AS-47506Curtiss JN-4D
19/01/1920Suffered engine failure and crashed at Kelly Field, Texas, USA
AS-8137RAF SE5
01/02/1920Suffered structural failure and crashed at Kelly Field, Texas, USA
n/aJunkers F1353903/02/1920Junkers Flugzeugwerke. Crashed during test flight at  Kleinkühnau, Dessau, Germany. All 4 on board killed.
AS-7786Fokker D-8
10/02/1920Destroyed in mid air collision with SE5A reg. AS-8118 near Kelly Field, Texas, USA
AS-39408de Havilland DH4
22/02/1920DBR in landing accident at Brownsville, Texas, USA
#19Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5
23/02/1920Entered spin and crashed at Eagle Pass Airdrome, Texas, USA.
G-EANVHandley Page O/7HP-723/02/1920Handley Page Transport. Rudder came out of bearing and aircraft crashed at Acadia Siding, Cape Province, South Africa. 
G-EAMCHandley page HP12HP.2725/02/1920Handley page Transport. Crashed near El Shereik, Sudan.
G-EAAVVickers Vimy Commercial
27/02/1920Vickers (Aviation) Ltd. Starboard engine failed on take off, aircraft stalled and crashed at Tabora, Tanzania. All 5 on board safe.
G-EEAVVickers Vimy Commercial
27/02/1920W/O on take off at Tabora, Tanganyika during an attempt on the Cairo to Cape Town record.**
AS-44957Curtiss JN-6H
05/03/1920Suffered engine failure on take off at March Field, California, USA and crashed.
SC-23961de Havilland DH4
05/03/1920US Aerial Mail Service - Fatal crash 3 miles southwest of Eglin on Fort Sill Reservation, Oklahoma - nfi
G-EACTAirco DH.16DH.16/118/03/1920Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd. Suffered compass malfunction in fog and pilot ditched in English Channel, off Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. Pilot safe.
AS-32562de Havilland DH-4M
22/04/1920Caught fire in flight and W/O in forced landing at Bolling Field, District of Columbia, USA. 
AS-41912Curtiss JN-6H
23/04/1920Suffered engine failure and crashed at Crandall Ranch, ½ mi N of Perris High School, California. Pilot killed.
AS-63123de Havilland DH-4B
21/05/1920Suffered engine failure and W/O in forced landing at Mather Field, California, USA.
G-EARUde Havilland DH.16P5910/06/1920Aircraft Transport & Travel - 23:30hrs. Suffered engine failure and W/O in emergency landing at Swanley Junction, Swanley, Kent, UK. All 4 on board survived but 1 passenger suffered a broken back and dies a year later.**
G-EAKEHandley Page HP12HP.2230/06/1920Handley Page Transport. Crashed near Stockholm, Sweden.
G-EALWArmstrong Whitworth FK8
16/08/1920By Air. Crashed near bedford, UK. Pilot killed.
G-EARIde Havilland DH18116/08/1920Aircraft Transport & Travel. Crashed at Wallington, Surrey, UK.
CH-18Savoia FBA
31/08/1920Ad Astra Aero. Crashed at Zurichhorn, Switzerland.
F-ALTABrequet 142005/10/1920Latecoere Airlines - crashed while landing at Valencia.
G-EAMAHandley Page 0/400HP.2514/12/1920Handley Page Transport - struck trees in fog at Golders Green (Cricklewood), London.
O-BAINde Havilland DH4
25/01/1921SNETA. Crashed at Folkestone, Kent, UK.
O-BLANFarman F60 Goliath7248/1726/08/1921SNETA. Crashed in English Channel.
H-NABPde Havilland DH9B
02/09/1921KLM. Crashed at Waalhaven, Netherlands.
E9431Avro 504 
14/07/19225 FTS, RAF - suffered engine failure and crashed in field near Earl Sterndale, England**
G-EABXAvro 504K
18/08/1922Crashed at Rhos-on-Sea, England
G-EABEAvro 504K
12/05/1924Crashed near Cambridge, England
A16Junkers F-13
08/06/1924SCADTA - crashed at Barranquilla, Colombia
N9512Westland Walrus
23/06/1924Ditched in Weymouth Bay, England
F-AIEBBleriot 155218/08/1926Air Union - crashed at Hurst, Kent, England in adverse weather. 
G-EBDOde Havilland DH37A4304/06/1927Crashed at Ensbury Park Racecourse, England.
D-206Junkers F-1359127/07/1927Lufthansa - crashed at Amoneburg, Germany - NFI
E4154Avro 504K
03/06/1928Crashed near Stag Lane Aerodrome, England
J8432Bristol F.2b Fighter Mk. II
16/07/19288 Army Co-operation Flight, RAF - force landed in field near Matlock, England. Repairs carried out but crashed on subsequent take off.**



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