Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
N3472Y Cessna 180 18051972 01/01/1970 Galena Air Ser - 00:30hrs. Crashed at Nulato, Alaska, USA while on emergency flight. Possible that pilot had remained low to maintain contact at night. 2 of 4 on board killed.  
N5497S Cessna 337B 337-0597 02/01/1970 Perma-Parts Co - 13:30hrs. Stalled from steep turn while on final approach to Cedar Key, Florida, USA and crashed. Pilot and passenger killed.  
N7829U Cessna 172   03/01/1970 East Hampton. Went missing between Rhode Island and East Hampton, New York, USA. Wreckage and pilot never recovered.  
XR997 Folland Gnat T1 FL591 03/01/1970 4 FTS, RAF. Crashed at Ty Mawr, Anglesey, Wales shortly after take off from RAF Valley. Both crew killed. **
SU-AOK Antonov An-24V   13/01/1970 United Arab Airlines - undercarriage collapsed on landing at Luxor, Egypt  
VH-BVL Cessna 180   08/02/1970 Private - 19:46hrs. Pilot initiated an overshoot at Labertouche, Victoria, Australia but aircraft rotated to right, descended rapidly and crashed. Pilot killed. **
VH-CLQ Beech E50 Twin Bonanza   24/04/1970 DBR in forced landing at Renners Rock, Northern Territory, Australia **
VH-WBI Piper PA-24-260B Comanche   25/04/1970 Overshot on landing at Tierawbomba Homestead, south of Mackay, Queensland, Australia **
VH-RTG Piper PA-23-250 Aztec   30/04/1970 Crashed after abandoned take off at Yakbindie Station, near Wiluna, Western Australia **
N9005U Boeing 737-222 19043/18 19/07/1970 United Airlines - aborted take off at Philadelphia, USA when no. 1 engine failed. W/O  
G-AVBN Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-22562 30/08/1970 Surrey and Kent Flying Club Ltd - 19:02hrs. Pilots judgement was impaired by alcohol and crashed near Ruxley, Kent, UK. Pilot killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C/356. **
G-AXAR Wallis WA-117 Autogyro G-403/X 11/09/1970 Airmark Ltd - 14:14 hrs. During demonstration flight at RAE Farnborough control lost and crashed. Pilot killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C357 - 7/74 **
N752PA Boeing 747-121 19656/34 16/09/1970 Hijacked aircraft, flown to Cairo and blown up.  
CCCP-11301 Antonov An-12B 7345003 01/10/1970 Aeroflot International Directorate - power lost in engines 1 &2 and crashed in ice covered lake 2.2km from Mys Kamenny runway threshold. **
XV796 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1   06/10/1970 1Sqn, RAF. Engine flamed out on approach to Ouston, aircraft abandoned and crashed in field  
68-0253 General Dynamics F-111A B1-25 08/10/1970 340 BG, USAF. Crashed at Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Lt/Col Robert Montgomery (pilot) and Lt/Col Charles Robinson (WSO) killed when ejection system malfunctioned.  
XR994 Folland Gnat T1   13/11/1970 Red Arrows CFS, RAF. Suffered engine failure during aerobatics practice and abandoned near Kemble. Sq/Ldr Dennis Hazell ejected safely.  
G-ASNM Sikorsky S-61N Sea King 61221 15/11/1970 BEA Helicopters Ltd - 00:20 hrs. Suffered engine failure due to loss of gearbox lubrication and ditched in North Sea, 50nm E of Aberdeen, UK. Both crew and 1 passenger safe. AAIB Ref. EW/C/364 **
G-AYHB American Aviation AA-1 AA1-0397 01/01/1971 Air Navigation and Trading Co Ltd Flying Club - 15:35 hrs. During training flight entered uncontrollable spin and crashed at Preesall, near Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. Instructor and pupil killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C/369. **
68-0283 General Dynamics F-111A B1-55 08/01/1971 General Dynamics Inc. Crashed 3 miles NNE of Mandeville, Texas, USA during acceptance flight. Lt/Col Bruce Stocks (pilot) and Maj Billy Gentry (WSO) killed.  
XM610 Avro Vulcan B2   08/01/1971 44Sqn, RAF. Aircraft abandoned after engine caught fire during low-level exercise and crashed near Wingate, Co. Durham  
XR986 Folland Gnat T1   20/01/1971 Red Arrows CFS, RAF. Collided with XR545 during an opposition manoeuvre. F/Lt Euan Perreaux and F/Lt John Lewis killed.  
XR545 Folland Gnat T1   20/01/1971 Red Arrows CFS, RAF. Collided with XR985 during an opposition manoeuvre. F/Lt John Haddock and F/Lt Colin Armstrong killed.  
CCCP-12996 Antonov An-12B 00347403 31/01/1971 Aeroflot Tyumen - W/O on a flight from Tyumen to Surgut when on approach to Surgut the wing was subjected to heavy icing and the aircraft crashed 13.6km north of the airport.  
67-0117 General Dynamics F-111E A1-162 23/04/1971 AF FTC, USAF. Crashed in Mojave Desert, about 45 miles north of Los Angeles, USA. Maj James Hurt (Pilot) and Maj Robert Furman killed. **
66-0029 General Dynamics F-111A A1-47 01/09/1971 380 SAW, USAF. Crashed 10 miles north east of Van Horn, Texas, USA. Both crew safe. **
XR567 Folland Gnat T1   13/12/1971 CFS. Tailfin fell off and aircraft crashed. F/Lt David Clem and F/Lt Richard Storr killed.  
68-0018 General Dynamics F-111E A1-198 18/01/1972 55 TFS, 20 TFW, USAF. Crashed in Sidlaw Hills, near Burrelton, Perthshire, UK while on ground controlled approach to RAF Leuchars. Lt/Col Floyd Sweet (pilot) and Lt/Col Kenneth Blank (WSO) killed. **
70-2407 General Dynamics F-111F E2-46 02/02/1972 General Dynamics Inc. Hybrid aircraft (aft section of 70-2407 mated with forward section of 68-0127). Crashed and DBR at Fort Worth, Texas, USA on pre delivery test flight. Both crew safe. **
149810 Lockheed KC-130F Hercules 282-3710 15/02/1972 VMGR-152, USMC. Destroyed by fire on ground at Lake city, Florida, USA while filling liquid oxygen.  
XR948 Folland Gnat T1   14/03/1972 4 FTS, RAF. Suffered engine failure and abandoned 3 miles NE of Llanbedr, Wales, UK. F/Lt N Day and Captain M Trachta ejected safely.  
G-ARPI Hawker Siddeley Trident Srs 1 2109 18/06/1972 BEA. Crashed in Staines, Middlesex, UK shortly after T/O from Heathrow Airport. All 6 crew and 112 passengers killed. **
XT114 Bell Sioux AH.1   07/07/1972 (AAC), RAF. Crashed & burnt out at Otterburn, Northumberland  
EC-AQE Douglas DC-3 14196/25641 30/09/1972 Spantax. 16:30hrs. Student pilot pulled back on the control column too quickly on take off at Barajas Airport during a training flight, lost engine power, stalled and crashed on to runway. 1 of 6 on board killed. Aircraft W/O.  
N7035U Boeing 727 18327 01/10/1972 United Airlines. Right main landing gear collapsed (due to fatigue fracture) while landing at San Francisco Airport. Aircraft skidded off runway. All 6 crew and 91 passengers safe.  
SSSR-86671 Ilyushin Il-62 70301 13/10/1972 Aeroflot - 21:50hrs. Crashed into lake 6km E of Sheremetyevo Airport, Russia, inbound from Leningrad. Ten crew and 160+ passengers killed. ILS was not operating correctly.  
PP-CTG NAMC YS-11A-200 2063 15/10/1972 Cruzeuiro. DBR when touched down too long when landing at Comgonhas Airport, Sao Paulo and ran off runway. No injuries.  
E-304 Folland Gnat 1   21/10/1972 21 Sq., Indian Air Force. Suffered flame out due to fuel exhaustion and crashed at Gorakhpur, India. F/Lt George Naliyan ejected safely.  
SX-BBQ NAMC YS-11A-500 2155 21/10/1972 Olympic Airways - 21:30hrs. Crashed in shallow water off Voula Beach, Greece while on approach to Athens Airport in reduced visibility. 1 of 4 crew and 36 of 49 passengers killed.  
F-BMCH Vickers Viscount 724 50 27/10/1972 Air Inter - 19:20hrs. Crashed on Mont Pic du Picoc, after descending too early on approach to Clermont Ferrand. Was found 30km E of its supposed position. 5 crew and 55 of 63 passengers killed.  
I-ATIR Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 10301 30/10/1972 Aero Transporti Italiane. Descended below minima on a visual approach and crashed near Poggiorsini en route to Bari. 5 crew and 24 passengers killed. **
CF-FOL Douglas DC-3 14035/25483 17/11/1972 Private (S&H Aviation Sales). Ran out of fuel when en route to St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada from Keflavik and ditched in North Atlantic. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. **
JA8040 Douglas DC-8-62 46057 28/11/1972 Japan Airlines-1951hrs. Stalled on take off at Moscow and crashed. Possibly caused by engine failure or inadvertent spoiler extension. All 5 crew and 52 of 62 passengers killed.  
SU-AOW Boeing 707-336C 19845/809 05/12/1972 Egypt Air - 15:05hrs. Crashed at Beni Suef, 60 miles SE of Cairo, probably due to separation of no. 4 engine, during a training flight. All 6 crew killed.  
N9031U Boeing 737-222 19069/34 08/12/1972 United Airlines - crashed 2 km from Midway Airport, Chicago. **
N9013U Boeing 737-222 19069 08/12/1972 United Airlines - 14:28hrs. Stalled on approach to Chicago Midway Airport, USA. 2 of 6 crew, 40 of 55 passengers and 2 people on ground killed. Mismanagement by crew during a non precision approach cited as cause.  
AP-AUS Fokker F-27-600 10314 08/12/1972 Pakistan International. Crashed on hilltop near Maidan, Pakistan when attempting to turn out of a valley in poor visibility. All 5 crew and 28 passengers killed.  
4W-ABR Douglas DC-3 12823 13/12/1972 Yemen Airways. DBR when undercarriage collapsed during landing in windshear at Taiz Airport, Yeman.  
N954N Douglas DC-9-31 47159 20/12/1972 North Central Airlines. Collided with Delta Airlines Convair 880 reg. N8807E (c/n 22-00-29) when taking off in thick fog.  
LN-SUY Fokker F-28-1000 11011 23/12/1972 Braathen SAFE. Crashed into forest on approach to Oslo Airport, Norway. All 3 crew and 37 of 42 passengers killed. Aircraft was 4 miles off course at time of accident.  
EC-BVC Fokker F-28-1000 11023 28/12/1972 Iberia - 13:10hrs. Braked malfunctioned and overshot runway on landing at Bilbao, Spain.  
N310EA Lockheed L-1011-381-1 1011 29/12/1972 Eastern Airlines - crashed in Everglades, Florida after crew became distracted by malfunctioning nose gear indicator. **
N310EX Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 1011 29/12/1972 Eastern Airlines - 23:42hrs. Crashed in Everglades, Florida while on approach to Miami Airport. Autopilot had been accidently disengaged while crew were distracted by nosewheel problem. 5 of 13 crew and 94 of 163 passengers killed. **
12 Antonov An-24B   28/02/1973 Polish Air Force. Crashed near Szczecin, Poland while attempting to land. 15 killed.  
G-AZYP Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-7125289 25/03/1973 Private. Crashed on Illgill Head near Wastwater, Lake District, UK while on flight Blackpool to Kirkbride. Pilot and 3 passengers killed.26/11/1973 cancelled as destroyed AAIB
VT-EAM Boeing 737-2A8 20486/279 31/05/1973 Indian Airlines. Collided with HT wires on approach to Indira Gandhi IAP, Delhi, crashed and caught fire. **
JA8109 Boeing 747-246B 20503/180 23/07/1973 Hijacked to Benina, Libya shortly after leaving Amsterdam. All passengers and crew released and aircraft blown up. **
VH-FDS de Havilland DHA-3 Drover 3 5007 30/07/1973 Air Rep Service P/L WA. W/O when swung on landing at Trefoil Island, Tasmania, Australia. Both crew safe.  
ZK-DHO Fletcher Fu-24-950 171 08/08/1973 Collided with fence and destroyed on take off at Howard River near Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand. **
YU-AJO Douglas DC-9-32 47457 30/10/1973 Inex-Adria. W/O at Sadlek, Czechoslovakia on approach to Prague.  
EC-CBN Douglas DC-10-30 46925/87 17/12/1973 Iberia Airlines. Hit approach light on approach to Logan IIAP, Boston and collided with dyke. No fatalities. **
TAM-52 Douglas C-54   10/01/1974 Bolivian Air Force. Crashed near to Santa Rosa, Beni, Northern Bolivia. 24 killed.  
TC-JAV McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 46704 04/03/1974 THY - Turkish Airlines: Crashed near Ermenonville, France. 346 killed, no survivors. Caused by failure of controls following loss of an unmodified baggage door.  
ZK-DGF Piper PA-28-180D Cherokee 28-5020 11/04/1974 Stratford Aero Club - crashed in forced landing at Ahu Valley near Wanganui, New Zealand  
N31007 Lockheed L-1011-1 TriStar 1026 19/04/1974 TWA. W/O when fire broke out while on ground at Logan IAP, Boston. No injuries. **
G-ATVV Cessna 172G Skyhawk 0221 17/05/1974 Ran out of fuel and landed short at Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, inbound from Fearn. 31/05/1974 cancelled as destroyed  
G-AWOC Morane Saulnier MS892A Rallye Commander 150 10926 13/06/1974 Taxied into Cessna 182F reg. G-ASLH c/n 182-54905 at Shobdon. 06/11/1974 cancelled as destroyed  
ZK-CAT Cessna 185 0209 26/07/1974 Crashed at Waimana  
G-ATNJ Reims Cessna F150F 0059 24/09/1974 Collided with Reims Cessna F150F reg. G-ATOG c/n 0064, on approach to Scone  
G-APTK Cessna 310 35453 25/10/1974 Private - 15:52 hrs. Pilot lost control in turn on approach to East Midlands Airport, UK and crashed. Pilot killed. Cause - Failure of flap operating linkage resulting in retraction of starboard flap. AAIB Ref. EW/C503. 06/11/1974 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-AVKH Slingsby Nipper Mk.III S101.1585 26/10/1974 Crashed at Newby Grange Park Farm, Yorkshire, UK. 29/11/1976 cancelled as destroyed. Rebuilt as G-BRIK c/n PFA/25-10174.  
N120AK Lockheed L-100 Hercules 4234 27/10/1974 Alaska International Air. Crashed near Old Man's Camp, Alaska on approach to Bettles, Alaska after right wing failed. **
D-ABYB Boeing 747-130 19747/29 20/11/1974 Lufthansa - crashed on take off from Jomo Kenyatta IAP, Nairobi due flaps not being extended **
YU-AJN Douglas DC-9-32 47579/693 23/11/1974 Index Adria (on lease to JAT) - landed short on approach to Surcin, Belgrade (Belgrade) Airport, Serbia and destroyed by fire.  
N54328 Boeing 727-231 20306 01/12/1974 Trans World. Crashed 40 miles NW of Washington.  
PH-MBH Douglas DC-8-55F 45818/242 04/12/1974 Crashed into Anjimalai Mountain on approach to Colombo airport, Sri Lanka **
ZS-IPJ Ayres S.2R-600 Thrush Commander 1603R 21/02/1975 Crashed near Bindura, Zimbabwe  
EL-AHM Cessna 337   23/02/1975 Air Liberia - hit a truck and W/O on landing at Voinjama (Vonjama), Liberia  
68-0081 General Dynamics F-111E AT-126 05/03/1975 55 TFS, 20 TFW, USAF. Crew abandoned aircraft after bird strike and aircraft crashed near Mosedale Fell SSE of Shap, Lake District while on low level exercise from Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire. Both crew safe. **
ZK-DHF Aero Commander 680 FL 680-1429-71 22/03/1975 Suffered fuel transfer problem while on ferry flight New Zealand to USA and ditched in sea 60 miles south of Honolulu. **
N4527W Boeing 737-247 20131/165 31/03/1975 Western Airlines - Pilot failed to execute a missed approach at Casper Airport, Wyoming and overshot runway. **
CP-1063 Curtiss C-46D-10-CU Commando 32959 24/04/1975 SAVCO - struck Machu Sayari mountain, Bolivia. 3 crew killed. **
N28888 Boeing 747-128 20542/201 12/06/1975 Tyres burst during take off from Mumbai causing fire which spread **
VH-WIK Piper PA-28-235 Cherokee   14/06/1975 Crashed on wooded slope near Scone, New South Wales, Australia **
XS106 Folland Gnat T1   16/10/1975 4 FTS, RAF. Suffered loss of control in spin and crashed 1 mile N of llanwrst, Wales, UK. Both crew ejected safely.  
N1032F McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F 46826 12/11/1975 Suffered multiple bird strike during take off run at JF Kennedy Airport and undercarriage collapsed when taxied off runway **
VH-SVD Cessna 180   21/11/1975 Private - 18:05hrs. Pilot was making an approach to private strip near Lookout Point, New South Wales, Australia, when she saw cattle near the landing area. Initiated a go around but neglected to retract the flaps. Aircraft unable to climb, struck trees and crashed. Pilot and passenger seriously injured. **
XP536 Folland Gnat T1   30/04/1976 4 FTS, RAF. Collided with XR983 and crashed near Dolgellau, Wales, UK. F/Lt Kenneth Ivell and F/Lt David Mather killed.  
XR983 Folland Gnat T1   30/04/1976 4 FTS, RAF. Collided with XP536 and crashed near Dolgellau, Wales, UK. F/Lt Ian Sanford and Capt. David Keiffer (USAF) killed.  
ZK-DHT Cessna A150L Aerobat A1500361 12/05/1976 Stalled and crashed when landing at farm strip at Awakino, Waitomo, New Zealand  
CCCP-46534 Antonov An-24R 57310108 15/05/1976 Aeroflot Ukraine Directorate - aircraft entered flat spin and crashed 15km southeast of Cherigor Airport, Russia after crew had disengaged autopilot which caused trimming device to malfunction resulting in the rudder to inclining to the right. **
XX703 Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1   03/06/1976 Crashed in forced landing near Glenrothes, Fife, UK  
SSSR-42369 Tupolev TU-104A   13/01/1977 Aeroflot. crashed on approach near Alma Ata, Kazakhstan, USSR. 90 killed.  
SE-FOZ Vickers Viscount 838 372 15/01/1977 Skyline Sweden. Crashed due to ice on tail near Stockholm, Sweden. 22 killed.  
VP-YYX Champion 7ECA 364 16/02/1977 Crashed at Charles Prince, Zimbabwe  
XX148 SEPECAT Jaguar T.2   29/07/1977 226OCU, RAF. Inverted and dived into ground near Whittingham, Northumberland  
ZK-DGP Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee Challenger 28-7305494 23/08/1977 Crashed at Studholme near Waimate, New Zealand  
XR981 Folland Gnat T1   03/03/1978 Red Arrows CFS, RAF. Crashed at RAF Kemble whilst practicing roll back at low altitude. F/Lt Stephen Noble and W/Cmdr Dennis Hazell killed.  
OO-ABY Navion 4 NAV-4-159 05/04/1978 W/O at Courcheval, France. 24/01/2013 reg. cancelled.  
XR544 Folland Gnat T1   26/04/1978 4 FTS, RAF. [60]. Crashed on approach to RAF Valley, Anglesey, Wales, UK. F/Lt D Newbury and F/Lt J Dobbie ejected safely.  
ZK-DHP Grumman American AA-1A AA1A-0449R 30/05/1978 Crashed while making a low inspection run over airstrip at Omana, Auckland, New Zealand.  
SE-CPZ Piper PA-18-95 18-5883 29/07/1978 W/O at Heden, Lima, Sweden. 14/10/2013 cancelled.  
VP-WAS Vickers V782D Viscount 297 03/09/1978 Air Rhodesia. Crashed at Kariba (Whamira Hills, Zimbabwe)  
XY-ADY Fokker F-27 Friendship 600   03/10/1978 Crashed after take off from Mandalay, Burma  
RP-C2152 Britten-Norman BN-2A-21 Islander 0487 07/10/1978 Acme Plywood & Veneer Co. Crashed into mountain at Divilican Peak, Philippines. 8 killed, 2 survived  
VP-YND Vickers V748 Viscount 101 12/02/1979 Crashed east of Kariba, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).  
N6734E Cessna 175 56234 01/04/1979 Private - 12:30 hrs. W/o when stalled and impacted terrain during go around at Livingston Muni Airport, Tennessee, USA. Pilot and passenger killed. **
N9535L Grumman American AA5 AA5-0635 01/04/1979 Private. W/O when struck trees and impacted terrain at Pompey, while on approach to Wallbridge Airport, New York, USA. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. **
XP539 Folland Gnat T1   22/05/1979 CFS, RAF. Suffered engine problems due to fuel leakage and crashed at RAF Leeming, Yorkshire, UK. W/Cmdr Ernie Jones ejected safely.  
G-ATNY Cessna 337A Super Skymaster 337-0364 08/06/1979 Ron Webster (Midlands) Ltd - 08:17 hrs. Struck Moel Siabod, North Wales, UK (53deg 04min N, 03deg 56min W) in thick mist and cloud while on flight from Coventry to Ronaldsway, Isle of Man. Pilot and 5 passengers killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C667/5/79. 27/11/1979 cancelled as destroyed. 88
G-BEUB Fuji FA-200-180AO FA200-283 30/07/1979 Bravo Aviation Ltd - 09:47 hrs. Suffered loss of engine power during low level photographic sortie and impacted water near Fowey, Cornwall, UK (50deg 18min 44sec N, 04deg 40min 00sec W). Pilot and 1 passenger injured. 2 passengers killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C670/3/80. 04/02/1981 cancelled as destroyed.  
G-BEKF Bae 748 Srs 1 1542 31/07/1979 Dan-Air Services Ltd - 16:01 hrs. Failed to become airborne on take off from Sumburgh Airport, UK and crashed into sea 50 metres offshore (59deg 53min N, 01deg 18min W). Both crew and 15 passengers killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C671/1/81. 14/12/1979 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-BGHR Beechcraft Super King Air 200 BB-508 25/09/1979 Eagle Services Ltd - 20:20 hrs. During an emergency descent exercise the aircraft crashed near Le Tremblay, 11nm S Nantes Aerodrome, France. Pilot and student killed. 16/11/1979 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-BFYZ Vickers 735 Viscount 69 25/10/1979 Alidair - 15:20 hrs. No. 4 propeller hit runway on touchdown at Kirkwall Airport, UK, (58deg 57miin N, 02deg 54min W) aircraft ran off side of runway and nose gear collapsed. All 4 crew and 47 passengers safe. AAIB Ref. EW/C678/4/81. 24/03/1983 cancelled as PWFU.  
G-BFKO Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 34-7770349 17/11/1979 Skycabs - 04:48 hrs. Crashed in thick fog on Bealieu Heath, Hampshire, UK (50deg 45min N, 25deg 46min W) while on second approach to Lee-on-Solent. Pilot and passenger injured. AAIB Ref. EW/E20/7/80. 23/02/1982 cancelled as PWFU. **
G-BFKS Reims Cessna F172L 0887 12/12/1979 Wycombe Air Centre Ltd - 13:24 hrs. Failed to climb and stalled on take off, and crashed 1 mile SW of Wycombe Air Park, UK. Pilot killed. 3 passengers seriously injured. AAIB Ref. EW/C685/5/80. 24/06/1983 cancelled as destroyed. **
ZK-DIU Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow 28R-7335359 30/12/1979 Overran airstrip while landing near Taihape, New Zealand and destroyed. **



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