Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
XD520 de Havilland DH115 Vampire T11 15354 02/01/1960 8 FTS, RAF. Flew into ground near RAF Swinderby, Lincolnshire, UK, after descending through low cloud. Pilot ejected safely.  
N110A Lockheed L-749A Constellation 2531 03/01/1960 Eastern Air Lines. DBR when undercarriage collapsed at Philadelphia International Airport, Pennsylvania, USA.   
VT-CGG Douglas C-47A-20-DK (DC-3)   03/01/1960 10:40hrs. Indian Airlines. While on a supply drop mission 6,5 km NW of Taksing, India, crashed during turn in narrow valley. All 4 crew and 5 passengers killed. Attributed to navigation error.  
WE569 Auster T7 3732 03/01/1960 654 Sq., Army Air Corps. Force landed in field near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany in bad weather. Tipped and rolled over. Aircraft W/O, pilot safe. Aircraft rebuilt as Beagle A61, reg. G-ASAJ.  
ZK-AVF Auster 5 1516 03/01/1960 Private. Stalled and crashed near Homewood, 20 miles SE of Masterton, New Zealand. No fatalities.  
55-2974 de Havilland Canada U-1A Otter 47 04/01/1960 US Army. Disappeared in Gulf of Sirte, Libya while en route Wheelus Air Base to Benghazi. 1 crew and 9 passengers lost.  
52-0566 Boeing B-47E Stratojet 450851 05/01/1960 40 BW,USAF. Suffered control problems and crashed while on training mission from Schilling AFB, Kansas, USA. 3 of 4 crew killed.  
G-AMNY Vickers 701 Viscount 6 05/01/1960 BEA Suffered hydraulic failure while taxying at Luqa Airport, Malta and DBR when collided with control tower. All 5 crew and 46 passengers safe.   
WV537 Percival Provost T1 PAC/56/083 05/01/1960 6 FTS, RAF. Student pilot taxied on to active runway at RAF High Ercall, Shropshire, UK and was struck by landing Provost T1. SoC  
17154 Douglas R4D-8 (Super DC-3) 43373 06/01/1960 US Navy. Crashed while attempting to land at Byrd Station, Antarctica.   
N8225H Douglas DC-6B 43742/300 06/01/1960 National Airlines - 02:38hrs. Disintegrated in flight due to deliberate in flight explosion and crashed 2.4 km from Bolivia, North Carolina, USA. All 5 crew and 29 passengers killed.  
G-AOHU Vickers 802 Viscount 169 07/01/1960 BEA. Nose gear failed on landing at Heathrow Airport London, UK and aircraft caught fire after skidding on runway. All 5 crew and 54 passengers safe.   
J-1793 de Havilland DH.112 Venom FB.4 443 07/01/1960 Swiss Air Force- 13:58hrs. Control lost when flew into wake turbulence of other Venom, and crashed near Eiken, GR, Switzerland. Pilot killed.  
XJ675 Hawker Hunter F6   08/01/1960 93 Sq., RAF. Pilot unable to relight engine after failure due to fuel mismanagement and pilot ejected. Crashed 5 miles NE of Aurich, West Germany.  
VH-BWE de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0072 09/01/1960 Royal Aero Club of South Australia. W/O when struck pole and overturned on landing at Parafield, 18 Km N of Adelaide, South Australia. Both crew safe. **
VH-INO Bristol 171 Sycamore 4 13403 11/01/1960 Ansett-ANA. Crashed on take off in Nundle State Forest, New South Wales, Australia. Pilot and passenger safe.  
VW472 Gloster Meteor T.Mk 7   11/01/1960 Ferry Sqn RAF. Starboard undercarriage would not lock down and W/O when pilot made a wheels up landing near Manby, Lincolnshire, UK after running out of fuel when unable to locate airfield due to canopy icing. Pilot safe. **
PI-C430 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 2 562 12/01/1960 Philippine Air Lines - crash landed at Plaridel Aerodrome, Philippines, during a training flight  
N672 Lockheed 18 Learstar 18-2069 13/01/1960 Utah Construction & Mining Co. Flew into mountainside near Minersville, Utah, USA in fog. Both crew safe but 2 of 4 passengers killed.  
NZ6010 de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver 911 15/01/1960 Royal New Zealand Air Force - 15:00hrs. Crashed on Beardmore Glacier, Antarctica in white out conditions. Both crew later rescued but aircraft abandoned.  
56-0873 Lockheed F-104A Starfighter 183-1161 18/01/1960 USAF. Suffered major oil leak on take off from Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, USA and crashed 4 miles NE of McLoud. Pilot ejected safely.  
N7462 Vickers 745D Viscount 217 18/01/1960 Capital Airlines - 22:19hrs. Suffered complete engine failure in icing conditions and after restarting one engine the aircraft crashed 11 km ENE of Charles City, Virginia, USA. All 4 crew and 46 passengers killed. **
OY-KRB Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle I 14 19/01/1960 SAS - 18:47hrs. Crashed 10 km SW of Esenboga Airport, Ankara, Turkey while on approach. All 7 crew and 42 passengers killed. (ESB) **
WV664 Hunting Percival Provost T1   19/01/1960 2 FTS, RAF. Failed to recover from spin and crashed near Pocklington, Yorkshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
MM61770 Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   20/01/1960 Italian AF. Lost in sea Largo di Brindisi in unknown circumstances. Wreckage recovered off Brindisi, Italy. All 5 crew killed.  
WZ678 Auster AOP9   20/01/1960 656 Sq/11Flt. Crashed into jungle after loss of power shortly after take off from Seremban, Malaya.  
WZ728 Auster AOP.9 B5/10/53 20/01/1960 656 Sqn/11 Flt, British Army Air Corps. Lost power shortly after take off from Seremban, Malaya and crashed in jungle. Both crew killed. **
XG658 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21 121067 20/01/1960 766 NAS, FAA. [737] Crashed 1 mile E of Teckenham, Wiltshire, UK during a night GCA recovery to Lyneham.  
XJ728 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2 WA/99 20/01/1960 22 Sqn, RAF. Tail rotor control cable broke causing tail rotor failure and aircraft landed on water off Padstow, Cornwall, UK. All 3 crew safe. SoC and scrapped.  
XM664 Westland Whirlwind HAR.7 WA/225 20/01/1960 727 NAS, FAA. Pilot over pitched, lost control and ditched in  English Channel, 4 miles off Portland, Dorset, UK. All 3 crew safe.   
HK-177 Lockheed L-1049E-55 Super Constellation 4556 21/01/1960 Avianca. Suffered heavy touchdown at Montego Bay Airport, Florida, USA, bounced and skidded down runway after catching fire. 2 of 7 crew and 35 of 39 passengers killed.  **
WF926 English Electric Canberra PR3 71247 21/01/1960 39 Sq., RAF. Flew into Mediterranean 19 miles ENE of Luqa, Malta, during a GCA let down. Both crew killed.  
PH-SIK Fokker S.11.2 6236 22/01/1960 Private. Crashed into English Channel, South Goodwin Sands, UK in unknown circumstances. Pilot killed.  
IF-105 Hawker Hunter F6 8875 25/01/1960 26 Squadron, 9 Wing, Belgische Luchtmacht, Condroz, Wallonia. Crashed shortly after take off in bad weather from Bierset, Belgium. Pilot killed.  
CR-TAI de Havilland DH-114 Heron 2D 14132 26/01/1960 T.A. de Timor. Crashed in bad visibility into sea NW off Bathurst Island, Northern Territory, Australia. Both crew and 7 passengers killed.   
PP-CEM Fairchild C-82A-FA Packet 10180 26/01/1960 Cruzeiro do Sul.  DBR when struck Consolidated Privateer ZP-CAD on ground at Galećo International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. No injuries.  
ZP-CAD Consolidated P4Y-2 Privateer   26/01/1960 ALAS Guaranies. DBR at Galećo International Airport, Rio de Janeiro when struck by Fairchild C-82A Packer reg. PP-CEM.  
WM568 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21 12701 03/02/1960 736 NAS, FAA. [LM-647] Suffered lateral control failure due to hydraulic failure on take off from Lossiemouth, Morayshire, UK. Rolled to starboard and crashed onto the runway. Pilot killed.  
XM661 Westland Whirlwind HAS7   04/02/1960 737 NAS, FAA. Hit by large wave while in low hover and crashed in English Channel 8 miles off Portland, Dorset, UK. All 3 crew rescued.  
WK298 Supermarine Swift FR5   05/02/1960 79 Sq., RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed near Fallingbostel, West Germany. Pilot ejected safely.  
XD245 Supermarine Scimitar F1   07/02/1960 803 NAS, FAA. [V-155] Unable to land on deck of HMS Victorious due to hook malfunction. Due to lack of fuel pilot ejected over Moray Firth but parachute did not deploy. Pilots body not recovered.  
WV183 Douglas Skyraider AEW1   09/02/1960 849 NAS, FAA. Struck catwalk on HMS Albion prior to touchdown. Crashed into Mediterranean.  
XL850 Westland Whirlwind HAS7   09/02/1960 815 NAS, FAA. [302] Throttle jammed and ditched in Mediterranean off HMS Albion on the Gibraltar approaches. All 3 crew rescued.  
WW147 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21   10/02/1960 894 NAS, FAA. [489] Suffered engine failure on take off from HMS Albion in Mediterranean and ditched.   
XD920 Supermarine Swift FR5   10/02/1960 2 Sq., RAF. Declared W/O after ground accident in West Germany.  
XL849 Westland Whirlwind HAS7   15/02/1960 824 NAS, FAA. Suffered power loss and ditched in sea 23 miles S of the Lizard, UK.  
WT334 English Electric Canberra B(I)8   16/02/1960 16 Sq., RAF. Crashed while recovering from bombing run on the Nordhorn Range, West Germany. Both crew killed.  
WT963 Douglas Skyraider AEW1   24/02/1960 849 NAS, FAA. Suffered engine failure on take off from Culdrose, Cornwall and crashed near Heston. Both crew killed.  
XG686 de Havilland Se Venom FAW22   24/02/1960 891 NAS, FAA. Suffered engine failure and crashed off Aden.  
XL453 Fairey Gannet AEW3   25/02/1960 700 NAS, FAA. Stalled on take off From Culdrose, Cornwall and crashed.. Both crew killed.  
SSSR-11180 Antonov An-10   26/02/1960 Aeroflot. Crashed on approach to Lov, Ukraine, USSR  
TG579 Handley Page Hastings C1A   01/03/1960 48 Sq., RAF. Pilot blinded by lightning and aircraft flew into Indian Ocean while on approach to Gan, Maldives. Six crew and 14 passengers injured.  
XG334 English Electric Lightning F1   05/03/1960 AFDS. Suffered hydraulic failure resulting in undercarriage failure and crashed in North Sea off Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
XH988 Gloster Javelin FAW8   09/03/1960 41 Sq., RAF. Suffered electrical failure and crashed near Carleton near Carlisle, UK after running out of fuel. Both crew ejected safely.  
XM941 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC1 550 09/03/1960 RAF - tipped over after force landing 4 miles west of Paloh, Malaysia after suffering double engine failure.  
XG614 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW22   11/03/1960 894 NAS, FAA. Collide with XG723 off Malta and crashed into Mediterranean.  
XG723 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW22   11/03/1960 894 NAS, FAA. Collide with XG614 off Malta and crashed into Mediterranean.  
WG723 Westland Dragonfly HR5   18/03/1960 Ships Flt, HMS Centaur. Crashed in Mobasa Harbour, Kenya after striking overhead power cables. All 3 crew killed.  
XA433 Fairey Gannet AS4   29/03/1960 849 NAS, FAA. Suffered port aileron lock and ditched in sea 1 mile off Wolf Rock, Lands End, UK. Both crew rescued.  
56-3284 North American F-100D Super Sabre   29/03/1960 48 TFW, 493 TFS, USAF. Crashed on EL Uotia Range, Libya after suffering flame out during a LABS manoeuvre. Pilot ejected safely.  
WW272 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21   04/04/1960 738 NAS, FAA. Pilot became disorientated during night GCA to Lossiemouth, Morayshire, UK, and crashed. Pilot killed.  
XD969 Supermarine Swift FR5   07/04/1960 79 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine failure near Gutersloh, West Germany and crashed. Pilot ejected safely.  
XF434 Hawker Hunter F6   09/04/1960 43 Sq., RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed in Mediterranean SE of Nicosia, Cyprus. Pilot ejected safely.  
WB559 de Havilland Chipmunk T10   25/04/1960 Oxford UAS. Abandoned by crew during spin and crashed 2 miles SW of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK.  
XJ440 Fairey Gannet AEW3   26/04/1960 Bristol Siddeley Engines. Stalled on approach to Filton and crashed at Cribbs Causeway. All crew killed.  
XL555 Scottish Aviation Pioneer CC1   29/04/1960 230 Sq., RAF. Stalled on take off at Upavon and crashed. No fatalities.  
WP774 de Havilland Chipmunk T10   30/04/1960 Hull UAS. Control was lost during a practice engine failure on take off from Brough, Humberside, spun crashed and burned out. Both crew were killed.  
WT321 English Electric Canberra B(I)6   10/05/1960 213 Sq., RAF. Crashed while recovering from practice bombing run at Varrelbusch, West Germany. All 3 crew killed.  
XE612 Hawker Hunter F6   17/05/1960 74 Sq., RAF. Overshot and caught fire after power loss on take off from Horsham St Faith, Norfolk, UK.  
XA823 Gloster Javelin FAW6   21/05/1960 29 Sq., RAF. Collided with XA835 at 40,000 feet and crashed into North Sea 50 miles off Durham Coast, UK. Both crew ejected safely.  
XA835 Gloster Javelin FAW6   21/05/1960 29 Sq., RAF. Collided with XA823 at 40,000 feet and crashed near Hartlepool, UK. Both crew ejected safely.  
XF507 Hawker Hunter F6   30/05/1960 65 Sq., RAF. Crashed at Islip, Northants, UK after pilot failed to pull out of dive. Pilot killed.  
VV298 Avro Anson T1   01/06/1960 BCCS. Suffered engine failure on take off from Northolt and force landed. Both crew and 2 passengers safe.  
WA650 Gloster Meteor T7   10/06/1960 728 NAS, FAA. [HF-57]. Suffered engine failure and pilot misjudged approach to Hal Far, Malta, rolled and crashed in field. Pilot killed.  
XE883 de Havilland Vampire T11   10/06/1960 8 FTS, RAF. [53]. Lost power on take off from Swinderby, Lincolnshire, UK and crashed. Pilot killed.  
XG193 Hawker Hunter F6   10/06/1960 111 Sq., RAF. Collided with Hunter XG200 during aerobatics and crashed near Wattisham, Suffolk, UK. Pilot killed. XG200 landed safely.  
XK626 de Havilland Vampire T11   16/06/1960 RAFC. Suffered engine failure on take off and crashed 2 miles W of Cranwell, UK.  
XM382 Hunting Jet Provost T3   17/06/1960 2 FTS, RAF. [28} Entered uncontrollable spin and crashed near Melton Mowbary, Leicestershire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
WM575 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW22   29/06/1960 RNAY Sydenham. Crashed into lough Black after stalling while circling, while on test flight from Sydenham, Northern Ireland. Lt. John Barlow Smith and Lt James Lynch killed.  
VF621 Auster AOP6   05/07/1960 654 Sq., RAF. Stalled and crashed during climb after overflying Putlos landing strip, West Germany.  Both crew killed.  
WJ914 Vickers Varsity T1   07/07/1960 1 RS, RAF. Collided with Vampire XD549 5 miles SW of Oakington, Cambridgeshire, UK. All 6 crew killed. **
XD459 de Havilland Vampire T11   07/07/1960 5 FTS, RAF. Collided with Varsity WJ914 and crashed 5 miles SW of Oakington, Cambridgeshire, UK. F/O Aj. Lakerman and P/O J.J. Ball killed. **
XH617 Handley page Victor B1A   19/07/1960 57 Sq, RAF. Suffered fire in two engines shortly after take off from Honington and crashed near Oakley, Suffolk, UK. 3 of the 6 crew killed. Alternator drive failed and punctured fuel tank.  
TAM-09 Douglas C-47 9030 01/08/1960 Crashed into the Hayti Mountain, near Tipuani, Bolivia while on a flight from La Paz to Tipuani  
XD864 Vickers Valiant BK1   12/08/1960 7 Sq, RAF. Stalled at crashed at RAF Spanhoe, UK. All 5 crew killed. **
WW205 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21   14/09/1960 849 NAS, FAA. [490]. Wire was not engaged during night CCA to HMS Albion in South China Sea, 350 miles NE of Malaya. Power was applied for go around but aircraft went over side. Cause given as mis-handling by pilot. Both crew killed.  
XJ515 de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW1   17/09/1960 892 NAS, FAA. Hit round-down while landing on HMS Ark Royal 50 miles N of the Shetland Islands. Aircraft burst into flames and went over the side, Both crew killed.  
XJ693 Hawker Hunter F6   03/10/1960 20 Sq., RAF. Undercarriage jammed and W/O during subsequent wheels up landing at Gutersloh, West Germany.  
XK486 Blackburn NA.39 Buccaneer B3-01-58 05/10/1960 Pre production aircraft. Stalled due to artificial horizon fault and crashed at Low Hunsley Farm near Little Weighton, E Yorkshire, UK while on test flight. Both crew ejected safely.   
XL151 Blackburn Beverley C1   11/10/1960 84 Sq, RAF. During downed aircraft search at night, flew into sand dunes 15 miles NE of Khormaksar, Aden. Aircraft exploded and all 7 crew killed.  
XA115 de Havilland Sea Vampire T22   19/10/1960 738 NAS, FAA. Suffered engine failure on take off from RAF Lossiemouth, UK and crashed onto Coularbank Farm. Both crew killed.  
WT504 English Electric Canberra PR7   24/10/1960 58 Sq., RAF. Fuel tank caught fire and crashed 12 miles NNE of Wyton, Cambridgeshire, UK. Crew ejected safely.  
WZ417 de Havilland Vampire T11   25/10/1960 RAFC. Suffered engine fire and crashed near Scampton, Lincolnshire, UK. Crew ejected safely.  
XN463 Hunting Jet Provost T3   26/10/1960 A&AEE. Struck trees during controlled descent after suffering engine problems and crashed at Sutton Mandeville, Wiltshire, UK. Pilot injured.  
WF766 Gloster Meteor T7   11/11/1960 A&AEE. Pilot killed when aircraft disintegrated over Axminster, Devon. Aircraft crashed 3 miles NW of Lyme Regis.  
WD711 Gloster Meteor TT20   14/11/1960 728 NAS, FAA. Crashed into Mediterranean off Linosa Island, 74 miles W of Malta. Aircraft had run out of fuel after crew became lost during night exercise. Both crew killed.  
XD222 Supermarine Scimitar F1   16/11/1960 736 NAS, FAA. [609]. Crashed at Bridge of Cally, near Blairgowrie, Perth, UK while on low level navigation exercise.  
WP205 Vickers Valiant B1   17/11/1960 RAEE. W/O when overshot on landing at Boscombe Down, UK.  
XA825 Gloster Javelin FAW6   21/11/1960 29 Sq., RAF. [K]. Crashed on Bowbeet Hill near Peebles, UK while descending through clouds. Both crew killed.  
XL495 Fairey Gannet AEW3   22/11/1960 849 NAS, FAA. Ditched in sea 20 miles off Malta while en route to HMS Victorious. Pilot drowned.  
WJ759 English Electric Canberra B6   24/11/1960 9 Sq., RAF. Dived into ground recovering from practice bomb run at Tarhuna, Libya. All 3 crew killed.  
WV839 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   24/11/1960 738 NAS, FAA. Collided with Sea Hawk XE401 and crashed in Moray Firth during formation change 5 miles off Lossiemouth. Pilot ejected safely.  
XE401 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   24/11/1960 738 NAS, FAA. Collided with Sea Hawk WV839 and crashed in Moray Firth during formation change 5 miles off Lossiemouth. Pilot ejected safely.  
XD329 Supermarine Scimitar F1   09/12/1960 803 NAS, FAA. Pilot ejected after aircraft entered an uncontrollable nose up attitude on launch from HMS Victorious.  
XM138 English Electric Lightning F1   16/12/1960 AFDS [G]. Fire bottle exploded on landing at Coltishall, Norfolk, UK and aircraft caught fire and destroyed.  
VR-OAC de Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide 6812 21/12/1960 Borneo Airways - crashed at Jesselton, North Borneo  
G-AMPU Auster J5 2903 01/01/1961 Crop Culture (Aerial) Ltd. W/O when burned out in refuelling accident at Kosti, Sudan. No injuries. 17/03/1961 cancelled as destroyed. **
OK-MCZ Avia 14-32A 105807110 02/01/1961 CSA Ceskoslvoneske Aerolinie. W/O when failed to gain height, struck HT wires and crashed near Hostivice, on take off from Ruzyne International Airport, Praha, Czech Republic. All 5 crew and 5 passengers killed.  
79 Douglas R4D-1 33285/16537 02/01/1961 Dutch Navy - 20:17 hrs. W/O when crashed in sea 3km S of Biak, Indonesia in emergency landing after a light torch activated inside the aircraft, causing a fire. All 5 crew killed.  
OH-LCC Douglas DC-3C (C-47A-30-DK) 25511/14066 03/01/1961 Aero OY - 07:40 hrs. W/O when stalled during a left turn and crashed in woods near Koivulahti, Finland while on approach to Vaasa Airport. All 3 crew and 22 passengers killed.  
53-4244 Boeing B-47E Stratojet 4501268 04/01/1961 USAF. W/O when stalled and crashed on take of from Pease AFB, New Hampshire, USA. All 4 crew killed.  
495 Martin PBM-5 Mariner 11481 04/01/1961 Aviacion Naval Argentina [2-P-206]. W/O when crashed on water take off from BAN Puerto Belgrano, Argentina.   
G-AKDJ Miles M65 Gemini 1A 6448 05/01/1961 Drygene Towel Company (Paper) Ltd. W/O when force landed on Bispham Beach shortly after tale off from Blackpool Airport, Lancashire, UK. Pilot safe.  
56-1239 Convair F-102A Delta Dagger 8-10-456 06/01/1961 USAF. Crashed 5nm from Rosieres Air Base, Toul, France, while on approach.   
SSSR-42357 Tupolev Tu-104A   01/02/1961 Aeroflot. Overran on landing at Vladivostok, RSFSR, USSR.  
XA904 Avro Vulcan B1   01/03/1961 44(Rhodesia) Sq, RAF. Pilot misjudged on approach to RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, UK and during second attempt suffered engine cut due to low fuel. Ran off runway and W/O. All 5 crew safe. **
WP200 Vickers Valiant B1   14/03/1961 W/O after failed take off at RRFU Pershore, UK. 2 of 5 crew injured. **
SSSR-42438 Tupolev Tu-104B   16/03/1961 Aeroflot. Crash landed after take off at Sverdlovsk, RSFSR, USSR. 5 killed.  
VP-YKM Douglas C-47B-30-DK 16187/32935 21/03/1961 Crashed at Salisbury Airport, Zimbabwe - NFI  
44-76330 Douglas C-47B-25-DK Skytrain 15914/32662 23/03/1961 USAF - Shot down 4 miles northwest of Phon Savan airfield, Xiangkhoang province, Laos **
57-1614 Douglas C-133B Cargomaster   10/06/1961 Suffered structural damage due to engine debris and crashed 33 minutes after take off from Tachikawa AB, Japan. All crew killed. **
CF-LYJ Martin JRM-3 Mars 9265 23/06/1961 Forest Industries Flying Tankers. (Ex USN 76821). Hit treetops and crashed into Mount Moriarty near Nanaimo, British Columbia, possibly after water drop mechanism failed leaving aircraft unable to climb quickly enough to clear mountain. All 4 crew killed.  
XM185 English Electric Lightning F1A 95083 28/06/1961 111 Sq, RAF. Suffered hydraulic failure while on approach to RAF Lavenham, Suffolk, UK and pilot ejected safely. Aircraft crashed 1 mile N of Lavenham. F/Off P.J. Ginger safe.  
XK529 Blackburn Buccaneer    31/08/1961 "C" Sq., A&AEE attached to HMS Hermes. Lost control on take off from HMS Hermes and crashed into sea. Both crew killed.  
SSSR-42388 Tupolev Tu-104A  8350703 17/09/1961 Aeroflot. Damaged in hard landing at Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSR.  
TC-TAY Fokker F.27 Friendship 100   23/09/1961 Crashed into hill on approach to Ankara, Turkey  
WZ399 Vickers Valiant B(PR)K1   03/11/1961 543 Sq., RAF. Aircraft abandoned take off from Offut Air Force Base, Nebraska, USA and overshot onto railway track. Aircraft caught fire and was burned out.  
VP-YRX Douglas C-47A-75-DL 19351 22/11/1961 Crashed on take off from Salisbury (now Harare) Airport after No. 1 engine failed. 2 crew and 3 passengers killed.  
N9903F Curtiss-WRT C-26F   16/01/1962 Riddle Airlines. Pilot feathered wrong propeller and was unable to restart and aircraft force landed at Loring Air Force Base.  
WV607 Percival Provost T1   16/01/1962 6 FTS, RAF - overstressed during a roll at Acklington  
N58731 Douglas DC-3   20/01/1962    
N6326C Douglas DC-7   20/01/1962 Collided with aircraft on ground at O'Hare Airport, Chicago.  
N94253 Convair 240   20/01/1962 DC-7 collided with aircraft which was holding at ground intersection.  
N381 Douglas DC-7BF   26/01/1962    
N724US Boeing 720B   26/01/1962 Undershot landing at Broward County Airport, Florida, and undercarriage collapsed.  
56-4370 Fairchild C-123B-18-FA Provider 20254 02/02/1962 USAF - Crashed while on low level spray run between Bien Hoa and Vung Tau, South Vietnam **
N8005U Douglas DC-8   03/02/1962 Overshot on landing at New York International Airport.  
N837D Douglas DC-7B   03/02/1962 Eastern Airlines. Slid off ice covered runway at O'Hare Airport, Chicago.  
43-15732 Douglas SC-47A 20198 11/02/1962 USAF - crashed in mountains near Bao Loc, Vietnam during leaflet drop **
55-3316 North American F-100D Super Sabre   09/03/1962 48 TFW, 492 TFS USAF. Crashed 28 miles W of Wheelus AB, Libya.  
56-4368 Fairchild C-123B-17-FA-Provider 20252 20/04/1962 464 TCW, USAF - overran on emergency take off from Hipp Khanh  **
57-1611 Douglas C-133A Cargomaster   27/05/1962 Crashed in sea E of Ocean City, Maryland, USA. All 6 crew killed. **
VP-YSW Agusta Bell 47G-381(3B1?) 1502 18/06/1962 W/O - NFI  
56-4366 Fairchild C-123B-17-FA-Provider 20250 15/07/1962 777 TCS, 4646 TCW, USAF - crashed into hillside in low cloud while on flight from Tan Son Nhut and Ban Me Thuot **
XK535 Blackburn Buccaneer S.1   18/08/1962 700Z Sq, FAA. Control lost while on single engine approach to Lossiemouth, UK. Aircraft stalled and crashed. Both crew killed.  
53-8376 North American T-28D    28/08/1962 USAF - Shot down during an attack on Vietcong positions 17 miles south of Soc Trang, South Vietnam. Both crew killed. **
XG332 English Electric Lightning F1 95021 13/09/1962 BAC. Fire in reheat zone and crashed on final approach to Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely. J.W.C. Squier safe. **
CF-LYM Martin JRM-3 Mars 9268 12/10/1962 Forest Industries Flying Tankers (Ex USN 76824). DBR in Hurricane Freda at Victoria IAP, British Columbia, Canada.  
62-5909 Helio U-10A 549 15/10/1962 Detachment 2A, 1 ACG, USAF - thought to have been shot down in Darlac province, Vietnam while leaflet dropping. **
53-8365 North American T-28D    16/10/1962 Detachment 2A, 1 ACG, USAF - shot down while flying escort on a rescue mission in Darlac province?  **
56-45364 Fairchild C-123B-17-FA Provider 20248 29/10/1962 464 TCW, USAF - DBR when undercarriage damaged when landed at unfinished airfield at Dak To, Vietnam **
44-35530 Douglas B-26B Invader 28809 05/11/1962 Detachment 2A, 1ACG, USAF - shot down while bombing Vietcong position in An Xuyen province, South Viet Nam **
XA894 Avro Vulcan B1   03/12/1962 Bristol Siddeley Engine Ltd - 15:30 hrs. Suffered low pressure turbine disc failure while ground testing Olympus 22R engine, Aircraft burned out. No injuries. **
XM993 English Electric Lightning T4 95100 12/12/1962 LCS, RAF. Undercarriage collapsed on landing at RAF Middleton St George, County Durham, UK. Caught fire after overrunning runway. Both crew safe.  
44-35207 Douglas A-26C-30-DT Invader 28486 07/01/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Crashed 10 miles S of Bien Hoa due to technical problem during test flight. Both crew killed.  
44-35566 Douglas A-26C-40-DT Invader 28971 14/01/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down by ground fire 17 miles NE of Bien Hoa while on close support mission. Both crew killed.  
44-35692 Douglas A-26C-45-DT Invader 28971 03/02/1963 Det. 2A, 1ACG, USAF. Show down by small arms fire during a strafing run on Viet Cong forces in the Mekong Delta. All 3 crew killed.  
44-35507 Douglas A-26-35-DT Invader 28786 06/02/1963 Det. 2A, ! ACG, USAF. Shot down during a close air support mission near Pleiku, Viet Nam. S crew parachuted safely. Pilot killed.  
56-3321 North American F-100D Super Sabre   10/02/1963 48 TFW, 494 TFS USAF. Crashed in field near Great Ellingham, Norfolk, UK while en rout RAF Alconbury to Lakenheath. Pilot killed.  
XN952 Blackburn Buccaneer S.1   19/02/1963 During a LABS manoeuvre over Holme-on-Spalding Moor airfield, aircraft encountered roll-inertia coupling. Control lost and aircraft crashed. Both crew ejected but were killed.  
44-35525 Douglas A-26-35-DT Invader 28804 08/04/1963 Det. 2A, 1 ACG, USAF. Shot down during strafing run 20 miles west of Kontum, Viet Nam, All 3 crew killed.  
56-4380 Fairchild C-123B-18-FA Provider 20264 12/04/1963 777 TCS, 464 TCW, USAF. Left wing hit a house shortly after take off from Nakhom Phonom, and aircraft crashed. All 3 crew killed.  
XM142 English Electric Lightning F1 95038 26/04/1963 74 Sq, RAF. Suffered control failure and crashed in sea off Cromer, Norfolk, UK. F/Lt T.M. Burns ejected safely.  
53-8370 North American T-28B Trojan 0 05/05/1963 Det. 2A, 1 ACG, USAF. Struck a parked aircraft while landing at Bien Hoa and burned out on runway.  
XD239 Supermarine Scimitar F1   22/05/1963 800 Sq, FAA, RN. DBR when crashed in Aden Harbour after pilot ejected when control lost in low level turn on approach to RAF Khormaksar, Aden. Pilot injured. **
XM179 English Electric Lightning F1A 95066 06/06/1963 56 Sq, RAF. Touch wings with Lightning XM181 during aerobatic practice and crashed at Great Bricett near Wattisham, Suffolk, UK. F/Lt Michael Cooke injured when ejecting.  
XH477 Avro Vulcan B1A   12/06/1963 50 Sq, RAF. Crashed on Hill of Cat, St Colm, 10 miles SW of Banchory, Scotland, UK during low level exercise. All 5 crew killed. **
XM186 English Electric Lightning F1A 95084 18/07/1963 111 Sq, RAF. Suffered high speed stall on take off from RAF Wittering and crashed. Pilot killed when he ejected too low.  
XG311 English Electric Lightning F1 95011 31/07/1963 English Electric Aviation Co. Undercarriage failed to lower and crashed in River Ribble near Lytham St Annes, Lancashire,   
44-34681 Douglas A-26B-66-DL Invader   16/08/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Wing broke off during a dive on a target in Quang Ngai province (possibly through metal fatigue). All 3 crew killed.  
44-34682 Douglas A-26B-66-DL Invader   02/09/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Thought to have been shot down over Kontum Province. All 3 crew killed.  
53-8367 North American T-28B Trojan   10/09/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down by ground fire near Dam Doi. Both crew rescued.  
G-AOJJ de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth 85877 22/09/1963 Crashed at Thruxton - repaired?  
55-4513 Fairchild C-123B-12-FA Provider 20174 28/09/1963 311 TCS, 315 TCG, USAF. Crashed in Thailand during an airlift support mission. All 4 crew safe.  
53-8373 North American T-28B Trojan   08/10/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Went out of control while diving on target near Laotian border, 40 miles SW of Da Nang. Both crew killed.  
56-4385 Fairchild C-123B-19-FA Provider 20269 24/10/1963 315 TCG, USAF. Thought to have been shot down by ground fire while engaged in flare drop south of Saigon.  
XM187 English Electric Lightning F1A 95085 19/11/1963 111 Sq, RAF. Substantially damaged in heavy landing at RAF Wattisham, Suffolk, UK. Pilot safe. SoC 04/01/1964.  
44-35703 Douglas A-26C-45-DT Invader 28982 24/11/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down while overflying gunnery positions near Cha La on the Co Man peninsula. The pilot was attempting to have the gunners reveal their positions. Both crew killed.  
44-35782 Douglas A-26C-45-DT Invader 29061 06/12/1963 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Crashed in shallow water near Binh Dai in the Mekong River, 40 miles S of Saigon. All 4 crew killed. NOTE also shown as B-26C condemned salvage no battle damage Apr 29,1945  
57-2831 Cessna 0-1F Bird Dog   20/12/1963 19 TASS, 34 TG, USAF. Crashed in Mekong Delta area due to pilot error. Both crew killed.  
53-8374 North American T-28B Trojan   21/01/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed, Vietnam. Pilot safe.  
53-8369 North American T-28B Trojan   18/02/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down by ground fire, Vietnam. Both crew safe.  
53-8855 North American T-28B Trojan   19/02/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down while strafing VC forces in Phuong Province, Vietnam. Both crew killed  
53-8362 North American T-28B Trojan   24/03/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Suffered fatigue failure and lost wing and crashed during dive bombing mission near Soc Trang, Vietnam. Both crew killed.  
XN723 English Electric Lightning F2 95096 25/03/1964 C9A) MoA/Rolls-Royce. Suffered fire in No. 2 engine bay while on F2 appraisal trials and crashed at Keyham, Leicestershire, UK. Pilot, D. Withnal, ejected safely.  
55-4695 Cessna TL-19D Bird Dog    26/03/1964 19 TASS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down by ground fire in Khe Sahn region, Vietnam. ! Crew killed, 1 crew PoW.  
53-8361 North American T-28B Trojan   09/04/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Suffered fatigue failure, lost both wings and crashed in Military Region 4, Vietnam during a strafing attack. Both crew killed.  
XN785 English Electric Lightning F2A 95138 27/04/1964 92 Sq, RAF. Ran short of fuel and crashed while attempting a forced landing at disused airfield at Hutton Cranswick, Humberside, UK. F/O Davey killed.  
53-8368 North American T-28B Trojan   01/05/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Suffered engine failure on take off at Bien Hoa? And crashed. Pilot safe.  
WZ363 Vickers Valiant B1   06/05/1964 148 Sq., RAF. Dived into ground near Market Raisen, Lincolnshire at night. Cause unknown.
All 5 crew killed.
WZ363 Vickers Valiant B1   06/05/1964 148 Sq, RAF - on loan to 207 Sq. W/O when dived into ground at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, UK after overshoot at night. All 5 crew killed. **
WZ396 Vickers Valiant B(PR)K1   23/05/1964 543 Sq, RAF. DBR when landed on foam at RAF Manston, UK after suffering landing gear problems. No reported injuries.  
146823 Vought RF-8A Crusader   06/06/1964 Det. C, VP-63, USN, USS Kitty Hawk. Shot down by ground fire while on reconnaissance flight to Khang Khay, Vietnam. Pilot ejected safely - PoW.  
147064 Vought F-8D Crusader   07/06/1964 VF-11, USN, USS Kitty Hawk. Shot down by ground fire while on photo recon at Khang Khay, Vietnam. Pilot safe.  
XM191 English Electric Lightning F1A 95086 09/06/1964 111 Sq, RAF. Extensively damaged when suffered engine caught fire on approach to RAF Wattisham, Suffolk, UK. Landed safely but not repaired.  
132618 Douglas AD-5N Skyraider   12/06/1964 VAW-33, USN. Crashed into sea 5 miles from USS Forrestal. All 3 crew safe.  
51-7871 North American T-28A Trojan 174-724 26/06/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down during napalm attack, Vietnam. Pilot safe.  
56-4383 Fairchild C-123B-19-FA Provider 20267 23/07/1964 315 TCG, USAF. Propeller reverse pitch failed on landing at Gun Vue, ran off runway and destroyed. All 4 crew safe.  
139760 Douglas A-1H Skyraider 10992 05/08/1964 VA-145, USN, US Constellation. Hit by ground fire during dive bomb attack and crashed off shore from Thanh Hoa. Pilot killed.  
149578 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk 12903 05/08/1964 VA-144, USN, USS Constellation. Shot down while attacking torpedo boats at Hon Gay. Pilot PoW.  
150319 Vought F-8E Crusader   05/08/1964 VF-191, USN, USS Bon Homme Richard. Suffered engine failure during training flight and crashed in China Sea, Pilot Safe.  
53-3884 Martin B-57B   05/08/1964 405FW, USAF. Collided with B-57B reg. 53-3877 while landing at Bien Hoa in dark and heavy rain. Both crew safe.  
53-3870 Martin B-57B   06/08/1964 405FW, USAF. Crashed into Dong Nai River in Long Khan province while on deployment to Bien Hoa. Pilot killed.  
136905 Cessna O-1B Bird Dog   12/08/1964 VMO-2 Detachment, MTU 79.3.5, USMC. Suffered engine failure during recce mission in Quang Nai province, and crashed. Both crew safe.  
150018 Douglas A4D-5 Skyhawk  13071 13/08/1964 VA-56, USN, USS Ticonderoga. Engine failed on catapult launch and crashed into sea. Pilot safe.  
62-4371 Republic F-105D-31-RE Thunderchief   14/08/1964 36 TFS, 41 AD, USAF. Hit by ground fire over Laos. Pilot made emergency landing at Korat but aircraft DBR. Pilot safe.  
56-3085 North American F-100D-70-NA Super Sabre 235-183 18/08/1964 428 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire in Plain of Jars. Pilot ejected near Thai town of Nong Khai. Pilot safe.  
150033 Douglas A4D-5 Skyhawk  13101 19/08/1964 VA-55, USN, USS Ticonderoga. Suffered catapult launch error and lost. Pilot safe  
XP704 English Electric Lightning F3 95158 28/08/1964 74 Sq, RAF. Lost control during solo display rehearsal and spun into ground at Raff Leuchars, Fife, UK. Pilot killed.  
52-132465     29/08/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down during night training flight near Bien Hoa. Both crew killed.  
150024 Douglas A4D-5 Skyhawk  13077 06/09/1964 VA-56, USN, USS Ticonderoga. Crashed during catapult launch. Pilot killed.  
62-5911 Helio U-10B 551 07/09/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Crashed in South Vietnam due to engine failure. Both crew safe.  
131513 Lockheed P-2E Neptune   08/09/1964 VP-42, USN. Crashed in South China Sea, 75 miles off coast of South Vietnam. 5 of 13 crew killed.  
XM134 English Electric Lightning F1 95030 11/09/1964 226 OCU, RAF. Undercarriage jammed up and abandoned over North Sea 30 miles E of Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK. F/Lt T. Bond ejected safely.  
52-123656 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   23/09/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down by ground fire at night near Ap Vinh. Pilot safe. Observer PoW.  
52-132441 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   23/09/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down by ground fire at night near Ap Vinh. Pilot killed. Observer PoW.  
52-132450 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   26/09/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down near Ap An Dien in the Mekong Delta during close support mission. Both crew safe.  
52-132654 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   02/10/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Lost during napalm attack near Giong Dua. Both crew killed.  
48-0065 Boeing KB-50J Superfortress 15874 14/10/1964 Det. 1, 421 ARS, 41 AD, USAF. Engine failed shortly after take off and crashed in Thailand. All 6 crew safe.  
55-4549 Fairchild C-123B-14-FA Provider 20210 24/10/1964 315 TCG, USAF. Shot down by ground fire and crashed near Phum Dak Dam. All 9 crew killed.  
52-132411 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   26/10/1964 1 ACS, 34 TAG, USAF. Shot down 5 miles W of Tan Son Nhut airfield while on airborne alert. Both crew killed.  
52-132476 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   29/10/1964 1 ACS, 34 TAG, USAF. Crashed near Bien Hoa while on training flight. Both crew killed.  
149141 Vought F-8E Crusader   01/11/1964 VF-53, USN, USS Ticonderoga. Crashed into sea shortly after take off. Pilot killed.  
52-1555 Martin B-57B   01/11/1964 8/13 TBS, 405 FW, USAF. Destroyed in enemy mortar attack at Bien Hoa Air Base.  
53-3892 Martin B-57B   01/11/1964 8/13 TBS, 405 FW, USAF. Destroyed in enemy mortar attack at Bien Hoa Air Base.  
53-3894 Martin B-57B   01/11/1964 8/13 TBS, 405 FW, USAF. Destroyed in enemy mortar attack at Bien Hoa Air Base.  
53-3914 Martin B-57B   01/11/1964 8/13 TBS, 405 FW, USAF. Destroyed in enemy mortar attack at Bien Hoa Air Base.  
53-3924 Martin B-57B   01/11/1964 8/13 TBS, 405 FW, USAF. Destroyed in enemy mortar attack at Bien Hoa Air Base.  
57-2828 0   07/11/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Shot down during recce mission. Pilot safe.  
146879 Vought RF-8A Crusader   13/11/1964 Det. F, VFP-63, USN, USS Constellation. Collided with A-4C reg. 149570 during training flight. Pilot killed.  
149570 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk 12895 13/11/1964 VA-146, USN, USS Constellation. Collided with RF-8A reg. 146879 during training flight off coast 15 miles N of Da Nang. Pilot safe.  
151402 McDonnell F-4B Phantom   13/11/1964 VF-142, USN, USS Constellation. Stalled and spun in during practice air contact manoeuvring. Both crew ejected safely.  
51-7870 North American T-28A Trojan 174-723 19/11/1964 Det. 6, 1 ACW, USAF. Shot down by AA fire on South Vietnam. Capt. George Albrecht and 1/Lt Leonard Hudson killed.  
56-0230 McDonnell RF-101C-60-MC Voodoo   21/11/1964 15 TRS, 18 TFW, USAF. Hit by AA fire while on photo recce mission near Bon Senphan, South Laos. Capt. B Waltz ejected, injured.  
151037 Douglas A4E Skyhawk  13207 23/11/1964 VA-55, USN, USS Ticonderoga. Lost due to engine failure (Vietnam), possibly due to salt water contamination. Pilot safe.  
56-3236 North American F-100D Super Sabre   23/11/1964 48 TFW, 494 TFS, USAF. Crashed near Wheelus AB, Libya following "material Failure". Pilot ejected safely.  
56-1189 Convair F-102A-65-CO Delta Dagger   27/11/1964 Det. 5, 509FIS, 405 FW, USAF. Suffered engine failure (Vietnam) and pilot ejected. Pilot safe.  
52-132640 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   01/12/1964 1 ACS, 34 TG, USAF. Hit by ground fire while on training flight and crashed near Phuoe Vinh. 1/Lt K. Roedeman, safe. W/O D.S. Tan (VNAF), killed.  
149306 North American A-5B Vigilante  NA269-41 09/12/1964 RVAH-5, USN, USS Ranger. Thought to have been lost at sea off coast of South Vietnam due to navigational error. L/Cmdr. Donald Beard and Lt(jg) Brian Cronin, killed.  
142250 Douglas A-3B Skywarrior 11576 27/12/1964 Det. 1, VAH-4, USN, USS Hancock. Apparently suffered control failure during training mission, caught fire and crashed in Gulf of Tonkin. 1 of 4 crew killed, other 3 safe.  
149625 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk 12950 30/12/1964 VA-216, USN, USS Hancock. Hit ramp and exploded when landing on USS Hancock after training flight. Lt. Frank Crimson, killed.  
57-2823 Cessna 0-1F Bird Dog   31/12/1964 366 TFS, USAF. Thought to have crashed in valley 20 miles NW of Da Nang while on flight to A Shau. Capt. Kurt McDonald and SFC Edward Dodge (US Army), killed.  
56-2908 North American F-100D Super Sabre 235-6 02/01/1965 427 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Crashed in Thailand due to engine failure. Pilot safe. **
XG335 English Electric Lightning F1/3 95024 11/01/1965 A&AEE. F1 fitted with F3 "squared off" tail. Suffered undercarriage malfunction and pilot ejected over emergency bale out area over Larkhill Ranges, near Woodburgh, Wiltshire, UK. Sq/Ldr J. Whittaker safe.  
55-4712 Cessna O-1F   12/01/1965 19 TASS, 34 TG, USAF. Crash landed after wing hit by AA fire, Viet Nam. Capt. T.L. Craig and VNAF observer safe. **
62-4296 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   13/01/1965 44 or 67 TWS, 18 TFW allocated to 6234 TFW, USAF. Shot down while attacking the Ban Ken Bridge at the northern end of the Laotian panhandle. Capt. Albert Volmer ejected safely. **
147011 Vought F-8C Crusader   13/01/1965 VA-24 USN, USS Hancock. Suffered tail hook failure on landing aboard carrier and went over side. Lt (jg) Tom Irwin safe. **
57-2806 Cessna O-1F   15/01/1965 19 TASS, 34 TG, USAF. FAC aircraft hit by ground fire and crashed, Viet Nam.  **
52-132666 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   27/01/1965 1 ACS, 34 TG USAF. Crashed in Bien Hoa province due to pilot error during a close air support mission. Maj. George Vlisideoe and VNAF observer killed. **
150075 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk   07/02/1965 VA-155 USN, USS Coral Sea. Hit by AA fire 5 miles S of Dong Hoi. Pilot ejected on reaching sea. Lt Edward Dickson killed. **
52-132401 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   10/02/1965 1 ACS, 34 TG USAF. Hit by ground fire during close support operation and crashed into sea off the Mekong Delta. Capt. William Duggan safe, VNAF observer killed. **
148633 Vought F-8D Crusader   11/02/1965 VF-154 USN, USS Coral Sea. Damage during attack at Chanh Hoa, near Dong Hoi, Viet Nam. Pilot ejected. Lt/Cmdr Robert Shumaker PoW. **
149572 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk   11/02/1965 VA-153 USN, USS Coral Sea. Engines seized and pilot ejected after attack on Chanh Hoa. Lt. W.T. Majors rescued. **
55-3783 North American F-100D Super Sabre 223-465 19/02/1965 613 TFS, 401 TFW USAF. Lost during air suppression mission near Ban Ken Bridge in northern Laos. Maj. Robert Ronca killed. **
150897 Vought F-8E Crusader   21/02/1965 VF-211 USA, USS Hancock. Engine failed during test flight launch from USS Hancock. **
147664 Douglas A-3B Skywarrior   24/02/1965 VAH-2 USA, USS Coral Sea. Abandoned after suffering fuel transfer problem. 3 crew safe, RMC Dwight Frakes killed. **
52-132471 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   24/02/1965 1 ACS, 34 TG USAF. Crashed in Bien Hoa province possibly due to pilot error. Capt. Kurt Gareiss and Capt. Thomas McEwen killed. **
56-3317 North American F-100D Super Sabre   24/02/1965 48 TFW, 494 TFS, USAF. Crashed 2.5 miles WNW of Wheelus AB, Libya.  
61-0214 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   02/03/1965 67TFS, 18TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire during raid on Xom Bang, and crashed. Capt. Robert Baird ejected and rescued. **
55-2857 North American F-100D Super Sabre 224-124 02/03/1965 613 TFS, 401 TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire during raid on Xom Bang, and crashed. 1/Lt Hayden Lockhart PoW. **
62-4325 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   02/03/1965 67 TFS, 18 TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire during raid on Xom Bang. Pilot able to fly over Thai border and ejected near Roi Et. Capt. K.L. Spangola safe. **
62-4260 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   02/03/1965 67 TFS, 18 TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire during raid on Xom Bang. Pilot ejected over Laos and rescued. Maj. George Panas, safe. **
56-3150 North American F-100D Super Sabre   02/03/1965 428 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire on Quang Khe and crashed in sea offshore from target. Lt J.A. Cullen ejected and rescued. **
149612 Douglas  A-4C Skyhawk    03/03/1965 VA-216 USN, USS Hancock. Crashed on landing on USS Hancock during training flight, Vietnam. Pilot killed. **
52-135005 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   06/03/1965 1ACS, 34TG, USAF. Crashed during training flight, Vietnam. Pilot safe. **
53-3890 Martin B-57B   11/03/1965 8 TBS, 405 FW attached 34 TG, USAF. Thought to have been caught in blast after dropping bombs at very low altitude on target 30 miles NE of Kentum, and crashed. Capt William Mattis and 1/lt Richard Smith killed. **
135375 Douglas A-1H Skyraider   15/03/1965 VA-95 USN, USS Ranger. Flew into sea on returning from strike on ammunition dump at Phu Qui. Lt(jg) Charles Clydesdale killed. **
62-4233 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   22/03/1965 67TFS, 18TFW attached to 6234TFW, USAF. Hit by ground fire while attacking the Vinh Son radar site. Pilot ejected over sea. Lt Col Robinson Risner safe. **
139790 Douglas A-1H Skyraider   26/03/1965 VA-215 USN, USS Hancock. Hit by ground fire while on attack to Ha Tinh. Attempted to return to Da Nang but crashed 5 miles short of the airfield. Lt(jg) C.E. Gudmunson safe. **
150130 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk   26/03/1965 VA-212 USN, USS Hancock. Hit by ground fire while attacking radar site at Vinh Son. Cmdr. K.L. Shugart ejected 10 miles offshore, safe. **
148644 Vought F-8D Crusader   26/03/1965 VF-154 USN, USS Coral Sea. Hit by ground fire while attacking radar site at Bach Long Vi. Pilot ejected 20 N of Da Nang, safe. **
57-6292 Fairchild C-123B Provider   28/03/1965 Destroyed in ground collision with VNAF Douglas A-1H Skyraider, Vietnam. All 4 crew safe. **
150078 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk   29/03/1965 VA-155, USN. USS Coral Sea. Hit by ground fire during attack at Bach Long Vi island. Cmdr Jack Harris ejected safely. **
148642 Vought F-8D Crusader   29/03/1965 VF-154 USN, USS Coral Sea. Hit by ground fire during attack on Bach Long Vi island. Cmdr. William Donnelly ejected over sea and rescued. **
148668 Vought F-8D Crusader   29/03/1965 VF-154 USN, USS Coral Sea. Hit by ground fire during attack on Bach Long Vi island. Crashed into sea and Lt Cmdr Kenneth Hume killed. **
137584 Douglas A-1H Skyraider   31/03/1965 VA-125 USN, USS Hancock. Shot down during attack on Vinh Son. Lt (jg) Gerald McKinley killed. **
55-2906 North American F-100D Super Sabre 224-173 31/03/1965 613 TFS, 401 TFW USAF. Hit by ground fire near Ha Tinh, North Vietnam. Capt Ron Bigoness ejected safely over Laos border. **
139721 Douglas A-1H Skyraider   02/04/1965 VA-215, USS Hancock. Shot down by ground fire N of Ban Muong Sen, Lt Cmdr James Evans killed. **
56-0075 McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo   02/04/1965   **
55-3625 North American F-100D Super Sabre 223-307 03/04/1965 613 TFS, 401 TFW USAF. Shot down by ground fire N of Thanh Hoa. 1/Lt George Smith killed. **
148557 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk   03/04/1965 VA-216, USN, USS Hancock. Shot down by ground fire while attacking bridge at Thanh Hoa. Lt Cmdr Raymond Vohden PoW. **
62-4217 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   04/04/1965 44TFS, 18 TFW, USAF. Shot down by ground fire at Than Hoa prior to attack on Dragons Jaw bridge, Capt Carlyle Harris PoW. **
59-1754 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   04/04/1965 354 TFS, 355 TFW, USAF. Damaged by Mig-17 while orbiting Than Hoa. Pilot ejected over sea near Home Mi island but drowned. Maj. Frank Bennett killed. **
59-1764 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   04/04/1965 354 TFS, 355 TFW, USAF. Shot down by Mig-17 and crashed S of Than Hoa. Capt. James Magnusson killed. **
59-1742 Republic F-105D Thunderchief   05/04/1965 354 TFS, 355 TFW, USAF. Shot down by ground fore near Ban Pang. Capt T Gray rescued. **
148317 Douglas  A-4C Skyhawk 21627 07/04/1965 VA-153, USAN, USS Coral Sea. Hit by ground fire near Dong Cae and pilot ejected half mile offshore. Lt William Roark killed. **
53-3880 Martin B-57B   07/04/1965 8 TBS, 405 TFW attached to 34 TG, USAF. Failed to recover from a dive bombing attack on Route 7, E of Ban Ban, possibly hit by ground fire. Capt James Lewis and Capt Arthur Baker killed.  **
151425 McDonnell F-4B Phantom   09/04/1965 VF-96, USA, USS Ranger. Starboard engine failed during catapult launch and aircraft ditched in sea. Lt/Cmdr William Greer and Lt/Cmdr R Bruing safe. **
151403 McDonnell F-4B Phantom   09/04/1965 VF-96, USN, USS Ranger. Thought to have been shot down by MiG-17 near Hainan Island. Lt(jg) Terence Murphy and Ens. Ronald Fegan killed. **
148481 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk   09/04/1965 VA-153, USN, USS Coral Sea. Hit by ground fire while attacking Tam Da Bridge N of Vinh and crashed. Lt/Cmdr C.W. McNeil ejected and recued. **
56-3151 North American F-100D Super Sabre   10/04/1965 401 TFW attached to 23 ABG, USAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed, Vietnam. Pilot safe. **
135226 Douglas A-1H Skyraider   11/04/1965 VA-95, USN, USS Ranger. Hit by AA while on armed recce mission E of Ban Senphan and crashed. Lt(jg) William Swanson killed. **
139603 Douglas A-1E Skyraider   15/04/1965 VAW-11, USN, USS Yorktown. Suffered engine failure during training flight, Vietnam and crashed. All 3 crew safe. **
56-3807 North American F-100D Super Sabre   27/05/1965 48 TFW, 493 TFS USAF. Crashed 10 miles WSW of Wheelus Ab, Libya.  
TG577 Handley Page Hastings C1A   06/07/1965 36 Sq., RAF - entered steep climb, stalled crashed at Little Baldon, Oxfordshire shortly after take off from RAF Abingdon. Cause given as fatigue failure of two bolts in hinge which attached the starboard elevator  to the tailplane. 6 crew and 35 parachutists killed and aircraft destroyed.   
TC-48 Douglas C-54   03/11/1965 Argentine Air Force - crashed off Northern Panama **
149808 Lockheed KC-130F Hercules 282-3709 10/02/1966 VMGR-152, USMC. Shot down over Gulf of Tonkin, 40 miles E of Dong Hoi, Vietnam. 6 killed.  
56-3816 North American F-100F Super Sabre   15/06/1966 48 TFW, 492 TFS USAF. Crashed in North Sea off Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK. 1 of 2 crew killed.  
G-ASEK Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee 28-1082 17/09/1966 Private. Crashed at Esk Hause near Scafell Pike, Lake District, UK while on flight from Milfield, Northumberland. Pilot and passenger killed. 25/10/1966 cancelled as destroyed. **
PH-TOO Cessna U206G U20606258 31/10/1966 Blown over in gale at Ameland, Holland between 31/10 and 01/11/1966.  
63-9774 General Dynamics F-111A A1-09 19/01/1967 USAF. Pilot selected incorrect wing sweep on landing at Edwards AFB, Kern County, California, USA and aircraft crashed. Both crew survived crash but pilot killed when pool of fuel in which he was standing ignited. **
XH708 Gloster Javelin F(AW)9R   30/05/1967 64 Sq, RAF. Struck Gloster Javelin XH896 during display and crashed at Johore Bahru, 10 miles NW of Tenagh, Singapore. Both crew killed. **
63-9780 General Dynamics F-111A A1-18 19/10/1967 General Dynamics Inc. Suffered complete hydraulic failure during test flight after speed brake slammed shut during load tests. Crew ejected safely and aircraft crashed at Jacksboro, Texas, USA.  **
65-5701 General Dynamics F-111A A1-19 02/01/1968 AF FTC, USAF. Suffered fire in weapons bay. Crew ejected safely and aircraft crashed 25 miles SE of Edwards AFB, Kern County, California, USA.   
GN111 Folland Gnat F1   10/02/1968 FL.46, Finnish Air Force. Suffered trim failure and crashed near Konnenesi, Finland. Pilot ejected safely.  
149813 Lockheed KC-130F Hercules 282-3719 10/02/1968 Shot down and crash landed at Khe Sanh, South Vietnam.  
VH-UTW Bell 204B   22/03/1968 Helicopter Utilities P/L - 12:15 hrs. Control lost due to tail rotor failure caused by fatigue on landing at Barracouta Platform, Victoria, Australia and substantially damaged in hard landing.  All 6 on board safe.  **
66-0022 General Dynamics F-111A A1-40 28/03/1968 428 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Crashed in Phu Phan Mountain Range, Northeast Thailand after apparently suffering wing and tail structural defects. Both crew killed. **
66-0017 General Dynamics F-111A A1-35 30/03/1968 428 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Crew ejected safely when control lost and aircraft crashed near Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.   **
66-0024 General Dynamics F-111A A1-42 22/04/1968 428 TFS, 424 TFW, USAF. Thought to have suffered control failure during bombing mission on Quang Bien, Laos. Both crew killed. **
66-0032 General Dynamics F-111A A1-201 08/05/1968 60 miles NNE of Nellis AFB, Nevada  
63-9769 General Dynamics F-111A A1-04 18/05/1968 USAF. Stalled and crashed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA during a low speed fly by during airshow. Crew safe.  
XR999 Folland Gnat T1   08/06/1968 4 FTS, RAF [56]. Suffered control jam and abandoned over sea off North Wales, UK. Both crew ejected safely. F/Lt A Holyoake and P/O D Moss.  
XH646 Handley Page Victor KI   19/08/1968 Tanker training Flt attached to 214 Sq, RAF. Collided with English Electric Canberra in poor weather over Holt, Norfolk, UK. All 4 crew killed. (Sq/Ldr Michael Doyle (Nav), F/Lt William Galliene (Pilot), F/Off Roger Morton (co-pilot) and F/Lt Kenneth Peacock (Nav).  
151971 General Dynamics F-111B A2-02 11/09/1968 Hughes Aircraft Corp Inc. Crashed off Californian coast, 20 miles NW of San Miguel Islands, USA while on test flight. Both crew killed. **
66-0040 General Dynamics F-111A A1-201 23/09/1968 442 TFTS, USAF. Suffered tail actuator failure and crashed 60 miles NNE of Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA. Both crew safe.  
XP510 Folland Gnat T1   14/11/1968 4 FTS, RAF. [10]. Entered oscillatory spin induced by slipstream and abandoned over Irish Sea, near Nevin, North Wales, UK. F/O John Loftus ejected safely.  
VH-RMQ Vickers Viscount 720C 45 31/12/1968 MacRobertson Miller Airlines - 11:35 hrs. Crashed near Port Hedland, Western Australia while on a flight from Perth to Port Hedland. Aircraft destroyed by fire. All 4 crew and 22 passengers killed. ATSB Ref. 196800001. **
VH-SCL Piper PA-25 25-438 04/01/1969 Private - 06:30 hrs. Collided with power lines and crashed 5 miles SE of St George, Queensland, Australia. Pilot safe. Aircraft substantially damaged. Pilot safe. **
YA-FAR Boeing 727-113C 19690 05/01/1969 Ariana Afghan - 01:35hrs. Crew distracted by autopilot trim problem, descended below glide path on approach to Gatwick, UK and crashed. All 5 of 7 crew and 43 of 55 passengers killed.  
LN-MOO Douglas DC-8-62 45822 13/01/1969 SAS - 19:21hrs. Descended into Santa Monica Bay 6 miles short of runway while crew distracted by apparent unsafe landing gear indication. Aircraft broke up on impact. 3 of 9 crew and 12 of 36 passengers killed.  
XL452 Fairey Sea Gannet AEW3   15/01/1969 849 SQ., FAA. Ditched in sea off Pembrokeshire Coast after take off from Brawdy, UK.  
VH-GNW ES-57 Kingfisher glider   16/01/1969 Private - 14:00 hrs. W/O when impacted terrain at Big Talbingo Mountain, New South Wales, Australia during failed launch. Pilot safe. ATSB Ref:- 196901125. **
XL585 Hawker Hunter T8c   30/01/1969 764 Sq., FAA. Crashed into sea off Portsoy, Grampian, UK.  
VH-UPK Cessna P206A   08/02/1969 Private - 15:10 hrs. Crashed 15 nm E of Kyancutta, Southern Australia after pilot apparently lost control in poor weather conditions. Pilot and 2 passengers killed.  **
VH-PIL Piper PA-28-180   09/02/1969 Private. Pilot lost control of aircraft and crashed near Hughenden, Queensland, Australia. Pilot and passenger seriously injured. Aircraft destroyed. ATSB Ref. 196900003 **
66-0042 General Dynamics F-111A A1-60 12/02/1969 442 CCTS/TFTS, USAF. Crashed into Mount Pequop, West of Wendover, Nevada, USA when terrain following radar did not detect deep snow. Both crew killed. **
VH-EDE Cessna 172D   12/02/1969 Private. Pilot attempted a go around after landing at Zeehan, Tasmania but aircraft failed to become airborne and struck embankment. Pilot and passenger sustained minor injuries. Aircraft destroyed. ATSB Ref. AS 693/1010.  
WL350 Gloster Meteor T7   13/02/1969 Airwork FRU. Crashed on Bullbarrow Hill, near Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK.  
XV346 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2   13/02/1969 736 Sq., FAA. Crashed in Moray Firth of Tarbat Ness during weapons training.  
VH-TND Piper PA-25-235   19/02/1969 Nicholson's Air Services Pty Ltd - 19:10 hrs. Wheels contacted crop while spraying and impacted terrain at Wee Waa, New South Wales, Australia. Pilot safe. ATSB Ref - 196901130 **
VH-MVC Victa 100   23/02/1969 Private - 09:30 hrs. Engine failed to respond during undershoot at Narrogin West, Western Australia, bounced and struck trees. Pilot safe. **
XE660 Hawker Hunter GA11   03/03/1969 738 Sq., FAA. Crashed in valley between Rhayader and Llangurig, UK while on tactical recce sortie.  
XN960 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2   03/03/1969 736 Sq., FAA. Collided with Buccaneer XV159 and crashed into sea near Wick, UK.  
XV159 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2   03/03/1969 736 Sq., FAA. Collided with Buccaneer XN960 and crashed into sea near Wick, UK.  
66-0043 General Dynamics F-111A A1-61 04/03/1969 Cr428 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Crashed 60 miles north of Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA. Both crew safe - NFI.  
VH-IAM Cessna 180   04/03/1969 Private - 18:05 hrs. Tipped over during rough landing SE of Ross, Tasmania. Pilot safe. **
XR573 Folland Gnat T1   26/03/1969 Red Arrow CFS, RAF. Hit trees while trying to rejoin formation and crashed. F/Lt Jerry Bowler killed.  
VH-EFM Cessna 182L   29/03/1969 Private - 14:45 hrs. Substantially damaged in forced landing 23 miles SW Marlborough, Queensland, Australia after loss of power. (Rubber seal became dislodged and drawn into throat of carburettor). Pilot safe. ATSB Ref - 196900006 **
WW661 Hawker Hunter T6   31/03/1969 Stn Flt. Crashed near Yeovilton - NFI.  
VH-RYG Cessna 210-5   31/03/1969 Griffith Air Charter Services Pty Ltd - 07:08 hrs. W/O when struck trees and crashed in poor visibility in the Weddin Mountain Range, 10 miles SW of Grenfell New South Wales, Australia. Pilot and 3 passengers seriously injured. ATSB Ref - 196901135 **
G-AETG Aeronca C100 AB110 07/04/1969 Private - 10:20 hrs. Suffered engine failure on take off from Booker Airfield, High Wycombe, UK and crashed near Lane End Road. Passenger killed, pilot injured. AAIB Ref. EW/C/311.
20/02/1972 cancelled as destroyed.
VH-GPO ES60 MK.II Boomerang Glider   18/04/1969 Port wing separated from fuselage in steep dive and aircraft crashed at 2 miles south east of Waikerie Aerodrome, South Australia - I also have a note of this aircraft in accident on 16/07/2005 but cannot verify **
XT774 Westland Wessex HU5   15/05/1969 845 Sq., FAA. Lost power and fell onto deck of HMS Bulwark. Later Scrapped.  
149814 Lockheed KC-130F Hercules 282-3723 18/05/1969 VMGR-152, USMC. Collided with McDonnell F-4B Phantom over Phu Bai, Vietnam and crashed. 6 killed.  
56-3319 North American F-100D Super Sabre   18/05/1969 48 TFW, 492 TFS USAF. Crashed 32 miles SSE of Wheelus Ab, Libya. Pilot ejected safely.  
67-0043 General Dynamics F-111A A1-88 22/05/1969 428 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Crashed 50 miles NE of Tuba City, Arizona, USA. Both crew safe - NFI.  
XD214 Supermarine Scimitar F1   28/05/1969 Airwork FRU. Nosewheel collapsed on landing at Yeovilton. Scrapped.  
VH-AEM Beech D95A Travelair TD-682 31/05/1969 Overshot on landing at Wanna Station, Mount Augusta, Western Australia, and struck a tree. **
XS584 Hawker Siddeley Sea Vixen FAW2   05/06/1969 893 Sq., FAA. Lost height and flew into sea off Harland Point, Devon, UK while on night low level AI sortie.  
VH-AGL Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee   07/06/1969 Struck power lines while spraying near Ballarto, Victoria Australia. **
XR592 Folland Gnat T1   13/06/1969 4 FTS, RAF. Control lost and abandoned near Glasfryn, near Conway, North Wales, UK. P/O I. Currie safe.  
VH-AEH Cessna 182G   31/07/1969 Struck power lines at Merredin, Western Australia, and crashed. **
G-AVIV Jodel DR250/160 92 22/08/1969 Private. Crashed into Carnedd Dafydd, near Bethesda, North Wales, UK while on flight from Birmingham to Dublin. Pilot and passenger killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C 324/01
22/08/1969 cancelled as destroyed.
XV164 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2   16/09/1969 801 Sq., FAA. Crashed at exploded near Melvick, Sutherland, UK.  
G-AVYN Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee 28-4662 23/09/1969 Private. Crashed at Ashford Gill Head, Gouthwaite Moor, near Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, UK while on training flight in deteriorating weather. Pilot killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C/327
08/01/1970 cancelled as destroyed.
VH-AVJ Piper  PA-23-250 Aztec   06/10/1969 Crashed while carrying out aerobatics at Wonggrabry Station, 8 miles east of Ogmore, Queensland, Australia **
VH-BBN Cessna 180   22/10/1969 Pay & Williamson Pty Ltd. Crashed while superphosphate spreading 10 miles NW of Scone, New South Wales, Australia. Pilot killed. ATSB Ref. 196901172. **
XP224 Fairey Gannet AEW3   23/10/1969 849A Flt., FAA. Lost power landing on HMS Hermes off Lossiemouth, UK, hit XL474 and fell overboard.  
VH-ACZ Victa 100   16/12/1969 Crashed 10 miles south of Kingston, South Australia **
XR992 Folland Gnat T1   16/12/1969 Red Arrow CFS, RAF. Abandoned at Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK  after receiving erroneous call that engine was on fire (see AR995). F/Lt Dickie Duckett safe.  
XR995 Folland Gnat T1   16/12/1969 Red Arrows CFS, RAF. Suffered engine fire and abandoned near Kemble, Gloucestershire, UK. F/Lt Jack Rust safe.  
67-0049 General Dynamics F-111A A1-94 22/12/1969 428 TFS, 474 TFW, USAF. Wing detached in flight and aircraft crashed on Nellis AFB ranges, Nevada, USA. Both crew killed.  
XJ559 Hawker Siddeley Sea Vixen FAW2   09/01/1969 766 Sq., FAA. Crashed in marsh at Catsgrove, near Itchester, Somerset, UK, while on approach to Yeovilton.  
55-4719 Cessna O-1F     19TASS, 34TG, USAF. Crashed during a training flight due to pilot error. Both crew safe. **



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