Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
VH-SMK Lockheed 414-08 Hudson IVA 6043 01/01/1950 John Fairfax & Sons, Crashed and burned out after take off from Camden Airport, New South Wales, Australia. Both crew killed.  
44-88818 Republic P-47N Thunderbolt   01/01/1950 Puerto Rico AND, USAF. Crashed 5 miles NE of Henando, Mississippi, USA. Pilot, Leonard Rumery, killed.  
OO-PAB Miles M14A Hawk Trainer III 2042 01/01/1950 W/O at Villens, Belgium, NFI.  
VP-TAT Avro Anson C19   03/01/1950 United Air Services - Cargo flight - Crashed on landing at Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania. Both crew killed. Aircraft W/O.  
RL260 de Havilland Mosquito NF 36   04/01/1950 228 OCU RAF, Crew abandoned after suspect fire, and crashed 1/2m S of Catterick, York, UK. Both crew safe.  
48-0237 North American F-86A-5-NA Sabre   04/01/1950 4th FIG, 334th FIS, USAF - Suffered engine failure and abandoned near Langley AFB, Virginia, USA. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
VP199 de Havilland Mosquito B.Mk 35   05/01/1950 109 Sqn RAF, Flew into hill at Mickle Fell, Yorkshire while on cross country flight. Both crew killed.  
46-021 Boeing B-50A-10-BO Superfortress 15741 05/01/1950 3200th BTS, 3200th PTG, APGC USAF, Suffered engine failure and ditched in Choctawhatchee Bay, 2mi NNE of Okaloosa, Florida, USA. 2 of 11 crew killed.  
FT376 North American T2B Harvard   05/01/1950 7 FTS, RAF. Hit tree during low level navex at Normandy, Lincolnshire, UK. Both crew killed.  
PP-XBW Curtiss C-46A-60-CK Commando  440 05/01/1950 Companhia Itaú de Transportes Aéreos, Suffered engine malfunction and W/O in forced landing near Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil. All 3 crew safe.  
42 red Lisunov Li-2   05/01/1950 Soviet AF, Crashed in heavy snowstorm on approach to Kolstovo Airport, Sverdlovsk, Russia. All 6 crew and 13 passengers killed.  
FX305 North American T2B Harvard   06/01/1950 RAFC. Lost wing recovering from dive during aerobatics and crashed near Coleby Hall, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
43-93509 Douglas C-47A 13429 06/01/1950 USAF. Suffered engine failure on take off from Ankara, Turkey and crashed.   
ZK-AIK de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth 83465 08/01/1950 Auckland Aero Club - W/O on take off at Port Charles, New Zealand. Pilot safe. Aircraft W/O.  
F-BEFQ Douglas C-47B-1-DK 14362/25807 10/01/1950 Air Nois - W/O near Zinder, Niger - NFI  
MM61704 Beechcraft C-45F Expeditor 7215 10/01/1950 Aeronautica Militare Italiana. W/O on landing at Padova-Brusegana, Italy.  
45-0570 Douglas C-54G-5-DO 36023 11/01/1950 United States Air Force (USAF), Overran on landing at Kodiak AFB, Alaska, USA. All 28 on board safe.  
45-8340 Lockheed F-80A Shooting Star   11/01/1950 USAF - Suffered loss of control and crashed 8 miles ESE of Mt Clemens, Michigan, USA after loss of control.  
49-0915 Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star 580-5065 11/01/1950 USAF. W/O when crashed 1.5 miles SW of Perris, California. Pilot killed.  
SW373 Avro Lancaster BIII GR   12/01/1950 210 Sq., RAF. Swung on landing at RAF St Eval, Cornwall, UK, and undercarriage raised to stop. All 5 crew safe.  
SW363 Avro Lancaster BIII GR   12/01/1950 236 OCU, RAF. W/O when crashed on take off from RAF Kinloss, Morayshire, UK after catching fire. All 5 crew killed. **
49-2037 Republic F-84E Thunderjet   12/01/1950 309 FS, 31FG, USAF. DABR in landing accident at Turner AFB, Georgia, USA. Pilot safe.  
RG254 de Havilland Mosquito PR34   13/01/1950 81 Sq RAF. Collided with Mosquito PR34 reg. PF624 and crashed off Scria, Brunei. Both crew killed.  
PF624 de Havilland Mosquito PR34   13/01/1950 81 Sq, RAF. W/O after colliding with Mosquito RG254 and crashed into sea off Scria, Brunei. Both crew killed. **
ZK-ALC de Havilland DH89B Dominie 6664 14/01/1950 New Zealand National Airways Corporation - On start up at Rotorua, New Zealand the port engine backfired and set fire to grass underneath the aircraft, which was destroyed in the fire. Pilot and 4 passengers safe.  
44-72106 North American F-6D Mustang (P-51D) 122-31865 17/01/1950 L'Armee de l'Air. Stalled on take off and crashed at Fribourg ?, Germany. Pilot safe.  
PZ393 de Havilland Mosquito FBVI   17/01/1950 204 AFS., RAF. Undercarriage collapsed when swung on landing at Brize Norton, UK. Both crew safe.  
PI-C184 Douglas DC-3   18/01/1950 Trans Asiatic Airlines - suffered gear collapse on take off at Mingaladon Airport, Yangon, Myanmar and W/O.  
86170 Grumman TBM-3E Avenger   18/01/1950 USN. W/O when ditched off NAF Chincoteague, Virginia, USA.  
T.2-143 CASA 352 34 18/01/1950 Ejercito del Aire. W/O when crashed into mountain 3.8 miles NE of Tobarra, Spain. All 3 crew and 13 passengers killed.  
RF680 de Havilland Mosquito FBVI   19/01/1950 204 AFS., RAF. Undercarriage collapsed when swung on landing at Brize Norton, UK. Both crew safe.  
11-14 Fairey Firefly FR4   20/01/1950 Marine Luchtvaartdienst - w/o at Valkenburg Naval Air Station, Netherlands - NFI.  
G-AITC Handley Page Halifax C8 1382 20/01/1950 World Air Freight - W/O on landing at Brindisi, Italy. All 6 occupants safe.  
TAM-10 Douglas C-47   21/01/1950 Transporte Aereo Militar (TAM) - crashed near Vacas, Bolivia in poor weather. All 4 crew and 28 passengers killed.  
F-BBDB Douglas DC-4-1009 42912 22/01/1950 Air France - destroyed by fire during maintenance work at Orly Airport. Paris. Electrical lamp fell into a recovery tub of oil and fuel, which ignited.  **
49-2422 Republic F084E Thunderjet   24/01/1950 27 FEW, 522 FES, USAF. Crashed near Kopo-ri, Korea, after running out of fuel. Pilot killed.  
PI-C22 Douglas DC-3   24/01/1950 Philippine Air Lines - DBR near Iloilo, Philippines - NFI  
F-BFGD Douglas C-47A-50-DL 10046 24/01/1950 Societe Transatlantique Aerienne (STA) - crashed into mountain 30 miles (48km) W of Tamatave, Madagascar.  
81606 Vought F4U-4 Corsair   24/01/1950 US Navy - W/O when ground looped on landing at NAS Mayport, Florida.  
42-98363 Stinson L-5A Sentinel   24/01/1950 USAF. Ran out of fuel and crash landed in New Mexico, USA.  
VT-CPQ Douglas C-47A-25-DK 13558 25/01/1950 Air Services of India - swung and crashed on take off at Shella, India. All 3 crew survived.  
42-72469 Douglas C-54D-1-DC 10574 26/01/1950 USAF - crashed in Yukon Territory, Canada while on flight from  Elmendorf AFB, Alaska to Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Montana  
F-BEIH Douglas C-47B-15-DK 15412/26857 30/01/1950 Air Nolis - DBR at Le Treport, France - NFI  
J-2069 North American P-51D-20-NA Mustang 122-31359 30/01/1950 Swiss Air Force - suffered engine failure and W/O in wheels up landing in field at Vilters, Switzerland. Pilot safe.  
45-1015 Douglas C-47B-45-DK 17018/34282 30/01/1950 USAF - crashed 20 miles (32km) SSW of Whitehouse Airport, Yukon Territory while engaged in search for crashed C-54  
45-1113 Douglas C-47B-50-DK 17116/34383 31/01/1950 USAF - stalled and crashed 5 miles (8km) N of La Tinta, Guatemala  
RL210 de Havilland Mosquito NF36   01/02/1950 29 Sq., RAF. Overshot and DBR n landing at West Malling, Kent, UK. Both crew safe.  
G-AHIX Short S.45 Solent 3 S.1310 01/02/1950 BOAC - plunged nose down when lifted by gust of wind while landing on Southampton Water, England  
44-22986 Fairchild C-82A Packet 10030 01/02/1950 USAF. DBR when undercarriage broke on landing at Selfridge AFB, Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA. All 5 crew safe.  
PH-TEU Douglas C-47A-25-DK 13396 02/02/1950 KLM - suffered engine fire and crashed in North Sea 40 miles (66km) off Dutch coast while on flight from Schiphol to London. All 7 crew killed.  
47-040 North American B-45A-5-NA Tornado 147-43440 03/02/1950 85th BS, 363d TRG USAF, Suffered engine failure on landing at Langley AFB, Virginia, USA and w/o on landing.   
PP118 Short Sunderland GR5   03/02/1950 RAF - sank during storm at Calshot. Later damaged in explosion during salvage operation  
43-49143 Douglas C-47D 26404/14959 04/02/1950 USAF. Crashed into sea 4.5 miles WNW of Roosevelt NAS, Puerto Rico. All 3 crew killed.  
4X-ACD Douglas C-54A-10-DC 10339 05/02/1950 El Al - skidded off runway on take off at Lydda, Israel and caught fire. All 4 crew and 45 passengers survived.  
VL726 de Havilland Mosquito FBVI   06/02/1950 4 Sq., RAF. Dived into ground on ranges at RAF Fassberg, Lower Saxony, West Germany. Both crew safe.  
I-38 Gloster Meteor F4   06/02/1950 Koninklijke Luchtmachy. W/O when crashed in field near Jelsum, Netherlands. Pilot killed.  
FAC-665 Douglas C-47   06/02/1950 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana - c15:30 hrs. W/O when crashed near Cali, Colombia. All 3 crew and 1 passenger killed.  
NZ4051 Consolidated PB2b-1 Catalina 60958 07/02/1950 RNZAF. Crashed while taking off from Evans Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.   
45-1037 Douglas C-47D 17040/34306 07/02/1950 USAF - 19:45hrs. Caught in downdraft and crashed into mountain 24km NW of Pon Lake, Yukon, Canada. 5 crew and 5 passengers safe.  
48-247 North American F-86A-5-NA Sabre   08/02/1950 4th FIG, 335 FIS, USAF - suffered engine failure and w/o in forced landing 3 miles south of Elberon, Virginia. Pilot safe.  
48-193 North American F-86A-5-NA Sabre   08/02/1950 94th FS, USAF - suffered engine failure and w/o in forced landing 2 miles west of Palm Springs, California,. USA. Pilot safe.  
CF-CPR Canadair C-4-1 Argonaut 148 09/02/1950 Canadian Pacific Airlines "Empress of Vancouver" - Overran on landing at Haneda Airport, Toyo, Japan, ran through sea wall and crashed into Tokyo Bay. All 5 crew and 10 passengers safe. Aircraft W/O.  
G-AJBA Avro Anson 1   10/02/1950 Ex. AX409. Eagle Aviation ltd. - crashed at Montge, France and w/o. **
84704 Martin PBM-5 Mariner   10/02/1950 ATU-10, USN. Lost in sea off Galveston, Texas, USA. All 9 crew missing.  
43-48457 Douglas C-47D 25718/14273 10/02/1950 USAF. W/O and DBF when damaged in crash landing at Los Angeles International Airport, California, USA.  
SX129 Supermarine Seafire FXVII   12/02/1950 1831 (VR) Sq., FAA. Broke up in mid air and crashed on Adlington Common, near Chorley, Lancashire, UK. Pilot killed. **
CR-AAJ Junkers Ju-52/3m 5962 12/02/1950 DETA Mozambique Airlines - force landed and w/o at Lagoa Pati, Mozambique. 15 on board safe.  
RK960 de Havilland Mosquito NF36   13/02/1950 228 OCU, RAF. DBR when undercarriage locked and collapsed on landing at RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire, UK. Crew safe.  
44-74650 North American F-51D Mustang   13/02/1950 3595 M. Sq., USAF - pilot lost control and crashed 2 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Pilot killed.  
44-92075 Convair B-36B   13/02/1950 436th BS, 7th BW, USAF. Crashed on Mount Kologet, British Columbia, Canada. Suffered engine problems while on a an air feasibility exercise. 5 of 17 crew killed. **
N58514 Grumman G-44 Widgeon 1396 13/02/1950 Private. Crashed in Las Flores Canyon, Malibu, California, USA., near Malibu, California. (Ex J4F-2 reg. 37766 - USN)  
47-0585 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star   14/02/1950 United States Air Force. W/O in mid air collision 84 Miles SW of Elmendorf AFB, USA.  
VW120 de Havilland DH108   15/02/1950 RAE. Pilot became incapacitated due to faulty oxygen system and aircraft broke up during a steep dive near Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, UK. S/Ldr KSR Muller-Rowland killed. **
42-65355 Boeing B-29 Superfortress   15/02/1950 United States Air Force. Crashed  1.5 miles SW Great Falls AFB, USA shortly after take off.  
48-0707 Republic F-84D Thunderjet   15/02/1950 United States Air Force. W/O in forced landing at Shaw AFB, South Carolina, USA. Pilot safe.  
F-BAOD Douglas DC-3A 11720 16/02/1950 Air France. W/O when ran off runway on landing at Cotonou Airport, Benin. All 3 crew safe.  
OY-ABF SAI KZ VII LARK 164 18/02/1950 Esbjerg Aero Service. Caught in downdraft, stalled and crashed at Sønderho, Fanø near Esbjerg, Denmark while on low level sightseeing flight. Pilot and 2 passengers safe.  
67285 Beechcraft SNB-2 Navigator 6531 18/02/1950 USN. DBR in taxiing accident at Westover AFB, Massachusetts, USA.  
VT-CXX Avro Anson I   20/02/1950 CAA of India. Crashed on take off at Rahimabad, Rahim Yar Khan District, Bahawalpur State (24km west of Sadiqa), India. Single crew member killed. **
FAC664 Douglas DC-3   21/02/1950 Fuerza Aérea Colombiana. Suffered engine failure, hit tree and w/o during emergency landing near Campoalegre, Huila, Columbia. All 4 crew safe. near Campoalegre, Huila **
FAC-664 Douglas C-47   21/02/1950 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana. Suffered engine failure and W/O when hit tree during emergency landing near Campoalegre, Huila, Colombia.  
46-0678 Northrop XF-89 Scorpion   22/02/1950 USAF. Suffered high frequency, low amplitude flutter of vertical/horizontal stabilisers and crashed at Rosecrans Avenue, 2 miles NE Manhattan Beach, California, USA. 1 of 2 crew killed.  
48-006 North American B-45C Tornado 153-38482 24/02/1950 AWFD, USAF. Suffered in flight explosion and crashed 8 miles N of Dayton, Ohio, USA. 2 of 3 crew killed. **
MM4045 Supermarine Spitfire IX   24/02/1950 Italian Air Force. Suffered engine failure while on training flight and crashed. Pilot safe.  
PK716 Supermarine Spitfire F24   27/02/1950 80 Sq., RAF. Hit sea and blew up during practice attack off Hong Kong.  
OK-WDY Douglas DC-3 12725 27/02/1950 CSA - 07:31 hrs. W/O when crashed into Prded <Mountain, Czech Republic while on scheduled domestic flight. 3 of 4 crew and 3 of 21 passengers killed.  
PG179 Vickers Wellington T10   28/02/1950 201 AFS, RAF. Stalled on approach and crashed 2.5 miles ENE of Raff Swinderby, Lincolnshire, UK.   
VT217 Gloster Meteor F4   28/02/1950 RAFFC. Hit hangar when undershot at RAF Manby, Lincolnshire, UK.  
HK-507 Douglas DC-3 4725 01/03/1950 Sociedad Aeronautica Medellin. Impacted terrain in torrential rain and strong winds on approach to Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, Medellin, Colombia. 2 of 4 crew killed. **
42-107320 Curtiss C-46A-40CU Commando 27007/CU647 01/03/1950 USAF - destroyed by fire after landing accident at Olsted AFB, USA. NFI.  
KJ936 Douglas Dakota IV 26109/14664 01/03/1950 RCAF. DBR when stalled on take off 13km from Snag, Yukon Territory, Canada. (Other source shows crashed on take off at Whitehorse, YT on 29/02/1950) **
44-72825 North American F-51D Mustang   02/03/1950 40 FS, 35 FIG, USAF. Suffered engine failure and W/O in forced landing 20 miles S of Niigata Airstrip, Japan. Pilot, James Lamar safe.  
44-74228 North American F-51D Mustang   03/03/1950 40 FS, 35 FIG, USAF. Suffered mechanical failure and ground looped at Niigata Airstrip, Japan. Pilot, Meford Travers safe.  
ZK-ALT de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth 3749 04/03/1950 DBR after colliding with Tiger Moth reg. ZK-ALL (c/n 3722) at Rukuhia, New Zealand.  
ZK-ALL de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth 3722 04/03/1950 Private. W/O when collided with DH Tiger Moth reg. ZK-ALT at Rukuhia, New Zealand.   
VF271 de Havilland DH.100 Vampire F.1 EEP40127 05/03/1950 501 Sq, RAF. W/O when overshot on landing at RAF Filton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK. Pilot safe.  
C-477 E.K.W. C-3603 257 06/03/1950 Swiss Air Force. Caught fire after colliding with house on take off from Mollis, Switzerland. Both crew safe.  
49-0712 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star   06/03/1950 USAF. Suffered loss of control and crashed 13 miles SE of Itazuke AB, Japan.  
NC93050 Martin 2-0-2 9134 07/03/1950 Northwest Orient Airlines. Struck flagpole on approach to St Paul International Airport, Minneapolis, USA and crashed into a house 5km NW of the airport. All 3 crew and 10 passengers killed. Two occupants in the house were killed. **
A73-44 Avro Lincoln B30   07/03/1950 RAAF. Control column jammed by parachute release box and aircraft crashed at RAAF Amberley, Queensland, Australia, All 4 crew killed.  
21-235 Airspeed Oxford I   07/03/1950 Flyvevabnet. W/O when collided with Harvard reg. 32-353 at Malov, Denmark. Pilot killed.  
32-353 North American Harvard III 88-16334 07/03/1950 Flyvevabnet. W/O when collided with Airspeed Oxford reg. 31-235 at Malov, Denmark. Both crew killed.  
42-84341 North American T-6D Texan   08/03/1950 USAF. Suffered loss of control and crashed 17 miles NE of Perrin AFB, USA.  
VF276 de Havilland Vampire FB1   08/03/1950 203 AFS, RAF. Lost wing tank on take off from RAF Driffield, North Yorkshire, UK, stalled and crashed. F/Lt Peter Martin safe.  
VT814 de Havilland DH.100 Vampire F.1   09/03/1950 73 Sq, RAF. W/O in forced landing at RAF Nicosia, Cyprus when undercarriage would not lower. Pilot safe.  
VT-814 de Havilland DH100 Vampire F1   09/03/1950 73 Sq., RAF. W/O in wheels up landing at RAF Nicosia, Cyprus, after undercarriage had jammed. Pilot safe.  
49-1497 North American T-28A Trojan 159-9 09/03/1950 North American Aviation Inc. DBR in belly-landing at Los Angeles International Airport, California, USA after suffering undercarriage failure. Pilot safe.  
HK-123 Douglas C-47-DL (DC-3) 6160 11/03/1950 Avianca. Crashed on take off at Ipiales Airport, Colombia.  
43-48464 Douglas C-47B-1-DK 25725/14280 11/03/1950 USAF. Crew abandoned after suffering inflight fire and crashed near Hope, Arizona, USA. 1 of 4 crew killed.  
G-AKBY Avro 689 Tudor 5 1417 12/03/1950 Fairflight. Stalled on approach to RAF Llandow, UK and crashed. All 5 crew and 75 of 78 passengers killed.  
RF511 Avro Lincoln B2   14/03/1950 230 OCU, RAF. Crashed at Carnedd Llewely, Near Bethesda, North Wales, UK while on night cross country exercise. All 6 crew killed. **
49-0893 Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star 580-5047 14/03/1950 3525th M&S, USAF. Collided with F-80A reg. 44-85274 6 Miles East of Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, USA. Crew bailed out safely.  
44-85274 Lockheed F-80A Shooting Star   14/03/1950 3525th M&S, USAF. Collided with T-33A reg. 49-0893 6 Miles East of Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, USA. Pilot bailed out safely.  
SX981 Avro Lincoln B.2   15/03/1950 101 Sqn RAF. Suffered engine fire and crashed near Great Driffield, North Yorkshire, UK. All 6 crew abandoned safely.  
PG419 Vickers Wellington T10   15/03/1950 201 AFS, RAF. Crashed on night approach to RAF Swinderby, Lincolnshire, UK.  
PH620 Avro Anson XI   15/03/1950 62 Gp. CF, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed during attempted overshoot at RAF Colerne, Wiltshire, UK.  
RF472 Avro Lincoln B2   15/03/1950 RAF. Overshot during attempted visual landing at RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire, UK and crashed at Kennington Cliff. 5 of 6 crew killed.  
48-0851 Bell H-13B Sioux 131 15/03/1950 United States Air Force. Suffered bird strike and crashed at Killeen, Texas, USA. Both crew killed.  
KN300 Douglas C-47B-25-DK Dakota C.4 32552/15804 16/03/1950 RAF. Swung on landing at Iringa-Nduli Airport, Tanzania and struck tree.   
VV680 de Havilland Vampire FB5   16/03/1950 RAFFC. Spun into North Sea, 1.5 miles ESE of Mabelthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
SW319 Avro Lancaster BIII GR   18/03/1950 210 Sqn RAF. SoC due to damage caused when struck by lightning shortly after take off from RAF North Front, Gibraltar. Landed safely but not repaired.  
SE-AEM Avro 594 Avian IIIA R3/CN/133 19/03/1950 Hudiksvalls Flygklubb, Crashed on take off at Hudiksvall,  Hudiksvall Municipality, in Hälsingland, Gävleborg County, Sweden. Pilot safe.  
VR343 de Havilland Mosquito TIII MA-7 21/03/1950 10 Sqn Belgian AF. Ran off runway at Beauvechain, Belgium in heavy landing. Both crew safe.  
G-AHJJ Bristol 170 Freighter 21 12742 21/03/1950 Bristol Aeroplane Co. Suffered structural failure of fuselage stern frame while on test flight and crashed near Cowbridge, UK. Pilot and 3 crew killed.  
49-1019 North American F-86A-5-NA Sabre   22/03/1950 93 FS, 81 FG, USAF. Crashed in poor weather 1 Mi E of Emmons, West Virginia, USA. Pilot killed (Arthur Reinhardt).  
48-306 North American F-86A-5-NA Sabre   22/03/1950 93 FS, 81 FG, USAF. Crashed in poor weather 1 Mi E of Emmons, West Virginia, USA. Pilot killed (George Evans).  
B-019 Avro 694 Lincoln B. Mk 2 1495 22/03/1950 Fuerza Aérea Argentina, Reported missing during training flight. Wreckage found in 1983 near the Roncagly Ewn glacier, Lago Fagnano, Tierra del Fuego, Chile.  
46-020 Boeing B-50A-10-BO Superfortress 15740 23/03/1950 65th BS, 43d BG, 43d BW USAF. Blew up after port outer engine caught fire and crashed  22miles NNW of Sentinel, Arizona, USA. 12 of 14 crew killed. **
TX187 Avro Anson C.19   23/03/1950 Halton Stn Flt RAF, Stalled at low altitude while on training flight and crashed 1 mile north west of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK. All 6 crew killed. **
46-0020 Boeing B-50A Superfortress   23/03/1950 USAF. Crashed north of Hyder, Arizona after suffering and engine fire. Disintegrated in mid air. 12 of 14 crew killed. **
43-48940 Douglas C-47D 26201/14756 23/03/1950 USAF. Crashed on take off in snow at Griffiss AFB, Rome, New York. Both crew killed.  
J-2028 North American P-51D-20-NA Mustang 122-38715 24/03/1950 Swiss Air Force, Collided with trees during training flight and crashed near Buchholterberg, Switzerland. Pilot killed.  
PK653 Supermarine Spitfire F.22   25/03/1950 608 (North Riding) Sqn RAF. Hit beacon and crashed  2 miles W of RAF Dishforth, Yorkshire, UK. Pilot safe. &&
VH-BDN Lockheed 414-08 Hudson IVA 6044 25/03/1950 Fawcett Aviation Service, opf. Mandated Air Lines. Suffered engine failure and collided with telephone wires and house on go around at Lae Airfield, Papua New Guinea. 1 of 3 crew killed. &&
SZ573 Short S.25 Sunderland GR.5   26/03/1950 RAF. Bomb exploded while aircraft was being prepared for sortie at Seletar, Singapore. Aircraft sank. 2 of 11 on board killed. &&
F-BANU Latécoère 631 3 28/03/1950 SEMAF. Aileron control coupling failed, control lost and crashed off 5 km W of Cap Ferret, France. All 12 crew killed. &&
43-49915 Douglas C-47B-20-DK 27176/15731 28/03/1950 USAF. Crashed 42 km SE of Komaki AB, Japan while on training flight. 3 of 4 crew killed. &&
43-15557 Douglas C-47A-85-DL 20023 28/03/1950 USAF. Suffered engine fire and W/O in forced landing  9,5 km SW of Roswell AAF, New Mexico, USA.  &&
45-1065 Douglas C-47B-50-DK (DC-3) 34335/17068 28/03/1950 USAF. Suffered engine fire shortly after take off from RCAF Rockcliffe, Ontario, Canada and crashed  15 km SE of the base. 4 of 5 crew killed. &&
LN819 Vickers Wellington X   29/03/1950 1 ANS, RAF. Suffered engine failure on take off from RAF Hullavington, UK, stalled and crashed during attempted return. All 4 crew killed. &&
VW277 Gloster Meteor F4   29/03/1950 56 Sq RAF. W/O when crashed in Mud flats near RAF Thorney Island, Hampshire, UK after failing to recover from formation roll. F/Lt William Constable-Maxwell killed. **
122665 Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat   30/03/1950 VF-194, USN. Collided with Douglas AD-3 Skyraider 122759 of VA-195 while conducting simulated attacks on USS Boxer in South China Sea, between Manila and Saigon. Lt/JG John Caskey killed. **
122759 Douglas AD-3 Skyraider   30/03/1950 VF-195, USN. Collided with Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat 122665 of VA-194 while conducting simulated attacks on USS Boxer in South China Sea, between Manila and Saigon. Lt/JG Henry Graefe killed. **
EF-40 Gloster Meteor F4 G5/285 31/03/1950 4 Sq Belgische Luchtmacht/ W/O when crashed near Bodendorf, Kreis Ahrweiler, Germany. Pilot killed. **
RG237 de Havilland Mosquito PR34   03/04/1950 13 Sqn RAF. W/O when undercarriage collapsed after swinging on take off at RAF Asmara, Eritrea. Both crew safe.  
PF626 de Havilland Mosquito PR34   04/04/1950 13 Sqn RAF. W/O when undercarriage collapsed after swinging on take off at RAF Asmara, Eritrea. Both crew safe.  
RG245 de Havilland Mosquito PR34   05/04/1950 540 Sqn RAF. W/O when undercarriage collapsed when swung on take off at RAF Benson, Oxfordshire, UK. Both crew safe.  
VT-CJD Douglas C-47A-20-DK (DC-3) 12826 05/04/1950 Deccan Airways - 04:00 hrs. Crashed in paddy field 3.5km S of Dum Dum Airport, Calcutta, India after suffering engine failure on take off. All 3 crew killed., 3,5 km S of Calcutta-Dum Dum Airport (CCU)  
NC615 Vickers Wellington   05/04/1950 Royal Air Force- 22:00 hrs. Broke up in air during navex from Middleton St George and crashed near Horam S of Heathfield, East Sussex, UK. All 4 crew killed. - RAF, Horam, Wealden District, East Sussex, 3 miles S of Heathfield **
76822 Martin JRM-3 Mars 9265 05/04/1950 JRM-3, USN. "Marshall Mars". Suffered in flight engine fire and burned out when fuel tanks exploded after force landing in Ke'ehi Lagoon, Oahu, Hawaii, USA.  &&
G-AJYM Auster J/5B Autocar 2909 07/04/1950 Mitchell Engineering Ltd. Spun and crashed on take off at Wyberton Fen Airfield, Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. All 3 crew killed. **
59645 Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer   08/04/1950 VP-26, USN. "Turbulent Turtle". Shot down by Soviet fighters 16 km South off Liepaja, Latvia while on electronic surveillance flight. All 10 crew killed. &&
VP-BAO Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina 118 09/04/1950 Caribbean International. Made emergency landing in sea  S of Kingston, Jamaica after double engine failure due to stoppage in fuel supply. All 4 crew safe. Aircraft later sank. **
F-WFKZ SNCAC NC-1080   10/04/1950 SNCAC. Crashed for unknown reasons near Brétigny-sur-Orge, France. Pilot, Pierre Gallay, killed.  
VA889 de Havilland Mosquito TIII   12/04/1950 CFS RAF. W/O when undercarriage collapsed on take off from RAF Little Rissington, UK. Both crew safe.  
NT594 de Havilland Mosquito NF30   13/04/1950 228 OCU, RAF. W/O undercarriage would not lock down and collapsed while conducting single engined landing at RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire, UK. Both crew safe.  
1706 Shorts Sunderland GR-5   13/04/1950 South African AF. Swung on take off (location unknown) and sank. NFI. This shown as Ex  RN305, to SAAF 12/10/45. Shown as sold 12/01/57?  
LR555 de Havilland Mosquito T.Mk III   14/04/1950 204 AFS, RAF. W/O in overshoot 1/2m NE of RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK.   
OH-AUB Auster Taylorcraft   14/04/1950 Private. Ran out of fuel after pilot became lost on cross country flight and crashed into power line during emergency landing near Siuntio, Finland. Pilot killed.  
HK-309 Douglas C-47    15/04/1950 LANSA. Impacted terrain 20 km NE of Pinto, Colombia. Both crew killed.  
G-AHDX Handley Page Halton I 1378/SH.28C 16/04/1950 Worldair Carriers. Crashed in fog into Mount Hohgant, Brienz, Switzerland while on flight from Eindhoven to Italy. All 6 crew killed.  
TJ629 Taylorcraft Auster AOP.V 1675 17/04/1950 656 Sq, RAF. Overshot on landing and overturned at Gua Musang, Malaya. Both crew safe.  
ZS-BET Fairchild F-24R-46A Argus II   17/04/1950 Private - 18:36 hrs. Crashed on Sneeuberg, Du Toitskloof Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa. Pilot and 2 passengers killed.  
G-AKWG Taylorcraft Auster AOP.V 1134 19/04/1950 Private. Crashed at Gosport, Hampshire, UK. Pilot safe.  
NZ1088 North American Harvard III 88-16327 19/04/1950 RNZAF. Stalled and impacted sea near Nirdlings Flat, Canterbury, New Zealand. Both crew killed.  
RF408 Avro Lincoln B2   20/04/1950 230 OCU, RAF. Belly landed after bouncing during night landing at Scampton.  
RS528 de Havilland Mosquito FBVI   20/04/1950 228 OCU, RAF. Stalled and dived into Druridge Bay, Northumberland, UK. Both crew killed.  
44-85198 Lockheed TF-80A Shooting Star   21/04/1950 USAF. Suffered loss of control and crashed 8 Mi NE Mesa Arizona, USA.  
I-055 Gloster Meteor F4   21/04/1950 Fuerza Aerea Argentina. W/O exploded in mid air near Cinco Lomas, Argentina. Pilot killed. **
44-90408 Republic F-47D Thunderbolt   22/04/1950 USAF. Suffered engine failure and ditched in Patapsco River, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  w/o
CCCP-N500 Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-4 199 23/04/1950 GUSMP, Directorate of Polar Aviation. Overran runway at Yakutsk Airport, Russia and DBR when gear collapsed.  
G-AIXW Avro Anson   26/04/1950 Dennis Aviation. Crashed at Mons, Belgium. Both crew safe.  
RG288 de Havilland Mosquito PR34   28/04/1950 237 OCU, RAF. Undershot on approach to Waddington during a single engined landing.  
WA616 Gloster Meteor T7   28/04/1950 1 OFU RAF. Missing between Tunis & Tripoli. Both crew killed. **
43-462 Gloster Meteor F4   04/05/1950 Flyvevabnet. W/O when crashed at Langeline/Kobenhagen, Denmark after struck mast of ship during air show. Pilot killed. **
VT819 de Havilland Vampire FB1   23/05/1950 32 Sq, RAF. Undercarriage jammed on approach to RAF Nicosia, Cyprus and W/O in emergency landing. Pilot safe.  
F-BBDE Douglas DC-4-1009 42937 12/06/1950 Air France - crashed into water on approach to Bahrain. Cause given as pilot error. 6 of 8 crew and 46 of 52 passengers killed. **
VN850 English Electric Canberra B.1 71004 13/06/1950 Rolls-Royce. Used on RR Avon tests. Crashed on Bulwell Common, near Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, UK while on approach to Hucknall. Thought that retraction of flaps caused wing to drop. Test pilot R.B. Leach killed.  
PG417 Vickers Wellington T10   14/06/1950 201 AFS, RAF. Overshot at Norton Disney, Lincolnshire during a night landing.   
N95425 Douglas DC-4 10270 23/06/1950 Northwest Airlines - crashed during a storm into Lake Michigan, 20 miles from Benton Harbor, USA. **
44-34478 Douglas B-26B Invader 27757 28/06/1950 3 BW, 13 BS, USAF. Crashed into sea near Ashiya Air Bae, Korea after bombing mission against rail yards at Munsan. 1/Lt Remer Harding and S/Sgt William Goodwin killed.  
44-34379 Douglas B-26B Invader 27658 28/06/1950 3 BW, 13 BS, USAF. Destroyed at Suwon Air Base, Korea to prevent capture by enemy after sustaining damage by ground fire. Pilot not injured.  
44-34238 Douglas B-26B Invader 27517 28/06/1950 3 BW, 8 BS, USAF. Crashed into Yellow Sea near Chin-do, Korea after instrument failure after bombing mission against rail yards at Munsan, 20 miles N of Seoul. Capt J. Cyborski and S/Sgt Jose Campos killed. !/Lt Harry Lister injured.  
46-358 North American F-82G Twin Mustang 150-38244 28/06/1950 35 FIG, 339 FS,, USAF. Crashed in zero visibility near Iwakuni, Korea. 1/Lt Vernon Lindvig and 1/Lt Derrell Sayre killed.  
44-34339 Douglas B-26B Invader 27618 29/06/1950 3 BW, 8 BS, USAF, Hit by shells from exploding train during bombing run, hit power lines, crashed at Sonyu-ri, Imjin-myun, Paju-gun. 2/Lt Charles Avarello and S/Sgt Maurice Olson killed.  
46-364 North American F-82G Twin Mustang 150-38250 29/06/1950 6160th ABW, 68th Ftr-Int Sq, USAF. Destroyed on the ground at Suwon by enemy aircraft  
49-603 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star 080-2351 30/06/1950 8 FBG, 36th Ftr-Bmbr Sq, USAF. Pilot bailed out 2 miles NW of Suwon, Korea after being hit by AA fire during a target run. 1/Lt Edwin Johnson safe.  
UNK North American F-82G Twin Mustang   01/07/1950 68th Ftr-Int Sq, USAF. Crashed 7 miles N of Itazuke Air Base, Korea.  
44-34368 Douglas B-26B Invader 27647 02/07/1950 3 BW, 8 BS, USAF. Ditched off the Korean coast near Fukae-shima after running out of fuel while returning to Ashiya AB, Japan from combat mission to Seoul. 1?lt Jack Eno safe. S/Sgt Robert Fluke killed.  
VP194 de Havilland Mosquito B35   03/07/1950 139 Sq, RAF. Crashed on approach to Hemswell during single engined approach.  
49-711 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star 080-2459 03/07/1950 8 FBG, USAF. Shot down by enemy tank fire bear Pangyo-ri, Korea. Maj Amos Sluder killed.  
96809 Vought F4U-4B Corsair   03/07/1950 CV-45, USN, USS Valley Forge., VF-53, USN. W/o when engine failed on launch. Ends William Brown safe.  
122725 HO3S-1   04/07/1950 CV-45, USN, USS Valley Forge., HU-1, USN. Ditched after engine failure. AD1 William Anderson and AE3 Donald Hamm safe.  
123804 Douglas AD-4 Skyraider   04/07/1950 CV-45, USN, USS Valley Forge., VA-55, USN Crashed on flight deck after being hit by AA fire over Pyongyang, Korea. Ends Gerald Covington safe.  
122909 Douglas AD-3W Skyraider   04/07/1950 CV-45, USN, USS Valley Forge., VC-11 det. W/O in bad carrier landing. Lt Glendon Goodwin, AT2 Robert Seitzer and AK3 Gwyn Young safe.  
44-34375 Douglas B-26B Invader 27654 06/07/1950 3 BW, 13 BS, USAF. Crew bailed out 10 miles N of Taejon, Korea after being hit by ground fire. A/Sgt William Lower and Cpl Raymond Roethler safe. Third crew member unaccounted for.  
44-34240 Douglas B-26B Invader 27519 06/07/1950 3 BW, 8 BS, USAF. Crashed near Paekto-ri after being caught in own bomb blast 10 miles NW of Osan, Korea. 1/Lt David Moore and PFC Edward Chumak killed.  
46-402 North American F-82G Twin Mustang 150-38288 06/07/1950 51 FIG, 68 FIS, USAF. Crashed at Chongmong-ni, Pung-myun, Kapyong-gun. Both crew killed.  
49-535 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star 080-2283 07/07/1950 49 FBG, 8 FBS, USAF. Flamed out and crashed in the Kikyo Straits 10 mi N of Ashiya AB (20 mi from Iki-Shima). Pilot killed.  
A68-757 North American F-51D Mustang   07/07/1950 77 Sq, RAAF. Shot down by Yak, 400 meters N of Pukpyong RR Station, Songchong-ni, Pukpyong-up, Samchok-gun. Pilot safe.  
44-69866 Boeing B-29 Superfortress 10698 12/07/1950 19 BW, 28 BS, USAF. Damaged by fighters near Seoul. Crew bailed out safely.  
44-61923 Boeing B-29 Superfortress 11400 13/07/1950 92 BG, 325 BS, USAF. Bomb prematurely exploded during bomb drop. Crashed near Dogo Island. 5 Crew bailed out safely.  
44-74281 North American F-51D Mustang 122-40821 15/07/1950 35 FIW, 40 FIS, USAF. Crashed 14 miles NE of Taejon, near Yumae, possibly hit by ground fire. Pilot killed.  
122575 Grumman F9F-3 Panther   16/07/1950 VF-51, USN, USS Valley Forge. Suffered faulty catapult shot, lost power and crashed into sea. Pilot safe. (Date also shown as 18/07/1950).  
49-698 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star 080-2446 19/07/1950 8 FBG, 36 FBS, USAF. Damaged by fighter and crashed 1 mile W of Taejon Airfield. Pilot killed.  
62936 Vought F4U-4B Corsair   19/07/1950 VF-54 (CV-9), USN, USS Essex. Hit by AA fire and ditched in sea off Wonsan. Pilot rescued.  
PK346 Supermarine Spitfire F22   21/07/1950 613 Sq, RAF. Crashed near Cuckoo Bridge, Lincolnshire. Pilot killed - NFI.  
123844 Douglas AD-4 Skyraider   22/07/1950 VA-55 (CV-45), USN, USS Valley Forge. Struck ground during strafing run near Kangnyong-ri, Korea. Pilot killed.  
49-2006 Sikorsky H-5H   25/07/1950 3 ARS, MATS, USAF. Ran out of fuel while on SAR mission at Posong, Korea. Both crew safe. Aircraft later destroyed by USN aircraft.  
97103 Vought F4U-4B Corsair   25/07/1950 VA-53 (CV-45), USN, USS Valley Forge. Crash landed 15 miles NE of Posong after being hit by AA fire. Pilot PoW.  
123815 Douglas AD-4 Skyraider   25/07/1950 VA-55 (CV-45), USN, USS Valley Forge. Damaged by own bomb blast and crashed. Pilot recued.  
44-72620 North American F-51D Mustang 122-39079 26/07/1950 35 FIW, USAF. Lost when crashed into ground, Korea - NFI.  
44-73879 North American F-51D Mustang 122-40419 26/07/1950 51 FS, USAF. Lost to enemy action, Korea, NFI.  
44-34234 Douglas B-26B Invader 27513 28/07/1950 3 BW, 13 BS, USAF. Crashed near Chong Ju after being hit by ground fire. All 3 crew killed.  
44-73608 North American F-51D Mustang 122-40067 30/07/1950 8 FBG, 51 FS, USAF. Crashed into hillside 5 miles S of Kochang after being hit by ground fire. Pilot killed.  
49-554 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star 080-2302 30/07/1950 8 FBG, 80 FBS, USAF. Crashed in bad weather near Tsu-Shima, Korea. Pilot killed  
49-457 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star 080-2205 01/08/1950 8 FBG, 35 FBS, USAF. Crashed 5 miles SE of Chonui after striking cable strung between mountains. Pilot killed.  
TG441 de Havilland DH.100 Vampire F.1   21/08/1950 501 Sq, RAF. Crashed on take off at RAF Tangmere, West Sussex, UK. Pilot safe.  
PH311 Airspeed Oxford I   24/08/1950 66 Gp CF, RAF. W/O when flew into high ground 3 miles NE of Rottol, Angus, UK.  
44-74476 North American F-51D Mustang   24/08/1950 8 FBG, USAF. W/O when crash landed ta Taegu, Korea. Pilot killed.  
44-72559 North American F-51D Mustang   24/08/1950 35 FIW, USAF. Hit by ground fire and W/O when hit ridge in emergency landing S of Ichon, Korea. Pilot killed.  
N92807 Sikorsky S-51   25/08/1950 Sikorsky. W/O when crashed 1.5 miles S of Wright Field, Ohio, USA after mid air collision with USAF Douglas C-54 reg. 41-72557.   
KN630 Douglas Dakota IV 33286/16538 25/08/1950 RAF. Crashed in dense jungle during supply drop mission 1 mile WNW of Kampong Jenera, Malaysia. All 3 crew and 9 passengers killed. **
MM4146 Lockheed P-38L Lightning   25/08/1950 Aeronautica Militare Italiana. W/O when crashed and DBF near Bitetto, Italy after double engine failure. Pilot killed. **
48411 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina   26/08/1950 USN. W/O when ground looped while taxiing at Quonset Point NAS, Rhode Island, USA.  
WB609 de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 C1/0050 26/08/1950 11 RFS, RAF. W/O when stalled when engine failed to pick up during air display at Sydenham, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Pilot killed. **
49-1187 North American F-86A-5-NA Sabre   27/08/1950 56 FIG, 62 FIS, USAF. W/O when ran out of fuel and crashed 125 miles SW of Scott AFB, Illinois, USA. Pilot safe) **
97467 Vought F4U-4B Corsair   27/08/1950 CV-45, USN, USS Valley Forge. Ditched after being hit by AA while attacking shipping in Songjon-man Harbor, Korea. Pilot safe.   
XA-DEZ Boeing 247D 1724 27/08/1950 Servicios Sereos Nacionales. W/O and DBF when crashed near Vera Cruz, Mexico. Both crew and 1 passenger killed.  
44-82563 North American AT-6F Texan   28/08/1950 6147 TCG, USAF. Hit by ground fire and W/O when crash landed - Korea.  
N6004C Lockheed L-749A Constellation 2636 31/08/1950 Trans World Airlines - suffered engine fire on flight from Cairo and destroyed in attempted forced landing near Wadi Natrun, 65 miles north of Cairo. **
CF-EDN Douglas DC-4   13/09/1950 Curtiss-Reid Flying Services Ltd. - on charter flight from Rome, Italy to Montreal, Canada via Paris. Struck de l'Obiou Peak in the Devoluy range of the Alps near Corps, France. Thought to have been caused by error in navigation. **
YU-ABC Douglas DC-3   21/09/1950 Jugoslovenski Aerotransport - JAT. Crashed while landing at Zagreb airport while on passenger flight from Beograd to Zagreb. All 4 crew and 6 of 7 passengers killed.  
VW292 Gloster Meteor F4   28/09/1950 No 203 AFS. Lost height during single engined approach at Driffield, opened up and rolled into ground. Pilot killed.  
TA582 de Havilland Mosquito FB6   05/10/1950 204As., RAF. Engine feathered for practice at Kirkton-in-Lindsey, UK. Would no restart, lost height and bellylanded  
WA120 de Havilland Vampire FB5   08/10/1950 4 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine failure and overshot landing 10 miles NW of Antwerp, Belgium. Sgt I. Warren safe.  
VS367 Percival Prentice T1   10/10/1950 6 FTS, RAF - spun into ground at Levedale, Staffordshire. Pilot killed.  
RP320 Vickers Wellington T10   14/10/1950 Collided with Belgian Mosquito MB-18 at night off Reculver, Kent  
RP388 Vickers Wellington T10   15/10/1950 204 AFTS, RAF. Collided with Wellington T10 reg. LP846 in cloud on approach to Swinderby  
LP846 Vickers Wellington T10   15/10/1950 204 AFTS, RAF. Collided with Wellington T10 reg. RP388 in cloud on approach to Swinderby  
VP179 de Havilland Mosquito B35   17/10/1950 139 Sq., RAF - damaged undercarriage during single engined landing at Hemswell. Not repaired.  
VF308 de Havilland DH.100 Vampire F.1   17/10/1950 203 AFS, RAF. Collided with Vampire VF270 near Driffield, North Yorkshire, UK and crashed. Pilot killed.  
VF270 de Havilland DH.100 Vampire F.1   17/10/1950 203 AFS, RAF. Collided with Vampire VF308 near Driffield, North Yorkshire, UK and crashed. Pilot killed.  
T6581 de Havilland Tiger Moth T1   18/10/1950 4 RS, RAF. Ran away on starting up at Swanton Morley and hit hangar door.  
TE375 Supermarine Spitfire LF16   23/10/1950 Supermarine Spitfire LF16  
TZ216 Supermarine Spitfire FR18   24/10/1950 No 208 Sqn RAF. Abandoned after engine cut at Nicosia, Cyprus.  
VT-COI Douglas C-47A-30-DK Dakota III 25482/14037 25/11/1950 Indamer. Crashed at Khitka, Bhutan while on freight flight.. PROBABLE CAUSE: Crew inattention. All 3 crew killed.  
WV915 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   29/11/1950 806 NAS, FAA. Suffered engine failure and crashed in Indian Ocean off Ras Hafun, Somali Republic. Pilot ejected safely.  
F-BELB Douglas C-54A-DO 3084 08/12/1950 Transports Aeriens Intercontintaux - flew into high ground shortly after take off from Bangui airport, Central African Republic. 3 of 6 crew and 46 of 5 passengers killed.  
WA188 de Havilland Vampire FB5   11/12/1950 213 Sq, RAF. Hit water on approach and crash landed at RAF Deversoir, Egypt. Pilot safe.  
RE344 Avro Lincoln B4   12/12/1950 12 Sq., RAF. Yawed and crashed landed after single engined approach to Binbrook.  
VT-CFK Douglas DC-3 14604/26049 13/12/1950 Air India. Hit high ground at Katagiri, India, due to navigation error. All 4 crew and 17 passengers killed (  
YU-C-AVU Douglas C-47-DL 4432 15/12/1950 AVENSA.  Crashed into mountain at Velera, Venezuela while on non schedule passenger flight from Merida to Caracas. All 3 crew and 28 passengers killed.  
SM947 Supermarine Spitfire F18   17/12/1950 No 60 Sqn, RAF. Hit ditch on landing at Kuala Lumpur. Malaya. Undercarriage torn off.  
40-9096 Douglas C-54E-10-DO Skymaster   19/12/1950 USAF - crashed on Mt Tabayoc, near Kabayama, Philippines while on flight from Naha Air Base, Okinawa to Clark Air Base, Philippines. **
44-9096 Douglas C-54E-5-DO 27322 19/12/1950 USAF - W/O when it crashed into M Tabayoc near Baguio, Philippines due to navigational error.  
TG574 Handley Page Hastings C.1   20/12/1950 No 99 Sqn RAF. Lost propeller which hit aircraft and severed tail controls. Engine came loose and crashed on approach to Benina, Malaya. 5 crew killed.  
RA431 Gloster Meteor F4   28/12/1950 226 OCU, RAF. Lost on navex, ran out of fuel and belly landed 3 miles west of Dymchurch, Kent.  
ST798 Handley Page Halifax Met 6   29/12/1950 202 Sq., RAF. Crashed into sea 15m SSE of Barra Head, Hebrides. 8 crew killed.  
VF273 de Havilland Vampire F1   12/01/1951 203/AFS, RAF. Crashed near Millom, Cumberland, UK. Pilot safe.   
VR-HEP Douglas DC-3 (VC-47D-27-DK) 32530/15782 13/01/1951 Air Carriers. W/O when crashed on Mt Bukit Besar, 6.5km W of Sungei Padi, Malaysia. All 3 crew and 7 passengers killed. **
N74685 Douglas DC-4-1009 43102 14/01/1951 National Airlines - 14:13 hrs. W/O when overran on landing at Philadelphia Int Airport, Pennsylvania, USA. 1 of 3 crew and 7 of 28 passengers killed. **
Yellow N de Havilland J 28A (DH.100 Vampire)   16/01/1951 Swedish Air Force. Impacted terrain near Lake Glypen, Sweden during low level navigation sortie in poor weather. Pilot killed.  
SX958 Avro Lincoln B2   18/01/1951 230 OCU, RAF. Struck from above by Lincoln RA712 and Binbrook, Lincolnshire, UK.  
RA712 Avro Lincoln B2   18/01/1951 617 Sq, RAF. Undershot on 3 engined approach to Binbrook, Lincolnshire, UK and hit Lincoln SX958.   
TG295 de Havilland Vampire F1   20/01/1951 203 AFS, RAF. Crashed near Dishforth, North Yorkshire, UK. Pilot safe.  
TA701 de Havilland Mosquito B35   22/01/1951 139 Sq, RAF. Failed to recover from bombing dive and crashed on Wainfleet Range, Lincolnshire.  
RA717 Avro Lincoln B2   22/01/1951 230 OCU, RAF. Flew into ground near Hackthorn, Lincolnshire while on night approach to RAF Scampton.  
PP107 Short Sunderland     28/01/1951 RAF - crashed near An-Tung, Taiwan while on flight from Iwakuni, Japan to Hong Kong. **
RS699 de Havilland Mosquito B35   08/02/1951 139 Sq, RAF. Crashed during bombing run at Wainfleet Range, Lincolnshire. Both crew killed.  
VR309 Hunting Percival Prentice T1   17/02/1951 7 FTS, RAF. Flew into ground at Greatham Lodge, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK in snowstorm.  
WA237 de Havilland Vampire FB5   21/02/1951 60 Sq, RAF. Undershot landing at Butterworth, Malaya and W/O. Pilot safe.  
49-244 Douglas C-124A Globemaster II   22/03/1951 2nd Strategic Support Squadron, USAF - crashed in North Atlantic off Ireland while on a flight from USA to Mildenhall, England **
WA371 de Havilland Vampire FB5   05/04/1951 203 AFS, RAF. Spun into ground near Cottam, Yorkshire, UK while practicing stall turns. Pilot killed.  
WA164 de Havilland Vampire FB5   05/04/1951 4 Sq, RAF. DBR in belly-landing at Wunstorf, Germany after suffering engine failure. Pilot safe.  
43-48298 Douglas C-47B-1-DK 25559 08/04/1951 USAF - struck tree and crashed while on finals to Kanawha, near Charleston, West Virginia while on flight from Goodman Air Base, Kentucky. **
J-1053 de Havilland Vampire FB6 964 20/04/1951 Swiss Air Force. Crashed at Sihltal, Switzerland after pilot lost control during training flight. Lt. Francesco Masina killed.  
122226 Douglas AD-2 Skyraider   25/04/1951 VA-65, USN, USS Valley Forge (CV-45). Crash landed at Seoul Airfield, Korea. Ensign Daniel S. Saunders not injured.  
WA145 de Havilland Vampire FB5   27/04/1951 4 Sq, RAF. [UP-B]. Suffered engine failure and W/O in crash landing 1.5 miles SE of Hoya, District of Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. Pilot safe.  
49-2660 Convair B-36D-25-CF   06/05/1951 USAF - starboard jet pod struck runway on landing at Kirtland Air Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico and aircraft crashed  after pilot elected to attempt a go-around. **
VF336 de Havilland Vampire FB1   21/05/1951 614 Sq, RAF. DBR when bellylanded beach near RAF Acklington, Northumberland, UK after running out of fuel. Pilot safe.  
WA140 de Havilland Vampire FB5   25/05/1951 94 Sq, RAF. Suffered electrical failure due to engine overheat and abandoned near Emsdetten, Germany. Pilot safe.  
122213 Douglas AD-2 Skyraider 6676 21/06/1951 VC-35, USN - hit by anti aircraft fire, caught fire and crashed near Wonsan, Korea. Pilot - Lt. David A Arrivee killed. **
TG313 de Havilland Vampire FB1   27/06/1951 de Havilland Aircraft Ltd. Crashed at Brides Farm, Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire, UK. Pilot safe.  
J-1052 de Havilland Vampire FB.6 963 29/06/1951 Swiss Air Force. Entered turn and crashed  at Villeneuve, Switzerland while on training flight. Pilot killed.  
VF341 de Havilland Vampire FB1   29/06/1951 608 Sq, RAF. Crashed in sea in fog 4 miles E of RAF Leuchars, Fife, UK. Pilot killed.  
N37543 Douglas DC-6   30/06/1951 United Air Lines - on flight to Denver when it crashed on Crystal Mountain near Fort Collins, Colorado 50 miles from Denver.  **
WA298 de Havilland Vampire FB5   02/07/1951 202 AFS, RAF. Crashed into Irish Sea, 12 miles S of Valley, Anglesey, UK while on approach. Pilot killed.  
VF303 de Havilland Vampire FB1   18/07/1951 103 FRS, RAF. Impacted terrain in cloud 6 miles SW of Filey, North Yorkshire, UK. Pilot safe.  
WA400 de Havilland Vampire FB5   25/07/1951 102 Sq, RAF. DBR and caught fire after forced landing on Strines Moor nr. Great Longstone, 8 miles SW of Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK after pilot had become disorientated and ran out of fuel. F/O Beckford safe.  
WA125 de Havilland Vampire FB5   27/07/1951 67 Sq, RAF. Ran out of fuel and DBR in belly-landing 2 miles E of Verl, Germany. Pilot safe.  
WA232 de Havilland Vampire FB5   28/07/1951 612 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine flame out and DBR in forced landing near nr Inverbervie, Kincardineshire, UK. F/Sgt J.M. Thomson (27) killed.  
WA160 de Havilland Vampire FB5   31/07/1951 202 AFS, RAF. Suffered engine flame out after hitting water during low flying exercise and ditched in Dulas Bay, Anglesey, UK. Pilot safe.  
WA363 de Havilland Vampire FB5   05/08/1951 605 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine failure and DBR in forced landing 1.5 miles SW of Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, UK. Pilot safe.  
N37550 Douglas DC-6B   24/08/1951 United Air Lines - crashed near Union City, California, USA while on approach to Oakland Municipal Airport.  **
J-1015 de Havilland Vampire FB.6   28/08/1951 Swiss Air Force. Stalled on approach at Dübendorf, Switzerland. Pilot killed.  
50-007 Boeing B-47B Stratojet   01/09/1951 USAF. W/O in midair collision with B-47 reg. 50-0024, 3 miles NE of Wichita AFB, Kansas. Both aircraft destroyed. All 4 crew killed.  
WA273 de Havilland Vampire FB5   04/09/1951 28 Sq, RAF. Control lost in simulated attacked and impacted terrain 6 miles WSW of Sek Kong, Hong Kong.   
VT863 de Havilland Vampire F.3 EEP42421 09/09/1951 608 Sq, RAF. Stalled during tight turn and crashed near to "Meggison House", 1 mile West of Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire, UK. Sgt Harry Mincher killed. **
WA135 de Havilland Vampire FB5   18/09/1951 93 Sq, RAF. DBR in belly-landing at Celle, Germany after pilot selected undercarriage instead of flaps. F/O John Wood safe.  
VZ237 de Havilland Vampire FB5   18/09/1951 RAF Flying College. Suffered engine failure on take off from RAF Strubby, UK and crashed. W/Cmdr Donald Steventon killed when parachute failed to deploy.  
WA276 de Havilland Vampire FB5   20/09/1951 60 Sq, RAF. Collided with Vampire WA258 25 miles E of RAF Changi, Singapore and crashed.   
WA258 de Havilland Vampire FB5   20/09/1951 60 Sq, RAF. Collided with Vampire WA276 25 miles E of RAF Changi, Singapore and crashed.   
WA162 de Havilland Vampire FB5   21/09/1951 26 Sq, RAF. Wing tip struck ground during ground attack practice and crashed 3 miles NE of Stadthagen, Germany. Pilot killed.  
WA222 de Havilland Vampire FB5   06/10/1951 71 Sq, RAF. Wing dropped on take off at Rijen AB, Gilze, Netherlands and crashed. Pilot killed.  
WA318 de Havilland Vampire FB5   11/10/1951 202 AFS, RAF. Overshot on landing too fast at Valley, Anglesey, UK. Pilot safe.  
WA143 de Havilland Vampire FB5   12/10/1951 98 Sq, RAF. Caught fire during ground attack practice and crashed  at Asherton Farm, Horse Down, Larkhill, Wiltshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WA263 de Havilland Vampire FB5   17/10/1951 28 Sq, RAF. Landed too fast at Kai Tak, Hong Kong after suffering engine failure and DBR when undercarriage raised to stop. Pilot safe.  
45-57810 Fairchild C-82A Packet 10180 13/11/1951 USAF - crashed near Besse-St-Anataise, Puy-de-Dome, France while en route from Frankfurt, West Germany to Bordeaux, France.
Additional reported to Cruzeiro do Sul as PP-CEM. 26/01/1960 DBR in ground collision with ZP-CAD (ex. PB4Y reg. 66277) at Rio de Janeiro.
RS677 de Havilland Mosquito FB6   16/11/1951 204 AFS, RAF. Pilot lost control during single engined approach to Swinderby, Lincolnshire and crash landed in field.  
KF953 North American Harvard T2B   27/11/1951 22 FTS, RAF. Crashed near Blyton, Lincolnshire while inverted during aerobatics. Pilot killed.  
NA843 Vickers Wellington T10   07/12/1951 101 FRS, RAF. Bally landed at Blyton, Lincolnshire after losing height on single engine approach.  
N1678M Curtiss-Wright C-46F   16/12/1951 Miami Airlines Inc - smoke was noted coming from the right side of the aircraft after take off from Newark Airport, USA and after being cleared for an immediate return the aircraft struck the roof of a house and crashed into the Elizabeth River, becoming inverted. **
51-17387 English Electric Canberra B.2 71012 21/12/1951 USAF. Ex RAF WD932. Incorrect fuel handling led to tail heaviness which caused loss of control during high g manoeuvring and subsequent wing failure. Crashed at Delmarva Peninsula, 6 Miles NW Centreville, Maryland, USA. Both crew ejected but one killed when parachute failed to open.  
50-635 North American F-86E-1 Sabre 170-57 01/01/1952 51st FIW, 16th FIS, USAF. While returning from combat mission the landing gear malfunctioned and the aircraft suffered fuel starvation. Crashed at Suwon K-13 Air Force Base, Korea. Pilot, 1st Lt. John Logoyda, killed.  
63036 Vought F4U-4B Corsair   01/01/1952 US Navy. Aircraft was hit by AA fire and pilot bailed out near Chorwon, Korea. A subsequent search and rescue mission failed to find the pilot.  
122247 Douglas AD-2 Skyraider   08/01/1952 VF-194, USN (Valley Forge CV-45). Hit by small arms fire and ditched in Wonsan Harbor, 15 miles S of Hungnam, Korea. Lt. Jg. A.A. Peterson rescued by helicopter.  
WB210 Vickers Valiant Prototype   12/01/1952 Vickers. W/O when crashed in Harrow Wood 5 miles NE of Christchurch, Hampshire, UK after suffering mid air fire due to fuel spillage on wing. 1 of 5 crew killed. **
122248 Douglas AD-2 Skyraider   15/01/1952 MAG-12, USMC. Crashed after being hit by small arms fire and tail section fell off. 2/Lt Daniel G. Melemdrez killed.  
122258 Douglas AD-2 Skyraider   29/01/1952 VMA-121, USMC. Hit by AA fire. Crashed into hill while attempting to land while on fire. Maj. Charles W. Buntin killed.  
VR795 de Havilland Mosquito B35   07/02/1952 139 Sq, RAF. Overshot during single engine landing at Hemswell, Lincolnshire.  
SX928 Avro Lincoln B2   25/02/1952 230 OCU, RAF. Overshot on landing at Scampton, Lincolnshire, UK and caught fire.  
WF373 Vickers Varsity T1   11/03/1952 201 AFS, RAF. Crashed when engine cut on overshoot at Swinderby. 3 crew killed.  
G-AMGL Avro 685 York C1 1354 11/03/1952 Allocated XA192 for trooping flight - crashed near Hamburg, West Germany.  
WD991 English Electric Canberra B.2 71064 25/03/1952 English Electric Co. Thought that spanner had caused elevator to jam while on test flight and aircraft crashed near Valentine Lane, Cottam, W of Preston, Lancashire, UK. Test pilot F/Lt Thomas Evans killed. **
WD984 English Electric Canberra B2 71055 27/03/1952 617 Sq, RAF - 11:40hrs. Lost height in snowstorm and struck ground near Beelsby, 6 miles SW of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK while on approach to RAF Binbrook. All 3 crew killed. **
WD985 English Electric Canberra B.2 71056 08/04/1952 4 FPP, RAF. Force landed in field at Queensferry, 1 mile SE of Sealand, Flintshire, UK after mishandling of fuel switches. Both crew safe.  **
50-038 Boeing B-47B Stratojet   11/04/1952 306 BW, USAF. Suffered power loss due to fuel mismanagement and ditched in Tampa Bay, USA.  
N88899 Douglas DC-4   11/04/1952 Pan American Airways - crashed in Atlantic Ocean after suffering engine problems shortly after take off from Isle Grande Airport, Puerto Rico. **
19181 Canadair Sabre 2   18/04/1952 C410 Sq, RCAF. Collided with Sabre 19177 over Wainfleet Range, Lincolnshire, UK and crashed. Pilot killed.  
19177 Canadair Sabre 2   18/04/1952 C410 Sq, RCAF. Collided with Sabre 19181 over Wainfleet Range, Lincolnshire, UK and crashed. Pilot killed.  
N1039V Boeing 377 Stratocruiser   29/04/1952 Pan American Airways - crashed in the south eastern corner of Para state, Brazil 1000 miles NNW of Rio de Janeiro. Aircraft had disintegrated in flight. **
WD960 English Electric Canberra B.2 71042 30/04/1952 RAE Farnborough. Stalled and crashed while turning onto final approach to RAF Llandow, near Bridgend, South Glamorgan, UK. Both crew killed.  
WA679 Gloster Meteor T7   16/05/1952 RAFFC. Crashed at Strubby, Lincolnshire, UK after rolling on asymmetric overshoot. Both crew killed.  
WF745 Gloster Meteor F8   21/05/1952 CGS, RAF. Flew into sea at Holbeach Range, Lincolnshire, UK while on gunnery practice on towed target. Pilot killed.  
VT336 Gloster meteor F4   06/06/1952 207 AFS, RAF. Crashed at Burwell Wood, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WD804 Gloster Javelin prototype   29/06/1952 Gloster Aircraft Co. W/O and DBF in forced landing at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, England, UK after loss of control when elevators broke away during test flight. Pilot safe.  **
122222 Douglas AD-3 Skyraider   07/07/1952 USMC - damaged by AAA fire and made wheels up landing at K-6, Korea.  
G-ALGJ Miles Hawk Trainer 3 2106 22/07/1952 Private. Crashed in fog on Lank Rigg, Lake District, Up while on flight from Blackpool to Carlisle. Wilfred Foster (pilot) safe.  **
50-081 Boeing B-47B Stratojet   22/07/1952 USAF. Exploded in midair and crashed in Marianna, Florida. All 3 crew killed.  
RA369 Gloster Meteor F4   24/07/1952 215 AFS, RAF. Crashed into sea near Donna Nook Range, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WK657 Gloster Meteor F8   14/08/1952 92 Sq, RAF. Crashed at Dogdyke, Lincolnshire, UK while engaged in aerobatics. Pilot killed.  
WE116 English Electric Canberra B.2 71079 20/08/1952 231 OCU, RAF. Flew into ground 1 mile N of Therfield, Hertfordshire, UK while on night navex. All 3 crew killed.  
G783 Bristol 170   26/08/1952 Royal Pakistan Air Force - crashed near Khewra, West Pakistan while on a flight from Lahore to Peshawar. **
122219 Douglas AD-2 Skyraider   29/08/1952 VMA-121, USMC - lost contact with formation and explosion seen on side of hill near Chion-ni, Korea. Capt. Ralph R. Clary killed.  
WG236 de Havilland 110   06/09/1952 de Havilland Aircraft Co. - disintegrated and crashed while performing aerobatics at Farnborough Airshow, Hampshire, England. Pilot, John Derry, observer, Anthony Richards and 28 spectators killed. **
T7396 de Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth T2   15/09/1952 SF, RAF. Over turned during forced landing at night near Wragby, Lincolnshire, UK.   
50-466 North American F-86D Sabre 165-12 18/09/1952 USAF. W/O in crash 10 miles SE of Tyndall AFB, Florida.  
RL189 de Havilland Mosquito NF36   26/09/1952 199 Sq, RAF. Crashed after suffering engine failure on take off at Hemswell, Lincolnshire, UK. Both crew killed.  
KF688 North American Harvard T2B   17/10/1952 7 FTS, RAF. Collided with Harvard T2B reg. FX388 near Folkingham, Lincolnshire, UK.  
FX388 North American Harvard T2B   17/10/1952 7 FTS, RAF. Collided with Harvard T2B reg. KF688 near Folkingham, Lincolnshire, UK.  
WF823 Gloster Meteor T7   07/11/1952 504 Sq, RAF. Spun into ground near Swinstead, Lincolnshire, UK after canopy detached and jammed. Both crew killed.  
WD994 English Electric Canberra B.2 71067 10/11/1952 12 Sq, RAF. Flew into hill 1/2 mile W of Sixhills Church, near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, UK after abandoning approach to Binbrook. All 3 crew killed.  
122256 Douglas AD-2 Skyraider   19/11/1952 MAG-33, USMC. Aircraft lost after being hit by AA fire during an armed reconnaissance mission. Pilot successfully bailed out but subsequent search and rescue did not locate him. Capt. Charles F. Martin reported missing.  
WD964 English Electric Canberra B.Mk.2 71046 09/12/1952 617 Sq, RAF. Dived into ground near Tealby, 3.5 miles from Binbrook, Lincolnshire, UK after failure of tail actuator. All 3 crew killed.  
WG978 Gloster Meteor F8   18/12/1952 206 AFS, RAF. Collided with Meteor VT218 and crashed near Kirton, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
XB534 North American Sabre F4   19/12/1952 1 Long Range Ferry Unit. Dived into ground while letting down at Prestwick, Ayrshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WF888 English Electric Canberra B.2 71089 19/12/1952 231 OCU, RAF. Engines failed after take off from RAF Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire and crashed at Steeple Morden, Hertfordshire, UK. All 3 crew killed.  
RE424 Avro Lincoln B2   23/12/1952 61 Sq, RAF. Crashed at Westfield Farm, Lincolnshire, UK after hitting tree during approach to Waddington.  
EI-ACF Douglas DC-3   01/01/1953 Aer Lingus - both engines suffered fuel starvation and aircraft made forced landing in a farm at Spernall, near Birmingham, UK. Co-pilot injured. Pilot, Stewardess and 22 passengers safe. **
XB317 Grumman Avenger AS4   25/01/1953 Carburettor iced up and made forced landing near Balloch, Scotland. Later used for ground instruction.  
WH696 English Electric Canberra B.2 71155 27/01/1953 3 LRFU, RAF. Disintegrated in air and crashed at the Old Bath Road , 3/4 mile W of Twyford, Berkshire, UK. Both crew killed. **
1001 Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando   09/02/1953 Egyptian Air Force - crashed near Cairo, Egypt - NFI  
50-127 Fairchild C-119C Boxcar   10/02/1953 39 TCS, USAF. Crashed near Bitburg, Germany while trying to land in snow squall. 5 crew killed.  
WF889 English Electric Canberra B.2 71090 16/02/1953 231 OCU, RAF. Crashed into ground 1/2 mile N of Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, UK while on night circuit. All 3 crew killed.  
WH663 English Electric Canberra B.Mk.2 71140 19/03/1953 139 Sq, RAF. Lost power on BABS approach to Raff Helmswell and crashed at Corrington, Lincolnshire, Both crew killed. Corrington, Lincolnshire  
WH669 English Electric Canberra B.2 71146 27/03/1953 Crashed near Dilhorne, 1.5 miles W of Cheadle, Staffordshire, UK, cause not determined. All 3 crew killed. **
G-ALYV de Havilland Comet 1   02/05/1953 BOAC - crashed 30 miles NW of Calcutta 6 minutes after take off from Dum Dum Airport. Suffered structural failure due to aircraft exceeding designed stress levels. **
50-510 North American F-86D Sabre 165-56 17/05/1953 USAF. Crashed 4 miles SW of Albany MAP, Georgia, USA.  
WD808 Gloster Javelin prototype   11/06/1953 Gloster Aircraft Co. W/O after loss of control when entered "super stall" and crashed near Ashton Court Park, Long Ashton, Somerset, England, UK. Pilot killed. **
WE360 de Havilland Venom FB1   09/07/1953 22 MU, RAF. Overshot on landing at Siloth.  
WB705 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 10   20/07/1953 1 BFTS, RAF. During short landing practice at Booker aircraft undershot and crashed.  
50-557 North American F-86D Sabre 165-101 03/09/1953 USAF. W/O in landing accident at Tyndall AFB, Florida.  
VM418 Avro Anson T20   06/09/1953 Station Flight, Jurby. Crashed on Clagh Ouyr near Ramsey, Isle of Man while on flight from Jurby to Millom, Cumbria. All 4 crew killed. **
50-545 North American F-86D Sabre 165-91 28/09/1953 USAF. Crashed 8 miles NW of Panama City, Florida.  
WJ982 English Electric Canberra B.2 R3/EA3/6607 28/09/1953 Lost power on approach to RAF Manby, Lincolnshire, UK and crashed. All 3 crew safe.  
WF892 English Electric Canberra B.2 71093 23/10/1953 RAF Radar Research Establishment - 15:30 hrs. Suffered bird strike and crashed at Clyst Honiton near Exeter, Devon, UK. F/Lt Peter Clarke and Sq/Ldr William Allinson killed.  
WF910 English Electric Canberra B.2 71097 04/11/1953 231 OCU, RAF. Both engines failed on climb out from RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK and aircraft W/O in undershoot. Pilot killed.  
50-507 North American F-86D Sabre 165-53 24/11/1953 USAF. W/O in crash 2 miles NW of Greenwood, Florida.  
WJ716 English Electric Canberra B.Mk.2 71236 26/11/1953 9 Sq, RAF - 09:55 hrs. Both engine failed on overshoot and crashed near Kirmond-le-Mire, 2.5 miles S of RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire, UK. Both crew safe. **
WH864 English Electric Canberra B.2 SH1621 11/01/1954 231 OCU, RAF. Crashed at night 1 mile W of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, UK. Both crew killed.  
50-163 Fairchild C-119C Boxcar 10481 08/02/1954 USAF. Crashed in mountains in Spain. All crew safe.  
50-523 North American F-86D Sabre 165-69 17/02/1954 USAF. Crashed 6 miles SE of Farmerville, Texas.  
WJ979 English Electric Canberra B.2 R3/EA3/6604 23/02/1954 18 Sq, RAF. Los power and stalled on approach to RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, UK. All 3 crew killed.  
XB866 North American Sabre F4 604 24/02/1954 26 Sq, RAF. Thought to have flown into sea after pilot suffered anoxia. No wreckage or body found.  
XB667 North American Sabre F4 605 24/02/1954 3 Sq. RAF. Crashed into high ground at Henri-Chapelle, Belgium while in dive with Sabre XB643. Pilot killed.  
XB643 North American Sabre F4 446 24/02/1954 3 Sq. RAF. Crashed into high ground at Henri-Chapelle, Belgium while in dive with Sabre XB667. Pilot killed.  
XN912 North American Sabre F4   03/03/1954 112 Sq., RAF. Lost power during overshoot at Bruggen, West Germany, crashed and caught fire.  
WD778 Gloster Meteor NFII   24/03/1954 228 OCU, RAF. Crashed at Dufton Fell, northeast of Appleby-in-Westmoreland, Cumbria while on cross country flight. Both crew killed. **
XB884 North American Sabre F4   16/06/1954 112 Sq., RAF. Suffered control failure when making emergency landing at Bruggen, West Germany resulting in steep climb configuration. Pilot ejected safely.  
XD716 North American Sabre F4   16/06/1954 66 Sq., RAF. Collided with Sabre XD711 and crashed near Hornsea, Yorkshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
XD711 North American Sabre F4   16/06/1954 66 Sq., RAF. Collided with Sabre XD716 and crashed near Hornsea, Yorkshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
XB819 North American Sabre F4   29/06/1954 234 Sq., RAF. [Z]. Suffered engine failure due to fuel leak and W/O in forced landing 4 miles ENE of Julich, West Germany. Pilot safe.  
WB771  Handley Page Victor (Prototype)   14/07/1954 Handley page Ltd. - Aircraft was taking part in calibration flight involving level runs at 100 feet over Cranfield airfield at increasing speeds. After numerous runs induced tail flutter caused cracking of the bolt holes of the fin. These allowed the three bolts securing the tailplane to loosen and shear in quick succession, the complete tailplane and elevators broke away from the aircraft. The remainder of the aircraft dived into the ground at full power striking the intersection of the two Cranfield runways.
Sq. Ldr, R N Ecclestone DFC AFC, pilot,  killed.
E N K Bennett, flight test observer, killed.
B Heithersay, flight test observer, killed.
A B Cook, flight test observer, killed.
WB747 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 10 C1/0194 20/07/1954 63 Gp. CF., RAF. Entered flat spin and crashed on sandbank in Dee Estuary 1 mile NW of Flint.  
XD707 North American Sabre F4   22/07/1954 66 Sq., RAF. Flew into Kinder Scout Range, Ashop Moor, Derbyshire while letting down in cloud as part of 4 aircraft formation. Pilot killed.  
XD730 North American Sabre F4   22/07/1954 66 Sq., RAF. Flew into Kinder Scout Range, Ashop Moor, Derbyshire while letting down in cloud as part of 4 aircraft formation. Pilot killed.  
XD758 North American Sabre F4   22/07/1954 66 Sq., RAF. Pilot reduced height due to suffering from anoxia and ejected when fire warning lights came on and aircraft crashed 2 miles NE of Helmsley, Yorkshire, UK.   
XD865 North American Sabre F4   23/07/1954 26 Sq., RAF. Pilot overstressed airframe when recovering from dive. Engine flamed out, caught fire and aircraft exploded. Pilot ejected but was killed when he pulled ripcord without undoing seat straps.  
XD514 de Havilland Vampire T11 15348 27/07/1954 5FTS, RAF - while on sortie from Oakington aircraft spun into the North Sea..   
XD513 de Havilland Vampire T11 15347 27/07/1954 No. 5 FTS, RAF - on sortie from Oakington when spun in to North Sea killing pilot.  
X306 Westland Sycamore HR14   28/07/1954 275 Sq., RAF - while approaching Linton-on-Ouse the engine failed to respond, the aircraft bounced and turned over.  
XD500 de Havilland Vampire T11   20/08/1954 9 FTS, RAF. Pilot overshot at Yeovilton, UK and struck rising ground. Aircraft exploded and pilot killed.  
XD530 de Havilland Vampire T11 15278 20/08/1954 No. 9 FTS, RAF - overshot at Yeovilton, struck rising ground and exploded.  
XD776 North American Sabre F4 697 27/08/1954 66 Sq., RAF. Suffered fire in port ammunition bay. Pilot ejected and aircraft crashed 12 miles SW of North Luffenham, Rutland, UK.  
XB256 Westland Dragonfly HC4   04/09/1954 194 Sq., RAF - pilot attempted auto rotation after gear box failure but landed heavily near Kuala Lumpur airfield, Malaya.  
XB627 North American Sabre F4   07/09/1954 67 Sq., RAF. Ran after of fuel after pilot became lost at low level and made emergency landing in field 3 miles S of Peer, Belgium.  
XD733 North American Sabre F4 651 21/09/1954 92 Sq., RAF. Crashed on Geoff Hood Hill, Hambleton Hills, Yorkshire while on night sortie. Pilot killed.  
XD771 North American Sabre F4 673 29/09/1954 92 Sq., RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed into field while on approach to Linton-on-Ouse, UK.  
XA271 Miles Marathon T1   30/09/1954 2 ANS - control lost after entering turbulent air over Calne, Wiltshire and broke up in mid air.  
XB937 North American Sabre F4   08/10/1954 4 Sq., RAF. Pilot thought to have blocked out during high G turn and aircraft crashed into North Sea 9 miles off Sylt, West Germany.  
VH-AFK Auster J5/F   16/10/1954 Hazel Ton Air Taxi & Charter Service. W/O when impacted trees and terrain near Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia. Pilot safe. REF:- VH-AFK 1954. **
XB988 North American Sabre F4   19/10/1954 130 Sq., RAF. Suffered engine fire and crashed 7 miles NE of Kassel, West Germany. Pilot killed.  
XB771 North American Sabre F4   21/10/1954 229 OCU, RAF. Lost while on return to Chivenor and thought to have crashed into sea.  
XA546 Gloster Javelin FAW1   21/10/1954 Gloster Aircraft Co. W/O when crashed in Bristol Channel off Weston super-Mare, England, UK after non recovery from low level spin. Pilot killed. **
XB729 North American Sabre F4   26/10/1954 71 Sq., RAF. Collided with XB628 and crashed 10 miles from Krefeld, West Germany. Pilot safe.  
XB628 North American Sabre F4   26/10/1954 71 Sq., RAF. Collided with XB729 and crashed 10 miles from Krefeld, West Germany. Pilot safe.  
XB860 North American Sabre F4   29/10/1954 234 Sq., RAF. Overstressed during test flight and broke up in mid air. Crashed near Sittard, Netherlands. Pilot seriously injured after parachute failed to open after ejection.  
XA124 de Havilland Sea Vampire T22   12/11/1954 736 NAS, FAA - failed to get airborne on take off from Lossiemouth and crashed, Both crew killed.  
XD517 de Havilland Vampire T11   26/11/1954 5 FTS, RAF - pilot lost control during aerobatics but after regaining control he abandoned aircraft at Winfarthing, Norfolk, after fire warning light had come on.  
XD772 North American Sabre F4   29/11/1954 66 Sq., RAF. Suffered engine failure over North Sea and crashed near Kelstern, Lincolnshire after pilot ejected safely.  
XA152 de Havilland Sea Vampire T22   15/02/1955 736 NAS, FAA - suffered engine flameout on take off from Lossiemouth and belly landed at Ardivot Farm. Crew ejected safely.  
WE963 Gloster Meteor F8   03/03/1955 34 Sq., RAF - on take off from Ford aircraft struck a de Havilland Sea Vampire T22 and crashed at Paines Wood, Sussex. Pilot killed.  
XG765 de Havilland Sea Vampire T22   03/03/1955 764 NAS, FAA - struck by Gloster Meteor WE963, which had just taken off from Ford. Crashed at Paines Wood, Sussex. Pilot killed.  
XA103 de Havilland Sea Vampire T22   17/03/1955 736 NAS, FAA - pilot lost control and crashed on Bek Klibrech, Sutherland. Both crew killed.  
XB315 Grumman Avenger AS5   21/03/1955 815 NAS, FAA - crashed into the sea off The Lizard during a shadowing exercise. Both crew Killed.  
F-OARP de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 C1/0362 14/04/1955 Crashed in the Claremont Mine area at Fort Rixon. **
XD518 de Havilland Vampire T11   19/04/1955 5 FTS, RAF - throttle jammed open after take off from Oakington and aircraft diverted to Marham. Student pilot cut engine while short of runway and force landed in field.  
XB305 Grumman Avenger AS5   23/05/1955 815 NAS, FAA - suffered engine failure and force landed 1/2 mile from Ford, Sussex.  
XE832 de Havilland Vampire T11   24/05/1955 4 FTS, RAF - crashed into wood at Stocksfield, Northumberland after crew baled out after fire warning light came on.  
XE822 de Havilland Vampire T11   24/05/1955 4 FTS, RAF. Crew abandoned aircraft after warning light came on. Crashed in wood at Stocksfield, Northumberland, UK.  
XD424 de Havilland Vampire T11   21/06/1955 5 FTS, RAF. Crew abandoned aircraft after it entered an inverted spin. Crashed at Whipsnade Church, Bedfordshire.  
WP222 Vickers Valiant B1   29/07/1955 138 Sq., RAF. Aileron malfunctioned during night take-off from Wittering and aircraft dived into ground 2/5 miles from threshold. All 4 crew killed.  
WM964 Hawker Siddeley Sea Hawk FB5   17/08/1955 806 NAS, FAA. Collided with Sabre reg. XB700 (26 Sq., RAF) near Yeovilton, Somerset, UK. Both pilots killed.  
XD378 de Havilland Vampire T11   05/09/1955 28 Sq., RAF. W/O when aileron control lost on take off at Kai Tak, Hong Kong and aircraft overshot. Both crew safe.  
XA123 de Havilland Sea Vampire T22   20/10/1955 Brawdy Stn Flt. W/O after suffering flame out during overshoot at Lee-on-Solent, Hants.   
XE961 de Havilland Vampire T11   01/11/1955 8 FTS, RAF. Lost control when aircraft entered a spin during a stall turn, and crashed 4 miles N of Holbeach, Lincolnshire, UK. Both crew ejected safely.  
XD539 de Havilland Vampire T11   03/11/1955 Odiham Stn Flt. Ran out of fuel and crashed at Frensham, Surrey, UK. Crew ejected safely.  
XD451 de Havilland Vampire T11   14/11/1955 5 FTS, RAF. Struck trees and caught fire when engine failed on take off from Oakington, Cambridgeshire, UK.  
50-474 North American F-86D Sabre 165-20 15/11/1955 USAF. W/O at Cape Canaveral, Florida.  
XB314 Douglas Avenger AS4   08/12/1955 751 NAS, FAA. Ditched in shallow water off Ahppisburgh, Great Yarmouth, UK after suffering engine fire. Crew safe.  
XE329 Hawker Siddeley Sea Hawk FGA4   08/12/1955 801 NAS, FAA. [154]. Struck ground and exploded at West Milltown near Lossiemouth, UK after pilot lost control at low level. Pilot killed.  
XA561 Gloster Javelin1   08/12/1955 A&EEE. W/O when crashed between Ryde and Sandown, Isle of Wight, Unk after control lost when entered Bat spin at 45,000 ft. Pilot ejected safely. **
WE873 Gloster Meteor F8   01/01/1956 504 Sq., RAF - abandoned after loss of control and crashed 3 miles northwest of Mildenhall  
WX879 de Havilland Venom NF3   02/01/1956 23 Sq., RAF - Dived into ground 3 miles northeast of North Walsham **
WM551 de Havilland Sea Venom NF20   05/01/1956 808 NAS - crashed at Castle Farm caravan site shortly after take off from Yeovilton  
WS727 Gloster Meteor NF14   09/01/1956 153 Sq., RAF - control lost during a roll and aircraft crashed at Hunton Mill Wood, Kent.  
XA254 Handley page Marathon T11   09/01/1956 2 ANS - landed long at Thorney Island, skidded on ice and came to stop on beach **
WF263 Hawker Sea Hawk F2   09/01/1956 738 NAS, Royal Navy - ditched in sea on approach to Lossiemouth, Morayshire after engine failure **
WH443 Gloster Meteor F8   10/01/1956 25 Sq., RAF - undercarriage jammed and aircraft bellylanded at West Malling, Kent.  
XB518 Hiller HT1   10/01/1956 705 NAS, Royal Navy - crashed at Gosport, Hampshire during practice autorotation **
XE490 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA^   10/01/1956 Broke up attempting a wheels up landing at Abbotsinch NAS, Glasgow **
WV514 Percival Provost T1   11/01/1956 6 FTS, RAF - collided with Provost T1 reg. WV498 in circuit at Ternhill and both aircraft crashed.  
WS619 Gloster Meteor NF12   11/01/1956 AWOCU, RAF - hit trees while on night approach to North Luffenham.  
VZ451 Gloster Meteor F8   11/01/1956 ETPS, RAF - ripped off undercarriage when landed short at Warton. Not repaired.  
WT679 Hawker Hunter F1   13/01/1956 229 OCU, RAF - undercarriage leg collapsed on landing at Chivenor, Devon, aircraft swung and struck obstruction.  
WX547 Lockheed Neptune MR1   13/01/1956 36 Sq., RAF - undercarriage collapsed while landing at Luqa, Malta and aircraft w/o.  
WX975 de Havilland Venom NF3   16/01/1956 141 Sq., RAF - engine failed and w/o after force landing in field near Coltishall, Norfolk.  
NR739 de Havilland DH89A Dominie C2   16/01/1956 ATDU, RAF - nosed over while taxiing at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset after brakes locked on when applied to correct swing.  
WT529 English Electric Canberra PR7   16/01/1956 CFE, RAF - trim motor malfunctioned and aircraft crashed 5 miles north of Grantham, Lincolnshire.  **
WT623 Hawker Hunter F1   19/01/1956 43 Sq., RAF - disappeared over North Sea during air to sea firing trials. **
XD609 de Havilland Vampire T11   19/01/1956 FWS, RAF - crashed 5 miles southeast of Leconfield, Yorkshire after pilot ejected following engine failure.  
WS661 Gloster Meteor NF12   20/01/1956 AWOCU, RAF - crashed into bungalow at Wadhurst, Sussex while pilot was making an unauthorised flight over his parents house. **
WA449 de Havilland Vampire FB5   21/01/1956 607 Sq., RAF - crashed when caught in slipstream during formation take of at RAF Ouston, Durham  
XD919 Supermarine Swift FR5   21/01/1956 FTU, RAF - crashed on take off from Benson, Oxfordshire after re hear failed. **
WS112 Gloster Meteor T7   23/01/1956 728 NAS, FAM - crashed into sea on approach to Hal Far, Malta **
WS874 Gloster Meteor NF14   24/01/1956 CFE, RAF - crashed near Gayton, Norfolk after pilot abandoned after running out of fuel.  
WT591 Hawker Hunter F1   24/01/1956 DFLS, RAF - overshot runway after skidding on ice while landing at West Raynham. Starboard undercarriage sheared off. **
TE402 Supermarine Spitfire LF16   25/01/1956 1 CAACU, RAF - w/o in wheels up landing at Hornchurch, Essex  
WV328 Hawker Hunter F4   25/01/1956 247 Sq., RAF - starter cartridge exploded during engine start up at RAF Odiham, Hampshire and aircraft destroyed by resulting fire.  
XD729 North American Sabre F4   25/01/1956 66 Sq., RAF - engine lost power on overshoot at Linton-on-Ouse and aircraft belly landed.  
44-86805A North American TB-25N Mitchell   26/01/1956 USAF. Crashed on Mount San Gorgonio, San Bernadino Mountains, California while on a flight from Goodfellow AFB, Texas to Norton AFB, San Bernadino. All 5 crew killed. **
WV849 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4   27/01/1956 800 NAS, FAA - pilot ejected after fire warning illuminated and aircraft crashed into Mediterranean 5 miles south of Malta.  
WE608 Auster T7   30/01/1956 1900 Flt, RAF - engine lost power and aircraft ditched in Tolo Channel, Hong Kong.  
WW436 Percival Provost T1   30/01/1956 RAFC - both crew killed when flew into ground during night circuit at Cranwell North, Lincolnshire.  
WG850 de Havilland Vampire FB9   02/02/1956 28 Sq., RAF - suffered bird strike on circuit at Hong Kong. Not repaired.  
WG803 de Havilland Vampire FB5   02/02/1956 7 FTS, RAF - crashed in sea off Cemaes Bay, Anglesey during aerobatic practice. Cause not known.  
WG872 de Havilland Vampire FB9   02/02/1956 FECS - struck approach lights on approach to Changi, Singapore. Not repaired  
RE211 Avro Lancaster MR3   02/02/1956 SMR - skidded on snow after take off abandoned at St Mawgam, Cornwall, and undercarriage raised to stop.  
WG866 de Havilland Vampire FB9   03/02/1956 28 Sq., RAF - lost power on take off from Sek Kong, Hong Kong and pilot raised undercarriage to stop.  
XG510 Westland Sycamore HR14   05/02/1956 194 Sq., RAF. - tipped over and rotors hit ground after wheels caught up in landing at on take off from Paddy's Ladang, Perak, Malaya.  
VX350 Fairey Delta FD1   06/02/1956 Fairey Aviation Co., prototype - dB in wheels up landing at White Waltham, Berkshire after starboard undercarriage leg failed to lower. **
FX479 North American Harvard T2B   08/02/1956 Selatar Station Flight - undercarriage collapsed on take off from Selatar, Singapore. Not repaired.  
WM766 Fairey Firefly T7   09/02/1956 719 NAS, FAA - Lost power and ditched in Lough Foyle off Eglinton, Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  
XE332 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4   16/02/1956 801 NAS, FAA - engine exploded on take off from HMS Albion and aircraft crashed into Gulf of Aden **
WN401 Fairey Gannet AS1   16/02/1956 812 NAS, FAA. Crashed into sea off Northern Ireland - NFI.  
53-0384 Boeing B-52B Stratofortress 16863 16/02/1956 93 BW, USAF. Broke up in flight after starboard forward alternator failed in flight resulting in uncontrollable fire near Tracy, California. 4 of 8 crew killed. **
VX483 Vickers Valetta   17/02/1956 FECS, Suffered engine problems and crashed in field on take off from Tan Nhut, Vietnam.  
WP193 Hawker Hunter F5   23/02/1956 34 Sq., RAF, Suffered engine failure and crashed near Blandford, Dorset, UK. Pilot ejected.  
WJ871 English Electric Canberra T4   24/02/1956 231 OCU, RAF. Suffered tailplane actuator malfunction and crashed near Stilron, Huntingdon, UK. Both crew killed.  
WF167 Hawker Sea Hawk F1   25/02/1956 764 NAS, FAA. Flipped over and crashed at Ford, Sussex, UK. Pilot killed.  
WV485 Hunting Percival Provost T1   26/02/1956 1 FTS, RAF. Collided with Provost T1 reg. WV559 over Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, UK, and crashed. Pilot killed. WV559 landed safely.  
VW861 Vickers Valetta C1   02/03/1956 48 Sq, RAF. Crashed after hitting trees during supply drop in Malaya. All 7 crew killed.  
WM677 de Havilland Vampire NF10   03/03/1956 CNCS, RAF. Crashed after hitting trees while on approach to Benson in poor visibility. Both crew killed.  
XH297 de Havilland Vampire T11   05/03/1956 RAFC. Suffered elevator control failure and crashed near Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK. Both crew ejected.  
WN921 Hawker Hunter F2   06/03/1956 263 Sq, RAF. Thought to have crashed into Thames Estuary during unauthorised flight. Pilot killed.  
WW142 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21   07/03/1956 891 NAS, FAA. Lost during on night interception sortie off Algeria, while operating from HMS Ark Royal. Crew killed.  
RH831 Bristol Brigand T5   08/03/1956 238 OCU, RAF. Suffered double engine failure and crashed when attempting emergency landing at Colerne, Wiltshire, UK. Both crew killed.  
XA337 Fairey Gannet AS1   08/03/1956 824 NAS, FAA. Crashed into Mediterranean Sea during take off from HMS Ark Royal. All 3 crew killed.  
XA320 Fairey Gannet AS1   13/03/1956 812 NAS, FAA. Crashed into North Sea off Yorkshire coast, UK.  
WL500 de Havilland Vampire FB9   22/03/1956 28 Sq, RAF. Flew into hills near Sek Kong, Hong Kong. Pilot killed.  
WT658 Hawker Hunter F1   22/03/1956 DFLS. Suffered ejection seat malfunction, accidently ejecting pilot. Aircraft crashed near Wattisham, Suffolk.  
132525 Douglas AD-5N Skyraider   22/03/1956 VC-35 Sq., USN - crashed in the Santa Rosa Mountains 15 miles SW of Indio, California. Aircraft thought entered torque roll when engine restarted at full throttle. All 3 crew killed. **
VZ227 de Havilland Vampire FB5   24/03/1956 608 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine failure on take off and crashed near Thornaby, North Yorkshire, UK.   
WM997 Hawker Sea Hawk FB5   24/03/1956 811 NAS, FAA. Flew into Devils Peak, New Territories, Hong Kong, while on sortie with Sea Hawk WM990. Pilot killed.  
WM990 Hawker Sea Hawk FB5   24/03/1956 811 NAS, FAA. Flew into Devils Peak, New Territories, Hong Kong, while on sortie with Sea Hawk WM997. Pilot killed.  
WV423 Hunting Percival Provost T1   28/03/1956 CFS, Suffered engine failure and caught fire. Crashed near South Cerney, Gloucestershire, UK.  
WB176 Gloster Meteor PR10   03/04/1956 13 Sqn, RAF. Collided with Meteor PR10 over the Mediterranean Sea off Akrotiri, Cyprus, and crashed into the sea. Crew ejected safely.  
WH569 Gloster Meteor PR10   03/04/1956 13 Sqn, RAF. Collided with Meteor PR10 reg. WB176 over Mediterranean Sea off Akrotiri, Cyprus. W/O in emergency landing at Akrotiri.  
WR320 de Havilland Venom FB1   05/04/1956 32 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine failure, broke up and burned out during emergency landing at Takali, Malta. Pilot killed.  
WA104 de Havilland Vampire FB5   06/04/1956 4 FTS, RAF. Pilot killed when aircraft caught fire and crashed near Middleton St George, Durham, UK.  
WT659 Hawker Hunter F1   10/04/1956 229 OCU, RAF. Stalled on approach to RAF Chivenor, Devon, UK and crashed into River Taw. Pilot killed.  
WZ609 de Havilland Vampire T11   10/04/1956 4 FTS, RAF. Both crew killed when aircraft flew into ground while in the circuit at Middleton St George, Durham, UK.  
WD351 de Havilland Chipmunk T10   15/04/1956 Liverpool UAS, Control lost during turn and crashed at Down Holland, Lancashire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WS694 Gloster Meteor NF12   16/04/1956 153 Sq, RAF. Crashed on take off from West Malling, Kent. Both crew killed.  
WN909 Hawker Hunter F2   17/04/1956 257 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed at Colne Engine, Essex, UK. Pilot ejected but was killed when he separated from his harness.  
WN965 Hawker Hunter F5   17/04/1956 41 Sq, RAF. Crashed at Wilmington, Kent, UK after take off from Biggin Hill. Pilot killed.  
WW599 Hawker Hunter F1   17/04/1956 43 Sq, RAF. Suffered power loss and pilot ejected while in circuit at RAF Leuchars, Fife, UK.  
VV601 de Havilland Vampire FB5   19/04/1956 7 FTS, RAF. Crashed 7 miles SSW of Conway, Caernarvon, UK. Pilot killed.  
WE895 Gloster Meteor F8   22/04/1956 609 Sq, RAF. Pilot abandoned aircraft after loss of control and aircraft crashed near Selby, Yorkshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WF255 Hawker Sea Hawk F2   27/04/1956 764 NAS, FAA. Pilot inadvertently ejected from aircraft which crashed at Summers Place, Sussex, UK. Pilot injured.  
VZ332 de Havilland Vampire FB5   01/05/1956 5 FTS, RAF. Suffered loss of control and crashed on take off from Oakington, Cambridgeshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
XE671 Hawker Hunter F4   01/05/1956 54 Sq, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed 2 miles E of Odiham, Hants, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
WL848 de Havilland Venom NF2   03/05/1956 219 Sq, RAF. Both crew killed when aircraft stalled and crashed while in circuit at Driffield, Yorkshire.  
WP135 Hawker Hunter F5   06/05/1956 41 Sqn, RAF. Engine cut on approach to Valley, Anglesey, UK and W/O when belly landed on beach.  
WG329 de Havilland Chipmunk T10   06/05/1956 Cambridge UAS. Staled during turn and crashed at Aswell, Hertfordshire, UK.  
WT328 English Electric Canberra B(I)8   07/05/1956 A&AEE. Tail plane actuator failed, port wing hit sea and aircraft crashed 3 miles S of Shoreham, Sussex during low altitude altimeter trials. Both crew killed.  
WP202 Vickers Valiant B1   11/05/1956 RAE. W/O when control lost and crashed at Southwick Recreation Ground near Hove, Sussex, UK after electrical failure. 3 of 4 crew killed. **
WK412 de Havilland Venom FB1   14/05/1956 28 Sq, RAF. During a paired take off from Sek Kong, Hong Kong aircraft stalled and crashed while trying to avoid Venom FB1 reg. WK423, which had sank and belly landed onto runway. Pilot killed. (Pilot of WK423 safe).  
WS110 Gloster Meteor T7   15/05/1956 Airwork Ltd, Struck a cottage during a GCA approach to Brawdy, Pembrokeshire. Pilot killed.  
EI-AHR de Havilland Chipmunk 22A C1/0184 16/05/1956 Ex WB735 - DBR at Coonagh, Ireland when River Shannon burst its banks. **
WS831 Gloster Meteor NF14   17/05/1956 264 Sqn, RAF. Suffered brake failure on landing at Linton On Ouse, Yorks, UK. Ran off the runway and into a building.  
WT505 English Electric Canberra PR7   20/05/1956 58 Sq., RAF - flew into high ground at Ponsonby Fell, near Gosforth, Lake District, UK. F/O William Gough and F/O Douglas Comforth killed. **
WP339 Westland Wyvern S4   22/05/1956 830 NAS, FAA. Ditched in Mediterranean Sea off Malta after running out of fuel. Pilot killed.  
FT100 North American Harvard T2B   22/05/1956 Hong Kong Aux AF. Pilot killed when aircraft stalled and crashed on Aberdeen Island, Hong Kong.  
XE373 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   25/05/1956 895 NAS, FAA. Suffered loss of power to aileron? And crashed while orbiting airfield at Brawdy, Pembrokeshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WR526 de Havilland Venom FB4   30/05/1956 6 Sq, RAF. Pilot killed when aircraft stalled and crashed during take off from Idris, Libya.  
WR411 de Havilland Venom FB4   30/05/1956 6 Sqn, RAF. Stalled on  take off from Idris, Libya and burnt out. Pilot killed.  
WK371 Fairey Firefly AS7   30/05/1956 819 NAS, FAA. Suffered engine failure and W/O in forced landing onto the Helston to Falmouth road, Cornwall, UK.  
WW224 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21   31/05/1956 890 NAS, FAA. During deck landing trials on HMS Bulwark it climbed steeply after launch, turned to starboard and crashed into sea.  
WW262 de Havilland Sea Venom FAW21   04/06/1956 890 NAS, FAA. Stalled and crashed into sea during deck landing trials on HMS Bulwark. Both crew killed.  
WX881 de Havilland Venom NF3   05/06/1956 23 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure on take off from Coltishall, Norfolk, UK and crash-landed into field.  
WG800 de Havilland Vampire FB5   05/06/1956 5 FTS, RAF. Control lost during aerobatics and crashed near Littleport, Cambridgeshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
WZ694 Auster AOP9   07/06/1956 656 Sqn, RAF. Hit trees during a reconnaissance flight and crashed into the jungle near Kuala Pilah, Malaya. All 3 crew killed.  
WR380 de Havilland Venom FB4   11/06/1956 249 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed near Amman, Jordan. Pilot ejected safely.  
XA570 Gloster Javelin FAW1   12/06/1956 46 Sqn, RAF. Flew into the ground during a night GCA approach to Odiham, Hants, UK. Both crew killed.  
VX521 Vickers Valetta C1   15/06/1956 110 Sqn, RAF. Stalled during a supply drop over the Malayan jungle and dived into a hill. All nine crew killed.  
XE452 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   19/06/1956 804 NAS, FAA. Crashed into the sea 15 miles off Lossiemouth, Morayshire, UK. during test flight. The pilot ejected but was killed.  
WP138 Hawker Hunter F5   21/06/1956 1 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure and W/O when overshot during a forced landing at Chivenor, Devon, UK.  
WA285 de Havilland Vampire FB5   23/06/1956 7 FTS, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed into Holyhead Harbour, Anglesey, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
XD909 Supermarine Swift FR5   25/06/1956 Vickers Armstrong A/C Ltd. Engine failed to relight following a deliberate shut down and crashed at Chilbolton, Hampshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
WM812 Fairey Firefly T7   26/06/1956 796 NAS, FAA. The port undercarriage collapsed on landing at Culdrose, Cornwall.  
WM927 Sea Hawk FB5   26/06/1956 897 NAS, FAA. Ditched into the sea off Italy after a catapult launch from HMS Eagle.  
WH355 Gloster Meteor F8   28/06/1956 FWS. Control lost In cloud and dived into the ground south of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK. The pilot killed.  
WL407 Gloster Meteor T7   28/06/1956 RAF. Aircraft broke up after canopy detached during a dive and pilot baled out near Bonn, West Germany.  
WR378 de Havilland Venom FB4   29/06/1956 266 Sqn, RAF. Stalled on approach to Fassberg, West Germany and crashed. Pilot killed.  
XB323 Douglas Avenger AS4   01/07/1956 844 NAS, FAA. Engine failed during steep turn and crashed onto Tilstock Airfield near Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WR452 de Havilland Venom FB4   04/07/1956 249 Sqn, RAF. Engine caught fire during start up at Amman, Jordan. Aircraft W/O.  
WP275  Supermarine Attacker FB2   06/07/1956 1832 Sqn, FAA. Starboard wing folded shortly after take off from Ford, UK and crashed into the English Channel off Littlehampton, Sussex. pilot ejected safely.  
WM916 Hawker Sea Hawk FB5   13/07/1956 897 NAS, FAA. Suffered engine failure and ditched into the Mediterranean off Hal Far, Malta.  
WP283 Supermarine Attacker FB2   15/07/1956 1833 Sqn, FAA. Stalled on approach to Honiley, Warwickshire, UK and crashed.  
WV392 Hawker Hunter F4   17/07/1956 66 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed east of Filey, Yorkshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
WE373 de Havilland Venom FB1   24/07/1956 45 Sqn, RAF. Broke up in the air and dived into the sea off Yen Kedah, Malaya. Pilot killed.  
XH569 English Electric Canberra B6   24/07/1956 Radar Reccon Flt, RAF. Suffered engine explosion and crashed at Woodhurst UK, when other engine failed while on approach to Wyton, Cambridgeshire.  
WR304 de Havilland Venom FB1   06/08/1956 45 Sqn, RAF. Wing hit ground on take off from Butterworth, Malaya and crashed.  
XF290 Hawker Hunter F4   14/08/1956 67 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure on take off from Bruggen, West Germany Pilot ejected safely.  
WA142 de Havilland Vampire FB5   23/08/1956 63 Group Comms Flt, RAF. Pilot overcome by anoxia and crashed at Bala, Merioneth, Wales, UK.  
XA644 Gloster Javelin FAW4   24/08/1956 Gloster Aircraft Co. W/O when collided in mid air with Hawker Hunter F4 reg. XF980 over Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, UK and crashed. 1 of 2 crew killed. **
XF980 Hawker Hunter F4 HABL003135 24/08/1956 CFS, RAF. W.O when crashed at Wooton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, UK after mid air collision with Gloster Javelin FAW4 reg. XA644 over Nailsworth, UK. Pilot injured. **
WK985 Gloster Meteor F8   27/08/1956 608 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed six miles SE of Ceuta, Spanish Morocco. Pilot ejected safely.  
WP134 Hawker Hunter F5   02/09/1956 41 Sqn, RAF. Control lost in cloud and crashed near North Weald, Essex. Pilot ejected safely.  
VV460 de Havilland Vampire FB5   03/09/1956 5 FTS, RAF. Control lost in spin and crashed south of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK.  
WM966 Hawker Sea Hawk FB5   05/09/1956 897 NAS, FAA. Caught fire on launch from HMS Eagle and ditched in Mediterranean.  
WK787 Gloster Meteor F8   11/09/1956 Turnhouse Comm Flt, RAF. Dived into the ground at  Turnhouse, West Lothian, UK when recovering from a loop.  
VZ349 de Havilland Vampire FB5   17/09/1956 8 FTS, RAF. Pilot lost control during aerobatics and crashed near Fosdyke, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
53-0393 Boeing RB-52B-20-BO Stratofortress 16872 17/09/1956 93 BW, USAF. Crash near Highway 99, 9 miles SE of Madera, California after catching fire in flight and losing wing. 5 of 7 crew killed. **
WL832 de Havilland Venom NF2   27/09/1956 253 Sqn, RAF. The pilot lost control at night crashed 6 miles west of Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK. Both crew killed. before he could recover. It exploded killing both crew,  
WG845 de Havilland Vampire FB5   28/09/1956 7 FTS, RAF. Suffered engine failure on take off from Valley, Anglesey, UK and crashed. pilot killed.  
XA897 Avro Vulcan B1   01/10/1956 232 OCU, RAF - 10:08 hrs. The undercarriage struck the ground while on approach to Heathrow Airport in fog. Pilot unable to control aircraft which crashed. Pilot and co-pilot ejected safely. 4 other crew killed. **
WL137 Gloster Meteor F8   05/10/1956 19 Sqn, RAF. Control lost in cloud and crashed 9 miles SW of Worksop, Nottinghamshire, UK. Pilot killed.  
WX545 Lockheed Neptune MR1   10/10/1956 36 Sqn, RAF. Flew into high ground one mile NE of Mull of Kintyre, Argyll during a night anti-submarine exercise. All 9 crew killed.  
WR785 de Havilland Venom NF2   11/10/1956 33 Sqn, RAF. Struck trees and HT cables after a night  take off from Driffield, Yorkshire, UK. Both crew killed.  
WR337 de Havilland Venom FB1   22/10/1956 32 Sqn, RAF. Stalled on approach to Amman, Jordan and crashed. Pilot killed.  
WX907 de Havilland Venom NF3   24/10/1956 89 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure on approach to Stradishall, Suffolk, UK. Pilot killed when it struck hedge and caught fire.  
XF999 Hawker Hunter F4   24/10/1956 CFS, RAF. Suffered control failure and crashed 3 miles east of Kemble, Gloucestershire. Pilot ejected but was killed.  
XE441  Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   29/10/1956 897 NAS, FAA. Catapult failed on launch from HMS Eagle and aircraft ditched in Mediterranean, off Malta.  
WM933 Hawker Sea Hawk FB5   02/11/1956 895 NAS, FAA. Arrester wire failed when landing on HMS Bulwark and overran into sea. Pilot killed.  
WH799 English Electric Canberra PR7   06/11/1956 58 Sqn, RAF. Shot down by an Syrian MIG-17 while on a recce flight off the Syrian coast during Suez campaign.   
XE377 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   06/11/1956 897 NAS, FAA. Caught fire after being hit by flak in the Port Said area, Egypt, during the Suez campaign.  
XE400 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   07/11/1956 800 NAS, FAA. Hit by flak and crashed off Port Said, Egypt during Suez campaign.  
XE375 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   14/11/1956 801 NAS, FAA. Tail hook failed on landing on HMS Bulwark. Aircraft ran over the side into the sea. Pilot safe.  
XG230 Hawker Hunter F6   15/11/1956 92 Sqn, RAF. Suffered control failure and crashed near Easingwold, North Yorkshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
XF945 Hawker Hunter F4   18/11/1956 234 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed at night 15 miles SW of Aachen, West Germany. Pilot ejected safely.  
WA121 de Havilland Vampire FB5   21/11/1956 229 OCU, RAF. Flew into high ground in cloud 6 miles SW of Porlock, Somerset, UK. Pilot killed.  
WJ615 English Electric Canberra B2   22/11/1956 50 Sqn, RAF. Struck mountain at night in bad weather at Lochnagar, 6 mile SE of Braemar, Aberdeenshire, UK. Both crew killed.  
VX525 Vickers Valetta C1   23/11/1956 48 Sqn, RAF. Crashed in jungle in Malaya after Stalling during a turn while carrying out a supply drop. All 7 crew killed.  
52-8716 Boeing RB-52B Stratofortress 16844 30/11/1956 93rd BW, USAF. W/O when crashed 4 mi N of Castle AFB, California, USA shortly after take off on night training mission. All 10 on board killed. **
XE660 Hawker Hunter F4   05/12/1956 247 Sqn, RAF. Dived into the ground after breaking cloud at low level west of Alton, Hants, UK. Pilot killed,  
WM314 Gloster Meteor NF13   06/12/1956 39 Sqn, RAF. Flew into the ground during a night approach in bad weather at Nicosia, Cyprus. Both crew killed.  
WR970 Avro Shackleton MR3   07/12/1956 A.V. Roe Ltd, Flicked inverted after entering an intentional stall, engines would not respond due to fuel flooding and oiled up ignition system, stalled and crashed during turn to port. All 4 crew killed.  
XJ756 Westland Whirlwind HAR2   12/12/1956 22 Sqn, RAF. Flew into the ground in bad weather 4 miles NNW of West Malling, Kent, UK.  
WF848 Gloster Meteor T7   21/12/1956 FECS, RAF. Control lost in cloud and crashed at Pulau Batum Island, Indonesia.  
WR556 de Havilland Venom F4   02/01/1957 8 Sqn, RAF. Flew into the ground during practice air to ground firing north of Kormaksar, Aden. Pilot killed.  
WA417 de Havilland Vampire FB5   03/01/1957 7 FTS, RAF. entered and uncontrollable spin and dived into the ground 4 miles south of Rhyl, Denbigh UK. Pilot killed. Suspected that pilot was knocked unconscious when struck by detached canopy.  
WE974 Gloster Meteor F8   03/01/1957 74 Sq., RAF. Collided with Meteor F8, reg. WA879, during practice dogfight near Hales, Norfolk. Pilot killed.  
WK681 Gloster Meteor F8   04/01/1957 65 Sqn, Struck a tree and crashed five miles north of Framlingham, Suffolk, UK. Pilot killed.  
WL479 Gloster Meteor T7   08/01/1957 RAFFC. Suffered engine failure and crashed while on approach to Manby, Lincolnshire, UK.  
VZ860 de Havilland Vampire FB5   09/01/1957 No 4 FTS, RAF. Dived into house in centre of Harby Village, Nottinghamshire, presumed anoxia. Pilot and one person on ground killed   
WZ429 de Havilland Vampire T11   10/01/1957 RAFC. Failed to recover from spin and crashed near Gosberton, Bedfordshire, UK. Student pilot ejected safely but instructor killed.  
55-0082 Boeing B-52D Stratofortress 17199 10/01/1957 USAF. Crashed in woodland near Andover, New Brunswick, USA 10 miles from Loring AFB during pilot test flight. 8 of 9 crew killed. **
XF949 Hawker Hunter F4   11/01/1957 3 Sqn, RAF. Both starter cartridges fired at same time, aircraft caught fire and burned out at Geilenkirchen, West Germany.  
WE887 Gloster Meteor F8   14/01/1957 233 OCU, RAF. Collided with WH459. Pilot killed.  
WZ670 Auster AOP9   18/01/1957 656 Sqn, RAF. Undercarriage struck cable during overshoot and crashed near Batu Caves, Malaya.  
T7245 de Havilland Tiger Moth T1   20/01/1957 Mal AAF. Suffered engine failure and spun into ground at Dingkil, Malaya.  
WA231 de Havilland Vampire FB5   22/01/1957 5 FTS, RAF. Suffered engine failure and crashed on  take off from Oakington, Cambridgeshire, UK.  
VZ274 de Havilland Vampire FB5   24/01/1957 8 FTS, RAF. Broke up during a high speed, low level tail chase and crashed near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot abandoned aircraft but was killed.  
WV853 Hawker Sea Hawk FB3   28/01/1957 898 NAS, FAA. Spun into the ground in Malta after control was lost during an unauthorised dog fight at low level. Pilot killed.  
WP115 Hawker Hunter F5   04/02/1957 56 Sqn, RAF. Engine cut while on approach to Waterbeach, UK and crashed 3 miles NW of Soham, Cambridgeshire. Pilot ejected safely.  
XA415 Fairey Gannet AS4   19/02/1957 814 NAS, FAA. Went missing on a night sortie and believed ditched into the sea 20 miles off the Lizard, Cornwall. No wreckage was ever found  
WR557 de Havilland Venom FB4   04/03/1957 22 MU, RAF. Suffered elevator jam while on test flight and flew into a hill 26 miles SE of Carlisle, UK. Pilot killed.  
WF298 Hawker Sea Hawk FB3   07/03/1957 767 NAS, FAA. Control lost during  a night GCA  and struck Harrow Hill, 5 miles NW of Worthing, UK. Pilot killed.  
XF427 Hawker Hunter F6   13/03/1957 54 Sqn, RAF. Pilot lost consciousness and aircraft dived into ground inverted 2 miles east of Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, UK. Pilot killed.  
WF270 Hawker Sea Hawk F2   14/03/1957 738 NAS, FAA. Pilot lost control during final approach to Lossiemouth, Morayshire and struck the ground 50 yards short. Pilot killed when the ejection seat fired on impact with the canopy closed.  
WT580 Hawker Hunter F1   22/03/1957 229 OCU, Swung off the runway during an emergency landing at Chivenor, Devon after an undercarriage leg had jammed up  
VW370 Gloster Meteor FR9   24/03/1957 208 Sqn, RAF. Suffered engine fire and crashed at Thumeir, Aden.  
WV388 Hawker Hunter F4   25/03/1957 222 Sqn, RAF. Crashed into the sea eleven miles east of Leuchars, Fife during a night GCA. The pilot was killed  
WR363 de Havilland Venom FB1   25/03/1957 73 Sqn, RAF. Damaged in a flying accident in Cyprus and later declared a write off  
XE978 de Havilland Vampire T11   25/03/1957 RAFC, RAF. Suffered control failure and crew abandoned the aircraft over Bardney, Lincolnshire, UK.  
50-446 Lockheed T-33A 580-5929 26/03/1957 USAF. Collided with B-57B reg. 52-1587 and crashed near Speyer, Germany.  
XA255 Miles Marathon T1   27/03/1957 1 ANS, RAF. Damaged in an accident at Topcliffe, Yorkshire. Not repaired and allocated to G.I as 7465M  
WJ375 Auster AOP6   27/03/1957 1908 Flt, Suffered power loss and overturned during force-landing 8 miles west of Tripoli, Libya  
54-2676 Boeing B-52C Stratofortress (JB-52C) 17171 29/03/1957 Boeing Aircraft. Crashed 15 mi N of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA after suffering loss of electrical power during test flight. 3 of 4 crew killed. **
XD187 Westland Whirlwind HAR 4   02/04/1957 155 Sqn, RAF. Ran out of fuel and crashed into the Jungle near Johore, Malaya  
VZ872 de Havilland Vampire FB5   02/04/1957 233 OCU, RAF. Suffered engine failure and force-landed at Pembrey, Dyfed.  
VW432 Gloster Meteor T7   05/04/1957 208 Sqn, RAF. Lost power while in the circuit and crashed at Takali, Malta  
WV384 Hawker Hunter F4   05/04/1957 71 Sqn, RAF. Suffered fuel starvation while on approach to Bruggen, West Germany. The pilot ejected but his seat gun drogue failed and he was killed  
XJ257 English Electric Canberra B6   09/04/1957 213 Sqn, RAF. Undercarriage failed and DBR after belly landing at Ahlhorn, West Germany.  
WR357 de Havilland Venom FB1   09/04/1957 8 Sqn, RAF. Flew into high ground during an attack on Lanzarak, Aden  
WL410 Gloster Meteor T7   12/04/1957 FWS, RAF. Stalled and dived into the ground during a practice asymmetric approach to Leconfield, Yorks. Both crew killed.  
WK582 de Havilland Chipmunk T10   12/04/1957 Leeds UAS, Entered a spin during unauthorised aerobatics and crashed half a mile west of Harwood, Yorkshire killing the pilot  
WT958 Douglas Skyraider AEW1   13/04/1957 849 NAS, FAA. Overshot the runway at Culdrose, Cornwall with engine trouble and crashed through the perimeter fence into a field  
XJ427 Scottish Aviation Pioneer CC1   15/04/1957 267 Sqn, RAF. Written off when the undercarriage collapsed on landing at Fort Shean, Malaysia  
XG563 Gloster Meteor NF11   15/04/1957 29 Sqn, RAF. Lost power on take off from Acklington, Northumberland, ran off the runway and caught fire. Both crew were injured  
VW832 Gloster Meteor F8   17/04/1957 65 Sqn, RAF. Written off when the undercarriage collapsed on landing at Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK.  
WR282 de Havilland Vampire T11   28/04/1957 253 Sqn, RAF. Suffered compressor failure shortly after  take off from Waterbeach. Both crew ejected and the aircraft crashed at Mount Pleasant Farm, Stowupland, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.  
WH717 Hawker Hunter F6   30/04/1957 111 Sqn, RAF. Broke up and exploded during overshoot at North Weald, Essex. UK. Aircraft exploded and ejector seat activated, blowing the pilot clear.  
VM389 Grumman Avenger AS5   02/05/1957 HMS Warrior, FAA. Ditched in Pacific off the Christmas Islands after losing power on take off from HMS Warrior.  
XA427 de Havilland Vampire FB9   06/05/1957 RAFC, RAF. Controls jammed and crashed into the North Sea off Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
WB752 de Havilland Vampire FB5   13/05/1957 8 FTS, RAF. Broke up while in a dive and crashed near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK.  
WH790 Hawker Hunter F6   17/05/1957 93 Sqn, RAF. crashed at Bitburg airbase West Germany during a formation aerobatic display rehearsal. Pilot killed.  
XD454 English Electric Canberra PR7   20/05/1957 58 Sqn, RAF. Dived into the ground 11 miles ESE of Goose Bay, Canada, GCA approach in bad weather  
XE662 Gloster Javelin FAW4   25/05/1957 23 Sqn, RAF. Starboard ventral tank detached while taxying for  take off at Horsham St Faith, Norfolk, UK and aircraft caught fire. Both crew evacuated the aircraft safely  
XA732 Gloster Javelin FAW4   25/05/1957 74 Sq,. RAF. W/O when fuel tank failed and caught fire while taxiing at RAF Horsham St Faith, UK. Both crew escaped safely.  
WH507 de Havilland Vampire FB5   27/05/1957 5 FTS, RAF. Suffered power loss and crashed near Swanton Morley, Norfolk, UK.  
XG270 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6   30/05/1957 803 NAS, FAA. Pilot ejected shortly after  take off from Lossiemouth, UK when fire started in the cockpit.  
XD533 de Havilland Venom FB4   31/05/1957 5 Sqn, RAF. Stalled on  take off and crashed at Wunstorf, West Germany  
VF562 Hawker Hunter F5   07/06/1957 41 Sqn, RAF. Suffered power loss and crashed near Biggin Hill, Kent, UK. Pilot ejected safely.  
JZ-PPX Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 1 509 30/08/1957 Kroonduif - right wing broke off and aircraft crashed into sea 13km (8miles) off Japan Island, Papua New Guinea **
WZ398 Vickers Valiant B(PR)K1   13/09/1957 543 Sq., RAF. While aircraft was within a hangar at Wyton Airfield the bomb bay tank caught fire and the aircraft was burned out.  
53-0382 Boeing B-52B Stratofortress 16861 06/11/1957 USAF. W/O when gear retracted on runway after landing at Castle AFB, California, USA. No injuries. **
G-AOEO Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 1 503 07/12/1957 Scottish Airlines - crashed in desert 285 miles south southwest of Tripoli, Libya after outer port wing panel detached due to fatigue. **
50-076 Boeing TB0-47B Stratojet   18/12/1957 15 AF, USAF. Crashed on Mt Palomar, California while on approach to March AFB.  
50-013 Boeing TB-47B Stratojet   13/03/1958 3250 FTW, USAF. Crashed after wing failure during training mission. Crew abandoned aircraft. 1 crew killed.  
54-146 Douglas C-133A Cargomaster   13/05/1958 Crashed and burned 26 miles S of Dover AFB, Delaware, USA during a local test flight. 4 crew killed.  
G-AODE Handley Page HPR7 Dart Herald 147 20/08/1958 Handley Page Ltd. (Prototype) Suffered starboard fire, resulting in it breaking away from wing. Force landed at Millford, near Godalming, Surrey, UK. DBR.  
VX770 Avro Vulcan (Prototype)   20/09/1958 A V Roe - 12:58 hrs. Aircraft was completing a low level run at Syerston when the leading edge detached and the aircraft broke up. All 4 crew killed. **
XA908 Avro Vulcan B1   24/10/1958 83 Sq., RAF - 15:43 hrs. Electrical failure of power controls and aircraft dived into ground in suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.
All 6 crew killed.
5-111 Douglas C-124A Globemaster 43249 11/01/1959 USAF. Suffered double engine failure and crashed near Homer, Alaska.  
XM287 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC1 541 08/04/1959 RAF - Both engines failed and aircraft overturned during forced landing 48km (30 miles) west of Khormaksar RAF station, Aden. **
XM288 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC1 542 08/04/1959 RAF- ditched 0.8km (0.5 miles) from Khormaksar RAF Station, Aden after double engine failure. **
XK663 de Havilland DH106 Comet 2R 6027 03/06/1959 51 Sq, RAF. DBR in hangar fire at RAF Watton, UK.  
23380 Canadair Sabre 6   26/06/1959 421 Sq, RCAF. [BB-380]. Crashed on Iron Crag near Ennerdale Water, Lake District, UK while on ferry flight from Prestwick to France. F/O Robert Starling killed. **
VR-NCZ Piper PA-28-160 Apache 23-1490? 01/07/1959 Elders & Fyffes Ltd - crashed in Cameroons Mountain while en route Bata (Equatorial Guinea) to Kano (Northern Nigeria).  
CF-IHB Canson A CV294 02/07/1959 Austin Airways - suffered port engine failure after take off from Povungituk, Quebec due to fuel contamination and crashed when wing struck water during turn.  
11016 Canson A CV294 02/07/1959 Austin Airways, as CF-IHB. Suffered a port engine failure after take off at Povungituk, Quebec due to contaminated fuel. Lost height during attempted turn in fog, the left wing hit the water and the aircraft was destroyed.   
VT-DIN Lockheed L1049G Super Constellation 4667 19/07/1959 Air India. 'Rani of Agra'. Swung on landing at Bombay in heavy rain. Undercarriage collapsed, aircraft destroyed by fire. 7 crew and c.35/39 passengers safe.  
XA891 Avro Vulcan B1   24/07/1959 Avro Ltd - 11:40 hrs. Suffered generator failure and crashed between High Hunsley and Walkington, Yorkshire, while on test flight. All 5 crew abandoned successfully. **
56-3240 North American F-100D Super Sabre   09/09/1959 48 TFW, 492 TFS, USAF. DBR in ground accident at Wheelus AB, Libya. 28/01/1960 SOC at Wheelus.  
XD869 Vickers Valiant BK1   11/09/1959 214 Sq, RAF - 03:15 hrs. W/O when crashed after night take off from RAF Marham, UK. All 6 crew killed. **
142259 McDonnell Douglas F-4H-1 Phantom II 1 21/09/1959 McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corp. Aft access door of right engine failed and aircraft crashed near Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA. Pilot too low and was killed.  
N63396 Douglas DC-4 10486 24/09/1959 Reeve Aleutian - crashed into mountain in Great Sitkin Island, Aleutians, Alaska. **
F-BIAP Douglas DC-7C 45366 24/09/1959 Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux - crashed on take off from Merignac, Bordeaux. **
HZ-AAF Douglas C-54A-5-DO Skymaster 7474 25/09/1959 Saudi Arabian Airlines - belly landed shortly after take off from Jeddah after control lost. **
N9705C Lockheed L.188 Electra 1090 29/09/1959 Braniff Airways - suffered in flight break up and crashed near Buffalo, 68 miles from Waco Texas. **
XL628 English Electric Lightning T4   01/10/1959 English Electric Co Ltd. Tail fin became detached during roll tests and crashed into Solway Firth, Dumfriesshire, UK. Pilot ejected safely. **
PZ-TAG Aero Commander 520 64 06/10/1959 Suriname Luchtvaart Maatschappij - crashed 2km north of Palomeu while on a supply drop to the airfield under construction at Palumeu. (Note spelling differences) **
XK490 Blackburn Buccaneer (P)5   12/10/1959 "C" Sq., A&AEE, Boscombe Down. Stalled and crashed near Lyndhurst, New Forest, UK, while on evaluation flight. Both crew killed.  
N7071 Boeing 707-227 17691 19/10/1959 Boeing Aircraft - crashed into Stillaguamish River near Arlington, Washington after losing 3 engines and catching fire after pilot exceeded bank restrictions **
SX-BAD Douglas DC-3 9491 29/10/1959 Olympic Airways - Port engine seized, propeller detached and damaged wing. Aircraft spun in and crashed near Tangara, North of Athens, Greece. **
N55V Douglas DC-3 20447 30/10/1959 Piedmont Airlines - crashed into Bucks Elbow Mountain near Waynesboro while on a flight from Washington to Charlottesville, USA. **
56-3250 North American F-100D Super Sabre   13/11/1959 48 TFW, USAF. Crashed 13km W of Wheelus AB, Libya.  
N4891C Douglas DC-7B 45355/922 16/11/1959 Delta - National Airlines - crashed into the Gulf of Mexico 100 miles east of New Orleans. Sabotage suspected but not proven. **
YA-BAG Douglas DC-4 18367 21/11/1959 Ariana Afghan Airlines - crashed into the Aramoun Hills shortly after departure from Beirut Airport. **
N102R Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation 4824 24/11/1959 TWA - engine caught fire on take off from Midway, Chicago and aircraft crashed into houses while attempting emergency landing. **
LV-GIT de Havilland Dove 6A 04487 29/11/1959 Sargo Construction - crashed on Mount Cachi, Argentina, en route to Antofgasta, Chile.  
N519 Aerospatiale SE.3130 Alouette II 1138 30/11/1959 Petroleum Helicopters Inc., on lease to Gulf Oil - crashed in Gulf of Mexico en route from Leeville to an oil platform. **
YV-C-AKU Douglas C-47 4581 01/12/1959 Aerpostal - crashed near Maiquetia Airport, Venezuela while attempting emergency return after engine failure on test flight.  
N174A Martin 2-0-2 9159 01/12/1959 Allegheny Airlines - crashed into Bald Eagle Mountain after missed approach to Williamsport Municipal Airport in snowstorm **
HK-515 Curtiss C-46A 16941 08/12/1959 Soc. Aer. Medellin - lost at sea on flight from San Andres Island to Medellin via Cartagena. No major wreckage found **
G-AOEN Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 1 502 12/12/1959 Scottish Airlines - crashed onto island in Zambezi River at Luabo, Mozambique during demonstration flight **



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