilot died of injuries.  
G-EENN Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 3 9 04/09/2012 Private. 13:30hrs. Crashed as being winch launched at Portmoak Airport, Scotlandwell, Kinross, Scotland. Pilot killed.  
N308DF Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six 32-7840015 04/09/2012 Private. 08:50hrs. Suffered power loss shortly after take off from General William J Fox Airfield, Lancaster, California and force landed in desert NW of the airfield. Pilot not injured.  
CS-DEH Socata TB-200 Tobago XL GT 2068 05/09/2012 Academia Aeronautica de Evora - 12:06hrs. Crashed at Monte da Pereira while on approach to Evora Aerodrome, Portugal. Pilot killed.  
N69924 Cessna 421B Golden Eagle 421B0553 05/09/2012 Private - 10:00hrs. Impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Forth Worth Spinks Airport, Texas. Aircraft destroyed by impact and post impact fire. Pilot and passenger seriously injured.  
C-GBLB Cessna T310R 310R0249 06/09/2012 Geodesy Remote Sensing Inc. - 13:30hrs. Crashed and hit fence while landing at Slave Lake Airport, Alberta, Canada. Pilot and passenger safe.  
F-GFMB Beechcraft C23 Sundowner M-1501 06/09/2012 Private - 12:05hrs. Substantially damaged when gear broke during landing at Toussus-le-Noble Airport, France. Pilot and passenger safe.  
9M-BAI Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 34-7870404 07/09/2012 Private - 14:02hrs. Suffered landing gear malfunction on landing at Pulau Tioman Airport, Tioman Island, Malaysia. Pilot lost control and aircraft crashed in middle of runway. Pilot and passenger safe.  
G-MYYG Mainair Blade Flexwing Microlight 1054-0995-7 07/09/2012 Private - 14:25hrs. Thrown upside down by strong gust of wind on landing at Northrepps Airfield, Norfolk. Aircraft substantially damaged. Pilot injured.  
N5577N Goodyear F2G-2 Super Corsair 6172 07/09/2012 Private - 17:45hrs. Failed to recover from practice loop and crashed at Barnes County Municipal Airport, Valley City, Nevada. Pilot killed.  
VT-KPC Beechcraft C90B King Air LJ-1696 07/09/2012 Finolex Industries Ltd. - 20:00hrs. W/O when crashed on approach to Lohegaon Airport, Pune, India. All 3 crew safe.  
54 Yellow Mil Mi-35M 34075817103 08/09/2012 Russian Army - crashed into mountain near Botlikh district of Chechnya Vedeno. All 3 crew and 1 passenger killed.  
D-KPIW Lange Antares 20E   08/09/2012 Private - 16:00hrs. (Powered glider)  Right wing struck tree and aircraft crashed into ground at Aussois, France. Electric engine caught fire and aircraft W/O. Pilot killed.  
F-GLVD Robin DR.400-120 Dauphin 2+2 2147 08/09/2012 Aero-Club de Deauville. Veered off runway on landing at Saint-Gatien Airport, Deauville, France and substantially damaged. Pilot (on first solo flight) suffered minor injuries..  
N21MX Moore MX MXS 008 08/09/2012 Private - experienced mechanical difficulties while pilot was performing aerobatics over Borrego Valley Airport, California and crashed. Pilot baled out but was killed. **
N346X Maule M-5-210C Strata Rocket 6156C 08/09/2012 Private. Caught in wind gust on landing at Courchevel airport, France and veered off runway. Substantially damaged. Pilot and passenger not injured.  
N70108 Piper J3C-65 Cub 17082 08/09/2012 Private - crashed shortly after take off from Shirley Williams Airport, Texas. Pilot killed and aircraft w/o. **
D-EEOP Robin DR400-180R Remorqueur 1434 09/09/2012 Private - crashed on take off from Heiningen, Backnang, Germany. 2 of 4 occupants killed. NFI at this time.  
D-HALX Eurocopter EC120B Colibri 1278 09/09/2012 Private - crashed at Rossfeld Glems, Metzingen, Germany while on demonstration flight. Both crew safe, but one spectator killed. Aircraft destroyed.  
N1009F Cessna 172N Skyhawk 17272930 09/09/2012 Private - crashed on take off at Acreuna Airport, Brazil. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.
There are still questions regarding the ID of this aircraft. On the FAA registry it is shown as being last registered to Global Flight Support and Sales Inc, Florida, with the registration being cancelled on 13/09/2012 as exported?
N3224G Beech A36 Bonanza E-2924 09/09/2012 Private - crashed in Kansasville, Racine County, Wisconsin. Pilot killed and aircraft destroyed. Cause not known at this time.  
N550YS Schoepflin DA-4-550 97-001 09/09/2012 Private - stalled and crashed near Viola, Idaho. Pilot killed and aircraft destroyed in post impact fire.  
N80SS Cessna A185F Skywagon 18504041 09/09/2012 Aircapital Nevada Inc., - lost power and ditched in sea 5 miles off the coast of San Simeon, California. Pilot and passenger safe, aircraft sank. **
PT-WYK Cessna 172   09/09/2012 Crashed at Sao Francisco de Flexal, Amapa, Brazil. Pilot killed. No flight plan recorded and pilot was not licensed. Appears to have been an illegal flight - NFI at this time. **
5Y-BNC Cessna 310R 310R0664 10/09/2012 Private - crashed on takeoff from Manda Naval Base airstrip, Manda Island, Kenya. 1 of 2 pilots and 2 military passengers on board killed. NFI.  
N281RG Robinson R22 Beta 4250 10/09/2012 Helicopter Services Inc - entered spin and crashed near Crosby, Texas. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft destroyed.  
N464EH Vans RV-6A 22705 10/09/2012 Private - lost power and crashed at Eldon Model Airpark, Missouri. Pilot Safe. Aircraft substantially damaged. **
N717EW Wiggins Air Boss 001 10/09/2012 Private - crashed shortly after take off from Lansing Municipal Airport, Illinois. Pilot killed and aircraft destroyed.  
N4434P Hawker Sea Fury Mk.II WH-589 11/09/2012 Air Zurich LLC - damaged when undercarriage collapsed while landing at Stead Airport, Reno, Nevada. Pilot unhurt.  
N4842P Piper PA-23-250 Aztec 27-413 12/09/2012 X Aviation LLC - experienced in flight break up and crashed near Lake Palestine, Bullard, Texas. Pilot killed.  
RA-28715 Antonov An-28 25-1AK006 12/09/2012 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Air Enterprise - crashed on Mount Pyatibratka, 10 km from Palana Airport, Russia while on approach. Both crew and 8 of 12 passengers killed.  
ZS-KMS Beechcraft 58P Baron TJ-286 12/09/2012 Treated Timber Products Pty - crashed near Pietermartzburg, South Africa shortly after take off from Oribi airport. Pilot and two passengers safe.   
N19GP Fairchild PT-19A T421844 13/09/2012 Private - substantially damaged on landing at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, Missouri. Pilot and passenger safe - NFI.  
N4188E Piper PA-28-181 Archer III 2843212 13/09/2012 CAE Global Academy Phoenix Inc - crashed 15 miles from Payson, Arizona. Pilot and 2 passengers killed.  
N517DG Vans RV-7 72314 13/09/2012 Inc - crashed near Lake Lanier, Atlanta, Georgia. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft destroyed.  
N90RW Cessna 180 Skywagon 30195 13/09/2012 Private - crashed at Nampa Airport, USA. Pilot and passenger injured. Aircraft W/O.  
N935B Stolp Starlet SA500 06118 13/09/2012 Private - suffered loss of power and force landed in field near Shelbyville, Illinois. Pilot safe. Aircraft substantially damaged.  
N936LS Seymour Leslie SkyRanger SKR0306325 13/09/2012 Private - crashed near Lake Matthews, 4 miles west of Perris, California. Pilot injured. Aircraft substantially damaged.  
ZS-TVR Beechcraft F33A Bonanza CE-1617 13/09/2012 Private - crashed near Nagle Dam outside Cato Ridge, Kwazulu, Natal. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. Aircraft destroyed. - NFI  
N850GB Northwing Design Apache Sport 51188 14/09/2012 Private - crashed in farm field WNW of Harold Davidson Field Airport, Vermillion, South Dakota shortly after take off. Pilot killed. Aircraft destroyed. Aircraft had been seen to roll to left and enter near vertical dive. Investigation is ongoing to establish cause. **
ES-YLS Aero L-39C Albatros 533638 15/09/2012 Breitling Jet Team - suffered engine problems. Pilot and engineer ejected and aircraft crashed in field near Valkenswaard, Netherlands. Both crew safe. Aircraft destroyed. **
G-ARHN Piper PA-22-150 Tri Pacer 22-7514 15/09/2012 Popham Flying Group G-ARHN. Crashed at Blackwood shortly after takeoff from Popham Airfield, Hampshire, UK. Pilot and passenger seriously injured. Aircraft destroyed. (Ex N3622Z) **
N58020 Aerospatiale AS 355F1 Ecureuil 2 5227 15/09/2012 FIG HCRS LLC - crashed and burst into flames near Quakerbridge Mall, West Windsor, New Jersey. Pilot killed. Aircraft destroyed. Possibly result of bird strike. **
N58844 Cessna 182P Skylane 18262336 15/09/2012 Private - substantially damaged when front landing gear collapsed on landing at Mecosta Morton Airport, Michigan, and aircraft flipped over. Pilot and passenger safe. **
N6072K Republic RC-3 252 15/09/2012 Gypsy Barnstormers Inc. - hit power lines and crashed into Weiss Lake, Cedar Bluff, Alabama. Pilot killed. Aircraft destroyed. **
C-FBKK SOCATA TBM 700N 621 08/10/2012 Private - 12:19hrs. Entered spiral dive during turn and crashed shortly after take off from Carp Airport, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Pilot killed. TSB Ref. A12O0170. **
C-GZLC Aerofab Lake 250 87 16/10/2012 Private. Impacted terrain on approach to Pickle Lake, Ontario, Canada. 2 pilot and 1 passenger killed. 1 passenger injured. TSB Ref. A12C0141. **
G-CHCN Eurocopter EC225 LP Super Puma 2679 22/10/2012 While on flight from Aberdeen Int Airport to the West Phoenix drilling rig the aircraft ditched in the North Sea 32nm SW of Sumburgh, Shetland Islands. 2 crew and 17 passengers safe.
29/08/2013 reg. G-CHCN cancelled as destroyed.
G-EEBM Grob G102 Astor CS77 1843 28/10/2012 While attempting to land in a small field the wingtip struck the ground and the glider crashed, fracturing the fuselage behind the cockpit. 09/01/2013 reg. cancelled as destroyed.  
C-GAGP Cessna 208B 208B1213 18/11/2012 Gogal Air Services Ltd - 09:56hrs. Crashed in wooded area <1mile from Snow Lake Airport, Manitoba, Canada, during take off. Pilot and 7 passengers injured. **
D-EHJP DR.400/180 2181 08/12/2012 W/O near Wolfersheim, Germany, after mid air collision with D-EUEU. 13/03/2013 cancelled.  
N58677 Cessna 182P Skylane 18262228 01/01/2013 Pacific Aviation Northwest Inc. - 15:15hrs. Substantially damaged when pilot was attempting to make a touch and go attempt at Chiloquin State Airport, Oregon. Pilot and passenger not injured.  
N7700Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche 30-785 01/01/2013 Private - 22:40hrs. Crashed in heavily wooded area near Walker County Airport-Bevill Field - KJFX, Jasper, Alabama, USA. Had been taken by student pilot without permission.  
OO-RWK Robinson R22 Beta II 4133 01/01/2013 Heligroup - 12:00hrs. Training flight - substantially damaged when rolled over on landing at Hoevenen Airfield, Belgium. Instructor and student safe.  
ZU-EFH Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat 149 01/01/2013 Engine failed on take off from Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa. And aircraft crashed. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft W/O.  
F-GMSE Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III 28R8131042 02/01/2013 Private. Substantially damaged in wheels up landing at Lille Airport, France. Pilot and passenger not injured.  
N334AM Eurocopter EC 130 B4 4694 02/01/2013 Air Methods Corp. - 12:45 hrs. Lost all engine power and substantially damaged in resulting hard landing in field SE of Seminole Municipal Airport, Oklahoma, USA. Pilot and 3 medical staff seriously injured. **
N3AG Piper PA-60-602P 60-8365018 02/01/2013 Managed Aviation In - 16:15 hrs. Pilot was practicing simulated single engined landings when the main landing gear collapsed and aircraft veered off runway during landing at North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Extensively damaged in post crash fire. Pilot and passenger not injured. NTSB Ref. WPR13LA082. **
N445MT Bell 407 53959 02/01/2013 Mercy Medical Center - 20:57hrs. Crashed north of Ventura (near Clear lake), Iowa, USA, while en route to pick up a patient. Pilot and both medical staff killed. Aircraft W/O. **
N45923 Luscombe 8A Silvaire 2450 02/01/2013 Private - 16:05hrs. While manoeuvring at low altitude the aircraft stalled and crashed on Oceana Dunes, San Luis Obispo County, California. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N828AC Bell 206 Jet Ranger 1519 02/01/2013 Maricopa Helicopter LLC (San Joaquin Helicopter) - 06:15hrs. Impacted terrain while performing agricultural work 10 miles SE of Delano Municipal Airport, Delano, California. Pilot killed. 08/07/2013 reg. cancelled. **
N14841 Bell 47G-5A 25080 03/01/2013 Main rotor struck telephone pole and crashed while spraying field at Five Points, California, USA. Pilot sustained minor injuries. NTSB Ref. WPR13CA084. **
PR-DUB Robinson R66 85 03/01/2013 Crashed near Caraguatatuba, São Paulo, Brazil. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft W/O.  
F-OPLC Cessna 172N Skyhawk 17273009 04/01/2013 While attempting a steep approach to Saint-Barthelemy Airport, Guadeloupe the aircraft crashed into a mountain. Pilot and passenger seriously injured. Aircraft W/O.  
N375B Beech H35 D-5121 04/01/2013 14:19 hrs. Suffered mechanical problems and struck house and crashed during forced landing in Palm Coast, Florida, USA. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. NTSB Ref. ERA13FA105. **
ZK-IXE Innovator Mosquito XE MXE1043107 04/01/2013 Spark plug blew out while in flight and tail boom struck bank during autorotation at Okuku River, New Zealand. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
CN-DAY Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V   05/01/2013 Crashed into mountain near Saint-Pierre-de-Bressieux, French Alps, France shortly after take off from Grenoble. Pilot and 4 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
CS-UOH Evektor-Aerotechnic   05/01/2013 While attempting an emergency landing the aircraft crashed near Alter do Chao, Portugal. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
PT-VYN Embraer EMB-202A Ipanema 20001258 05/01/2013 When attempting to land at MT-449 (farm landing strip) aircraft collided with a signpost and crashed near Lucas do Rio Verde, Brazil. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
CC-CVM Piper PA-36-285 Pawnee Brave 36-7660016 06/01/2013 While on approach to San Rafael Airport, Los Andes, Chile the aircraft crashed in a field and caught fire. (May have suffered engine failure). Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
N35SD Beech V35A D-8812 06/01/2013 16:06hrs. Collided with terrain near Woody, California. Pilot and passenger killed. NTSB Ref. WPR13FA086. **
RA-1594G Yakovlev Yak-18T 5201208 06/01/2013 Landing gear collapsed when aircraft made emergency landing on ice at Kuybyshev Reservoir, near Tolyatti, Russia. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
N222EG Bellanca 17-30A 78-30877 07/01/2013 14:12 hrs. Suffered loss of engine power and substantially damaged in forced landing near Antlers, Oklahoma, USA. Pilot and passenger not injured. NTSB Ref. CEN13LA132. **
N241CH Boeing Vertol 234LR Chinook (CH-47) MJ016 07/01/2013 Columbia Helicopters. Broke up in midair and crashed in Amazon jungle near San Juan, Ucayali, Peru. All 7 occupants killed. Aircraft W/O.  
D-HIZZ Robinson R44 Astro 109 10/01/2013 Private - Struck high voltage cables while flying low in fog and crashed on Autobahn A6, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N36VE Beechcraft 58 Baron TH-1957 11/01/2013 Bottorf Construction Inc. Crashed NNE of Maxwell, Nebraska, shortly after take off from North Platte Regional Airport. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
G-BDAD Taylor Monoplane PFA.1453 12/01/2013 Private. Suffered engine failure on approach to Breighton Airfield, North Yorkshire and force landed in a field at Street Lane in Bubwith, near Selby. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
N5339V Piper PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian 4697110 12/01/2013 Crashed near Glory, Texas shortly after take off from Cox Field, Paris. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N829GS Benton Seawind 3000 20 12/01/2013 Crashed near Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport, Florida shortly after take off. Pilot killed at scene and passenger succumbed to injuries later. Aircraft W/O.  
U-R10 Kestrel Hawk 10 12/01/2013 shortly after take off from Pattaya Airpark, Thailand the aircrafts engine caught fire and aircraft crashed near to the Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N4975S Piper 28R-200 Cherokee Arrow B 28R-35693 13/01/2013 Private. Crashed under unknown circumstances in fog near Dover, Delaware. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N6537C Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 34-7870164 13/01/2013 E85 Transport LLC. Impacted water at Croatan Sound, near Maneo, North Carolina while on approach to Dare County Regional Airport in fog. Pilot killed and passenger injured. Aircraft W/O.  
OK-IHA08 Elisport CH-7 Kompress   13/01/2013 Private. Rolled and crashed shortly after take off from Katowice, Poland. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
G-CRST AgustaWestland AW109E 11017 16/01/2013 Castle Air Ltd. While on approach to London Heliport, Battersea, London the aircraft struck a construction crane and crashed in Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O. One person on ground killed and 9 injured.  
N68PK Pilatus PC-12/45 265 16/01/2013 Regions Equipment Finance Corp. Crashed five miles NE of the Alamance Regional Airport, North Carolina in unknown circumstances. Pilot killed. Aircraft W/O.  
YS-175-PE Bellanca Super Decathlon 8KCAB 331-77 16/01/2013 Private. Crashed near Aerodromo Captain Eduardo Toledo, Cozumel, Mexico while performing aerobatics. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft W/O.  
XB-EZY Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C/R 31-8212007 17/01/2013 Habilitaciones Turisticas SA CV. Crashed on take off from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas in unknown circumstances. Both pilots and 6 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
ZU-HRS Bell 47G-3B1 WAP161/WA447 18/01/2013 Pilot made emergency landing near the Dunstan Farrell TB hospital in Hibberdene, South Africa after experiencing engine problems. Aircraft burst into flames and was destroyed. Pilot safe.  
N143E Beechcraft B55 Baron TC-792 19/01/2013 J.S. Leasing. Suffered engine trouble and crashed north of Mangum, Oklahoma. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N2341N Cessna 140 12587 20/01/2013 Private. Collided with power lines and crashed between Escalante and Boulder, Utah. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft W/O. It appears that CofA had expired in 2012.  
C-GKBC de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 650 23/01/2013 Kenn Borek Air. Crashed on Queen Alexandra Range, Antarctica while on flight from South Pole-Amundsen-Scott Station to Zucchelli Station, Terra Nova Bay. 2 (3?) occupants killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N980SS Beechcraft A36 Bonanza E-3152 24/01/2013 Central Flying Services Inc. Crashed  at Richwood, 5 miles SW of Monroe Regional Airport, Louisiana in unknown circumstances while on approach. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
PT-EUP Embraer EMB-810C Seneca II 810227 24/01/2013 Tio Taxi Aereo. Crashed in parking lot at Manaus, Brazil. Pilot and 3 passengers safe. Aircraft W/O. NFI.  
N669RB Zivko Edge 540 27 25/01/2013 Chambliss Aerobatics LLC. Suffered engine failure while practicing aerobatics and crashed in ravine near Llopango, El Salvador. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
ZS-RYP Robinson R-44 10820 26/01/2013 Struck power cables and crashed at Grey Goose farm, South Africa. Pilot and 2 passengers injured. Aircraft W/O.  
N27CE Rand Robinson KR-2 81 27/01/2013 Private. Suffered engine problems shortly after take off and crashed North of Brandenton near the Airport Manatee, Florida. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
C-GOCM Robinson R44 Raven II 10472 27/01/2013 Gemini Helicopters Inc - 13:11 hrs. Suffered in flight break up and crashed 21 nm SW of Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada while on oil well survey flight. Pilot killed. TSB Ref:- A13W0009.  **
PT-ZHT Vans RV-7 73632 28/01/2013 Private. Crashed  in region of Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil in unknown circumstances. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft W/O.  
CC-AGC Cessna 172R 17281393 29/01/2013 American Flyer Espana. Crashed while on training flight at San Esteban, Los Andes, Chile. Pilot killed. Two students safe. Aircraft W/O.  
C-GMHP Piper PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian 4697332 29/01/2013 1649808 Alberta Ltd. Crashed short of runway at Three Hills Airport, Alberta, Canada while trying to land in bad weather. Pilot and 2 passengers safe. Aircraft W/O.  
UP-CJ006 Canadair CRJ-200   29/01/2013 Scat Airlines. After initiating go around due to fog at Almaty, Kjazakhstan the aircraft crashed 1400 metres short of the runway. All 5 crew and 16 passengers killed.  
YV1556 Beechcraft 58 Baron TH-808 02/02/2013 Private. Suffered complete engine failure and ditched in Gulf of Cariaco, east of Cumana, Venezuela. Pilot and 4 passenger safe, 1 passenger killed. Aircraft W/O.  
ZP-HAH Robinson R44 12844 02/02/2013 Private - 22:00hrs. Crashed near Chaco, Presidente Hayes, Paraguay in unknown circumstances. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. Aircraft W/O.  
24-3223 Skyfox CA-25N Gazelle CA25N081 03/02/2013 Private. Reported missing on 3 February and located W/O NW of Beerbarrum at Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia. Pilot killed. Cause to be determined.  
I-5056 Fly Synthesis Storch HS   03/02/2013 Private. Training flight during which landing manoeuvres were carried out. Aircraft hit embankment and was W/O. Pilot killed, student safe.  
PP-AJV Beechcraft C90B King Air LJ-1647 03/02/2013 Private - 20:30hrs. Crashed in Candido Mota, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Pilot and 4 passengers killed. Cause to be determined.  
ZU-CRV Jabiru SPT 527 03/02/2013 Private - 19:20hrs. Struck power cables (possibly suffered engine failure prior to collision) and crashed on the N4 Highway S of Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Pilot seriously injures. Aircraft W/O.  
5U-ABP Cessna 337H Super Skymaster 337-1173 04/02/2013 Private - 16:57hrs. Suffered mechanical problems on take off from Diori Hamani International Airport, Niger, and crashed. Pilot and 2 passengers killed.  
N5290J Cessna 172N Skyhawk 172273756 05/02/2013 Kuspuk School District. Crashed on ice on the Kuskokwin River near Kalskag Airport, Alaska. Pilot and 2 passengers safe. Aircraft substantially damaged.  
N328SP Cessna 172S Skyhawk 172S8255 06/02/2013 Private - 05:30hrs. Crashed in unknown circumstances 14 miles SE of Tahoe Airport, Minden, Nevada, USA. Pilot killed.  
N555FV Beechcraft E90 King Air LW-248 06/02/2013 Tucson Aeroservice Center - 11:35hrs. Bounced when landing at Casa Grande Municipal Airport, Arizona, USA, pulled up into stall and crashed. Both person on board killed. Aircraft W/O.  
VH-EWM Eurocopter AS 350B2 Astar 3800 07/02/2013 Tasmanian Fire Service - 17:00hrs. Crashed in unknown circumstances while fighting a bush fire near Molesworth, Tasmania. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
LV-GEU Cessna 172R Skyhawk   08/02/2013 Centro universitario de Aviacion. Suffered undetermined technical failure and crashed near Lomas de Zamora, Argentina. All 4 occupants killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N240PW Cessna P210N Centurion P21000600 09/02/2013 Crashed on take off in Belgium. NFI at this time.  
C-FWUX Cessna 210C 21058098 10/02/2013 Private - 13:17HRS. Crashed in fog 3 miles N of Waskada, Manitoba, Canada. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. **
CF-WUX Cessna 210C Centurion 215058098 10/02/2013 Private. Crashed in field shortly after take off from Waskada, Manitoba, Canada. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. Aircraft destroyed.  
N59518 Bell 206B Jet Ranger 1322 10/02/2013 Crossbow Helicopters. Crashed for unknown reasons on the Polsa Rosa Ranch, Acton, California. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. Aircraft destroyed.  
N123ST Lancair 360 32 12/02/2013 Private. After detecting smoke in the cabin the pilot elected to make an emergency landing but the aircraft struck trees and crashed near Williams, California. Pilot and passenger injured. Aircraft destroyed.  
S2-AFZ MD Helicopters MD 600N RN078 12/02/2013 Meghna Group. Suffered technical problems and crashed near Nimertek, Rupgani, Bangladesh. Both pilots and 5 passengers inured. Aircraft destroyed.  
TC-CDA Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S11120 12/02/2013 Turkish Aeronautical Society. Crashed near Camilimanda, Tarsus district of Merson Province, Turkey, while on training flight. One killed and one injured. Aircraft destroyed.  
VH-ICE Cessna 150F 15062199 12/02/2013 Private. Pilot elected to reject take off at Sutton Forest, New South Wales and collided with a tree. Pilot safe. Aircraft destroyed.  
F-GSDL Mooney M.20R 29-0027 13/02/2013 W/O in adverse weather at Anost while en route from Tarare, Villefranche to Lognes, France. 01/10/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
N1959N Fairey Tipsy Nipper T-66 15 13/02/2013 Shraman Enterprises Inc. Suffered in flight break up during which a wind separated from the main body of the aircraft, and crashed near Highway 505, Winters, California, USA. Pilot killed. Aircraft destroyed.  
N2576S Cessna T337C Super Skymaster 337-0876 13/02/2013 Royalair Aviation Inc. Crashed shortly after take off from New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport, Florida, USA. Pilot killed. Aircraft destroyed.  
D-EFEV Cessna F172P Skyhawk F17202176 27/03/2013 ULIG Aviators. Flipped over on landing at Dornbirn, Hohenems, Austria while on training solo flight. Pilot safe. Aircraft substantially damaged.  
G-BTNE Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II 28-8116212 07/04/2013 Private - The aircraft touched down on Runway 24L at Earls Colne Airfield after a longer than normal flare. When the pilot applied the brakes the aircraft veered to the left onto the grass and struck two parked aircraft. 30/05/2013 cancelled as destroyed. AAIB Ref. EW/G2013/04/08. **
F-GGFX Piper PA-28-161 2841078 10/04/2013 DBR near Chatenay, France. 28/11/2013 reg. F-GGFX cancelled as destroyed.  
PK-JKC British Aerospace 146-200QT E.2113 08/05/2013 Nusantara Air Charter - 11:40 hrs. During off loading of oil barrels at Wamena Airport, Indonesia a fire started and aircraft burned out.   
F-HTAV Cirrus SR22 3175 11/05/2013 W/O during an attempted go-around at Aix-les Milles Airfield, France.  
G-ATRR Piper PA-28-140  28-21892 19/05/2013 Private. Overturned on landing at Caernarfon after a flight from Blackpool. Of the three persons on board, one was killed and the other two were seriously injured. The aircraft as extensively damaged.  
G-BPZU Bell 206B 44471 29/05/2013 Struck a tree and crashed during a practice landing near Droke Lane, East Dean, Chichester, UK. 08/08/2012 G-BPZU cancelled as PWFU.  
C-FZWB Bell 206B 1342 29/05/2013 Wood Buffalo Helicopters (Aurora Helicopters) - 10:58 hrs. During wildlife survey 75 nm N of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada aircraft entered an uncommanded rotation to the right due to loss of tail rotor effectiveness, and collided with terrain. Pilot and 1 passenger killed. 1 passenger seriously injured. TSB Ref:- A13W0070. Reg. C-FZWB cancelled 26/07/2013. **
G-MTPY Thruster TST Mk.1 8107-TST-043 09/06/2013 Private - 10:12hrs. Crashed after loss of airspeed on take off from Rhosgilwen Mansion, Pembrokeshire, UK. Pilot and passenger seriously injured. Aircraft W/O. 05/08/2013 reg. G-MTPY cancelled as destroyed. AAIB ref. EW/2013/06/06. **
G-BZFV Zenair CH 601UL Zodiac PFA 162A-13547 15/06/2013 Pilot encountered engine problems caused by the displacement of one of the propeller blades just after take off from Glebe Farm, Sibson, Leicestershire, UK. The pilot made a forced landing in a field during which the nose and left landing gear collapsed. Pilot not injured. Aircraft DBR.
03/02/2014 reg. G-BZFV cancelled as destroyed.
RA-04049 Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri 1341 21/07/2013 Private. Rolled over after discharging passengers on helipad at camp on Runda River, Murmansk region, Kola Peninsula, Russia. Pilot safe. 3 people killed after being struck by rotor blades. **
F-GKQJ Robin DR400/180 2046 27/07/2013 W/O on approach to Mezieres, Charleville, France. 19/08/2014 reg. F-GKQJ cancelled as destroyed.  
F-HCPT Cirrus SR20 1034 31/07/2013 15:30hrs. Aeroclub du Rhone. Suffered mechanical problems  while on training flight from Bron, Lyon, France, and crashed at Poncins. Pilot and student killed.  
F-CEAT Schleicher ASK-13 13371 01/08/2013 17:00hrs. Club de Vol A Voile Guil et Durance. W/O on Cols de Vars, France while on a flight from Mont-Dauphin.  
G-GLOT CAP.21 6 01/08/2013 Private. W/O after colliding with CAP.108 reg. F-GUMI while on approach to Argenton-sur-Creuse airfield, France.  
PH-OOY Brandli BX-2 Cherry 15 02/08/2013 16:00hrs. Private. Suffered engine problems while on approach to Elmden airport, Germany and pilot made emergency landing short of the runway. Pilot injured. Aircraft W/O.  
D-EDSB Seger/Pottier P.50P 01 04/08/2013 W/O on landing at Mendig, near Koblenz, Germany after suffering engine problems. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
TF-MYX Beech B200 BB-1136 05/08/2013 W/O on approach to Akureyri, Iceland while on ambulance flight.  
F-CHND Janus c 165 06/08/2013 DBR after hitting trees on approach to Bagneres-de-Luchon, France.  
OK-SUR 11 Republic F4F Corsair (replica)   10/08/2013 W/O while performing at airshow at Holesov, Czech Republic. Pilot killed.  
RA-01419 Antonov An-2TP 1G230-59 16/08/2013 Polyarnye Avialinii. Force landed and DBF near Vilyuisk in the Republic of Sakha, Russia. Both crew and 9? Passengers safe.  
C-GPVB DE Havilland DHC-2 Beaver 871 16/08/2013 Air Nootka Ltd. Struck tree top 3 nm W of Hesquiat Lake, British Columbia, Canada and crashed. Pilot and 1 passenger died shortly after crash, other 4 passengers injured. TSB Ref. A13P0166. TSB
D-EDQL Cessna FR172J FR17200555 17/08/2013 14:00hrs. Aeroclub Bolzano. W/O in CFIT accident at Marmolade near Trento, Italy. Pilot and 3 passengers killed.  
OH-U467 Zenair CH-701 7-9571 17/08/2013 W/O at Pengerjoki, Finland. 27/09/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
C-GWIR Douglas DC-3C 9371 19/08/2013 Buffalo Airways Ltd - 17:08 hrs. Right engine caught fire on take off from Yellowknife Airport, Northwest Territories, Canada. Struck trees and made emergency gear up landing short of runway threshold. All 3 crew and 21 passengers safe. TSB Ref:- A13W0120 **
PH-353 Evektor EV-97 Eurostar 20021530 26/08/2013 Private. W/O near Gerbach, Germany while en route Tannheim to the Netherlands.  
D-EERB Piper PA-32R-301T 32R-8129099 27/08/2013 W/O in forced landing near Wickede, Germany after suffering power loss on approach to Arnsberg Airport.  
VH-FFY Beech A36 E-1583 06/09/2013 Private - 16:00 hrs. DBR in forced landing after smoke entered cockpit area near Caloundra, Queensland. Pilot and both passengers safe. ATSB Ref. AO-2013-14709/12/2013 cancelled. **
RA-01978 Agusta AW.199 Mk.II 14798 14/09/2013 W/O en route Veliky Novgorod to Yahroma, Russia.  
F-GUVI Diamond DA40D Diamond Star D4-117 22/09/2013 Lost engine power and W/O in emergency landing near Lacroucetto while en route Albi to Monpellier. Pilot and 2 passengers injured. 01/10/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
D-KWGL Nimbus 4M 18/42 03/10/2013 W/O on approach to Weissenhorn airfield, Germany.  
D-MODS Aerostyle Breezer CR 043 06/10/2013 W/O at Handwelt near Flensburg, Germany.  
SP-GMB Enstrom 280FX 2039 12/10/2013 W/O after takeoff at Wolica Kozia, Poland.  
F-HAJJ EC.130B4 4891 14/10/2013 W/O after colliding with overhead wires after takeoff at Antrauigues sur Vaolane, France.  
D-MWCR Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SL 201038802 17/10/2013 W/O after takeoff from Winnigen, Koblenz, Germany.  
OO-NAC PC-6?B2-H4 710 19/10/2013 W/O after takeoff on a paradropping sortie from Temploux, Belgium.  
OK-KUY 11 Zenair CH-601 Zodiac   19/10/2013 W/O on Col Bordoi, Monte Grappa, after takeoff from Treviso, Czech Republic.  
OK-RUO 78 Zenair CH-701   22/10/2013 W/O near Melnik, Czech Republic after hitting overhead wires.  
ZK-WHZ Tecnam P2008 61 24/10/2013 W/O at Hamilton, New Zealand. 11/12/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
C-FQGZ Cessna C-185E 18501691 24/10/2013 CBE Construction Ltd - 11:40 hrs. Suffered aerodynamic stall while manoeuvring for landing on water and collided with terrain on West Cracroft Island, Potts Lagoon, British Columbia, Canada. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. TSB Ref:- A13P0278.  **
F-GXEC Tecnam P,2002-JF 038 26/10/2013 W/O on takeoff at Adernos, France.  
UR-RAC PZL-104 Wilga 35A 96297 27/10/2013 W/O at Woroniw airfield, Russia.  
SP-3759 SZD-30 Pirat B-466 28/10/2013 W/O at Padkarpacie in the Bieszczady Mountains, Poland, while on a flight from Bezmiechowa.  
EI-AST Cessna F150H F150-0273 11/11/2013 W/O at Clonkelly near Birr Airfield, Ireland. 29/01/2013 cancelled.  
HL1144 Cessna 172S Skyhawk 172S10686 13/11/2013 Hanseo University Flight Academy. W/O 11 miles SW of Uljin Airport while en route Taean to Uljin, South Korea. All 3 on board killed.20/23/2013 cancelled. **
PU-MED Vans RV-6A FV-1419 16/11/2013  W/O at Bom Despacho, Brazil.  
PT-CRK Cessna 310Q 310Q0470 20/11/2013 DNR in F/L near Uberaba, Brazil.  
HP-1698BL Cessna 172P 17275940 20/11/2013 Latin Academy of Superior Aviation - 06:21 hrs. W/O at Chame, Panama while on training flight. Pilot and both passengers injured. **
RP-C3699 MBB Bo105M 5018 24/11/2013 Aviation Enterprises. Suffered engine failure and ditched in Manila Bay, 18 miles NW of North Harbor, Philippines. Pilot and passenger safe.  **
5N-BRD Diamond DA40D   25/11/2013 W/O during training flight at Llorin airport, Nigeria.  
C9-EMC Embraer ERJ-190-100 IGW 19000581 29/11/2013 Linhas Aereas de Mocambique - 13:16 hrs. W/O in the Bwabwata National Park, Namibia while en route Maputo to Luanda. All 6 crew and 27 passengers killed. Possible suicide by pilot. **
VH-HRQ Aerospatiale AS350B2 Squirrel 1429 01/12/2013 W/O when impacted terrain 275 km SW of David Plateau Skiway, Davis Station, Antarctica. Pilot and both passengers injured. ATSB Ref. AO-2013-216.  
PT-WMY Britten Norman BN-2A-3 314 04/12/2013 W/O after T/O from Cachimbo, Brazil while on ambulance flight.  
PU-WAV Challenger II 0910-2883 07/12/2013 W/O on approach to the Aeroclube de Brasilia, Brazil.  
VH-VMT EC120B 1619 08/12/2013 Badly damaged after rolling over on landing at Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.  
HJ-028 Urraco AG501 GS-12-01-501 08/12/2013 W/O on approach to Amalfi, Colombia in high winds. Pilot safe. **
VH-USW Glasair III SH-3311 09/12/2013 W/O and DBF near Jandakot, Western Australia.  
9M-STE Sikorsky S-76C 760398 12/12/2013 Ditched off Bintulu coast, Malaysia.  
VH-TSG de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth DHC78 16/12/2013 Crashed into the sea off Couron Cove, Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia.  
PT-CNL Cessna 172A 17247154 16/12/2013 W/O and DBF on approach to Teresina airfield, Brazil.  
F-BNTO Agusta Bell AG 47G-2 0611 17/12/2013 W/O and DBF after hitting HT lines while spraying in Northern Cyprus,  
CX-QCH-R AT-502B   18/12/2013 W/O after T/O from Treinta y Tres, Uruguay.  
CC-CVZ Beech B90 LJ-441 19/12/2013 DBR in F/L attempting a return to Vina del Mar airport, Chile.  
PU-KIO INPAER Conquest 180 C18-124 22/12/2013 DBR in F/L on a road at Mosqueiro, Brazil.  
VT-FGE Diamond DA40CS 40-1007 24/12/2013 W/O in mountainous terrain near Chhindwara, India.  
CC-CMM Piper PA-31-310 31-315 28/12/2013 Badly damaged landing at Puerto Raul Marin Balmaceda, Chile.  
CC-KUJ Cessna 182A 34038 28/12/2013 W/O and DBF at La Victorias de Chacabuco airfield, Colina, Chile.  
PK-DAL Bell 206B JetRanger 1624 30/12/2013 Private - 10:00 hrs. Crashed at the Hospital Efarina Etaham, Berastagi, Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia. 1 of 4 passengers killed. **
HS-RSJ Cirrus SR20 1944 30/12/2013 W/O  
N351AE Bellanca 17-30A 73-30577 01/01/2014 Private - 14:20hrs. Impacted tree while on approach to Shelby County Airport, Alabaster, Alabama, USA. Pilot injured.  
PT-GQN Embraer EMB-201A Ipanema 200280 03/01/2014 Enargi Empr. Nac. De Av. Agricola Ltda. Crashed during a spraying sortie at Farm Gruta Grandes, Lagoa Formosa District's, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Pilot killed.  
OK-ACP Cessna 173H 17256363 03/01/2014 Private. Crashed into field near Roudnice nad Labem Airfield, Czech Republic while circling field during diversion. Pilot and 2 passengers safe.  
XB-MSA Cessna 210M Centurion II   04/01/2014 Private - 08:30hrs. Possibly suffered mechanical failure and w/o in forced landing near La Huacana, Mexico. 1 of 5 on board killed. (possibly drug related).  
ZU-DVM Rans S-6 Coyote II 02031483 04/01/2014 Bontebok Aviation CC - 13:15hrs. Impacted near Swellendam, Wester Cape, South Africa shortly after take off from local airfield. Pilot killed.  
N114DE Texas Sport Cub TX11J TX1004 04/01/2014 Private - 13:15 hrs. Suffered engine failure and ditched in Pacific Ocean NE of Catalina Airport, Avalon, California, USA. Pilot and passenger safe. NTSB Ref. WPR14CA087. NTSB
51-UH AutoGyro MT 03   05/01/2014 Private - 15:35hrs. Crashed at Lierni, Belgium. Pilot killed. Thought that lost control after over compensating during turn.  
N115WF Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 601-3R 5153 05/01/2014 Vineland Corporation - 12:22 hrs. Bounced, impacted runway and came to rest upside down on landing at Pitkin County Airport, Aspen, Colorado, USA. 1 of 2 crew killed. Single passenger injured. NTSB Ref. CEN14FA099.  NTSB
N1046L Mooney M20R Ovation 29-0275 06/01/2014 Chair Covers Leasing Ltd - 07:00hrs. Crashed in wooded area and caught fire shortly after take off from Boyne City Municipal Airport, Michigan, USA. Pilot and passenger killed. NTSB Ref. CEN14FA102 **
PT-GQP Embraer EMB-201A Ipanema   06/01/2014 Collided with trees and crashed in Itaqui, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Pilot seriously injured.  
F-ORPH Gippsland GA-8 Airvan GA8-04-050 06/01/2014 Yankee Lima Finance E.U.R.L. - 15:08hrs. Suffered power loss on take off from Rochambeau Airport, Cayenne, French Guiana and w/o in emergency landing. Both crew safe.  
88-26109 Sikorsky HH-60G Pavehawk 70-1306 07/01/2014 48 FW, USAF - 19:00hrs. Crashed in marshland near Cley-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, UK during a low level training flight. All 4 crew killed. (Possible bird strike).  
N9553B Cessna 172RG 172RG0875 07/01/2014 Flight Safety Alaska Inc. Suffered loss of engine power and substantially damaged in forced landing on Boniface Parkway, East Anchorage, Alaska, USA. 30/06/2014 reg. cancelled as exported.  
ZS-RIU Eurocopter AS 350B3 Ecureuil 3399 07/01/2014 Chopperworx (Pty) Ltd. DBR in hard landing following simulated governor/FADEC failure near Grand Central Airport, South Africa. All 3 on board safe.  
SE-JKP Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III 3797 09/01/2014 HeliAir Sweden. Insufficient power when conducting a downwind turn while inspecting power lines near Rogla, NW of Ystad, Sweden and crashed. Pilot and passenger safe.  
HK-4462 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III 51538 09/01/2014 Sociedad Aeronautica de Santander - 19:04hrs. W/O in CFIT accident north of Anori, Antioquia, Colombia. Pilot and 4 passengers killed. Suspected that brought down by gunfire.  
9M-RFC Cessna 172L Skyhawk 17259827 10/01/2014 Royal Selangor Flying Club - 18:15hrs. Crashed in jungle near Batu Dam, Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia after pilot tried to avoid collision with eagles in windy weather. (To be confirmed).  
F-HBVC EX120B 1633 17/02/2014 Helidax - w/o at Usquain, Tabaille, France during a low level training flight.  
5Y-HAJ Hawker Siddeley HS-748-371 LFD Srs. 2B 1776 17/02/2014 International Organisation of Migration. Wing collided with vehicles while landing at Juba Airport, South Sudan and caught fire. 1 Of 4 crew killed. **
F-WRNS Taylor Monoplane   22/02/2014 W/O on take off on its first flight at Herrere, Looron airfield, France.  
45ND I.I.I. Sky Arrow 500TF   03/03/2014 Overshot during emergency landing at Roquetes, Torragona, Spain.  
VH-FRT Cessna U206G U20604019 22/03/2014 Adrenalin Skydivers - 11:24 hrs. W/O and DBF after T/O from Caboolture airfield, Queensland, Australia. Pilot and 4 passengers killed. 22/05/2014 cancelled. **
ZK-FTP Piper PA-38-112 38-78A0185 23/03/2014 Hawkes Bay and East Coat Aero Club - 11:24 hrs. Crashed near Maraekaho, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand during a low flying training flight. Both crew killed.. 06/05/2014 cancelled. **
VH-HGZ Cessna T210L