Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
NC8420 Stinson SM-1F Detroiter 504 02/01/1930 16:30 hrs. Tanner Air Tours. W/O when collided with Stinson SM-1F camera ship off Point San Vicente, California while filming parachute jump for Fox Studios. Pilot and 4 passengers killed.  
A7-10 de Havilland DH60 Moth 543 05/01/1930 RAAF - While performing unauthorised aerobatics 1.5km from RAAF Laverton, Victoria, Australia, the aircraft struck a haystack and crashed nearby. Aircraft destroyed and pilot, F/O Leo J. Ryan, died two days later. **
CF-AJG Fokker Super Universal CV.142 07/01/1930 International Airway of Canada - force landed in fog near Whitby, Ontario, Canada and WO. No fatalities.  
NC9689 Ford 5-AT-C Tri Motor 5-AT-046 19/01/1930 Maddux Airlines - Encountered poor weather while on scheduled passenger flight from Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Mexico to Los Angeles, California. Crashed near Oceanside California after attempting return to Tijuana.  
J6 Junkers R-42 (G.24) 928 07/02/1930 Fuerza Aerea de Chile - Suffered engine failure and landed in sea at Aguas Frescas, SE Punta Arenas, Chile, and sank. 3 of 6 on board killed.  
NC2492 Ford 4-AT-A Tri Motor 4-AT-06 08/02/1930 Undercarriage failed on landing at San Marcos, Texas and aircraft DBR. 7 occupants safe. **
F-FHMY Farman F.63 Goliath 267 10/02/1930 Air Union - on International Scheduled flight from Marden, Kent. Suffered structural failure of starboard tailplane and crashed while attempting an emergency landing at Marden airfield. 2 passengers killed. Remaining 2 passengers and 2 crew injured.  
C-CANL ? Avro 594 Avian III R3/CN/127 16/02/1930 Wheels caught in telephone wires while on approach to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and crashed. NFI.  
C-CAVN ? Fairchild FC-2W2   19/02/1930 Damaged when making precautionary landing at Riverside, New Brunswick, Canada and DBF when battery shorted and aircraft caught fire.  
NC279E Fokker F.10A   23/02/1930 Western Air Express - crashed into mountain at Lake Arrowhead, near Albuquerque, California and destroyed. All 3 crew killed.  
MA-32 Martinsyde F4 Buzzard   25/02/1930 Finnish Air Force - crashed after mid air collision with unidentified aircraft. Pilot killed.  
R-131 Ford 4-AT-A Tri Motor 4-AT-11 02/03/1930 NYRBA - DBR at Cordoba, Argentina - NFI.  
678 Dewoitine D.9 224 15/03/1930 Swiss Air Force - Propeller broke in flight and aircraft crashed into a house in Sursee, Switzerland. Pilot bailed out safely.  
D-422 Junkers F13 699 04/04/1930 Deutsche Lufthansa - Crashed into forest Frauenwald near Idstein, Germany. Pilot and passenger safe.  
3 Junkers F13de 690 13/04/1930 Swedish Air Force - floatplane, stalled when making forced landing on water at Asposundet, Dalaro, Sweden after running out of fuel.  
G-EARZ Avro 504K H6551 07/08/1930 Crashed at Bournemouth - NFI  
J9061 Fairey IIIf   04/05/1931 24 Sq., RAF - crashed near Dromonby Bank while on flight from Leuchars to Northolt. Both crew survived. **
G-AAEN de Havilland DH60G 990 16/11/1931 Crashed at Blandford, England - NFI  
N255 Parnall Peto   26/01/1932 Lost when submarine M2 sank in west Bay, Dorset.  
HS-PAA de Havilland DH80A Puss Moth   22/06/1933 Aerial Transport Co. - crashed at Kumphasapi, Thailand after flying into a storm  
PH-AFO Fokker FVIIb   07/12/1933 KLM - crashed on take off from Don Muang, Thailand  
G-ABXY de Havilland DH80A Puss Moth 2241 28/03/1934 Crashed on Mt Lozier near Genholac, France due to icing in fog while en route Lympne to Australia. **
G-ACSX Miles M2D Hawk 42 05/06/1934 Crashed in poor weather near Hoe farm, North Yorkshire. Pilot and 2 passengers survived. **
G-ACCF de Havilland DH83 Fox Moth 4046 25/06/1934 Failed to clear standing crops on take off from Middle Farm airfield, Dorset and crashed near Maiden Castle.  
G-EBWA de Havilland DH60X Moth 539 11/10/1934 Struck rising ground at Burbage Edge near Buxton, England after encountering adverse weather. **
K3939 Bristol Bulldog   27/11/1934 3 FTS, RAF. Pilot became lost in cloud during cross country flight and abandoned aircraft which crashed at Onecote, Staffordshire, UK. F/Lt Arthur Combe safe. **
PH-AJU Douglas DC-2-115A   12/12/1934 KLM - crashed 16km south of Rutbah Wells, Syria while on non scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Batavia. **
PH-AKG Douglas DC-2-115E   20/07/1935 KLM - crashed onto trees near Pian San Giacome, Tessin, Switzerland during attempted forced landing due to wing icing. **
K3936 Bristol Bulldog   04/01/1936 3 FTS, RAF. Suffered engine failure while on flight from Grantham and W/O in forced landing at Butterton, Staffordshire, UK. Pilot safe. **
G-AARE de Havilland DH60G Gipsy Moth 1176 21/04/1936 Crashed on Cross Fell, Penrith, England - NFI  
K1982 Avro 504   15/09/1936 602 (City of Glasgow) Sq., RAF. 15/09/1936 while being ferried from Hendon to Abbotsinch, near Glasgow, pilot lost his bearings on stretch from Driffield to Ulsworth. Aircraft flew into hillside close to Dromoby Grange Farm near Carlton, Cleveland. F/O James Galt MacIntyre injured. Aircraft W/O. **
K4409 Hawker Hart   12/04/1937 8 FTS, RAF. While returning to home base at Montrose, after taking part in exercises at Sutton Bridge the pilot made a descent into low cloud after losing contact with other aircraft from his squadron. Aircraft crashed near Bay Ness Farm, Robin Hoods Bay. Pilot - acting P/O Michael James Beaumont Young and observer AC Neil Campbell uninjured. aircraft W/O. **
K6875 Handley Page Heyford III   22/07/1937 166 Sq., RAF - crashed on Broadlee Bank Tor, Peak District, England after getting lost in cloud while on night cross country exercise. All 6 crew killed. **
K7056 Bristol Blenheim I   26/11/1937 Crashed at Woodsford Airfield, Dorset - NFI  
NC17159 Stinson Reliant SR-9C 5119 29/01/1938 Crashed near summit of Mt Wilson north of Sedona, Arizona **
0462 Consolidated PBY-2   02/02/1938 US Navy - collided in mid air with PBY-2 reg. 0463 and crashed in Pacific Ocean south of San Clemente Island, 70 miles (110km) west of San Diego. **
0463 Consolidated PBY-2   02/02/1938 US Navy - collided in mid air with PBY-2 reg. 0462 and crashed in Pacific Ocean south of San Clemente Island, 70 miles (110km) west of San Diego. **
K7163 Bristol Blenheim I   18/09/1938 615Sqn, RAF. Near Beamish, Co Durham **
L1208 Bristol Blenheim I   12/11/1938 139 Sq., RAF. Crashed at Rugeley, UK after fire in the air. All 3 crew killed.  
L2871 Blackburn Skua I   06/01/1939 Suffered engine failure and crashed near Martlesham Heath, Suffolk.  
HB-ITA Douglas DC-2-115B 1329 07/01/1939 Crashed on approach to Senlis, France  
K9794 Supermarine Spitfire IA   10/01/1939 19 Sq, RAF. Undercarriage struck a fence and collapse while aircraft was conducing an overshoot at Digby, Lincolnshire.  
L1114 Bristol Blenheim I   10/01/1939 Overshot during forced landing at Gransmoore, East Yorkshire, overturned and caught fire.  
K5204 Hawker Audax I   10/01/1939 No. 10 FTS, RAF - force landed and DBR at Comberton, Worcestershire while on navex in bad weather.  
K7481 Hawker Audax I   10/01/1939 No. 10 FTS, RAF - stalled in fog while attempting a forced landing and crashed at Harvington, Worcestershire.  
K5223 Hawker Audax I   12/01/1939 No. 3 FTS, RAF - DBR when undershot on landing at South Cerney, Gloucestershire, and hit hedge.  
L1650 Hawker Hurricane I   12/01/1939 85 Sq., RAF - crash-landed when engine failed on take off from Debden, Essex.  
NC17389 Lockheed 14H Electra   13/01/1939 Northwest Orient Airlines - crashed near Miles City, Montana **
L2761 Fairey Swordfish I   16/01/1939 811 SQ., FAM - overshot and DBR while landing at Turnhouse, Scotland.  
L4047 Handley Page Hampden I   17/01/1939 49 Sq., RAF - force landed in bad weather 10 miles north of Nottingham, England.  
L4414 Miles Mentor I   17/01/1939 SF Eastchurch, RAF  crashed 8 miles east northeast of Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, England.  
L1559 Hawker Hurricane I   17/01/1939 111 Sq., RAF - overshot landing near Dorking, Surrey and DBR.  
L1558 Hawker Hurricane I   17/01/1939 111 Sq., RAF - stalled and crashed in bad visibility near Alton, Hampshire.  
K8708 Avro Anson I   17/01/1939 SGR, RAF - hit hill at Kingstone Ridge near Lewes, Sussex in low cloud while on night naval co-operation exercise.  
K5147 Hawker Audax I   17/01/1939 11 FTS, RAF - overturned on take off from Shawbury  
K9816 Supermarine Spitfire I   24/01/1939 66 Sq, RAF. DBR when crashed on landing at Duxford, UK.  
L1476 Bristol Blenheim I   30/01/1939 64 Sq., RAF - crashed at Bleaklow, Derbyshire while on exercise from Church Fenton **
L1461 Bristol Blenheim I   08/03/1939 23Sqn, RAF. At RAF Usworth  
K9797 Supermarine Spitfire IA   09/03/1939 19 Sq, RAF. DBR in forced landing at Acton, Suffolk, UK.  
K9802 Supermarine Spitfire I   25/04/1939 66 Sq, RAF [O]. DBR when bellylanded at Duxford, UK.  
N7019 North American Harvard I 49-767 28/04/1939 10 FTS, RAF - stalled during a forced landing and crash landed at Gailey, Staffordshire.  
K8969 Armstrong Whitworth Whitely III   04/09/1939 58 Sq., RAF [GE-G]. On return from a raid to the Ruhr, the aircraft force landed in a filed at Dormans (Marne), 35km SW of Reims, France. All 5 crew escaped. **
L4268 Vickers Wellington I   04/09/1939 9 Sq., RAF. Lost on raid to Brunsbuttel. All 5 crew killed. **
L4275 Vickers Wellington I   04/09/1939 9 Sq., RAF. Lost on raid to Brunsbuttel. All 5 crew killed. **
N6184 Bristol Blenheim IV   04/09/1939 107 Sq., RAF. Shot down by AA fire while on raid to Wilhelmshaven and crashed in harbour. All 3 crew killed. **
N6188 Bristol Blenheim IV   04/09/1939 107 Sq., RAF. Shot down while on raid to Wilhelmshaven and crashed in target area. All 3 crew killed. **
N6189 Bristol Blenheim IV   04/09/1939 107 Sq., RAF. Shot down while on raid to Wilhelmshaven and crashed in target area. All 3 crew killed. **
N6240 Bristol Blenheim IV   04/09/1939 107 Sq., RAF. Shot down while on raid to Wilhelmshaven and crashed in target area. 1 crew killed, other 2 crew PoW. **
N6199 Bristol Blenheim IV   04/09/1939 107 Sq., RAF. Shot down while on raid to Wilhelmshaven and crashed in target area. All 4 crew killed. **
L4161 Handley Page Hampden I   05/09/1939 7 Sq., RAF. While on training flight the pilot lost control in a turn and the aircraft crashed at Cockwood farm, 4 miles east of Doncaster, Yorkshire. Pilot, P/O A.R. Playfair, killed. **
L1985 Hawker Hurricane I   06/09/1939 56 Sq. RAF. Shot down by Spitfires of 74 Sq. RAF near Ipswich. P/O M L Hulton-Harrop killed.  
L4320 Vickers Wellington I   08/09/1939 9 Sq., RAF. While on training flight the aircraft flew into trees near the Berners Heath Range and crashed near Elveden, Suffolk. All 5 crew killed. **
L1954 Hawker Hurricane I   09/09/1939 504 Sq., RAF. Crashed at Metheringham, Lincolnshire while on approach at night.  
K8950 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley III   09/09/1939 102 Sq., RAF. Crashed near Kassel, Germany during bombing raid to the Ruhr. All 5 crew PoW.  
K5150 Hawker Audax   14/09/1939 RAFC - bounced on landing at Cranwell and wing hit ground.  
K5791 Hawker Hart   20/09/1939 RAFC - stalled and crashed at Cranwell.  
K5592 Hawker Audax   20/09/1939 RAFC. Crashed on approach to RAF Cranwell while on night sortie.  
K7069 North American Harvard I   24/09/1939 Grantham SF, RAF. Crashed near at Newron near Grantham, UK after spinning in.  
K5373 Hawker Hind   30/09/1939 Abingdon SF, RAF. Hit high ground 2 miles N of RAF Cranwell while low flying. Both crew killed.  
N2314 Gloster Gladiator II   01/10/1939 RAF. Flew into ground at Holmwood Common Surrey, UK while on night patrol.   
L1242 Bristol Blenheim IF   08/10/1939 23 Sq, RAF. DBR in wheels up landing at Digby, UK.  
K6482 Hawker Hart   10/10/1939 152 Sq., RAF - flew into high ground at Wooler, UK while flying compass course from Turnhouse to Acklington.  
K7489 Hawker Audax   10/10/1939 12 SFTS, RAF. W/O when stalled on take off on night sortie at Grantham UK. Pilot killed.  
K7593 Fairey Battle   13/10/1939 1 AAS, RAF. Crashed at Theddlethorpe, UK after engine failed on test flight. All 3 crew killed.  
4D+AK Junkers Ju88A-1   16/10/1939 shot down in sea off Crail in the Firth of Forth, Scotland while on shipping strike. **
L4080 Handley Page Hampden   17/10/1939 50 Sq, RAF. DBR when impacted hangar at RAF Waddington, UK after suffering brake failure while taxiing.  
L5204 Avro Anson    27/10/1939 608 Sq, RAF. Lost when shot down by Hawker Hurricane near Humber Lightship, UK. All 3 crew killed.  
K7997 Gloster Gladiator I   29/10/1939 607Sqn, RAF. Spun into ground 5m W of Acklington  
L4071 Handley Page Hampden   30/10/1939 83 Sq, RAF. DBR when undercarriage raised too early on take off at RAF Scampton, UK.  
L4096 Handley Page Hampden   31/10/1939 50 Sq, RAF. W/O when crashed at Branston shortly after take off from RAF Waddington, UK on training flight. All 3 crew killed.  
K5884 Hawker Hart   07/11/1939 RAFC. Crashed on approach to RAF Cranwell while on night sortie.  
N7290 Lockheed Hudson I   08/11/1939 220Sqn, RAF. Crashed at Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough while on approach into Thornaby  
L4186 Handley Page Hampden   11/11/1939 106 Sq, RAF. W/O when crashed at Haxey, UK after stalling during low level bombing practice.  
K8244 Hawker Fury II   13/11/1939 1 AAS, RAF. Dived into ground during  firing practice at Theddlethorpe, UK. Pilot killed.  
N4982 Avro Anson I   15/11/1939 W/O when undershot while landing at night at Spitalgate, UK.  
N7284 Lockheed Hudson I   19/11/1939 220Sqn, RAF. Crashed into North Sea off Seaham  
L4887 Bristol Blenheim I   20/11/1939 101 Sq., RAF. Crashed 21/2 miles SW of RAF Lichfield while making a forced landing. All 3 crew survived.  
4U+MH Dornier Do17P   23/11/1939 1 Staffel/Fernaufklaerungsgruppe 123, Luftwaffe - shot down at Baume-les-Doubs France by French fighters. **
L4034 Handley Page Hampden   23/11/1939 49 Sq, RAF. Crashed into hangar at RAF Waddington when avoiding colliding with control tower in poor visibility at night.   
N5640 Gloster Gladiator II   24/11/1939 152Sqn, RAF. Spun into ground at Denton Burn, Newcastle  
L1452 Bristol Blenheim I   29/11/1939 23 Sq, RAF. W/O when crashed near Gainsborough, UK. Both crew killed.  
L1725 Hawker Hurricane I   05/12/1939 43Sqn, RAF. Spun into ground near Longframlington, Northumberland  
N7010 North American Harvard I 49-758 15/12/1939 12 FTS, RAF - overshot on landing at Kinloss and crashed at Burghead, Scotland.  
L4072 Handley Page Hampden   21/12/1939 49 Sq, RAF. Ran out of fuel returning from recce mission and crashed into Christ Church, North Broomhill (near Acklington Aerodrome, Northumberland, UK. All 4 crew killed. **



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