Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
58-0007 Boeing EC-135P 17752/222 02/01/1980 USAF. Suffered electrical short in water injection tank heater and burned out at Langley AFB, Hampton, Virginia, USA.  
HH-CNC Britten Norman BN-2A-21 Islander 474 02/01/1980 Haiti Air Inter. Struck high ground at Riviere-du-nord, Haiti, and destroyed. All 9 on board killed.  
N3725B Beechcraft C50 Twin Bonanza CH-154 04/01/1980 06:27hrs. Cls Seafood In. Had taken off from South Caicos Island and ditched in international waters Atlantic Ocean, possible theft of aircraft.  
N163R Lockheed 18 Learstar 1 18-2492A 05/01/1980 07:00hrs. Swerved off runway and collided with trees on landing at Palmyra Island, Line Islands, US Minor Outlying Islands. Both crew and all 7 passengers safe.  
N288D  Beverly Midget Mustang I 645 06/01/1980 13:10hrs. Crashed after right wing separated during high speed aerobatics at Parker Municipal Airport, Arizona. Pilot killed.  
SX-ALL Reims Cessna F152 II F152-1505 08/01/1980 17:00hrs. Aeroclub of Lakonia. Engine failed on take off at Sparti Airport, Greece, stalled and crashed. Pilot and passenger safe.  
N2021P Piper PA-23   08/01/1980 11:19HRS. Aero Leasing Inc. Suffered power loss on take off from Meacham Field, Fort Worth, Texas, USA and crashed. Pilot and passenger killed. 20/11/1982 reg. cancelled as destroyed.  
N621E Beechcraft D185 A265 08/01/1980 06:35. Collided with wooden utility pole near Honolulu, Hawaii and W/O. Pilot and passenger killed.  
N3839M Piper PA-28R 28R-7803195 10/01/1980 17;19HRS. Crashed near Kalispell, Montana. Aircraft overweight. Both crew and 2 passengers killed.   
N589RA Cessna 172 56772 10/01/1980 14:36hrs. Stalled and crashed on take off from Riverside Airport, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pilot killed, 2 passengers safe. 29/11/1982 reg. cancelled.  
N4643A Beechcraft 95-B55 TC-1343 10/01/1980 09:45hrs. Stalled on approach to Halliburton Airfield, Oklahoma City, USA. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. 17/01/1983 reg. cancelled.  
N441NC Cessna 441 441-0099 11/01/1980 01:23hrs. Nichols Construction Corp. Crashed in Atlantic Ocean, 100 miles E of Norva, USA, in unknown circumstances. Pilot and passenger killed. 13/08/1981 reg. cancelled.  
CP-1358 Convair CV-440-11 Metropolitan 414 11/01/1980 Carga Aereo Transpotada. Crashed on take off from Camiare Airport, Bolivia. Both crew survived. NFI.  
N48956 Cessna 152 15281071 12/01/1980 08:02hrs. Tampa Flying Service Inc. Crashed during base turn on approach to Peter O. Knight Airport, Tampa, Florida, USA. Student pilot killed. 02/03/1982 reg. cancelled.  
XZ572 Westland Sea King HAS2   14/01/1980 814 NAS, FAA. Suffered oil leak and ditched in Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and Florida. Crew rescued.  
XV345 Blackburn Buccaneer S2A   07/02/1980 15 Sq., RAF. Suffered structural wing failure (due to fatigue) and crashed on the Nellis Ranges, Nevada, USA. Both crew killed.  
XK151 Hawker Hunter FGA9   12/02/1980 2 TWU, RAF. [Z]. Pilot killed when aircraft crashed in the Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye, UK. **
XV436 McDonnell Phantom FGR2   05/03/1980 29 Sq., RAF. Suffered hydraulic failure resulting in missing cable during emergency landing at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, UK. Crew ejected safely. **
XW765 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3   12/03/1980 3 Sq., RAF. [D]. Suffered bird strike and crashed at Lamenter, Dyfed, UK. Pilot ejected safely. **
XW314 Hunting Jet Provost T5A   08/05/1980 RAFC. [28]. Student mishandled aircraft in spin and crashed near Cranwell, Lincolnshire, UK. Both crew ejected safely. **
XX262 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T1   17/05/1980 Red Arrows. Struck mast of yacht off Brighton, UK during display and crashed in sea. Pilot ejected safely. **
XX961 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1   28/05/1980 17 Sq., RAF [BJ] Struck by Jaguar reg. XX964 during run and break over RAF Bruggen, Germany. Pilot killed. **
XX964 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1   28/05/1980 17 Sq., RAF [BJ] Collided with Jaguar reg. XX961 during run and break over RAF Bruggen, Germany. Pilot ejected safely. **
XG261 Hawker Hunter T7 41H/680062 28/05/1980 2 TWU, RAF. [J]. Crashed near Dufftown, Grampian, UK after pilot had left flaps down and was unable to pull out of high speed dive. Pilot ejected safely.  **
XL597 Hawker Hunter T7   29/05/1980 216 Sq., RAF. Suffered fuel system fault resulting in power loss and crashed S of Little Saxham, Suffolk, UK. Both crew ejected safely. **
VP-WUB Rand KR-2 1 01/06/1980 Crashed at Harare Airport.  
XV589 McDonnell Phantom FG1   03/06/1980 111 Sq., RAF. [P]. Radome opened during approach to RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, UK. Aircraft became uncontrollable and crashed. Both crew ejected safely. **
XV418 McDonnell Phantom FGR2   11/07/1980 92 Sq., RAF. [5]. Control lost and crashed near Diepholz, West Germany. Both crew killed. **
XX817 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1   17/07/1980 17 Sq., RAF. [BB]. Suffered power loss and fuel leak which led to both engines catching fire. Pilot attempted return to RAF Bruggen but crashed 7 miles from base. Pilot ejected. **
CCCP-87793 Yakolev Yak-40 9110615 18/07/1980 Aeroflot. Crew mistakenly shut down engines while on approach to Arkhangelsk, Russia and aircraft W/O. 09/10/1980 reg. cancelled.  
XN590 Hunting Jet Provost T3A   31/07/1980 7 FTS, RAF. [86]. Suffered a multiple bird strike during an overshoot at Elvington, Yorks when it flew into part of a flock of 500 racing pigeons that had been released ten miles south of the airfield. The pilot ejected and the aircraft crashed near Goole, Humberside. **
YR-TPH Tupolev TU-154B-1 272 07/08/1980 Tarom. Crashed into sea on approach to Nouadhibou, Mauritania. 1 killed, 168 survived.  
XX545 Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1   18/09/1980 London UAS [02]. Crashed into field near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK after stalling during simulated engine failure. Both crew injured. **
XV792 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3   14/10/1980 3 Sq., RAF [AN]. Suffered linkage failure between starboard aileron and reaction shutter, and crashed at RAF Gutersloh, Germany. Pilot killed. **
XV761 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3   28/10/1980 4 Sq., RAF [CB]. Suffered bird strike and crashed 19 miles N of Bitburg, Germany. Pilot ejected. **
WH667 English Electric Canberra B2   07/11/1980 100 Sq., RAF [J]. Engine exploded on take off from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus and crashed. Both crew killed. **
XV413 McDonnell Phantom FGR2   12/11/1980 29 Sq., RAF [D]. Crashed in North Sea off Cromer, Norfolk, UK in unknown circumstances. Both crew killed.  **
XV256 Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR2 8031 17/11/1980 232 OCU (206 Sq.), RAF - 07:30hrs. 3 engines damaged in bird strike on take off from RAF Kinloss, Grampian, UK. Destroyed in forced landing 1.5km from airfield. Both pilots killed, 18 other crew survived. **
VP-YWL Cessna 180F   01/12/1980 W/O 6 miles east south east of Karoi airport.  
XZ454 Hawker Siddeley Harrier FRS1   01/12/1980 801 NAS, FAA. Struck ski ramp of HMS Invincible during low flypast and crashed in English Channel. Pilot ejected. **
XV414 McDonnell Phantom FGR2   09/12/1980 23 Sq., RAF [R]. Suffered on board fire due to fuel leak and crashed 2 miles off Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Both crew ejected. **
G-BOST Piper PA-23-250F Aztec 27-7754058 21/01/1981 NPG Aviation Ltd - 10:20 hrs. Crashed on high ground 1km W of Riplingham, North Humberside, UK while on a positioning flight in low cloud and hill fog from Brough to Carnaby.  (58 deg 46min 15sec N, 000deg 33min 30sec W). Pilot killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C729/10/81. 28/01/1982 reg. G-BOST cancelled as destroyed. **
G-BHCR Pilatus PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo Porter 732 15/02/1981 Peterborough Parachute Centre Ltd - 14:50 hrs. On take off from Peterborough (Sibson) Aerodrome, UK, the aircraft entered a semi stalled condition, yawed to the right and impacted the ground. Caused by an incorrect horizontal stabiliser trim setting. 3 of 9 parachutists on board seriously injured, pilot injured. AAIB Ref. EW/C732/1/82. 24/05/1982 reg. G-BHCR cancelled as PWFU. **
G-BGXY Sikorsky S-76A Spirit 760021 12/03/1981 Bristow Helicopters Ltd - 15:12 hrs. While on training flight a main rotor blade detached and aircraft crashed in open farmland at South Kirkton, Aberdeenshire, UK. (57deg 33min N, 001deg 49min W). Both crew and 2 passengers killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C739/9/83. 05/12/1983 cancelled as destroyed. **
N267L Lockheed L-1329 JetStar 6 5067 29/03/1981 Alco Aviation - 19:53 hrs. Overran on landing at Luton Airport, London, UK and struck ground while on nightime non precision approach. Both crew and t passengers safe. AAIB Ref. EW/C741/6/82.  **
XG151 Hawker Hunter FGA9   03/04/1981 No 2 TWU RAF [H]. Flame out on finals during emergency landing at RAF Lossiemouth due to fuel leak. Pilot ejected and was killed.  
G-AVBJ Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee 28-3806 30/04/1981 College of Air Training, Hamble - 14:09 hrs, During circuit training exercises near Hamble Aerodrome, UK collided with PA-28 reg. G-AXZC, and crashed 0.5 miles from Hamble. Pilot Killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C746/5/82. 18/03/1983 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-AXZC Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee 28-5700 30/04/1981 College of Air Training, Hamble - 14:09 hrs, During circuit training exercises near Hamble Aerodrome, UK collided with PA-28 reg. G-AVBJ, and crashed 0.5 miles from Hamble. Pilot Killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C746/5/82. 18/03/1983 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-ASPL Bae HS748 2A 1560 26/06/1981 Dan-Air Services Ltd - 18:11 hrs. Right hand door became detached during descent and became lodged on leading edge of horizontal tailplane. Control lost and aircraft crashed near Nailstone, Leicestershire, UK (52deg 40min N, 001deg 22min W). All 3 crew killed. 19/05/1983 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-BIJF Bell 212 31163 12/08/1981 Bristow Helicopters Ltd - 04:35 hrs. Struck water in North Sea 1.3 miles SE of Dunlin Alpha Platform (61deg 15min 18sec N, 01deg 37min 46sec E) in reduced visibility and W/O.  1 of 14 on board killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C762/10/82. 05/12/1983 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-ASWI Westland Wessex 60 WA199 13/08/1981 Bristow Helicopters Ltd - 15:42 hrs. Lost power to the main rotor gearbox and impacted North Sea 12 miles ENE of Bacton, Norfolk, UK (52deg 56min N, 001deg 46min E). All 13 on board killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C764/4/83. 05/12/1983 cancelled as destroyed. **
80-0007 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 0642/C156 12/09/1981 36 TFW, 22 TFS, USAF. W/O on landing during airshow at Soesterberg Air Base, Netherlands. Pilot safe. **
G-BDNP Britten Norman BN-2A-27 Islander 496 18/09/1981 Jersey European Airways - 17:42. Suffered engine malfunction (due to mismanagement of fuel system) on take off from Guernsey Airport, Channel Islands and DBR in emergency landing at St Andrews, Guernsey (49deg 27min N, 002deg 35min W). Pilot and 8 passengers safe. AAIB Ref. EW/C768/2/83. 08/01/1982 cancelled as destroyed. **
XX758 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1   19/11/1981 No 226 OCU RAF [18]. Flew into hillside 14 miles NW of Dingwall during snow storm. Pilot killed.  
PT-HBY Bell 206B 255 07/12/1981 W/O - NFI  
ZK-DHM Beech B.19 Sport 150 MB-547 25/12/1981 Ex N2769B - ran off strip into rough ground avoiding sheep on landing ground near Akarao, Canterbury, New Zealand.  
VP-YNA Vickers V748 Viscount  98 22/04/1982 Crashed at Harare Airport.  
HS-TCZ Piper PA-23-250 27-397 09/06/1982 Damaged at Hua Sin, Thailand and displayed at the Bangkok Science Museum. NFI.  
XX898 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2B   17/06/1982 No 12 Sqn RAF. Loss of control on approach to RAF Lossiemouth. Both crew ejected and aircraft crashed 1 1/2 miles SW of Lossiemouth.  
XX760 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1   13/09/1982 No 14 Sqn RAF [AA]. Engine fire caused by a fracture in the combustion chamber which burned through the casing and ignited fuel in the fuel tanks. Pilot ejected and aircraft crashed 11 miles N of Bonar Bridge.  
XW417 BAC Jet Provost 5A   09/12/1982 7 FTS, RAF. Crashed close to Thirlmee, Lake District, UK while on training flight from Church Fenton, Yorkshire. F/Lt Michael O'Neill killed.  
TC-JBR Boeing 727-2F2 21603/1389 16/01/1983 Turk Hava Yollari (THY) encountered windshear? in driving snow and landed 50 metres short or runway at Esenboga Airport, Ankara, Turkey. **
XZ376 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1   07/03/1983 No 17 Sqn RAF [BE] Pilot lost control during bomb toss manoeuvre at RAF Tain Weapons Range, then became disorientated in cloud. Pilot ejected, aircraft crashed into sea  
VP-YUW Cessna 172D 49942 15/05/1983 Crashed at Raffingora South, Zimbabwe  
80-0008 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 0643/C157 01/06/1983 36 TFW, USAF. Collided with F-15 reg. 79-0071 and crashed near Kusel, Rheinland-Pfaltz, Germany.  
VP-YYF Piper PA-28-180C 28-2100 08/07/1983 Crashed at Iron Mask Range, Mazowe  
VP-WAU Piper PA-18-150 18-7860 24/07/1983 Crashed at Warren Hills, South Africa  
NZ-DIN Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six 32-40480 28/07/1983 Landed short of runway at Great Barrier Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand **
XX114 SEPECAT Jaguar GR1   19/09/1983 No 226 OCU [02] Pilot saw flock of birds near runway at RAF Lossiemouth, so decided to overshoot but then flew into another flock. Both engines destroyed. Pilot ejected.  
VP-WBC Cessna 182C 52828 10/12/1983 Crashed at Fothergill Island Airstrip, South Africa  
Z-WKC Bell 47G-57 7801 11/12/1983 Crashed at Colga Farm, Orcturus, Zimbabwe  
Z-WIS Cessna 182M 59351 26/01/1984 Crashed at Mutare  
ZK-DIT Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee Warrior 28-7305553 26/02/1984 Crashed onto the northeast slope of Mount Pukapuka, Hunua Ranges, New Zealand **
Z-WED Piper PA-28R-180 28R-30632 22/03/1984 Crashed at Sacombe Farm, Mount Darwin, Zimbabwe  
Z-WKP Beech S35 D-7894 24/05/1984 Crashed at Mazowe, Zimbabwe  
Z-MAA Pathfinder II 142 17/06/1984 Crashed at Warren Hills, South Africa  
G-BJLB Nord NC.854S 58 29/07/1984 Private - damaged at Goldcliff near Newport, Gwent. 19/11/2010 cancelled.  
Z-WEA Piper PA-32-300 32-40943 19/08/1984 Crashed at Sengwe business centre, Karoi, Zimbabwe  
Z-WHE Cessna 210-5A 0486 20/08/1984 Crashed at Mugutu Farm, Mazowe Road  
Z-WFV Piper PA-32-300 32-40323 03/09/1984 Crashed at Dunston Estate, Zimbabwe  
G-AWLJ Reims Cessna F150H 0328 20/11/1984 20/11/1984 - 15:30hrs. Private. The pilot executed a practice forced landing on a small, prepared landing strip at Tillingham, near Southend, UK. After landing the pilot applied full power, retracted the flaps and attempted to take off but the rear fuselage struck a fence causing the aircraft to touch down again and nosed over into a ditch. Pilot and passenger sustained minor injuries. Aircraft substantially damaged. **
VH-AGA Aero Commander 500   01/12/1984 Private. Stalled during tight turn and crashed at Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. Pilot injured. ATSB Ref. 198401426.  
N69WF Beech S35 Bonanza D-7771 27/12/1984 Private - 17:21 hrs. Collided with trees on E side of West Mountain after overflying Hot Springs Airport, Arkansas, USA in adverse weather conditions. 3 of 4 on board killed. NTSB Ref. MKC85FA040. 10/06/1999 cancelled as destroyed. **
N8920C Piper PA-32R-300 32R-7680143 27/12/1984 Private - 02:00 hrs. Hit tree near Homestead, Florida, USA and impacted road. Pilot and passenger killed. NTSB Ref. MIA85FA066. **
N51755 Enstrom F-28C 436 28/12/1984 Private. Collided with water shortly after take of at Sausalito, California, USA in adverse weather. Pilot safe. NTSB Ref LAX85LA089.16/08/1989 reg. N51755 cancelled. **
N5948J Cessna 182P 18263588 28/12/1984 Private - 14:40 hrs. Crashed in mountainous area near Big Bear City, California while on private flight. Pilot and 4 passengers killed. NTSB Ref. LAX85FA093 **
N474MP Bell 47G-3B 6531 28/12/1984 Private - 14:10 hrs. Main rotor hit ship boom and crashed off San Diego, California. 1 of 2 on board killed. NTSB Ref LAX85FA091 **
Z-WJD Cessna FR172K-XP 0609 26/01/1985 Crashed at Gache Bay, Kariba. Repaired but later crashed at Featherstone.  
Z-WAE Beech A23 M-698 27/01/1985 Crashed at Kirton Estate, Heany Junction, Zimbabwe  
Z-WJN Piper PA-32-300 32-7840176 03/03/1985 Crashed at Brondesbury Park  
Z-WGK Piper PA-32-260 32-163 10/05/1985 Crashed at Chipise Ranch  
9J-RFI Cessna U206B 0871 31/05/1985 W/O near Lusaka City Airport  
F-BSRL Gates Learjet 24B 24-210 10/06/1985 Euralair. W/O at Provins, Near Paris, France. Both crew killed. Aircraft W/O.  
XV341 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2B   14/06/1985 12 Sqn RAF [RF] Aircraft abandoned at RAF Lossiemouth due to loss of tailplane linkage on finals. Pilot killed, navigator ejected.  
G-BHHO Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee 28-7505246 09/08/1985 Private - 15:41hrs. Crashed 1 mile NW of Welford, Northamptonshire, UK. Pilot killed. Aircraft destroyed. Pilot had reported being unwell at time of crash.
04/02/1987 G-BHHO cancelled as destroyed
G-MNDN Southdown Puma Sprint Microlight SN1231/0061 17/08/1985 Private - trike unit separated from wing and aircraft crashed at Chaddesdon, Derby. Pilot and passenger killed. Aircraft destroyed.
26/07/1990 G-MNDN cancelled as destroyed.
Z-WKO Beech C55 TE-184 13/09/1985 Crashed at the Beza Range near Masvingo, Zimbabwe  
G-BHIZ Piper PA-31 Navajo 31-672 20/11/1985 Crashed on Blue Bell Hill while on approach to Rochester aerodrome, UK. Pilot and both passengers killed. Aircraft destroyed.
11/12/1987 G-BHIZ cancelled as destroyed.
ZS-IFD Cessna 310P 0096 16/01/1986 Crashed at Buffalo Range airfield, Zimbabwe  
C-FLHE Cessna 172  28378 18/01/1986 Runaway aircraft plunged into ditch and W/O at St Jean, Quebec  
Z-WJC Cessna 150 17906 14/03/1986 Crashed at Handley Cross Farm, Chakari. Later repaired and registered as Z-GLO  
Z-WII Navion 4G NAV-4-2490 14/03/1986 Crashed at Mpala Farm airstrip, Chiredzi  
ZS-ICB Piper PA-30-160C 30-1911 07/06/1986 Crashed at Langford Farm, near Harare Airport, Zimbabwe  
ZS-CFK Cessna 182A 34361 10/06/1986 Crashed at Chikwenya, Zimbabwe  
Z-WLI Piper PA-28-181 28-7690106 09/08/1986 Crashed at Low Cow Estate, Muturoshanga, Zimbabwe  
ZS-BEE Republic RC-3 Seabee 132 31/08/1986 Crashed 4 km west of Kariba Airport, Zimbabwe.  
Z-WGR Piper PA-30-160C 30-1832 24/01/1987 Crashed at Bumi Hills Airstrip  
Z-WIR Cessna U206B 0810 02/07/1987 Crashed at Lagnaha Farm, Bindura  
N350PS British Aerospace 146-200 E.2027 07/12/1987 Pacific Southwest Airlines - 16:16 hrs. Ex employee discharged a firearm within the aircraft and it crashed near Paso Robles, California, USA. All 5 crew and 38 passengers killed. NTSB Ref. DCA88MA008. **
ZK-RJX Quad City Challenger II   07/02/1988 Private - 15:34 hrs. Crashed  near Te Tipua, New Zealand. Pilot and passenger killed. Thought that pilot became incapacitated during flight due to illness. TAIC Ref. 88-014 **
ZS-LGB Embraer 110P1 Bandeirante   01/03/1988 Comair. Crashed into industrial area of Germiston, South Africa. Both crew and 17 passengers killed. Is thought that a passenger detonated an explosive device in a suicide attempt while onboard the aircraft.  
XX712 Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1   02/03/1988 Crashed on Southport Beach after take off from Woodvale  
Z-WKB Bell 47G-5 7872 09/06/1988 Crashed at Chiredzi, Zimbabwe  
VH-BVR Cessna 180B 180-50957 22/06/1988 Caught by gust of wind while taking off on Endeavour River, Cooktown, Queensland, Australia and overturned. Pilot and passenger safe. ATSB Ref. 198803464 **
Z-WGB Vickers V839 Viscount 436 27/08/1988 Crashed at Harare Airport, Zimbabwe  
80-0017 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 0657/C166 08/11/1988 21 TFW, USAF. Crashed 5 miles W of Kodiak, Alaska.  
ZK-TEN Quicksilver MX11   14/11/1988 Private. Impacted terrain after rudder control cable broke while on approach to Tauranga Aerodrome, New Zealand.  
ZK-EMZ Fletcher FU24-954   28/12/1988 Dived into ground 3.5 km E of Rangitata, New Zealand while engage in crop spraying. Pilot killed.  
ZK-YAL Resurgam Mk. 1 322 05/02/1989 Private. Left wing failed while on approach to Raetihi, New Zealand, and crashed. Pilot killed. TAIC Ref. 89-016 **
ZK-SFE Britten Norman BN-2A-21 Islander   19/03/1989 Struck telephone wire during overshoot at Tiraora Lodge, New Zealand and crashed in sea. Pilot and 5 passengers safe. TAIC Ref. 89-032.  
ZK-ESV Zenair Zenith CH200 AACA 469 30/03/1989 Private. Suffered engine failure and crashed on take off at Culverden Aerodrome, New Zealand. Pilot and passenger killed. TAIC Ref. 89-036. **
ZK-CTO Fletcher FU24-300 131 06/04/1989 Private - 15:54 hrs. Suffered engine failure after T/O at Moa Creek, Central Otago, New Zealand and crashed. Pilot killed. TAIC Ref. 89-039. **
ZK-HXA Hughes 369HS   02/05/1989 Alpine Adventures Ltd. Suffered loss of power and impacted Fox Glacier, 10km SE of Fox Glacier township, New Zealand during autorotational descent. Pilot and 1 passenger injured. 2 passengers killed. TAIC Ref. 89-047. **
ZK-SUN Beechcraft 95-A55 Baron   16/05/1989 Waikato Aero Club - 18:58 hrs. Impacted terrain 10nm N of Napier Airport, New Zealand, while on night approach. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. TAIC Ref. 89-053. **
ZK-EVA Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk   31/07/1989 Manawatu District Aero Club - 17:28 hrs. Collided with Piper PA-38 reg. ZK-EQM 6 km E of Palmerston North, New Zealand, while formation flying. Damaged but landed safely at Palmerston. Pilot safe, passenger killed having been struck by EQM. TAIC Ref. 89-063. **
ZK-EQM Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk   31/07/1989 Manawatu District Aero Club - 17:28 hrs. Collided with Piper PA-38 reg. ZK-EVA 6 km E of Palmerston North, New Zealand, while formation flying, and crashed in paddock. Pilot and passenger killed. TAIC Ref. 89-063 **
ZK-FTO Cessna 152 152-82787 28/09/1989 Collided with high terrain in French Pass, D'Urville Island, Marlborough, New Zealand (40deg 52.7min S, 173 deg 48.1 min E)while on flight from Paraparaumu to Nelson. Pilot and passenger killed. TAIC Ref. 89-076 **
ZK-CSC Cessna A188-B 188-0202 20/10/1989 Private - 17:15 hrs. Suffered engine malfunction on take off at Omahuta State Forest, 38km SE of Kaitaia, New Zealand (35deg 13.5 min S, 173 deg 35.9 min E). The mainwheels entered shrubbery at the end of the airstrip, the aircraft pitched up, stalled and crashed. Pilot injured, aircraft W/O. TAIC Ref. 89-088 **
10616 Fokker F-27-200   c 03/1989 Philippine Air Force - w/o in crash at Laong, Philippines - NFI  
WG556 Avro Shackleton MR2   c1980 8 Sq., RAF. W/O in heavy landing at Lossiemouth, UK. Was allocated to 8651M and scrapped by 1982.  


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