Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
N8575G Cessna 150F 01/01/1990 Private. Slid, struck snowbank and nosed over when landing on icy surface at Elkhart, Indiana, USA. Pilot and student injured. NTSB Ref CHI90LA059 **
PK-PCM CASA NC-212 Aviocar 200 217/57N 02/01/1990 Pelita Air Service - 13:40hrs. Suffered engine failure and ditched in Banten Bay, Java Sea, Indonesia. 2 of 3 crew and 7 of 13 passengers killed.
YJ-RV3 Britten Norman BN-2A Trislander III 0349 03/01/1990 Vanair. Ran out of fuel and DBR in forced landing 15km from Bauerfield Airport, Port Vila, Vanuatu.
N7716M Mooney 22 03/01/1990 Damaged during taxying when collided with stationary Cessna 172 at Apple Valley, California, USA. NTSB Ref LAX90LA063A **
N33685 Piper PA-28R-200 03/01/1990 Private. Damaged in forced landing at Petersburg, Virginia, USA after loss of power. Pilot and passenger injured. NTSB Ref BFO90LA019 **
N94187 Cessna 152 03/01/1990 Private. Training flight. Damaged when overran runway and hit canal on landing at  Whiteville, North Carolina, USA. Pilot injured. NTSB Ref:- ATL90LA045. **
N31138 Swearingen SA227-AC AC579 04/01/1990 US Air Express. Destroyed in fire at Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. Possibly arson. 13/06/1996 reg. cancelled as destroyed.
N9816X Cessna 185 1850016 05/01/1990 Private - 16:25hrs. Pilot lost control and aircraft flipped over during a downwind take off at Agua Dulce, California. Aircraft caught fire. Pilot safe. 17/12/1990 reg. cancelled as destroyed. NTSB Ref. LAX90LA064.
N7030Y Piper PA-30 30-31 05/01/1990 Private - 20:08hrs. Crashed on approach to Tallahassee Airport, Florida, USA, possibly due to pilot spatial disorientation. Pilot and passenger seriously injured. NTSB ref. MIA90FA050. 17/12/1990 reg. cancelled as destroyed.
D2-THB Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules 4222 05/01/1990 Angola Air Charter. Hit by surface to air missile which destroyed no. 4 engine and damaged no. 3 engine. DBR in emergency landing at Menongue Airport, Angola. All 4 crew and 3 passengers safe.
LV-MZD Fokker F-28 Fellowship 4000 11127 05/01/1990 Aerolineas Argentinas - 21:50hrs. Burned out after overrunning on wet runway at Villa Gesell Airport, Argentina. All  crew and 85 passengers safe.
N96GS Lockheed L1329 5068 06/01/1990 Private. Aircraft was taking off at Miami, Florida on a 3 engine ferry flight when no.2 engine overheated. Pilot reduced throttle and aborted take-off. Aircraft could not be stopped and collided with equipment and a construction site. Pilot killed, co-pilot injured. NTSB Ref. MIA90FA049.
17/01/1991 reg. N96GS cancelled as destroyed.
OH-CSI Reims Cessna F172F Skyhawk F172-0105 06/01/1990 Private. Stalled during climb out from Sipoo, Finland, and crashed, Pilot killed.
N91089 Waldron Flybaby 75-5 07/01/1990 Private. Suffered engine malfunction over Troy Airport, North Carolina, USA. Pilot attempted to land but aircraft crashed. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref. ATL90DMG01. **
N1283S Cessna 182P 18264851 07/01/1990 Private. Collided with mountains while executing an instrument missed approach to Napa, California. Cause given as pilot error. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref. LAX90FA068. **
C-GWIB Piper PA-25-260C 25-4979 25/05/1990 Crashed into trees on take off from Megantic, Quebec
WH972 English Electric Canberra E15 27/06/1990 No 100 Sqn RAF [CM] Crashed 1 mile E of RAF Kinloss during poor visibility after suffering an engine surge. Pilot killed 
ZK-DGE Fletcher FU-24/954 168 05/07/1990 Hit fence post on take off from High Peaks Station, Rakai Gorge, New Zealand and crashed **
Z-WFE Cessna 337C 0967 19/08/1990 Crashed at Gwanda Airfield, Zimbabwe
Z-WBN Cessna 150 17874 11/09/1990 Crashed at Brondesbury Park
C-GKIY Piper PA-31-350 Chieftan 317852004 22/10/1990 Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd. Impacted trees and W/O 39 nm N of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada  while on a flight from Bronson Creek to Terrace. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. Wreckage discovered 05/08/1994. TSB Ref A90P0340. 31/01/1991 reg. Cancelled. **
ZK-EGW Fletcher Fu-24/950 30/10/1990 During take off the left tyre blew out causing the aircraft to swerve. The pilot abandoned take off but was unable to stop the aircraft before it struck a ditch and bank, where it came to rest.
N388US Boeing 737-300 01/02/1991 Collided with Metroliner reg. N683AV while landing at Los Angeles IAP, California, USA **
80-0248 Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II A10-0598 02/02/1991 23 TFW, USAF. Shot down in combat 20 nm SW of Kuwait City. Capt. Richard Storr PoW.
Z-WKE Ayres S2R-600 1547R 18/02/1991 Crashed at Charles Prince, Zimbabwe
76-0543 Fairchild Republic OA-10A Thunderbolt II 19/02/1991 23 TASS/602 TACW, USAF. Shot down by SAM 62nm NW of Kuwait city. Lt/Col Jeffrey Fox PoW.
CC-CET British Aerospace 146-200A E.2061 20/02/1991 LAN Chile - 15:24 hrs. Landed too fast and overran wet runway on landing at Puerto Williams Airport, Chile. 20 of 66 passengers killed. All 7 crew safe.
79-0181 Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II A10-0445 22/02/1991 USAF. Hit by SAM and W/O in crash landing at King Khalid AFB, Kuwait. Pilot safe.
76-0197 Fairchild Republic OA-10A Thunderbolt II A10-0122 27/02/1991 23 TASS/602 TAW, USAF. Hit by small arms fire and W/O while attempting emergency landing at King Khalid Military City. Lt Patrick Olson killed.
Z-WGN Cessna 182G 55073 11/05/1991 Crashed at Kariba Airport
C-GSXA Mini Nimbus HS-7 32 04/08/1991 Struck trees and W/O in forced landing near Chain Lakes, Alberta, Canada
Z-WLO Cessna 152 81120 08/09/1991 Crashed at Dornoch Estate, Zimbabwe
C-GIFD Piper PA-23-250 Aztec 27-3245 11/09/1991 564 Management Ltd. Veered off runway and substantially damaged while doing practice circuits and landings at Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Pilot seriously injured. TSB Ref. A91P0194. 06/02/1992 reg. cancelled. **
OO-AGP Cessna 172H 17254976 16/09/1991 DBR on take-off at Temploux, Belgium. 13/02/2013 cancelled.
80-0023 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 0667/C172 15/04/1992 22 TFS, USAF. Lost on mid air explosion near Stuttgart, Germany.
C-GDEA RAF-2000   H2-90-1-11 13/06/1992 Rolled over and w/o after loss of control at Barrhead, Alberta
SSSR-11111 Antonov An-12V 14/07/1992 Russian Air Force. Crashed on take off near Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan, possibly through fuel exhaustion. 29 killed, 5 survived.
C-GNWU Piper PA-25-235D 25-7556195 20/08/1992 W/O while spraying near Neuville, Quebec, Canada
SSSR-09303 ? Antonov An-22 11/11/1992 Russian Air Force. Crashed near Tver, 125 m NW of Moscow shortly after take of from Migalovo Air Base. Improper loading and excessive weight thought to have been a factor.
C-FKTE Denney Kitfox II 379 20/06/1993 DBR in forced landing at Swan Lake, British Columbia
B2716 BAe 146-300 E3215 23/07/1993 Tailed dragged along runway at Yinchuan Airport, China, aircraft did not became airborne and impacted earth banks at end of runway. **
B-2716 British Aerospace 146-300 E.3215 23/07/1993 China Northwest Airlines - 15:40 hrs. Flaps did not extend and aircraft failed to get airborne on take off at Yinchuan Airport, China, struck earth bank and came to rest in water. 1 of 5 crew and 55 of 108 passengers killed. **
N445RH Robinson R44 31/07/1993 Private - crashed on take off at El Monte, California. Pilot and 2 passengers killed **
VT-AAN Cessna 208 20800221 06/09/1993 Floatplane - Andaman & Nicobar Administration - 11:32 hrs. Overturned and sank attempting to land on water off Viper Island, India. 1 of 3 passengers killed. Pilot had not fully retracted landing gear causing aircraft to flip over when landing on water.  **
C-FJTF Bell 205A-1 24/09/1993 Campbell Helicopters Ltd - suffered control loss when unloading 48 miles south of Edson, Alberta and crashed **
C-GILR Cessna 310R 12/10/1993 Athabaska Airways Ltd., crashed shortly after take off from Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan **
C-FQMM Cessna 182J 18257208 25/10/1993 Hit trees and w/o on landing at Gordon strip, British Columbia
C-GQTH Hawker Siddeley HS-748-2a (2B?) 10/11/1993 Air Manitoba - crashed shortly after take off from Sandy Lake, Ontario, Canada. **
G-BAEW Reims Cessna F172M Skyhawk II 0914 12/11/1993 Private flight - crashed 2 miles southeast of Sywell Aerodrome while attempting to return after suffering engine failure shortly after take-off. **
C-FPQE Shorts SD3-30-300 01/12/1993 Fonds du Service Aerien Gouvernmental - crashed on approach to Umiujaq, Quebec **
C-GMOP Britten Norman BN-2A-20 Islander 0398 03/12/1993 Arctic Wings and Rotors - suffered engine failure and crashed on frozen lake 8 miles southeast of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada **
C-FUMG Grumman G21A Goose B145 04/12/1993 Waglisla Air Ltd. - suffered engine failure shortly after take off from Deal Cove floatplane base, Prince Rupert, British Columbia. **
LN-YKK ?? 22/12/1993 W/O at Eggemoen
C-FFLF Hiller UH-12E 2116 14/03/1994 Rolled over during practice auto-rotation at Delta, British Columbia, Canada
ZS-IBD Beech B55 TC-1303 27/04/1994 Crashed at Harare Airport, Zimbabwe
C-FVHE Cessna 182K 18257689 09/06/1994 (amphibian) overturned landing on gravel strip at Elko, British Columbia
G-APZS Cessna 175A Skylark 56677 18/06/1994 Private - 13:13hrs. Aircraft DBR when overturned when taxying at Edinburgh Airport, UK. Both crew safe. AAIB Ref. EW/G94/06/31. 08/08/2000 cancelled as destroyed. **
C-FHNV Cobra 150A 01 26/06/1994 W/O in emergency landing at St Ambrose, Quebec
Z-WHF Veecg C55 TE-234 29/06/1994 Crashed at Matope Farm, Bromley.
Z-LCF Beech 58 TH-1501 25/08/1994 Crashed at Charles Prince
Z-WJR Cessna 402B 0805 03/09/1994 Crashed at Farm 28, Middle Sabi, Zimbabwe
XW666 Hawker Siddeley Nimrod R1 23/09/1994 No 51 Sqn RAF. Engine caught fire after major overhaul. Ditched in sea 3 1/2 miles N of RAF Lossiemouth. All crew rescued. Cockpit preserved at Long Marston, Warwickshire.
G-ATLW Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee 28-2877 14/01/1995 Private - 18:10hrs. Struck by Jodel D1117 reg. G-ATIZ (c/n 636), which was attempting go around after landing at Leicester Airport, UK.
16/08/2000 G-ATLW cancelled as destroyed.
VH-HHQ Luscombe 8A Silvaire 4365 02/03/1995 Badly damaged after hitting a sheep during a forced landing at Jandakot, Western Australia
PZ-ZAG Casa 212 Aviocar 100 18N/158 20/03/1995 Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter, crashed at Gunung Antara, Indonesia. 1 killed, 13 survived {Directory of Airliner Crashes}
Z-WLW Cessna 210M 61778 16/05/1995 Crashed at Kariba Airport, Zimbabwe
ZK-XIV Supermarine Spitfire FRXIV 65-648269 30/06/1995 Swung on take off from Wanaka Aerodrome, New Zealand and struck ground inverted **
ZK-DZM New Zealand Aerospace FU24-950 24/08/1995 Crashed on approach to ridge top farm near Masterton, New Zealand
ZK-HWY Bell 206B 25/08/1995 Turned over while pilot was outside helicopter after leaving engine running
447 Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros 03/10/1995 341 vl, Polish Air Force - crashed in Bukovka district, Padibice, Czechoslovakia. Both crew safe
VH-JVP Pitts S-1E V26 30/12/1995 Overturned during an emergency landing - nfi
C-FAQA Vans RV-3 GTM3 02/01/1996 W/O after controls jammed in flight near Courtenay, British Columbia
C-FTEB Wagaero Cuby II LCZW931012602 03/01/1996 w/o after control lost in high wind near North Battleford, Saskatchewan
C-GJCX Piper PA-25-150 25-364 03/01/1996 Struck trees and crashed near Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
ZK-CGT Denney Kitfox IV ADU 147 03/02/1996 12:00 hrs. Suffered engine failure shortly after take off at Napier, New Zealand and substantially damaged in emergency landing. Pilot safe. CAA Ref. 96/2179. This requires confirmation as NZ Register shows this aircraft as Initial Reg. as ZK-CGT on 21/05/1997 - ex. N27KR. **
ZK-EGQ NZ Aerospace FU24-950 239 10/02/1996 15:22 hrs. Wing struck tree during sowing run 10 NM SW Motueka, New Zealand and aircraft crashed. Pilot killed. CAA Ref. 96/2236.
ZK-EJP Jodel D.11 D11-101 (AACA 323/1)? 26/02/1996 10:45 hrs. W/O when lost power and crashed 5 miles S New Plymouth, New Zealand. Pilot killed, passenger injured. CAA Ref. 96/2238. **
ZK-TEM Cessna U206 26/05/1996 16:10 hrs. Lost power due to fuel exhaustion and substantially damaged in forced landing near Karaka, New Zealand. Pilot and 5 passengers safe. CAA Ref. 96/2249
ZK-JGR Maranda AMF-514 DIXW 14/08/1996 16:00 hrs. Lost power on take off at Hastings, New Zealand and extensively damaged in emergency landing. CAA Ref. 96/2634.
ZK-BDS NZ Aerospace FU24-950M 17/08/1996 07:25 hrs. Substantially damaged when struck ridge near Manawahe, New Zealand. Pilot and passenger safe. CAA Re. 96/2145 **
ZK-DHD NZ Aerospace FU24-950 23/08/1996 16:00 hrs. Substantially damaged when hit depression during landing at Pourere Road, New Zealand. CAA Ref. 96/2414.
ZK-JCS Cessna U206G 24/08/1996 15:00 hrs. The pilot elected to make a precautionary landing at Ngapaenga, New Zealand because of deteriorating weather. The airstrip selected sloped up into higher terrain and required the acceptance of a tailwind. Once committed, an overshoot was not possible, and a late touchdown well up the strip led to an overrun. The aircraft left the airstrip and hit a stand of trees. CAA Ref. 96/2444.
ZK-HZA Hughes 269C 24/08/1996 12:00 hrs. Substantially damaged when flipped over during ground exercise at Rotorua, New Zealand. CAA Ref. 96/2536.
ZK-HTB Robinson R22 Beta 1792 01/09/1996 20:20 hrs. After landing, the pilot vacated the helicopter, leaving the engine running and rotor turning, and joined the passenger outside and in front of the aircraft. Shortly thereafter, the helicopter became airborne and rolled onto its side, falling some distance onto rocks on the shore. There was extensive damage to most airframe components. CAA Ref. 96/2799
02/04/1998 reg. ZK-HTB cancelled as destroyed.
Z-WSS Cessna U206G 4461 07/09/1996 Crashed at Chizaniya Airstrip. 24/11/1999 wreck noted at Charles Prince.
C-FATO American Aviation AA-1B AA1B0229 07/09/1996 W/O on landing at Qualicum, British Columbia
ZK-GFJ Schempp-Hirth SHK-1 11/09/1996 14:50 hrs. Substantially damaged when struck tree tops on final approach to landing ground, stalled an impacted ground at New Plymouth, New Zealand. Pilot injured. CAA Ref. 96/3014.
G-ILTS Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee 21/09/1996 Private - struck barbed wire fence on take off from grass strip near Gorey, Co Wexford, Ireland. Substantially damaged in subsequent emergency landing in nearby field. Pilot and 4 passengers safe. **
ZK-JAF Cessna 172N 18/10/1996 13:00 hrs. Caught in down draught or wind shear while landing at Hakataramea Station, New Zealand and substantially damaged in undershoot. CAA Ref. 96/3087.
ZK-HVT Hughes 369HS 22/10/1996 Aircraft pitched nose down during take off at Pioneer Hut, main rotor struck and severed tail boom. Pilot injured. CAA Ref. 96/3121
ZK-HMH Hughes 269C 31/10/1996 Private - 16:00 hrs. Hit by violent wind shear during lift off from river bed 30 SW Blenheim, New Zealand. Rolled over and substantially damaged. Pilot and 2 passengers safe. CAA Ref. 96/3185.
ZK-HDD Robinson R22 Beta 0855 10/11/1996 Impacted rising ground in gully near Matawai, 30 miles NW of Gisborne, New Zealand, after the main rotor severed the tail boom. Passenger was killed when struck by main rotor blade. Pilot killed in ground impact. CAA ref. 96/3239.
G-HAUG Sikorsky S-76B 12/11/1996 Crashed in Carlingford Mountains while on approach to Ballyedmond, Co Down, Ireland. All 3 occupants killed. **
ZK-HEY Robinson R22 Beta 1234 18/11/1996 Sank on take off at Kaiweka, New Zealand, main rotor struck tree and aircraft substantially damaged. CAA Ref 96/3425 **
VH-GKT Schleicher ASW24 24006 22/11/1996 W/O in mid air collision with Blanik L13 reg. VH-GVS - c/n 174818 - 2km northwest of Tocumwal, New South Wales **
ZS-FKM Beech A23-24 MA-341 02/12/1996 DBR after engine failure at Kentani, South Africa
C-GRSV Piper PA-34-200 34-7250190 05/12/1996 Struck snowbank and W/O landing at St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada
Z-WJY Ayres S2R-600 Thrush Commander 1549R 12/12/1996 Crashed at Makoni
F-BURS Cessna F172M Skyhawk F1721064 25/12/1996 Private - 18:30 hrs. Impacted ground and W/O at Levroux, France. Pilot and passenger safe. 
VT-ELC Aerospatiale SA365N Dauphin 2 6212 05/01/1997 Pawan Hans - 22:47 hrs. W/O after ditching in sea while on approach to the Sagar Jyoti offshore oil rig off Mumbai, India. Both crew killed. **
LN-YIZ ?? 05/01/1997 W/O at Hof, Norway
RP-C2078 Cessna T207A 00679 31/01/1997 Ditched in sea. Recovered and noted dismantled at Manila Domestic Airport 01/02/1999 - NFI
C-FJBG Air Tractor AT-401 401-0871 10/03/1997 DBF during force landing at Roblin, Manitoba
F-BXDD Socata MS893E 12577 31/03/1997 Private - 18:50 hrs. Ran out of fuel and W/O in forced landing at Guerin, France. Pilot safe. (May have been repaired?)
C-FGYH Aeronca 15AC 84 25/05/1997 DBR in forced landing after engine failure at Money Creek, Yukon, Canada
VT-SSA Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 10670 31/05/1997 Elbee Airlines - 03:49 hrs. Crashed into Arabian Sea near Madh Island, India. Pilot possibly lost control in severe weather conditions. Both crew killed. **
Z-WOB Cessna U206F 01945 04/06/1997 Crashed at Redcliff Island, Lake Kariba.
D-EAWN Zlin 50LA 0026 08/06/1997 W/O at Rennerod, Germany. 17/03/2011 cancelled. NFI.
F-BSKE Socata MS893A 11703 19/06/1997 Private - 16:10 hrs. Control lost and crashed at  Beziers after banner rope became entangled in elevator. Pilot safe.
XX710 Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 28/06/1997 Liverpool UAS. Lost power on take off from roller landing at Woodvale and crash landed.
ZK-DIL Fletcher Fu-24-950 175 01/07/1997 Encountered downdraught while sowing at Fairlie, South Canterbury, New Zealand, and crashed **
F-BILD Jodel D112 719 03/07/1997 Private - 17:10 hrs. During a simulated engine failure exercise the aircraft struck HT wires and crashed at Montsegur, France. Both crew safe.
Z-WMN Piper PA-28-180C 28-2118 15/07/1997 Crashed at Hippo Valley Airstrip.
11+02 Tupolev Tu-154M 16/07/1997 German Air Force - collided with USAF Lockheed C141B Reg. 65-09405 off the coast of Namibia **
F-BVMI Robin DR400/180 960 21/07/1997 Private - 17:00 hrs. Suffered fuel starvation due to tank mismanagement on take off at Hautot-le-Vatois, France and crashed. Pilot and 3 passengers safe.
VT-ENB Cessna FA152 FA1520407 30/08/1997 Kerala Aviation Training Centre - 16:35 hrs. W/O while performing aerobatics at the "Fly in 97" airshow at Jakkur airfield, India. Pilot and passenger killed. **
C-GIJQ Piper PA-28-235 28-10329 03/09/1997 Struck power lines in poor visibility and W/O en route Olds to Airdries, Alberta, Canada
C-FNKN Swearingen SA226-TC TC-296 07/09/1997 Suffered undercarriage collapse landing at Island Lake, Manitoba. Declared DBR
EL-WVD Douglas DC-8-54F 45885/342 13/09/1997 Cougar Cargo/Anova Airlines - w/o on night landing at Mwanza Airport, Tanzania **
C-GVRO Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante 110-285 13/09/1997 W/O on approach in poor visibility to Grand Rapids, Manitoba **
C-FDTN Hughes 369D 3701020 22/09/1997 w/o while slinging equipment 14 km north of Provost, Alberta **
TC-THF Avro RJ100 Avroliner E.3240 17/10/1997 THY Turkish Airlines - 14:58 hrs. Touched down long and fast and overran runway at Samsun Airport, Turkey. All 6 crew and 68 passengers safe. **
C-FDNA Cessna 150J 1507101 02/11/1997 Flew into transmission lines and w/o on take off from a strip in Quebec
C-FDNF Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftan 31-8252042 18/11/1997 Air Nunavut - w/o after engine fire on take off at Sanikiluaq, Northwest Territories, Canada **
C-FDNP Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftan 31-8252042 09/12/1997 Engine shut down after catching fire on take off from Sanikiluaq, Northwest Territory and aircraft crashed about one mile from end of runway **
XC-DDF Bell 212 30907 10/12/1997 W/O during lifting demonstration near Mexico City
ZS-MUV Cessna 172RG 0275 11/01/1998 DBR on landing at Pietersburg, South Africa
C-FYHD Bell 206L 45119 12/01/1998 Damaged during heli-ski operation at Kalemount, British Columbia. 11/1998 cancelled as WFU
HL9255 PZL W-3 Sokol 370706 20/01/1998 W/O while fire fighting at Pongwha-gun
CC-CCE Bell UH-1H 20/01/1998 Helicoptereos Agroforestales - believed DBR after rolling over on hillside at Maracilla, Chile.
D-EMPA (2) SOCATA MS885 Super Rallye 13 25/02/1998 W/O at Leipzig.
VH-SRQ Bell 47G-3B1 6625 25/02/1998 Private flight - struck power lines and crashed 10km north of Kambalda, Western Australia **
C-GSCA Beaver RX550A BRX0029 07/03/1998 w/o after wing failed in flight at Surrey, British Columbia
LN-YHV Twinstar Mk. II  ? 08/03/1998 W/O at Syrum, Norway
HB-FOJ Pilatus PC-12/45 158 23/03/1998 Aircraft a flap asymmetry situation after take of from Turany Airport, Czech Republic, and crashed while attempting a return to the airport. **
C-FMBT Bell 206B 667 05/04/1998 Rolled over after skid struck tree trunk at Rose Lake, Alberta
VH-BFA Robinson R22 Beta 2495 05/04/1998 Rolled over during cattle mustering at Brunette Downs, Northern Australia
XC-BAJ Bell 212 30693 16/05/1998 DBR on take off at Tula de Allende near Mexico City
C-GEEX Bellanca 8GCBC 65 74 23/05/1998 w/o after power loss on take off at Hudson Hope, British Columbia
VT-EJW HAL/Dornier 228-201 8075/HAL1007 26/05/1998 Alliance Air - 11:05 hrs. Suffered structural failure of tailplane components and W/O in crash in Kochi Naval Aircraft Yard shortly after T/O from Kochi, India. All 3 crew and 3 passengers killed. **
VH-SNA  Air Tractor AT-502B 502B-0265 27/06/1998 W/O on landing strip 19km east of Rocky Gully, Western Australia **
ZS-DXH Piper PA-22-108 22-9883 01/07/1998 DBR after being blown over in a gale at Bethlehem, South Africa.
VH-FPS Cessna A150M A1500662 02/07/1998 Flew into ground and destroyed while cattle mustering at Dalgety Downs Station, Western Australia. **
HB-RCW North American P-51D-25-NA Mustang 122-39486 17/07/1998 Crashed near Erstfeld, Switzerland **
XZ108 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1 30/07/1998 54 Sq., RAF. Control lost during combat training and abandoned 13 m NE of Cromer, Norfolk
D-EMXC Reims Cessna F172H 17200605 14/08/1998 W/O at Piesendorf
ZS-RBY Robinson R22 Beta 1974 22/08/1998 W/O on take off at Steenbokpan, South Africa, after snagging a fuel line attached to fuel drum.
ZS-MAC Piper PA-34-200 34-7350199 02/09/1998 DBR after wheels up landing at Xaxakanika, Botswana
ZS-MAE Cessna 172M Skyhawk 63002 03/09/1998 W/O during attempted go round at Rustenburg, South Africa
EC-GEO British Aerospace 146-100 E.1007 03/09/1998 Paukn Air - 06:50 hrs. Collided with terrain 9.6 miles N of Melilla Airport while on approach. Aircraft had descended below minimum safe altitude. All 4 crew and 34 passengers killed. **
VH-EUM Beech A36 E-255 07/09/1998 Crashed into reservoir at night near Tumut, Australia while en route Broken Hill to Essenden
C-FLKK Cessna 150 17365 09/09/1998 w/o after gear collapsed on landing at Marathon, Ontario
VH-FAQ Air Tractor AT-301 301-0209 21/09/1998 W/O after hitting HT lines while spraying at Crystal Brook, South Australia
ZS-IAX Cessna 172K 58697 24/09/1998 W/O in mountains near George, South Africa
VH-SKG Gippsland GA-200 200-9102 25/09/1998 W/O after hitting HT lines during spraying 37km east of Hay, New South Wales
D-KAEG Scheibe SF-25C 4409 04/10/1998 W/O at Konigsdorf, Austria? 02/1999 cancelled.
ZS-MNH Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftan 31-8052035 09/10/1998 Abandoned take off and overran runway by 500 metres at Rand South Africa. W/O and DBF
ZS-NHM Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftan 31-8052035 09/10/1998 DBF after overrun on take off at Rand, South Africa
C-FZHP Saleh S.44 Mystere 544-1 10/10/1998 W/O and damaged by fire on take off at Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada
5Y-JKB Beech 200 BB-72 16/10/1998 W/O in Nairobi Game Park after take off from Wilson
LV-WMP Bell 206B 4239 17/10/1998 W/O in mid air collision with Bell 206B reg. LV-WMV (C/N 4323) at Camino del Buen Ayre, Argentina
ZS-EEO Cessna 210E 58711 21/10/1998 DBF in hangar at Grahamstown, South Africa
RP-C606 Cessna 207 00105 21/10/1998 Paradise Air - W/O while attempting to land in poor visibility at Koror, Palau
ZS-OGO Pitts S-2B 5001 24/10/1998 W/O while performing aerobatics at Boschop, South Africa
ZS-WUW Windlass Trike WL-288 06/11/1998 Crashed on take off at Malelane, South Africa.
RO-C119 Beech A36 09/11/1998 Ditched off Asturias, Philippines while en route Cebu-Mactan to Manila
ZS-KCJ Beech 58 TH-920 12/11/1998 Collided with trees after loss of control at Wild Coast Sun strip, South Africa
ZU-ARY RAF-2000 GT GD-001 17/11/1998 W/O and DBF during demonstration flight in Kruger National Park, South Africa
VH-ITR Piper PA-32R-300 32R-7780427 17/11/1998 W/O after take off at King Island, Tasmania
D-ECHV Cessna 150L 0689 19/11/1998 W/O in mid air collision with Cessna 172H over Marl, Germany
VH-NLJ Hughes 369D 48-0300D 20/11/1998 Crashed at Mt Carrialoo, New South Wales
C-FBNW Hawker Siddeley HS-748-2a (2B?) 1759 20/11/1998 W/O in overrun on take off at Iqaluit, Nunavut, North West Territories, Canada **
N44NY Eurocopter EC-135-P1 0019 20/11/1998 17:42hrs. Aerial Films. Engaged in aerial news gathering and was on approach to Essex County Airport, Caldwell, New Jersey, USA. Pilot reported severe oscillation followed by engine failure. Aircraft crashed in in shallow water off New Jersey. Pilot and passenger safe. Aircraft W/O. **
ZS-BNU Aviate Raptor AR00025 26/11/1998 W/O at Ivory Park, Midrand, South Africa.
ZS-LVA Cessna T188C 03598T 28/11/1998 W/O after engine failure while spraying east of Standerton, South Africa
ZS-LGI Piper PA-32R-301T 32R-8329018 02/12/1998 Broke up in flight near Zeerust, South Africa.
C-GDTK Cessna 172M Skyhawk 172-66720 03/12/1998 CFIT accident at night 2nm west of Liverpool, Nova Scotia **
RP-C1006 Beech E95 TD-716 03/12/1998 W/O in bad weather en route Camarines Sur, Daet to Manila, Philippines
EC-FTC Grumman AA-5B Tiger 10148 05/12/1998 W/O on attempted forced landing on the A7 motorway near Santa Maria de Palautordera, Barcelona
ZS-MBH Piper PA-28R-200 28R-7635145 05/12/1998 DBR on landing at Hanover, South Africa
ZK-GEX Schleicher Ka6CR 6552 12/12/1998 W/O at Paraparaumuu, New Zealand
ZS-IFX Cessna 177RG 0003 15/12/1998 W/O at Wonderboom
S9-CAO Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules 4561 16/12/1998 Transafrik - W/O after take off from Huambo while on charter with the UN **
ZS-RGY Robinson R44 Astro 0213 19/12/1998 W/O in mountains in bad weather 30 km northeast of Greytown, Kwazulu-Natal
ZS-NXA Grumman G164B 7988 19/12/1998 W/O near Potgietersrus, South Africa
EI-FLY Socata TB-9 186 20/12/1998 Private - 14:05hrs. Bounced on landing at Weston Aerodrome, pilot applied full power and overshot, crashing onto Lucan Golf Club. AAIU Ref. 1999/013. **
ZK-GTR Schempp-Hirth Ventus B/16.6 105 21/12/1998 W/O at Maramarua, New Zealand
EC-FCG Cessna 172M Skyhawk 62924 26/12/1998 W/O on approach to Gerona
N6312H Cessna 207 20700478 27/12/1998 Village Aviation Inc, Alaska. Suffered engine failure and crashed 1 mile SE of Quinhagak Airport, Alaska while on approach. Pilot not injured. Aircraft substantially damaged. **
C-GWUG Douglas DC-3C 16215/32963 30/12/1998 W/O after hitting trees on Mayne Island, British Columbia **
N555NP Cessna 182M 59498 03/01/1999 Pilot lost control and crashed when he was making a low approach over his home at Longmont, Colorado, USA. **
G-BPZX Cessna 152 152 85706 04/01/1999 Destroyed in mid air collision with RAF Tornado GR1, reg. ZA330 over Matersby, UK. **
ZS-HMO Enstrom F-28C 498-2 09/01/1999 DBR after main rotors chopped tail boom on autorotation at Wonderboom, South Africa
ZS-ESC SIAI Marchetti S205-18/R 356 10/01/1999 DBR on landing at Bronkhorstpruit, South Africa (repaired?)
N919VC Aero Commander 560A 290 13/01/1999 Collided with trees and house while on emergency return to a private airstrip in Bellview, Florida, USA after suffering loss of engine power after take off. 2 passengers killed, pilot and 1 passenger injured. Aircraft destroyed. 
EL-ASA Antonov An-12V 3340909 16/01/1999 Savannair - suffered engine failure after take off from Luanda and crashed in Cazenga district of Luanda during emergency return.
P2-ALH Britten Norman BN-2A-20 Islander 761 21/01/1999 Airlink - 10:20 hrs. W/O after in flight break up between Hoskins and Kandrian, Papua New Guinea. Pilot and 10 passengers killed. **
G-AZLL Reims Cessna FRA150L 135 22/01/1999 Crashed at Turweston, UK, while on a local flight. 2 on board, 1 killed 1 seriously injured **
9Q-CDI Lockheed L-188 Electra 1037 29/01/1999 Blue Airlines - W/O after take off from Kinshasa Airport
ZS-RIP Mil MI-8 MTV-1 05954 30/01/1999 W/O in tail strike while load slinging in Cape Town.
G-BXLJ Cessna 172M Skyhawk 172 67065 02/02/1999 Crashed into the Berwyn Mountains, Mid Wales, UK while on a local flight from Welshpool. **
EC-GEA Bell 206L-3 51196 03/02/1999 W/O in sea off Ibiza
C-GBTS Beech B100 King Air BE-73 04/02/1999 Struck trees and w/o on approach to Muskoka, Ontario - cancelled
VH-EVZ Piper PA-25-235 25-2342 09/02/1999 W/O in mid air collision with glider 3 km south of Waikerie aerodrome, Western Australia
OH-CDH Cessna 310K 310K0090 10/02/1999 DBR in explosion at Malmi. 
F-GPAN Boeing 747-2B3F 21515/337 10/02/1999 DBF after landing with nose wheel retracted at Chennai Airport, Madras **
HL7570 Douglas DC-9-83 (MD-83) 53485/2128 12/02/1999 Korean Air - DBR in overrun at Pohang, South Korea
C-FWLQ de Havilland DHC-6-300 724 25/02/1999 w/o during overshoot in poor visibility at Davis Inlet, Northwest Territory, Canada
ZS-DYT Piper PA-28-235 28-10203 27/02/1999 W/O on high ground en route Mafikeng (Mahikeng) to Lanseria
YU-BRJ UTVA 75A 02/03/1999 DBR in NATO air raid on Pancevo, Serbia
HL7373 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F 48409 04/03/1999 Korean Air - W/O on take off from Shanghai **
TI-AQK Piper PA-28 05/03/1999 Escuela Costarricense de Aviacion - W/O in mountains in the Talamaca jungle area of Costa Rica
G-CWCW Cameron R-900 HAFB 4386 07/03/1999 Ditched in Pacific near Amaezaki, Japan. 04/01/2001 cancelled by CAA.
G-BIWP Mooney M20J 24/1094 15/03/1999 Private flight - crashed near Selby, Yorkshire, UK after suffering engine failure. 2 crew and 2 passengers killed. Aircraft destroyed. 08/11/1999 reg. G-BIWP cancelled as destroyed. **
C-GFPN Grumman TBM-3E Avenger 91289 19/03/1999 Forest Protection Ltd., w/o in forced landing at Lawrence Station, New Brunswick
G-BXMN de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth 82643 23/03/1999 Private - 18:23 hrs. Suffered engine failure, struck trees and crashed near Whalley, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. Pilot and passenger injured. AAIB Ref. EW/G99/05/31. 13/11/1999 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-BVNA Cuby II PFA 257-12584 24/03/1999 Private - 18:05 hrs. Suffered upward failure of  right hand over wing panel and crashed near to Giants Causeway, Ireland. Both occupants killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C99/6/2. 22/09/1999 cancelled as destroyed. **
VH-HFK Robinson R22 Beta 0786 11/04/1999 WFU after overturning at Bankstown, Australia.
G-MYBR Solar Wings Pegasus XL-Q SW-WQ-0157 15/04/1999 Private microlight flight - crashed at Radwell, near Baldock, Hertfordshire, UK. 16/04/2002 reg. G-MYBR cancelled by CAA.  **
G-MMIM Tiger Cub 440 BMAA/HB/060 23/04/1999 Private flight - stalled at crashed at Sarn near Newtown, Powys **
69-6602 Bell UH-1N 29/04/1999 37th Helicopter Flight, 90th Space Wing, USAF. Crashed near Cameron Pass, Colorado, USA while on a rescue mission for a 3 year old boy. All 4 military aircrew and 1 civilian worker survived the crash.
N911RN Bell OH58A 01/05/1999 City of Hunting Parks. Damaged when made emergency landing at Workman Mill Road, Los Angeles after engine lost power. **
G-BTIH Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior 28-7615315 25/05/1999 Private - 08:45hrs. Sank on take off from Belle Vue, Barnstaple, Devon, UK, struck earth bank and broke in half. Pilot and 3 passengers injured. Aircraft W/O. AAIB Ref. EW/G99/11/08. 22/08/2000 reg. G-BTIH cancelled by CAA. **
87-0240 General Dynamics F-16C 5C-501 06/06/1999 183rd FW, 170th FS, Illinois Air National Guard - collided with F-16C reg. 86-0263 and crashed near Vermont, Illinois. Pilot ejected and suffered minor injuries. Aircraft destroyed. 86-0263 landed safely.
C-GHFB Erco 415C 451 18/06/1999 Private - W/O after mid air collision with Cessna 152 reg. C-GPFE over Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada. 24/01/2000 cancelled as W/O. AIR Canada Ref A99P0168. **
C-GPFE Cessna 152 15279941 25/06/1999 Private - W/O after mid air collision with Erco 415C reg. C-GHFB over Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada. 26/01/2000 cancelled as W/O. AIR Canada Ref A99P0168. **
ZK-DUU Piper PA-28-140 28-7525018 21/08/1999 Crashed in sea 1 mile east of Amberley Beach, New Zealand. Pilot and passenger killed **
G-BOUS Piper PA-28RT-201 Cherokee Arrow IV 28R-7918109 29/08/1999 Private - 14:00 hrs. Stalled on take off from Clark Field, Cumbria, UK, struck power cable and suffered heavy landing in field. Pilot and 2 passengers injured. AAIB Ref. EW/G99/11/15. 25/02/2000 cancelled a PWFU. **
8Q-MAY Bell 212 30887 03/10/1999 W/O in sea after take off from Rangali Island
UK-91004 Ilyushin IL-114 1083800305 06/11/1999 Crashed just after take off from Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. **
RP-C3880 LET L-410UVP-E 892228 14/11/1999 W/O at Nueva Vizcaya en route Manila to Cauayan
SE-GDN Piper PA-31 31-7300947 17/11/1999 W/O shortly after take off from Harnosand Airport, Sundsvall, Sweden.
CS-TGM Bae ATP 2030 20/11/1999 Crashed into mountain on approach to Horta.
G-BFWL Cessna F150L 0971 20/11/1999 Private - 10:25 hrs. Lost power on take off at Barton Aerodrome, Manchester, UK and DBR on heavy landing on runway. Pilot and passenger safe. AAIB Ref. EW/G99/12/12. 21/02/2000 cancelled as PWFU. **
F-GTDI McDonnell Douglas MD-10-30 46890 21/11/1999 Overran wet runway on landing at La Aurora, Guatemala City. 17/10/2011 cancelled.
HL7451 Boeing 747-285F 22480 25/11/1999 Crashed on take off from Stansted Airport **
VT-EDW Airbus A300B2-1C 036 03/12/1999 Hijacked
9N-AFL de Havilland DHC-6-300 796 05/12/1999 Skyline Airways. Crashed after take off from Simara **
CU-T1285 Yak 42D 452042914068 06/12/1999 W/O in mountains on approach to Valencia Airport, Venezuela.
VT-DHN Pushpak Mk. I PK-049 09/12/1999 Crashed avoiding birds on approach to Karnal airfield, India.
VT-EEK Maule M5-235C 7013C 11/12/1999 Air Aparana Ltd. W/O in CFIT accident near Udhampur, India while manoeuvring to land at Mantalai.
VT-EDZ Piper PA-34-200 18/12/1999 Ministry of Environment and Forests. W/O after in flight break up in bad weather near Patkapura village, Mandrial district, India.
VT-DLV HAL Pushpak Mk. I PK-0124 21/12/1999 W/O attempting a go around at Sanganer airfield, Jaipur, India.
VT-DQT Pushpak Mk. I PK-081 22/12/1999 W/O near Coimbatore, India.
C-GJQO Bellanca 8GCBC 13-74 24/12/1999 Private - Crashed into Terminus Mountain, British Columbia, Canada shortly after take off from gravel strip. 21/01/2000 cancelled as W/O.
C-IFDA Rans S-6 Coyote II/A 08961023 25/12/1999 Private - stalled and crashed into Fraser River at Ford Langley, British Columbia, Canada. 21/01/2000 cancelled as W/O.
C-FBQG Bell 206B 737 25/12/1999 Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc - crashed and DBF after longline became snagged during heli-logging near Boston Bar, Quebec, Canada. 24/01/2000 cancelled.
F-GKCB Piper PA-28RT-201T 28R-8131136 20/03/2011 DBR after runway excursion and hitting a tree landing at Aubenas, France.
F-GLUP Bell 206B 3654 10/06/2011 DBR during instructional flight at Chabeuil, Valence, France.
F-GRIO Ayres S2R-T34 Thrush T34-243DC 08/10/2011 W/O while fire fighting 15km N of Beziers, France.
78-0722 Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II A10-0342 15/02/1991 353 TFS/354 TFW, USAF. Shot down by SAM 60 miles N of Kuwait City. Pilot killed??
79-0130 Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II A10-0394 15/02/1991 353 TFS/354 TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire 60 miles N of Kuwait City. Capt Steven Phyllis killed.



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